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2012-2013 学年度第一学期高三级第二次英语测试题
一、完形填空 (共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) From Monday to Friday most people are busy working or studying, but in the evenings and on weekends they are free to relax and enjoy themselves. Some watch TV or go to the movies; others take part in sports. It __1__ on individual interests. There are many different ways to spend our __2__ time. Almost everyone has some kind of __3__. It may be anything from collecting stamps to __4__ model planes. Some hobbies are very expensive, but others don’t cost anything at all. Some collections are worth a lot of money; others are valuable __5__ for their owners. I know a man who has a __6__ collection. A short time ago he bought a __7__ fifty-cent coin with $ 300! He was very __8__ about his purchase and thought the price was __9__. On the other hand, my youngest brother __10__ matchboxes. He has almost 600 of them, but I __11__ if they are worth any money. However, to my brother, they are extremely valuable. Nothing makes him happier than to find a new __12__ for his collection. That is what a hobby __13__, I guess. It is something we like to do in our spare time simply for the __14__ of it. The __15__ in dollars is not important; we do it for the pleasure it gives us. 1. A. lies 2. A. full 3. A. job 4. A. making 5. A. only 6. A. stamp 7. A. common 8. A. happy 9. A. high 10. A. gathers 11. A.suppose 12. A. coin 13. A. covers 14. A. benefit 15. A. value B. work B. busy B. hobby B. buying B. fully B. money B. usual B. careful B. low B. chooses B. think B. matchboxes B. means B. good B. cost C. depends C. spare C. intention C. selling C. simply C. coin C. rare C. anxious C. reasonable C. picks C. ask C. case C. includes C. fun C. meaning D. waits D. rare D. car D. setting D. nearly D. letter D. bare D. curious D. countable D. collects D. doubt D. basket D. contains D. interest D. meeting

二、阅读理解(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) In 1989 an 8.2 earthquake almost flattened America, killing over 30,000 people in less than four minutes. In the midst of utter devastation and chaos (混乱), a father left his wife safely at home and rushed to the school where his son was supposed to be, only to discover that the building was as flat as a pancake. After the unforgettably initial shock, he remembered the promise he had made to his son: "No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you!" And tears began to fill his eyes. As he looked at the pile of ruins that once was the school, it looked hopeless, but he kept remembering his

commitment to his son. He began to direct his attention towards where he walked his son to class at school each morning. Remembering his son’s classroom would be in the back right corner of the building, he rushed there and started digging through the ruins. As he was digging, other helpless parents arrived, crying: "My son!" "My daughter!" Other well-meaning parents tried to pull him off what was left of the school, saying: "It’s too late! They’re all dead! You can t help! Go home! Come on, face reality, there s nothing you can do!" To each parent he responded with one line: "Are you going to help me now?" And then he continued to dig for his son, stone by stone. The fire chief showed up and tried to pull him off the school’s ruins saying, "Fires are breaking out, explosions are happening everywhere. You’re in danger. We’ll take care of it. Go home." To which he replied, "Are you going to help me now?" Then came the police, but the father repeated the same line, "Are you going to help me now?" No one helped. Courageously he went on alone because he needed to know for himself: "Is my boy alive or dead?" He dug for 8 hours...12 hours...24 hours...36 hours. Then, in the 38th hour, he pulled back a large stone and heard his son’s voice. He screamed his son’s name, "ARMAND!" He heard back, "Dad!?! It’s me, Dad! I told the other kids not to worry. I told them that if you were alive, you’d save me and when you saved me, they’d be saved. You promised, No matter what happens, you’ll always be there for me! You did it, Dad!" 16. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Over 30,000 people were killed in the initial shock. B. Most of the buildings in America were destroyed. C. The earthquake only lasted for four minutes. D. The earthquake left the city in chaos. 17. The underlined word “commitment” in Paragraph 2 probably means _______. A. devotion B. admission C. promise D. mission 18. From the last paragraph we can infer (推断) that _____. A. The father found his son alive in the 38th hour B. The son is brave and believes in his father. C. Armand and other kids were all trapped under the ruins. D. The father went on digging all by himself. 19. What’s most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows? A. Appreciation from the parents whose children were saved. B. How to save the kids under the ruins. C. The happy reunion between father and son. D. The great loss the earthquake resulted in for the school. 20. The purpose of writing the text is to _____. A. report a destructive earthquake in American history B. emphasize the great loss resulting from the earthquake C. praise a father who managed to save his son during an earthquake D. educated people not to give up easily when in difficulty

