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选修 7 Unit 4 Sharing 单元测试题

第一节 单项选择(从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项。 ) 1. — Could I have a word with you, mum? — Oh, dear, if you ______. A. can B. may C. must D. should 2. — Can I

look at the menu before I make an order? — Of course. ___________, madam. A. Take your time B. Don’t mention it C. Never mindD. Help yourself 3. The criminal, as well as some ______ people, was arrested by the police yesterday. A. relevant ago? A. where B. when C. that D. what 5. I ______ my university professor in the supermarket near my house, which was out of my expectation. A. came out A. adjusted B. came across B. adapted C. came about C. produced D. came along D. refounded 6. The plan has to be _______ to meet the real situation. 7. Students are encouraged to _________ the design competition for robots at the university. A. take part A. paid a visit B. operate B. had a talk C. join to C. met D. participate in D. dropped 8. The man I ______ yesterday in the street is my manager. 9. After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, Chinese astronauts B. skilled C. released D. lucky 4. Do you remember the chicken farm _____ we visited three months


__________ walk in space. A. anxious to do B. eager for C. are dying to D. are longing to 10. — Why didn’t she ask for help at that time? — You know, at such a midnight, there was no one ________. A. she could turn to B. for whom to turn C. who to turn to D. for her to turn 11. In ______ Chinese culture, marriage decisions were often made by parents for their children. A. historic B. remote C. traditional D. further 12. A live program on TV is calling on people to ______ money or some other things to the people who have suffered from the flood in Henan Province. A. donate to me. A. when B. as C. while D. that 14. With the guide _______ the way, we finally got to the village which we were looking for. A. led B. leading C. to lead D. had led 15. The reason ______ at the meeting for being late was not reasonable. A. why he gave C. he gave 阅读理解: There is an English saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Until recently, few people took the saying seriously. Now however, doctors have begun to look into laughter and the effects it has on the human body. They have found that laughter really can improve people’s health. B. what he gave D. on which he gave B. lend C. put D. pay 13. I was about to go to bed _____ one of my old classmates made a call


Tests were carried out to study the effects of laughter on the body. People watched funny films while doctors checked their heart, blood pressure, breathing and muscles. It was found that laughter has similar effects to physical exercise. It increases blood pressure, makes the heart beat quicker and makes people breathe deeper; it also works several groups of muscles in the face, the stomach, and even the feet. If laughter exercises the body, it must be beneficial. Other tests have shown that laughter appears to be able to reduce the effect of pain on the body. In one experiment doctors produced pain in groups of students who listened to different radio programmes. The group that tolerated (忍耐) the pain for the longest time was the group which listened to a funny programme. The reason why laughter can reduce pain seems to be that it helps to produce a kind of chemical in the brain which diminishes both stress and pain. As a result of these discoveries, some doctors in the United States now hold laughter clinics, in which they help to improve their patients’ condition by encouraging them to laugh. They have found that even if their patients do not really feel like laughing, making them smile is enough to produce beneficial effects similar to those caused by laughter. 16. According to the passage, which of the following statements is WRONG? A. Laughter is good for health. B. Laughter can make you become old quickly. C. Laughter helps to reduce pain. D. Laughter, just like physical exercise, is good for our body. 17. The underlined word “diminishes” in the third paragraph means “ ”.


A. delays

B. prevents

C. increases

D. reduces

18. Why do doctors hold laughter clinics? A. Because they want to earn more money. B. Because they think they will help the patients recover from illnesses. C. Because they want to improve their patients’ health. D. Because they want their patients to laugh more. 19. According to the author, we should __________ in our life. A. laugh as much as possible C. smile all the time B. watch more funny films D. spend time in the laughter clinics

20. What would be the best title for this passage? A. Both laughter and physical exercise are good for health. B. Laughter clinics can help patients improve their condition. C. Laughter can reduce the effect of pain. D. Laughter is the best medicine. 短文改错 I'll never forget the story happened on a bus the other day. It was a windy day. I got on a bus after school. A young lady was standing next to me. In a flash, the strong wind blew inside the windows. The lady's false hair has blown away. To our surprises, she was hairless. While she was wondering what to do, when many passengers laughed loudly. She managed to hold back her tears. Saw this, I picked up his false hair and said, "Don't be sad, Miss. I'm sure your hair will grow again." When I glanced to the other passengers, they all quick bent their heads with shame.


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