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UTS: 1250-1400 MPa, density 7.78 gm/cc

The benefits of an air-hardening steel are particularly noticeable i n the weld area where, unlike conventional steel alloys, strength can actually increase after cooling in air immediately after weldin g. This feature is a result of the fine grain structure due to the c hemical compostion specified. 853 is heat-treated to give high str ength and damage resistance.


Brass Brazing As the name implies, brazing is usually done with a filler made o f some form of brass or bronze, alloys of copper with zinc, tin, a nd other metals. Brass and bronze brazing alloys typically melt a t temperatures over 1500F, sometimes as high as 2000F. This is hot enough to anneal steel, destroying any strength added throu gh heat treatment. For this reason, heat-treated bicycle tubing su ch as Reynolds 731 should not be brass brazed.

For tubing that has not been heat treated, such as Reynolds 531 or plain 4130 chromoly steel, brass brazing is entirely appropriat e. It produces joints that are more than strong enough for a bicy cle frame, it costs much less than silver, and it is a more forgivi ng process, allowing wider tolerances in tube mitering and tempe rature control. The vast majority of brazed production bicycle fra mes, and a large share of custom frames, are all brass or bronze brazed. Especially for a beginning frame builder, brass is often a good choice.

REYNOLDS 853 / 853OS info

Reynolds 853 is a high strength, 210,00 psi, heat treated, air har dened steel alloy. Careful control of the alloying elements combin e to give these tubes enhanced mechanical properties surpassing other materials currently available.

The main advantage of Reynolds 853 is its ability to air harden a fter joining, a characteristic not shown by other chrome molybde num / manganese molybdenum materials presently on the marke t. When building frames using either TIG welding or high temper ature brazing, above 1600 degrees, the joints increase in strengt h as the frame cools to room temperature.

LUG CONSTRUCTION IS THE PREFERRED METHOD OF JOINING 8 53. It allows a much larger area to be heated than tig welding w hich concentrates the heat to a very small area at the weld. This completely goes against the “AIR HARDENING” building philosop hy of the material and adds nothing to the strength of the joint.

It is however a much cheaper joining method, requiring less time and skill to perform.

Due to the superior mechanical properties of 853 tubing, there ar e several benefits which will translate directly to the cyclist. The wall thickness of 853 has been reduced to 0.4 mm, a full 0.1 m m thinner than Reynolds other top of the line 753 tubing. This tr anslates into a frame weight of under 3 pounds 5 ounces for a 5 6 cm frame (less fork). Because of the added hardness of this all oy the chances of denting the tubing are no greater than that of present materials being employed. The final significant advantag e is the increased stiffness of the frame and its ability to transmi t all of the cyclist power into forward motion. The oversized 853 tube set, with its oval chainstays represents the ultimate in powe r transmission. Aside from the 853 OS tubeset, conventional dia meter sets are available which will allow for a more comfortable ride, while still retaining most of the benefits associated with 853 oversize.

853 is currently produced in 8 tube tubesets. There are no fork blades drawn from this alloy. Bob Jackson will supply 853 frames with your choice of fork material., and configuration

853 still has a tempered zone that's weaker than as-delivered, b ut it's a few mm away from the weld, or maybe a cm away fro

m a brass braze, so the weakest point doesn't occur right at the toe of the weld, or right at the edge of a lug or fillet. I've see

n some evidence that even the tempered zone of welded or bras s-brazed 853 is stronger than that of silver-brazed 753. Jim Plaia I'm probably not going to change anyone's mind, but I'll give the official metallurgy party line: Don't weld heat treatable steels wi thout giving them a post-weld heat treatment or understanding t he loss of strength caused by welding. The base metal isn't simpl y annealed. The base metal has melted next to the weld joint (m elting the base metal is the definition of welding rather than braz ing). That metal has now converted to martensite; really strong and really brittle. The base metal that didn't melt but is next to the weld is fully annealed and likely to be dead soft for the base metal. The area that didn't get fully annealed is over-tempered and much weaker then it should be, and so on out from the wel d until you reach unaffected base metal. There are ways to get a mechanically reinforced joint so this doesn't matter, but welding on a heat treated steels is generally a bad idea.

