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第二部分 阅读理解(1)
Passage 1 We’ve talked about snails (蜗牛) and their slow move. But much of the time snails don’t move at all. They are in their shells (壳) —sleeping. Hot sun will dry out a s

nail?s body. So at the least sign of hot sun, a snail draws its body into his shell. A snail will die in a heavy rain. So when it rains, a snail does the same thing, too. A snail can sleep for as long as it needs to. It spends all the winter months in its shell, asleep. In the spring the snail wakes up. Its body, about three inches long, comes out from the shell. When hungry, the snail looks for food. Its eyes, at the end of the top feelers (触角), are very weak. But its sense (感觉) of smell is very strong. It helps the snail to find food and the new greens. A snail’s mouth is no bigger than the point of a pin (大头针). Yet it has 256,000 teeth! The teeth are very small, and you can?t see them. If you put a snail in a hard paper box, it will eat its way out! And if a snail wears out its teeth, it will grow new ones. 我们已经谈论过蜗牛和他们的缓慢移动 .但大多数时间蜗牛根本不动 . 它们在它们的壳 里睡觉. 火热的太阳会晒干蜗牛的身体.因此有一点点阳光的迹象时,蜗牛就把身体缩进壳里. 睡多久就睡多久,它花费整个冬季呆在壳里睡眠。 在春季,蜗牛苏醒了,它的身体,从壳里伸出来大概三英寸长,当饿的时候蜗牛会寻找食 物,它的眼睛位于顶部触角的末端,视力非常弱,但它的嗅觉非常强,嗅觉帮助蜗牛找到食 物和新的绿色物品。 蜗牛的嘴巴还没有大头针尖大,然而它却有256,000个牙齿。这些牙齿很小,你看不见它 们,如果你把蜗牛放在一个硬纸盒里,它会用牙齿咬出一条路来。如果蜗牛的牙齿掉了,它 将会长出新牙。 1. A snail moves more slowly at night . 蜗牛在晚上爬的更慢。 A:T B:F 在 2. In the sentence “A snail draws its body into its shell”, the word “draw” means to pull. 句子“A snail draws its body into its shell”中的单词“draw”意思是拉动 A:T 楚。 A:T A:T A:T KEY:BAABB B:F B:F B:F 4. A snail goes to sleep when it is put into a paper box. 放在纸盒里的蜗牛会睡觉。 5. The snail?s teeth can?t be worn out. 蜗牛的牙齿不能被破损。 B:F 3. From the story, we know a snail can?t see well. 从故事我们可以知道蜗牛不能看的很清 蜗 牛会死在大雨中,因此当下雨时,蜗牛也会做同样的事情.(把身体缩进壳里)。蜗牛能够需要

Passage 2 My husband and I got married in 1981 and for the first ten years of our marriage I was very happy to stay home and raise our three children. Then four years ago, our youngest child went to school and I thought I might go back to work. My husband was very supportive and helped me to make my decision. He emphasized all of the things I can do around the house, and said he thought I could be a great success in business. After several weeks of looking for a job, I found my present job, which is working for a small public relations firm. At first, my husband was very proud of me and would tell his friends, “My clever little wife can run that company she?s working for.” But as his joking statement approached truth, my husband stopped talking to me about my job. I have received several promotions and pay increases, and I?m now making more money than he is. I can buy my own clothes and a new car. Because of our joined incomes, my husband and I can do many things we had always dreamed of doing, but we don?t do these things because he is very unhappy. We fight about little things and my husband is very critical of me in front of our friends. For the first time in our marriage, I think it is possible that our marriage may come to an end. I love my husband very much, and I don?t want him to feel inferior, but I also love my job. I think I can be a good wife and a working woman, but I don?t know how. Who can give me some advice? Will I have to choose one or the other or can I keep both my husband and my new career? 在1981年我丈夫和我结婚了,婚后十年,我很乐意留在家中抚养我们的三个孩子。 然后在四年前,我们最小的孩子上学了,我想我可能会去工作。 我的丈夫非常支持我,帮助我作出了我的决定。他强调我能做好所有的家务,并说他想我 能在商业上取得伟大成功。 经过几周找工作,我找了我目前的工作,为一家小型公关公司工作。起初,我的丈 夫为我感到非常自豪,并会告诉他的朋友们, “我聪明的妻子可以胜任公司的工作了。 ” 但是当他开玩笑的话基本是事实后,我的丈夫就不再谈论我的工作。我已经几次获 得升职和加薪,我现在赚的钱比他要多很多。我可以给自己买衣服和一辆新车。因为我们收 入增加,我丈夫和我可以做很多事情,我们曾经梦寐以求的事情,但我们没有做这些事情, 因为他很不高兴。 我和丈夫经常为小事吵架,并且丈夫在我们的朋友面前老挑我毛病。在我们的婚姻 中,我第一次认为感觉到我们的婚姻可能走到了尽头。 我非常爱我的丈夫,我不想让他感到自卑,但我也热爱我的工作。我觉得我能成为 一个好妻子和一个有工作的女人, 但是我不知道怎么做。 谁可以给我一些建议吗?我要选择 其中一个,或者我可以同时拥有我的丈夫和我的事业? 1.The passage most probably written around 1996. 写这篇文章可能在1996年左右。 A:T B:F 2.The husband was supportive, for he took over what she used to do at home.丈夫是支持她 的,因为他在家代替她做家务。 A:T B:F

