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unit 8 Language Points

Language Points
1. stretch 2. approach 3. in search of 4. scrape together 5. payment 6. hint 7. deny 8. expose 9. acquire 10. breed 11. hold back 12. ( L.5, sentence structure) 13. (L.14

long sentence) 14. (L11 Long sentence)

Language Points
1. stretch: vt. Vi. 1)make or become wider or longer
You 're stretching my patience to the limit. 你使我的耐心达到了极限。 翻译:橡皮容易延伸

Rubber stretches easily.
2) extend The sea stretched as far as I could see. 大海一望无际。

Language Points
译:森林连绵数百里。 The forest stretches for hundreds of miles.

CF: extend, lengthen & stretch 三个词都是动词都有“伸 展”、“延伸”之意。

Language Points
extend:表示时空的延长,一般指 延伸到某一预想的位置。 Can you extend your visit a few days longer? 你能多停留几天吗?

lengthen :表示时空长度的增加、 伸长。 Ask the tailor to lengthen this skirt.

Language Points
? stretch:表示在长宽上增加, 意思是“延伸”、“伸长”。 ? Yao Ming stretched out his arm to try and reach the ball. 姚明伸手设法拿到那只球。

Language Points
2. approach: vi, vt 1) come near or nearer We approached the camp. 我们快到营地了. 翻译: 2008年奥运会很快就要到来。
The 2008 Olympic Games are quickly approaching. 2) go to sb. with a request or offer 找…商量 ,与…联系 approach sb. on/about sth. Did he approach you about lending him some money? 他找你借钱了吗?

Language Points
译:有人找赖斯商谈担当新政府国务卿一职。 Ms. Rice was approached about becoming Secretary of State in the new Administration. n. 1) path, road 译:所有进城的路都被封锁住了。

Language Points
2) means of attaining a goal or purpose S We will be exploring different approaches to gathering information. 译: 他正在努力寻找一种提高英语水平

He is working hard to find a new approach to improving English.

Language Points
3. in search of: looking for, seeking
The Pathfinder was launched to wander about Mars in search of possible life. (发射探路者探测器去火星寻

找有可能存在的生命.) 译: 农民工进城寻找他们的梦想。

Migrant workers come to large cities in search of their dreams.

Language Points
4. scrape together: manage to gather( money, etc.) despite difficulties S She scraped together enough money to buy the car.
NB: 此处的together可用up代替。


I 'll try to scrape a team together for tomorrow’s game.

Language Points
5. payment: n. 1) the act of paying S Computer hackers threaten the security of online payment.

译: 这是我结帐的支票.

Here is a check in payment of my account.

Language Points
S sum of money paid 2) Players now expect payment for interviews.

运动员们如今认为接受采访理应 得到报酬。

Collocation: make (a) payment付款 suspend payment停止付款 a cash payment现金支付

Language Points 6. come upon: find or meet by chance I came upon the novel yet again in another bookstore S and felt compelled to buy it.

Language Points
译: 他上网时偶然看见一个学生对他的评论 。

He came upon a student’s comment on him while surfing the Internet.

6. hint: n. slight or indirect indication or suggestion

I kept looking at my watch, but he just continued talking: he can’t take a hint.

Language Points
译: 如果你想让他给你买辆新车,为什么不暗示一下呢?

If you want him to buy you a new car, why don’t you drop a hint?
v. suggest indirectly S The politician has hinted that he might once again become the leader of his party.

译: 她暗示要早走. She hinted at leaving early.

Language Points
Collocation: drop / give a hint take a hint a hint of / about 示 hint (to sb.) that hint at sth. 给一点暗示 领会暗示 关于…的暗 向某人暗示 示意,暗示

Language Points
7. deny: vt. 1) refuse to give S It’s cruel to deny medical care to prisoners.
译:他因身体不好而失去了出国的机 会。

He was denied the chance of going abroad because of poor health.

Language Points
2) refuse to accept as a fact, declare untrue S She denied knowing anything. S He denied (that) he had told me the story.
NB: deny在表示“否定”、“否认、” “不承认”这层意思时,后面可以跟动词ing形式、名词词组,或that引导的从句, 其中that可以省略。

Language Points
另外,There’s no denying that… 为固定结构,表示“事情很清 楚”, 如: There’s no denying that this will be a serious blow to the government.

