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M1-U1 Enjoyable Headmaster Devote Struggle Cooking Be fond of Dessert Surf Former Painting Splendid Title Recent Run Charge Broadcast Outing Generation Courtyard M1-U2 Curtain Frightened Starve Pizza Sink (v.) Sink (n.) Fault Defend Deserve Hard Rude Hardworking Error As if Internet cafe Argument Harm Selfish Forbid Adolescence Misunderstand Confused

experience earn literature challenging for free Spanish look back on academic graduate donate independent dynasty professor host in charge of preparation graduation literary composition

assembly respect average encouragement extra sculpture satisfaction exchange fluent kindness ’ make use of somehow inform approve schoolmate event poet select

can’t wait to do sth be supposed to cash adult (过去式) behavior scene emergency explanation be hard on sigh stay up mix up insist on chat freedom foolish distant (过去式) along with (过去式) physical

soccer bend garbage Tolerate (过去分词) teenager upset anyhow clinic now that bicycle handle guidance cafe at present worried patience annoyed (过去分词) normal (过去分词) psychological

Tend Independence Challenge M1-U3 Work out Ashamed Kilogram Recover Contain Painful Embarrassed Diet Waist Effect n. Achievement Including Freeway Get into shape Expert Comfort Approximately Mostly Count Amount Gain M2-U1 Tale Step up Alien Spaceship Assume Show up Detective Journalist Evidence Look into Astronomer Exist Questionnaire Disagree Humour Badminton

limit balance

wisdom last

slim weight-loss work liver (n.) chemical damage pressure go on a diet suffer side effect post branch midnight make the most of chips useless skip system peaceful as a matter of fact

figure pill energetic failure treatment attractive overweight prefer athlete affect vt. membership downtown equipment marathon sadness in the long term properly skin concentrate loss

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puzzled due to witness flash occur possibility case amazing dismiss schoolboy base comic strip statement blank table tennis tournament

Award Attack Track Examine Dozens of Belong to Link Make one’s way to M2-U2 Adventure Flight Dusty Flashlight Rough Protection Advance Wildlife Scare African Cheek Explore View Temple Cage Highway Kingdom Officially Publish Sunshine Cattle Harmony M2-U3 Curse Curious Egyptian Preserve Come across Swallow Within Punishment Disturb Clothing

hairy villager centimetre north-west reserve existence ancestor

human being fur length dozen strength convince survive

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Whichever Captain Widespread Sex Native Companion Devotion Organization Astronaut Apply Rocket Be in control of sth Optimistic M3-U1 Hearing Sign Fog Forecast Fare Overcoat Footstep Narrow Darkness Grasp Watch out for Firmly Aid Pavement Sniff Puzzle Boot Thunder Wave Suit Hopeful Bite Contrary Attract Fist Soldier Compass

airplane warning requirement female outgoing rare murder voyage north-east candidate status indeed

signal iceberg inspire nationality data discourage various orbit desire survival superior quality look up to

raised confuse mist (过去式) foggy glance wherever approach hesitate stare crossroads grateful relief reduce analyse ignore sweat lightning overhead attach whisper (过去式) flesh calm likely loose unlike

dot vase conductor (过去分词) observe nowhere in sight wish for reach out beard anxious helper lorry volunteer recognize the North Pole distance triangle tap disability shark (过去分词) jewellery panic pigeon employ

M3-U2 Be made up of mainland Mixture Official Defeat Replace Raise Bacon Process Accent Pure Character Gentle Conclusion Mistaken Alphabet Represent As a whole Indicate Eyesight Convenient Drag Typewriter M3-U3 Civilization Take over Ash Mud Flee Disaster Wealthy Scholar Ruin Pot Workshop Extreme Wooden Solution Cave Chairman Navy

vocabulary occupy name after phrase take control of entire therefore high-class distinction concern unique bark embarrass custom ought to stand for drawing combine shortcoming press battle practical version

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Bomb Aircraft In memorial of No doubt Glory Philosophy Basis Corrupt poison M4-U1 Advertising Shine Persuade Welfare Event if/though Bad breath Grocery Mental Play tricks on Campaign Cigarette Intelligence Comprehension Amazed Senior Software Logo Bar Update Recipe Bonus Media Determine React Anti-smoking Lung Fingernail Essay M4-U2 Committee Olympia Tradition

sailor carrier educate troop ahead salary court trial

fortunate declare statue march vast aware god judge

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delighted Greece compete

significance wrestling honour

In honour of Contemporary Medal Championship Absence Lead the way Hang on Attempt Nest Pass sth on (to sb) Citizen Kettle Association Toast Ping-pong Outdoors Bowling Remove Power boating Rugby Teammate Shot Reporter Meanwhile M4-U3 Virtual Amaze Sightseeing Add to Social Confident Disabled Firefighter Whale Planning Fee Built-in Powder-free Last but not least Piracy Constant Printer Importance

male well-known heavyweight flame excite gymnastics final boundary torch roof vest otherwise grain Coke net frequent continent unusual make way for golf kangaroo referee unfair tie

nation boxer boxing opening hurdle champion joy movement stadium transport underwear per routine lemonade origin technique budget power tae kwon do eagle goal whistle bitter precious

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presentation user headset studio winning disappointed secure biology urban operator electric clay powder accuse editor function chief nephew

Hire Gas Ceiling Terror Zip Evolve Master

shore dinosaur float upwards worn beast frost

mushroom exit escape sunlight mankind impression

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