3.Her husband stopped talking to her about her job when her career was approaching success. 当她事业取得成功时,她的丈夫不再跟她谈论她的工作。 A:T B:F 4.As she was making more money, She could buy many clothes and a new house. 她赚了 很多钱,她买了很多衣服和一套新房子。 A:T B:F 5.The difficult position a working woman is in is a choice between job and marriage.这个女 人的困扰是她工作和丈夫间的抉择。 A:T KEY:ABABA Passage 3 Mr Jones and Mr Brown work in the same office.One day Mr Jones says to Mr Brown, “I will have a small party at our house on Monday evening. Would you and your wife like to come?” Mr Brown says, “Thank you very much. I?d love to, but let me ask my wife first.” So Mr Brown goes to the other room and telephones his wife. Then he comes back and looks very worried. “What?s the matter?” asks Mr Jones. “Is you wife there at home?” “No,” answers Mr Brown. “She isn?t there. My small son answers the telephone. I say to him, ?Is your mother there, David?? and he answers ?No, she isn?t in the house.? Where is she?? I ask, ?She is somewhere outside.? What?s she doing?? ?She is looking for me.?” 琼斯先生和布朗先生在同一间办公室里办公。有一天琼斯先生对布朗先生说: “我周一晚上 将在我们家举行一个小型聚会,你和你的太太能来吗?”布朗先生答道: “非常感谢,我很 乐意, 但是我得先问一下我太太。 所以布朗先生到一间房给妻子打电话。 然后他回到办公室, 看起来很忧虑。 “怎么了?”琼斯先生关心的问道, “你太太不在家吗?” “是的” ,布朗先生 答道, “她不在家。我的小儿子接的电话,我问他‘妈妈在不?’他说, ‘她不在房里。 ’我 又问道, ‘去哪儿了?’他说, ‘她出去了’ 。我又问, ‘去干什么了?’儿子说妈妈去找自己 了。 ” 1. There is a party at Mr Jones’ s house on Monday evening. 周一晚上琼斯先生家里有个聚会。 A:T 加聚会。 A:T A:T A:T A:T KEY:AABBA B:F B:F B:F B:F 3.The telephone is in Mr Brown’s office. 电话在布朗先生的办公室。 4.Mr Brown speaks to Mrs Brown on the telephone. 布朗先生在电话上和太太交谈了。 5.Mrs Brown is looking for her son. 布朗太太正在找她的儿子。 B:F 2.Mr Jones asks Mr Brown and his wife to go to the party. 琼斯先生邀请布朗先生和他太太参 B:F