尺寸:16 寸 厘米

高度 41 厘米

上管长度 53 厘米 上管长度 55 上管长度 56 厘米 上管长度 58 厘

17 寸 18 寸 19 寸 米

高度 43.5 厘米 高度 46 厘米 高度 48 厘米

5月4日 VooDOO Bizango Frame 的方方面面(一)Voodoo 品牌的历史 Voodoo Bizango Frame 的方方面面 本人是个自行车迷,并且对钢架有特殊的癖好,自从 2005 年从 CHINABIKE.COM 上看见这 款车架以来就一直想拥有一个,想不到到 2007 年才满足我这个心愿。在这中间我也从多个 地方了解这个架子的信息, 现在我把这些我收集到的资料这整理成这篇文章, 希望对有意购 买或已购买的朋友对认识这款车架有所帮助。 (一)Voodoo 品牌的历史 1.首先我们先来认识下 Voodoo 的意思巫毒(Voodoo) 巫毒,是目前最为人熟悉的非洲信仰。Voodoo,或作 Vadium, Vaudoux, Voudoun, Vodoun, Vodun, Vaudu, Vaudou, Vodu, Vudu, Woodoo 等等,根源于非洲,现已经传播非洲以外地区和 西方世界,同样地也发生了融合主义的现象。Voodoo 一词来自达荷美共和国(Dahomey) 的语言 vodu,意指众神(gods) ,巫毒传播的主要路线之一就是从达荷美传至海地(Haiti) , 再传至美国,如纽奥良和密西西比州。在海地,巫毒信仰为两大官方信仰之一,因为被法国 殖民过的关系,另一个官方信仰则是天主教,一个海地人可能会说,80% 的海地人信仰天 主教,而 100% 的海地人追随巫毒信仰。 2.Voodoo 品牌 VooDoo Cycles - A short bit about where we came from and who we are:

VooDoo began in 1994 by a group of bicycle fanatics various cycling industry people who decided that it was possible to get a high- quality, semi-custom bike, yet at production produced price. Shinji Mizutani who runs a Japanese trading company called "ASAP" has been the owner since the beginning. Joe Murray (who at the time was just riding his bike about the southwest) was recruited to design this new line of bikes. VooDoo soon gained a solid reputation for offering a innovative line of hardtail and suspension bikes made of steel, aluminum and titanium where you could choose a range of kits, forks and other custom options. Also most every bike was assembled in California to order with a level of QC rarely seen before. Needless to say, business was booming for VooDoo until the year 2000 and for various reasons Shinji shut down the VooDoo HQ that was located in Silicon Valley, California. Yet VooDoo never went away and is alive and well today. Shinji still held on the the VooDoo spirit and was selling a few of the classic models in Japan until once again Joe was brought back to get things going again in the USA in 2004. John Benson (Web design, product manager and promotion) and Joe (frame design, testing and so on...) work in one of mountain biking's best kept secrets in the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the world in northern Arizona town of Flagstaff at a nice cool elevation of 7000 feet. Only 45 minutes south and 2500 feet lower is the mountain bike cult mecca of Sedona with seemingly endless extremely rocky and challenging trails surrounded by striking red rock scenery. The nuts and bolts of VooDoo is going on in Taiwan where some of the best quality bicycles are made today. Keeping VooDoo rolling are Sandra the manager, Becky in the office and Jeson in the warehouse. And Shinji is still running the ASAP office in Japan. And finally it would not be possible without the support of our distributors and dealers. For our worldwide distributor list click here: VooDoo Distributors 大概意思:1994 年一群狂热的从事于各类自行车业界的自行车爱好者决定制造具有高品质 的和半定制的自行车,以生产过程来决定价格(不懂这里怎么翻译) 。从开始的时候 Shinji Mizutani 在日本管理着一家叫“ASAP”的贸易公司就成为所有者。Joe Murray(当时他刚开 始在西部的骑行)被招募进来设计新的自行车。 Voodoo 自行车很快就获得了良好的声誉,具有创新的制造路线上能让你在由钢、铝和钛制 成硬架和后避震架上选择成套的改装包、叉子和其它定制选项,并且大多数 VooDoo 自行车 都在加利福尼亚装配,这种高质量的质量管理以前是很少见的。不用说,VooDoo 自行车事 务兴旺,直到 2000 年因为各种原因 Shinji 关闭了位于加利福尼亚硅谷的 VooDoo 总部。 至今 VooDoo 自行车依然存在,它从未离开。直到 2004 年 Joe 再次把它们带回美国。 在这 之前,Shinji 在日本仍然继续着 VooDoo 自行车精神并卖一些经典型号。 John Benson (网设计、产品经理和推广) 并且 Joe(车架框架设计, 测试等等...)工作在,, ,,后