三、信息匹配 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡上将对应题号的相应选 项字母涂黑。 首先请阅读下列警方通报查找人员的信息: A. Name: Ziggy Nizott Height: 1.82 m Weight: 90kg Age: 35 Details: Long history of assault and car theft. C. Name: Michael Clarke Height: 1.7 m Weight: 65 kg Age: 20 Details: Arrested as a youth for car theft and the selling of stolen goods. E. Name: Herb Elliot Height: 1.6 m Weight: 90kg Age: 22 Details: for selling stolen goods. Recently released from prison where he served 2 years F. Name: William Daniels Height: 1.6 m Weight: 90kg Age: 32 Details: Arrested 4 times for the selling of drugs and car theft. D. Name: Mark Hughes Height: 1.6 m Weight: 60kg Age: 29 Details: Is wanted by police for several armed robbery of grocery stores, banks and post offices. violent crime robbery, including B. Name: Dennis Tsokas Height: 1.95 m Weight: 70 kg Age: 28 Details: Well known to local police having been arrested several times for pick-pocketing.

以下是相关事件及人物的描述,请把描述与相关插图及提示性文字匹配起来。 21. A valuable dog was taken while being walked by its owner in City Park yesterday afternoon. Police wish to talk to a man seen nearby at the time, described by witnesses as short and fat with short light hair and clear glasses. 22. Yesterday morning at 9.30 a.m. a man armed with a gun entered the National Bank and demanded money from the staff, before fleeing when confronted by bank security staff. Security cameras show the man as being short and thin with shoulder length blonde hair.

23. A tall, strong built man with blonde hair, a thick black moustache (小胡子) and wearing dark glasses knocked a woman to the ground and stole her purse on Main Street last Saturday afternoon. If you see this man, do not approach as he is considered extremely dangerous. 24. At the football match between Manchester United and Liverpool, several people had their wallets stolen while waiting in line to buy food. The victims did not see or notice the thief but bystanders describe him as very tall and thin, clean shaven (刮得干净的) with short light hair. 25. A car was stolen from the supermarket carpark on Friday, June 23 this year by a man described as very young, 1.7 metres tall with thin dark hair and carrying a blue backpack. A reward of $500 is offered for the car’s recovery. 四、语法填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) There are many people who want to go on vacation, but sometimes they do not know exactly what they want to do for a vacation. One __26__ (choose) is to do a home exchange. This can be for one person or a whole family. Today, a home exchange is fast becoming __27__ popular trend. There was a fun Hollywood movie which described two girls __28__ did a home exchange for vacation purpose. One lived in England while the other lived in the U.S.. They found each other on the Internet, and decided to live at one another’s houses __29__ a week or two. They both had a very good time by __30__ (travel) to a different city. This is the same thing that can __31__ (do) in real life. Usually people can find persons, who are willing to exchange __32__ housed, on the Internet as well as in the newspaper. A home exchange helps people save money __33__ hotels can be so expensive especially if one is taking a whole family. __34__ is a good idea to get to know the people whom you are exchanging with to make sure your belongings are safe for their visit and __35__ your visit is as enjoyable at their place. 五、单词拼写(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 36. His father ______(更喜欢) him to be an engines in the future. 37. Moxing mountain is at an ________ (海拔) of 383 meters. 38. He ________ (毕业) from Nanjing University last year. 39. Next year we plan to make a _________(旅行) to South America. 40. What he said ________ (毁灭) our last hope. 41. They ________(奖赏) the winners with gifts of fruits and flowers. 42. He takes an _________(活跃的) part in politics. 43. He has _________ (奉献) all his life to helping the blind. 44. They believed that all men and women were born ________(平等). 45.They are __________(埋入的) in their work. 六、完成句子(共 10 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 46. 他被判处三年监禁。 He ___________________ three years imprisonment.