Passage 4 Miss Grey lived in a small house. She was old and did not like noise at all, so she was very pleased when her noisy neighbor moved out. A young man moved in. And Miss Grey thought the man seemed to be quiet. But at three o'clock the next morning, the noise of a dog woke her up. She thought she had never heard a dog there before. It must be the young man's dog. So she telephoned the young man, said something bad about the dog and then hung up the telephone before he could answer. Nothing more happened until three o'clock the next morning. Then Miss Grey's telephone rang, and when she answered, a voice said, "You telephoned me twenty-four hours ago; Now I've rung you up to say that I haven't a dog. 格蕾小姐住在一个小房子里。 她很老了, 不喜欢噪音, 所以当她吵闹的邻居搬出去之后, 她很高兴。之后有个年轻人搬进去了,格蕾小姐觉得这个人看起来挺安静的。但是第二天早 上的凌晨三点钟,一只狗的叫声把她吵醒了。她以前从来都没有听到过狗叫声。这一定是那 个年轻人的狗。 所以她给那个年轻人打电话, 抱怨了一下那条狗, 然后在他来不及回答之前, 格蕾小姐就挂断了电话。期间什么也没发生,直到次日早上的凌晨三点。格蕾小姐的电话响 了,她接了,电话里传出一个声音,“你24小时前打了我电话,现在我给你电话是想告诉你 我没有狗。” 1. Miss Grey felt sorry when her noisy neighbor moved out. 格蕾小姐的邻居搬出去后,她觉 得难过。 A:T 样,吵闹不堪。 A:T A:T 狗。 A:T B:F 5. The young man rang up Miss Grey in the early morning, because he wanted to punish her. 那 个年轻人凌晨时分给格蕾小姐打电话,因为他想惩罚她。 A:T Key: BBAAA Passage 5 Let's watch the weather forecast on television. We may go to Scotland, we may go to Wales or London. We can decide after the forecast. "Good morning, and here is the weather forecast for tomorrow. Northern Scotland will be cold, and there may be snow over High Ground. In the north of England it will be a wet day and rain will move into Wales and the Midlands during the afternoon. East Anglia(英格兰) will be B:F B:F B:F 3. Some noise woke her up in the early morning. 凌晨时候她被一些声音吵醒了。 4. She thought the new neighbor had brought a dog with him. 她认为是她的新邻居养了一条 B:F 2. Mi8s Grey's new neighbor was as noisy as the old one. 格蕾小姐的新邻居和以前的邻居一

generally dry, and it will be a bright clear day with sunshine, but it may rain during the evening. In the southwest it may be foggy during the morning, but the afternoon will be clear. It may be windy later in the day." 让我们来看一看电视上的天气预报。我们可以去苏格兰,我们可以去威尔士或伦敦。我 们可以听完天气预报后做决定。 “早上好,这里是明天的天气预报。 苏格兰北部将会很冷,会有大雪覆盖。 在英格兰的北部, 这将是一个下雨天,雨水会到下午转移到威尔士中部地区。 East Anglia将普遍乾燥,这将是一 个阳光明媚的晴天,但在晚间可能会下雨。 在西南部地区清晨可能会有雾气,但在下午会放晴, 当天晚些时候会有刮风。” 1.The speaker is planning to go traveling within the country. 旅行。 A:T tomorrow. A:T 天。 A:T B:F 天气 4.The forecast mainly tells us the whole country will have fine weather tomorrow. 预报主要告诉我们明天整个国家都将有好的天气。 A:T B:F 5.You can infer from the passage that none of the places offers ideal weather tomorrow for travel. 可以推断,明天天气不适合去旅游。 A:T Key: AABBA B:F Passage 6 A guide dog is a dog especially trained to guide a blind person. Dogs chosen for such training must show good disposition, intelligence, physical fitness and sense of responsibility. At the age of fourteen months, a guide dog begins an intensive course that lasts three to five months. It becomes accustomed to the leather harness and stiff leather handle it will wear when guiding its blind owner. The dog learns to watch the traffic and to cross the street safely. It also learns to obey such commands as "forward", "left", "right" and "sit" and to disobey any command that might lead its owner into danger. The most important part of the training course is a fourweek program in which the dog and its future owner learn to work together. However, many blind people are unsuited by personality to work with dogs. Only a tenth of the blind find a guide dog useful. 导盲犬训练是将一只狗经过特别训练后用于引导盲人。这种训练选择的狗必须表现出 良好的性格、智力、体能和责任感。 在十四个月大,导盲犬的密集课程就开始了,为期三至五个月。它变得习惯于皮革吊带和 B:F 说话者可以明天早上飞往苏格兰北部,因为它明天不会有浓雾。 B:F 明天East Anglia是晴朗的一 2.The speaker can fly to Northern Scotland tomorrow morning, because it won't be foggy there 说话者正计划在这个国家去

3.It will be a bright clear day in East Auglia tomorrow.