Language Points
8. expose: vt. 1)uncover; leave uncovered or unprotected S For an instant his whole back was exposed.

译:不要把皮肤暴露在阳光下。 Don’t expose your skin to the sun.

Language Points
2) make known S I threatened to expose him to the police.
CF: reveal, disclose & expose 这几个词都是动词,都有“暴露”、“透露”之意。 reveal意思是“泄漏”、“透露”、“显示”。其内 容多是事先不为人知的秘密、事件等。 S He promised not to reveal my secret.

Language Points
disclose 意思是“公开”、“揭发”、 “透露(秘 密)”.其内容多指曾保密的或不愿公开的事件真 相,常为不正当、不光彩的事。 eg. She disclosed that she had been the former president’s lover. expose 意为“暴露”,含有弃置、不予保护、听 之任之之意;还可以指揭露某罪人或罪行。 eg. The wall has been exposed to the wind and rain.

Language Points
9. acquire: vt. gain by skill or ability, by one’s own efforts or behavior

Developing countries have to acquire advanced technology from abroad. He acquired a knowledge of computers by careful study.


Language Points
CF: get, gain, obtain & acquire 这几个词都是动词,都有“得到”、“获得” 之意。
get 是最普通的用语,可指通过任何方式的获得,多用 于口语中。 I’ll get you a ticket. 我将给你弄张票。 gain 多指在竞争中获得,所得的东西往往是有用的或 是所期待的。 I hope you will gain the victory this time. 我 希望你这次获得胜利。

Language Points
obtain 是书面语,指靠他人或自己努力而得到,强调结 果或目的。 By this method, we obtained a good result. 我们用这种方法获得了好结果。

acquire 指通过自己的努力或行为而获得某种东西。这 种东西一经获得,即变为永久的所有物。 译:我们应该努力养成好的习惯。

We should try to acquire good habits.

Language Points
10.breed: vt. 1) train, educate, bring up S A television announcer with a well-bred voice was reading the news. S He told us that we were bred to be leaders on the football field.

Language Points
2) cause or be the beginning of Flies in the food stores breed disease.

Dirt is the breeding-ground of disease. 3) keep animals or fish for the purpose of producing young in controlled conditions.繁殖; 饲养
He breeds cattle. The winning horse was bred in Ireland.

Language Points
11. hold back: 1) hinder the progress of

Internet-illiterate parents hold back kids.
Trees are planted to hold back the desert.


Language Points
2) keep secret to oneself S We must have the whole story, don’t hold back.

Australians seldom hold back anything. They are very open in whatever they do.

Language Points
12.( L.5, sentence structure) Standing against the wall was a big, black bicycle with balloon tires.
本句是一个倒装句型,因为句子主语太长,为使句 子保持平衡和上下文衔接,使用倒装。此句正常的 结构为:A big, black bicycle with balloon tires was standing against the wall.


Language Points

常用结构是: 1)谓语(全部或一部分)+ 助动词 + 主语 2)表语+ 联系动词+ 主语 S lying Under the table was a half-conscious young man. 译: 我们学校美丽的图书馆就在湖边
Beside the lake is our new beautiful university library.

Language Points
13.(para.2, L.14 difficult sentence) Still coming upon it like this made me feel as though I’d struck a blow against her happiness. That I discovered her secret by chance made me feel as if I ruined her happiness.

Language Points
As though / if +从句 (subjunctive mood ) 译:她爱幼儿园的孩子们就 像爱自己 的孩子一样。

She loves the children in the kindergarten as if they were her own.

Language Points
14. (L11)Long sentence I was deeply moved by the discovery and yet sickened by the knowledge that, bursting into her room like this, I had robbed her of the pleasure of seeing me astonished and delighted on Christmas day. 1)此句是由并列连词and连接的复杂并列句

Language Points
2)关系代词that引出的同位语从句与knowledge构成同位语关系 3) bursting into her room like this 是现 在分词短语作方式状语修饰从句的谓语动 词robbed 4) astonished and delighted 是过去分词短 语作宾语补足语, 补充说明宾语me。

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