47. 实际上, 他大舅是去年才在法院当权的。 __________________, his uncle _________________ in the court only last year. 48. 爸爸已经失业 5 年了。 My father _________________________ for 5 years. 49. 我第一次见到他,我就知道她很真诚。 _____________________________, I found she was honest. 50. 无论他走到哪里,他的狗就跟到哪里。 ___________________, his dog will follow him. 51. 我坚持要他学习弹吉他而不是谈吉他。 I insisted that ___________________to play the piano __________ guitar. 52. 只有在那时我才明白学习英语的重要性。 ___________________________ the importance of learning English. 53. 广州位于中国的南部,被认为是中国最现代化的城市之一。 _________________ in the south of China, Guangzhou ______________ one of the most modern cities in our country. 54. 似乎天要塌下来了。 __________________ the sky ___________________. 55. 不是所有的学生能通过考试。 ________________________________ have passed the exam. 七、写作(共两节 共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节 基础写作 (共 1 小题,满分 15 分) 你的美国笔友 Lisa 暑假期间将要来中国旅游,请你根据提示写一篇介绍你家乡番禺的短文。 1. 番禺坐落在珠江江畔, 是一个有着悠久历史的美丽富裕的地方, 总面积 786.15 平方公里, 人口 99.64 万。 2. 番禺自然资源丰富,以鱼和米而闻名。 3. 番禺一年四季如春,繁花似锦,因此它是最有吸引力的名胜之一。 4. 番禺以她迷人的风采每年吸引成千上文的来自四面八方的海内外游客。 【写作要求】 只能用 5 个句子表达全部内容。 【评分标准】 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章连贯。 ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 第二节 读写任务(共 1 小题,满分 25 分) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 My Mother’s Hands The 6-year-old kid watched in silence as the headmaster of the school shook his head more than

once to his mother. Minutes later, mother and son walked slowly out of the school, her right hand holding his little hand, her left holding an umbrella to shield both of them from the burning sun. “Where are we going now, mother?” asked the kid, looking up at her. “To another school,” was her gentle reply. For some reason, the little kid had not been accepted by the school, and she was taking him to another, to try to get him registered (注册). That was more than 50 years ago. That woman was my mother;that little kid was me. 50 years later, the day after my mother had slipped into a coma (昏迷) from a stroke (中风), I sat next to her, holding her hand, stroking (抚摸) it, watching her body heaved (起伏) up and down as she breathed heavily, like she was struggling with something. Her eyes were closed, her mouth opened. I whispered softly to her, “Mum, it’s okay. You have given us everything. You can let go now. No need to struggle anymore, Mum. ” A few days later, Mum died. At her bedside, I took hold of her still warm but lifeless hand, holding it for the last time, recalling every piece of precious moment we spent together. . . I finally let go of her hand --- 1ifeless, yet having given so much life to so many of us --- and placed it next to her body. I found myself saying silently to her the only words that came to my mind, “Goodbye Mum, thank you for everything.” Thank you, Mother, for not giving up, so that I could go to school. Thank you for coaching (指 导) me, for reading to me, for ironing my school uniforms, for combing my hair, for tying my shoe laces, for making sure I had a little handkerchief inside my pocket… Rest in peace, Mother, you are still alive in us. Happy Mother's Day! 【写作内容】 有人说, 因为上帝不能无处不在, 所以他创造了“母亲”。你的母亲是一位怎样的女性?请 以“母亲”为主题写一篇记叙文, 结合自身的经历讲述母亲对你的爱或者她对你成长的影响。 内容要点包括: 1. 以约 30 个词概括以上短文内容。 2. 然后以约 120 个词讲述母亲对你的爱或者她对你成长的影响, 并包括以下要点: (1)描述你的母亲; (2)简述她对你的影响; (3)你准备怎样表达对她的感激之情? _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

2012-2013 学年度第一学期高三级第二次英语统测 答题卡
班别 _________________ 姓名_________________ 学号________ 成绩______

一、完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)
01 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 05 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 09 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 13 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 02 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 06 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 10 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 14 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 03 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 07 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 11 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 15 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 04 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 08 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 12 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ]

二、阅读理解(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)
16 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 20 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 17 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 18 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ] 19 [ A ] [ B] [ C ] [ D ]

三、信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 21. __________ 22. ___________ 23. ___________ 24. ___________ 25. _________

四、语法填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 26. _____________ 27. _____________ 28. _____________ 29. _____________ 30. ________ 31. _____________ 32. _____________ 33. _____________ 34. _____________ 35. _______

五、单词拼写(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 36. _____________ 37. _____________ 38. _____________ 39. _____________ 40. ________ 41. _____________ 42. _____________ 43. _____________ 44. _____________ 45. ________

六、完成句子(共 10 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 46. _________________________________________ 47. __________________________________ 48. _________________________________________ 49. __________________________________ 50. _________________________________________ 51. __________________________________ 52. _________________________________________ 53. __________________________________ 54. _________________________________________ 55. __________________________________


七、第一节 基础写作 (共 1 小题,满分 15 分) ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ________________________________ ______________________________ _________

__________________ _______________________________ ___________________________________________________ _____________________________

____________________________________________________ 第二节 读写任务 (共 1 小题,满分 25 分)

______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ____

______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ _____________________

______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ _ ______________ ______________



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