僵硬的皮革处理时,它将服务于其盲目的主人。狗学会看交通和安全的过马路。它也学会了 服从为“前进”,“左”,“右”和“坐”这样的命令和不服从任何将可能导致主人危险的 命令。 培训课程最重要的部分是fourweek方案,其中狗和它的未来主人学会一起工作。然而, 许多盲人的性格不适合的与狗合作,只有十分之一的盲人找到一只对自己有用的导盲犬。 1. A dog trained to help the blind. 狗被训练用来帮助盲人。 A:T 候导盲犬的训练课程就开始了 A:T A:T A:T A:T KEY:AABAB B:F B:F B:F B:F 3. Learning to guide its owner in the street. 学习指导它的主人在街上行走。 4. To teach the dog how to cooperate with its future owner. 教狗如何配合其未来的主人。 5. It's hard to train a guide dog. 很难培养出导盲犬。 B:F 2. At the age of fourteen months does a guide dog begin its training course. 在十四个月大的时



A young man who lived in London was in love with a beautiful girl. Soon she became his fiancé e (未婚妻). The man was very poor while the girl was rich. The young man wanted to make her a present on her birthday. He wanted to buy something beautiful for her, but he had no idea how to do it, as he had very little money. The next morning he went to a shop. There were many fine things there: gold watches, diamond… but all these things were too expensive. There was one thing he could not take his eyes off. It was a beautiful vase. That was a suitable present for his fiancé e. He had been looking at the vase for half an hour when the manager of the shop noticed him. The young man looked so pale, sad and unhappy that the manager asked what had happened to him. The young man told him everything. The manager felt sorry for him and decided to help him. A bright idea struck him. The manager pointed to the corner of the shop. To his great surprise the young man saw a vase broken into many pieces. The manager said: "When the servant enters the room, he will drop it." On the birthday of his fiancé e the young man was very excited. Everything happened as had been planned. The servant brought in the vase, and as he entered the room, he dropped it. There was horror on everybody's face. When the box was opened, the guests saw that each piece was packed separately. 住在伦敦的一个小伙子爱上了一个美丽的女孩,不久,她成了他的未婚妻。年轻人很穷,而 女孩很有钱。年轻人想给她一份生日礼物。他想买漂亮的东西给她,但是他不知道怎么做, 因为他只有很少的钱。第二天早晨,他去了一家商店,有许多美丽的东西:金表,钻石... ...

但所有这些东西都太贵了。有件商品让他目不转睛,它是一个美丽的花瓶,那是一个适合给 他未婚妻的礼物。他一直在寻找时,店经理注意到了他看了一个半小时的花瓶。年轻人显得 那么苍白,悲伤和不满。经理就问他发生了什么事。 年轻人告诉他一切。经理为他感到感到惋惜,决定帮他一把。脑中闪过一个好想法。经理指 着店里的角落。年轻人看到了碎成很多片的花瓶。经理说:“会让雇员把花瓶拿进房间后并 装作失手摔碎它。” 在他未婚妻生日的时候,年轻人感到非常兴奋。 所有的一切就已经计划好了,雇员拿着花 瓶走进了房间,并把它掉在了地上,每个人都被吓到了。当盒子一打开,客人们看到了一片 片单独包装好的碎片。 1. The story took place in the United States. 故事发生在美国 A:T B:F 2. The young man's family was poor while the beautiful girl is rich, according to the passage.从这 段文章我们知道年轻人很穷,女孩子富有。 A:T 份圣诞礼物。 A:T B:F 4. The shop manager came to talk to the young man, because he was poorly dressed. 店经理来问 年轻人,因为年轻人衣衫褴褛。 A:T B:F 5. On the birthday of his fiancé e, the young man was excited because the girl was in love with him. 在她生日的时候,年轻人很激动,因为女孩爱上了他。 A:T KEY:BABBB B:F B:F 3. The young man wanted to buy a present as a Christmas gift for the girl.年轻人想为女朋友买一