面就是所在地和描述。 今天,一些具有最佳品质的 VooDoo 自行车在台湾制造。保持 VooDoo 自行车运作是 Sandra 经理, Becky 在办公室和 Jeson 在仓库里。并且 Shinji 仍然在日本的“ASAP”事务所。 3.Voodoo 自行车型号(Hardtails) Bizango Lightweight cross country hardtail with classic race geometry Butted (.7/.4/.7) Reynolds 853 tubing, Breezer vertical rear dropouts, head badge Designed for 100mm fork with 470mm axle-to-crown Sloping top tube, extended seat tube, offset machined headtube Brake: International Standard 51mm disc mount or linear brake (detachable brake post studs) Approx 4.4lbs Bottom Bracket - 68mm Seatpost - 27.2mm Front Derailleur - 28.6mm Sobo Ultralight Voodoo Black Magic scandium racing hardtail with shock absorbing carbon fiber wishbone seatstays Designed for 100mm fork with 470mm axle-to-crown Sloping top tube, offset machined headtube with head badge Brake: International Standard 51mm disc mount or linear brake Approximately 3.0 lbs Seatpost: 27.2 Front Derailleur: 31.8 D-Jab Superlight, smooth riding Voodoo Black Magic 3al/2.5v titanium frame (pronounced "dee-haab") 20mm sliding aluminum (vertical) dropouts for geared or one speed use Adjustable dropouts have built-in tensioners to prevent slippage Sloping top tube, extended seat tube, offset machined headtube, head badge Brake: International Standard 51mm disc mount or linear brake (detachable brake post studs) OK for 100mm travel fork with 470mm axle-to-crown. Approximtely 4.0 lbs / 18” Bottom Bracket - 68mm Seatpost - 27.2mm Front Derailleur - 28.6mm Bokor Lightweight cross country hardtail with 20mm sliding aluminum (vertical) dropouts for geared or one speed use

Adjustable dropouts have built-in tensioners to prevent slippage Designed for 100mm fork with 470mm axle-to-crown fork Oversized 7005 aluminum tubing, square rear stays, head badge Sloping top tube, extended seat tube, offset machined headtube Brake: International Standard 51mm disc mount or linear brake Approx. 3.0 lbs Seatpost: 27.2 Front Derailleur: 31.8 Wanga Voodoo Black Magic heat treated butted CrMo steel tube frame with 20mm sliding aluminum (vertical) dropouts for geared or one speed use Adjustable dropouts have built-in tensioners to prevent slippage Designed for 100mm fork with 470mm axle-to-crown fork Sloping top tube, extended seat tube, offset machined headtube, detachable brake bosses, plus metal head badge Brake: International Standard 51mm disc mount or linear brake Approximately 4.0 lbs Seatpost: 27.2mm Front Derailleur: 28.6

Erzulie HooDoo Bantu Shango

4.Voodoo 的保修 All new VooDoo Cycles frames are warranted against defect for the period of 3 years for the date of purchase to the original owner. If you have a warranty issue please contact us via the link at the top of this page. If you have a VooDoo frame that is older than 2004 and in need of warrany, please send an email including digital photos if possible and a copy of your receipt to: info@voodoocycles.net 以上内容的大概意思:全部 Voodoo 车架都有从购买日期起的 3 年保修服务(不包含超过范 围使用) ,需要你提供能证明购买日期的原始凭据(我想说:有凭据什么都好办,你是不是原 始购买者其实不重要。),如果你有这些单据而且需要保修服务,你可以联系我下节提供的 商店。

如果你是 2004 年前购买的 Voodoo 车架需要保修的话,请把数码照片(如果有可能)和购 买收据发到 info@voodoocycles.net。 5.Voodoo 的全球官方认可经销商 USA Bicycle Technologies International 1216 Mercantile Road Santa Fe, NM 87507 Tel (Dealers only) : (505) 473-1010 Fax : (505) 473-0011 email : Inquiring dealers can contact info@bti-usa.com for details on establishing a wholesale account. Austrailia RED HOT ANGENCIES 12a Simpson St., Moorabbin Vic 3189 Tel:61.3.95556700 email: rshaw@bigpond.com attn: Roman Shaw Brazil Bike Cycling Parts and Wear Phone/Fax: 55-11-3673-9079, 55-11-3662-2097 Contact: Gabriel Sanger, Mauricio Sanger e-mail: voodoobikes@uol.com.br China LEE DUO TRADING CO.,LTD. Room 1404, 14FL NO.1, LANE 775 SIPING RD., SHANGHAI CITY 200080 CHINA TEL;86-21-6521-1355 email: leeduo.tw@msa.hinet.net attn: Enzo Yang Denmark BenBen Cykler

Enghavevej 68, 1674 Kobenhavn v. Denmark Tel:4533245060 Contact : Mr. Ben Rosenzweig Italy Sport Trading Italy snc Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio 21046 Malnate ( Varese ) Italy Phone : 39 0332 428804 Fax : 39 0332 428325 Email :info@sportradingitaly.com Contact : Claudio Monaco or Robert Ziglioli Japan ASAP CO.,LTD. 101, 2-3-3 OKINABASHI-CHO SAKAI, OSAKA,JAPAN TEL:81.722.338710 FAX:81.722-234821 e-mail :sales@asap.gr.jp Contact : Mr. Yusuke Kishitani Norway Sportpartner As P.b 555 Olsvik 5884 Bergen Phone : 47 (0) 55707080 Fax : 47 (0) 55506465 Email address :robert@sportpartner.no Contact : Robert Schistad Portugal Somonte Lda Estrda Exterior da Circunvalacao n 12190 4460 –282 Senhora da Hora Portugal Phone and Fax 351 22953 7042 Email address :geral@somonte.pt Contact : Paulo Rodrigues www.somonte.pt Singapore

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