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2014高考英语一轮复习语法专题课件 17:作文常用关联词

表示时间关系:first, second, then, finally/at last/ in the end , soon immediately, suddenly, at the same time, meanwhile, recently 表示对称顺序关系:for one thing….. for the other thing, on one hand,…..on t

he other hand,above all, first of all, firstly, secondly, next, finally,the former….the latter,

表示递进关系:what is more, as well, moreover, besides ,furthermore, in addition,what’s worse
表示换一种方式表达:in other words ,that is to say,

表示举例说明:for example, like, such as, for instance 表示陈述事实:in fact ,actually, as a matter of fact, to tell you the truth 表示总结:on the whole, in a word, to sum up, in short, in conclusion, from what I have said above 表示因果关系:as a result ,thus, therefore, so that, as, because, consequently, 表示转折:but, however, while, instead, although, different from, not only ..but also 表达自己的观点:in my opinion, personally, as far as I know, I believe, I think, as we all know ,It is known to us all that….

范例1:假如你事实李华,你班同 学最近开长了一场讨论,主题是: 高三学生要不要参加体育锻炼, 请根据下面所提供的信息,写一 篇短文,介绍讨论的情况,并发 表自己的观点.




你的观 点


1.应该明天进行 体育锻炼2.做早 操,打乒乓球,打 篮球,但时间不要 过3.锻炼能增强 质减少疾病4.锻 炼能使大脑休息, 使学习效果更好.

1锻炼浪费时 间2.锻炼使 人疲劳3.锻 炼以后很兴奋, ... 较长时间不能 ... 学习4.锻炼 中可能受伤


体育锻炼 做早操 增强体质 减少疾病 take exercises do morning exercises build up the body reduce the disease

学习有效果 浪费时间 投入学习 受伤

have a rest
study more effectively a waste of time pay attention to study be hurt

1.….have had a discussion about whether students of Senior 3 should take physical exercises. As we know, every coin has two coins./Different students have different ideas . 2.55%of the students think………….such as(举 例)……..(原因)….. 2.作文结构

3.On the other hand,45% of the students believe…….(原因)……..

4.In my opinion, I prefer to

Recently , we have had a discussion about whether have had a discussion about whether students of Senior 3 should take physical exercises. As we know, every coin has two coins. 55%of the students think they should take all kinds of exercises every day ,such as doing morning exercises, playing table tennis and playing basketball, but not spend too much time on them . As a proverb says ,” all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. "Exercise builds up their body and reduce lots of diseases. Sports let them have a good rest so that their study will be more effective.

+ On the other hand,45% of the students

believe taking exercise is a waste of time and tiring. After taking exercise, they are too excited for a long time to pay attention to their lessons. And it’s possible to be hurt in sports. + In my opinion, I prefer to take proper exercises in my spare time.

练习1:“你们班会的讨论主题是“上大学是高中生唯一的 出路吗?”请根据下面提供的信息.写一偏短文,客观的介 绍下讨论的情况,并发表自己的观点. 比例 观点 理由 60% 上大学 30% 无所谓 10% 不上大学 学费高, 就业难

增长知识, 成功的路 提高素养, 不只一条 利于择业


关键词语:widen knowledge, improve qualities, high tuition, senior students

关键句子:60%of us consider it necessary to go to college
10% of students think it no use going to college 30% believe “All roads lead to Rome.”

范例2: 某 中 学 生 英 语 报 社 正 开 展 一 场 题 为 “ Young teachers or elderly teachers,which do you prefer?” 请你依据下面表格所提供的要点写一篇短文,向该报社投稿。
老年教师 · 教学耐心.讲解细致.经验丰富 青年教师
· 精力充沛.教学活泼.勇于创新

注意:1.词数100左右,开头语已为你写好,不计入总数;2.短 文必须包含表格的全部内容。要求观点明确,结构合理,紧凑连贯

学生作品1: 点评: 1) Compare with young teachers, I prefer 亮点:1、观点鲜明, elderly teachers. There are some reasons 词汇句型的运用 比较灵活 below. 2、过渡词及连词的 For one thing, most of elderly teachers 使用使文章结构紧 2) are patient in teaching. They not only 凑连贯、条理清楚。 ∧ spare no effort to teach the students, but 不足之处: 3)

also give classes carefully .They will do all they can to make the students understand the teaching content.What good teachers! For another thing, elderly teachers are full of teaching experience. This is also the most important, especially for us senior students. This is only my opinion. I think young teachers are also good.

1、个别地方的表达需 要改进。 1) Compared 2) more 3) try to make the classes lively and interesting 2、审题不全面,忽 略了对青年教师这部 分信息的处理。这一 点是比较大的失误。


点评: Opinions are divided on this question. 亮点: 1) Some students who like the elderly 1、段落清楚,要点齐 teachers more than the young ones think that 全,句式表达比较灵 the elderly ones are more patient in teaching, 活,能适当运用复句。 2) more careful in explaining and also have a 2、过渡词运用也比较 熟练。

lot of experience. 3) However, \ others have a different the 需要改进的地方: 4) opinion. They think the teachers who are 1) prefer the elderly young are full of energy. Besides, their teachers to the teaching is lively and they dare to bring in young ones 2) with explanations the new ideas. Well, in my opinion, I like both the elderly 3) the 去掉 4) The young teachers and the young ones because from teachers them we both can learn a lot.

One possible version:
Opinions are divided on this question. Some students may like elderly teachers' teaching because they think elderly teachers have more teaching experience and that they tend to be patient and careful with explanations. However, I prefer to be taught by young teachers. Firstly, we students have much in common with them. So they are our friends as well as our teachers. Secondly, they are more .energetic and enthusiastic. Usually they can make their classes lively and interesting. Besides, they are more ready to accept or create new ideas, including teaching. Thirdly, most young teachers devote themselves to their work, making them teach creatively and effectively. In a word, I prefer young teachers to elderly teachers.

范例2:人们对于网上交友持不同的意见.请用英语写一篇学生 网上教友的短文,介绍人们的不同观点,并表达自己的观点.

赞成的理由 1.广交朋友 2.可自由表达思想 3.利于外语学习

反对的理由 1.浪费时间 2.影响学习 3.可能上当受骗


关键词:make friends ,express feeling freely ,foreign studies, a waste of time, get cheated online. 关键句子:Students should place their study ,health ,and safety before other things .

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