Passage 8 After having lived for over twenty years in the same district, Albert Hall was forced to move to a new neighborhood. He surprised his landlord by telling him that he was leaving because he could not afford to buy any more chocolate. It all began a year ago when Albert returned home one evening and found a large dog in front of his gate. He was very fond of animals and as he happened to have a small piece of chocolate in his pocket, he gave it to the dog. The next day, the dog was there again. It held up its paws and received another piece of chocolate as a reward. Albert called his new friend "Bingo". He never found out the dog's real name, nor who his owner was. However, Bingo appeared regularly every afternoon and it was quite clear that he preferred chocolate to bones. He soon grew dissatisfied with small pieces of chocolate and demanded a large bar a day. If at any time Albert neglected his duty, Bingo got very angry and refused to let him open the gate. Albert was now at Bingo's mercy and had to bribe him to get into his own house! He spent such a large part of his weekly wages to keep Bingo supplied with that in the end he had to move somewhere else.

在一个地方住了20多年的阿尔伯特被迫搬到一个新的社区,他告诉他的房东说,他离开 是因为他再也买不起巧克力。 这一切始于一年前,艾伯特有天晚上回家,发现一只大狗在他家门口。他很喜欢动物, 碰巧有一小块巧克力在他的口袋里,他给了大狗。第二天,狗再一次在那里,它举着爪子并 收到另一块巧克力作为奖励。艾伯特称他的新朋友“宾果”。他从来不知道狗的真实姓名,也 不是他的主人是谁。然而,宾果经常每天下午准时出现,它喜欢巧克力超过了骨头。很快就 不满足小块巧克力并要求更大的。如果在某时不能给它,宾果会非常生气,并拒绝让他打开家 门。 艾伯特现在是在宾果的怜悯和贿赂下进入他的房子! 他花了一周工资的大部分来为宾果 提供巧克力,最后他不得不搬到别的地方去。 1. Albert lived there for many years. A:T 地方 A:T A:T 想要艾伯特的巧克力了。 A:T 他要照顾它。 A:T KEY:BBAAB B:F B:F 艾伯特“曾向他行贿”的意思是 5. Albert "had to bribe him" means he had to take care of him. B:F B:F 那只狗每天拜访,因为它 3. Albert and the dog became friends a year ago. 一年前艾伯特与狗狗成为了朋友 4. The dog visited Albert every day because it wanted the chocolate. B:F 艾伯特在那儿住了许多年

2. Albert was moving because he did not like the place. 艾伯特之所以搬家是因为不喜欢那个

Passage 9 Some British and American people like to invite friends and colleagues for a meal at home. You should not be upset (心烦意乱) if your English friends don't invite you home. It doesn't mean they don't like you. Dinner parties usually start between 7 and 8 p.m., and end at about 11. Ask your hosts what time you should arrive. It's polite to bring flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine as a present. Do you want to be extra (特别地) polite? Say how much you like the room, or the pictures on the wall. But remember - not to ask how much things cost. You'll probably start the meal with soup, or something small as a "starter" (第一道菜), then you'll have meat or fish with vegetables, and then a dessert (甜食), followed by coffee. It's polite to finish everything on your plate and to take more if you want it. Some people eat bread with their meal, but not everyone does. Before they take out their cigarettes after the meal, most people usually ask, "Do you mind if I smoke here?" Did you enjoy the evening? Call your hosts the next day, or write them a short "thank you"

letter. Perhaps it seems funny to you, but British and American people say, "thank you, thank you, and thank you." all the time. 一些英美人乐于邀请朋友到自己家中共进晚餐。 如果你的英国朋友不邀请你去他家做客 你也不必感到难过。这并不意味着他不喜欢你! 通常的晚宴是从晚上7,8点钟到大约11点,事先应该跟东道主打听好什么时间赴约,带 上鲜花,巧克力,或一瓶红酒作为礼物是很礼貌的。 想显得更加有礼貌么?那就提及你多么欣赏这房间,或者称赞墙上的画。但务必记住, 打听这些东西的价钱是很不礼貌的。 你可能是以喝汤或吃小食开始用餐,接下来是大鱼大肉和蔬菜,随后是餐后甜点,最后 喝杯咖啡。吃光盘中菜和自己添菜并不失礼。有些人吃饭时还会吃点面包,但并不是所有人 都这样。 之后他们会饭后抽烟,大多数人通常会问,“你介意我在这儿抽烟吗?” 渡过了一个愉快的夜晚么?那么就在次日打个电话或者写封致谢简信给他们。 或许你觉 得好笑,但是英美人总是喜欢说“感谢,感谢,再感谢”。 1. If your English or American friends don't invite you to dinner at home, it doesn't show they don't like you.如果你的英语或美国朋友没有邀请你到家里吃饭,这并不表明他们不喜欢你 A:T B:F 2. When you are invited to go to your friend's home, you may go at any time.当你被邀请去朋友 的家,你可以在任何时间去。 A:T 价格这是不礼貌的。 A:T B:F 4. In the passage, the order of the serving of a meal is meat or fish with vegetables-dessert-soup-coffee.在文章中,依次服务的饭菜顺序是肉或鱼,蔬菜,甜点,汤,咖 啡。 A:T B:F 5. You'd better write a short "Thank you" letter to your hosts or give them a call if you want to be extra polite.如果你想更有礼貌,你最好写一封简短的“谢谢”给主人或给他们打电话 A:T KEY:ABABA Passage 10 On February 14th many people in the world celebrate an unusual holiday, St. Valentine's Day, a special day for lovers. The origin of this holiday is uncertain but according to one story it gets its name from a Christian named Valentine who lived in Rome during the 3rd century A.D. His job was to perform marriages for Christian couples. Unfortunately, the Emperor of Rome didn't allow Christian marriages. So they had to be performed in secret. Finally Valentine was arrested and put into prison. While he was in prison he fell in love with the daughter of the prison guard. After one B:F B:F 3. In England and America, it's not polite to ask the price of something.在英国和美国,问某物的

year the Emperor offered to release Valentine if he would stop performing Christian marriages. Valentine refused and so he was killed in February, 270 A.D. Before he was killed Valentine sent a love letter to the daughter of the prison guard. He signed the letter "from your Valentine". That was the first Valentine. Today Valentines are cards usually red and shaped like hearts with messages of love written in them. On Valentine's Day tens of millions of people send and receive Valentines. Whether it is an expensive heart-shaped box of chocolates from a secret admirer or a simple hand-made card from a child, a Valentine is a very special message of love. 二月十四日,世界很多人庆祝这一个不寻常的节日,情人节,恋人的一个特殊的日子。 这个节日的起源说不清楚,但有一个故事,它得名于一个基督教徒叫做瓦伦丁,他为基督教 夫妇们的婚姻行礼。不幸的是,在公元第三世纪的罗马,罗马皇帝不允许基督徒们的婚姻, 所以他们不得不秘密进行。后来他被捕入狱。他在狱中爱上了典狱长的女儿。一年后,皇帝 提出释放他只要他愿意停止执行基督徒们的婚姻仪式,他拒绝了,所以他在二月被杀。公元 270年,他被击毙之前的情人节送了一封情书给典狱长的女儿。他在信中签字的“来自你的瓦 伦丁”。那是第一个情人。 今天情人卡通常为红色的心形, 写着爱的讯息。 在情人节那天数以百万计的人发送和接收情 人节卡片。无论是昂贵的心形盒巧克力或一个简单的手工卡片,都传递着情人们爱的讯息。 1. The passage is mainly about a special holiday.这篇文章主要是有关一个特别的节日。 A:T B:F 2. Valentine was put into prison because he sent a love letter to the daughter of the prison guard.他 被关进监狱,因为他给典狱长的女儿写了一封情书 A:T B:F 3. It is because he refused to accept the Emperor's offer that Valentine was killed.因为他拒绝皇 帝的要求,所以他被杀了。 A:T B:F 4. Valentines are cards usually red, and shaped like hearts with messages of love written in them. 情人节卡片通常是红色的心形,写着爱的讯息。 A:T A:T KEY:ABAAB Passage 11 In 1933 an unknown American called Clarence Nash went to see the filmmaker Walt Disney. He had an unusual voice and he wanted to work in Disney's cartoon(动画片) film for children. When Walt Disney heard Nash's voice, he said,"Stop! That's our duck!" The duck was the now-famous Donald Duck, who first appeared in 1934 in the film The Wise Little Hen. Donald lived in an old houseboat and wore his sailor jacket and hat. Later that year he became a star after an eight-minute Mickey Mouse film. The cinema audience liked him because B:F B:F 5. People send Valentines to each other nowadays to celebrate Valentine's birthday.

he was lazy and greedy, and because he lost his temper very quickly. And they loved his voice when he became angry with Mickey's eight nephews. Soon Donald was more popular than Mickey Mouse himself, probably because he wasn't a goody-goody like Mickey. In the 1930s, 40s and 50s Donald and his friends Mickey, Goofy and Pluto made hundreds of Disney cartoons. He also made educational films about the place of the USA in the world and safety in the home. Then in 1966 Donald Duck and his voice disappeared---there were no more new cartoons. Clarence Nash died in February, 1985. But today's children can still see the old cartoons on television and hear that famous voice. 1933年,一个名叫纳什.克拉伦斯的普通美国人去拜访电影制作人迪斯尼.沃尔特.他拥有与众 不同的声音,想在迪斯尼卡通电影公司工作.迪斯尼.沃尔特听到他的嗓音时,说:“停下,那 是我们的鸭子(的声音) 。 这只鸭子就是现在著名的唐老鸭,它第一次出现在影片"聪明的小母鸡"中.唐老鸭住在一艘破 旧的船上,它穿着海员服,戴着水手帽.第二年,在一部八分钟的电影"米老鼠"上映之后,纳什成 为了明星.观众喜欢唐老鸭的懒惰和贪婪,也因为它很容易发脾气.观众喜欢它的声音,特别是 当它和米老鼠的八个侄子生气的时候.很快,唐老鸭变得比米老鼠还要受欢迎,可能是因为它 不像米老鼠那样虚伪. 在二十世纪三十,四十和五十年代,唐老鸭和它的朋友米老鼠,Goofy和Pluto 演绎了几百部卡 通片.他还制作了关于美国在世界上地位以及关于家庭安全问题的教育影片.1996年后,唐老 鸭和它的声音从荧屏上消失了,再也没有演绎新的卡通片. 纳什.克拉伦斯在1985年2月去世了,但是现在的孩子仍能在电视上看到他以前的卡通片,听到 他那著名的声音. 1. Walt Disney made Donald Duck film.沃尔特· 迪斯尼制作了唐老鸭的电影。 A:T A:T A:T “观众”意味着读者。 A:T B:F 5. The underlined word "goody-goody" in the second paragraph means a person who likes to appear to be faultless in behavior.在第二段下划线的单词“伪善”意味着一个人似乎是完美无缺 的行为。 A:T KEY:AABBA Passage 12 B:F B:F B:F B:F 2. The first Donald Duck film was made in 1934.第一个唐老鸭电影是1934年制造的。 3. Clarence Nash was a film-maker.克拉伦斯· 纳什是一个电影制作人。 4. The underlined word "audience" in the second paragraph means readers.第二段下划线的单词

In 1920, barely out of his teens, Alfred Hitchcock went to work for an American film company which had opened a studio in Islington, London. His first job at the studio was writing captions (脚本) for silent movies. Within two years, he was writing scripts(剧本) and working as an assistant director. For the rest of the 1920s, Hitchcock worked on one film after another in Britain and Germany. Filming was often a rough-and-ready (匆忙做成的) affair and the assistant director was required to step in and plug gaps. A cameraman went missing, Hitchcock became a cameraman. A scene needed rewriting, Hitchcock rewrote it. Someone needed to be in charge of money when the film crew was on location, Hitchcock looked after the money. At the same time, this being the era of silent movies, Hitchcock was learning the language of cinema: telling a story-not through dialogue, but through visual images(视觉影象). This led to his success later. When he began to direct his own films, first in Britain and later in Hollywood, he was determined to make films that held the audience's attention and kept tension(紧张感). He succeeded. Hitchcock's ability to put you on the edge of your seat makes him one of the greatest makers of suspense(悬念) movies. 1920,阿尔弗雷德·希区柯克(Alfred Hitchcock)还不到20岁, 在美国的一家电影公司 工作。这家电影公司在伦敦的Islington开了个制片厂。他的第一份工作是为默片写脚本。两 年内,他写剧本,并且当副导演。 在20年代,他在英国和德国出品了一部又一部电影。电影经常是匆忙现做的,所以需要 副导演再来介入加入火花高潮等。 同时,这是默片时代。希区柯克学习电影语言---不是通过对话,而是通过视觉影像来讲 故事。这带来了他之后的成功。 当他开始在英国后来在好莱坞导演自己的电影时, 他下定决心要让观众看时候感到紧张。 他成功了。 希区柯克的电影能够让你紧张地坐在椅子的边边, 这就是为什么他能成为悬疑电 影大师的原因 1. Alfred Hitchcock's first job at the studio was writing captions for silent movies. 希区柯克在制 片厂的第一份工作是为默片写脚本 A:T B :F 2. According to the context, "step in and plug gaps" (in Line 3, Para. 2) means asking for one's help. "step in and plug gaps"是指寻求他人的帮助 A:T 为希区柯克以后的成功做了准备 A:T B :F 4. He was determined to draw the audience's attention and keep tension in his film-making. 他下 定决心要抓住观众的注意力,在他的电影中保持一种紧张感。 A:T B :F B :F 3. Telling a story through dialogue prepared Hitchcock for his success later. 通过对话来讲故事,

5. He had taken up different jobs before he succeeded. 在成功前,他做过不同的工作。 A:T KEY:ABBAA Passage 13 Very few people were coming to eat at the White Rose Restaurant, and its owner didn't know what to do. The food in his restaurant was cheap and good, but nobody seemed to want to eat there. Then he did something that changed all that, and in a few weeks his restaurant was always full of men and their lady friends. Whenever a gentleman came with a lady, a smiling waiter gave each of them a beautiful menu. The menus looked exactly the same on the outside, but there was an important difference inside. The menu that the waiter handed to the man gave the correct price for each dish and each bottle of wine; while the menu that he handed to the lady gave a much higher price! So when the man calmly ordered dish after dish and wine after wine, the lady thought he was much more generous than he really was! 没有多少人到白玫瑰饭店吃饭。饭店主人不知道该怎么办才好。他家的食物便宜又味 好,但就是没人想去那儿吃。 于是他做了一些改变,几周后他家店总是有很多男士带着他们的女性朋友过来。如果 一个男士带着女士过来,服务员会微笑着,递给他们一人一份菜单,菜单外表看起来一模一 样.但是里面却有一点不同,这个不同很重要递给男士的菜单,饭菜酒水的价格是正常价格; 而递给女士的菜单,价格却是高的多!当男士很平静地点了一个菜又一个菜,一杯酒水又一 杯酒水,女士就会认为这位男士特别大方。 1. The waiter gave a beautiful menu to the guests when a gentleman and his lady friend came into the restaurant. 当男士是和女性朋友一起来的时候,服务员就会给客人一份漂亮的菜单。 A:T 是一模一样,但里面却是不同的。 A:T 能很平静得点很多菜式因为他很有钱。 A:T 饭,女士认为她的这个朋友很大方。 A:T 喜欢去昂贵的餐馆吃饭。 A:T KEY:BABAB B:F 5. The story mainly suggests that people like to go to expensive restaurants. 这个故事说明人们 B:F Passage 14 B:F 4. The lady thought of her friend very generous after a meal at this restaurant. 在这餐馆吃过一餐 B:F 3. The male guest could remain calm when he ordered dish after dish because he was rich. 男士 B:F 2. The menus for the guests were the same on the outside but different inside. 给客人的菜单外表 B :F

There was once an ant that was very thirsty. It ran here and there looking for some water but could not find any. Then suddenly, when the ant was almost ready to die of thirst, a large drop of water fell on it. The ant drank the water, which saved its life. The water was actually a tear from a young girl who was crying. Because of her sadness, the tear had magical qualities and suddenly the ant could speak the language of human beings. The ant looked up and saw the young girl sitting in front of a huge pile of seeds. "Why are you sad?" asked the ant. "I'm the prisoner of a giant." the girl told the ant. "He won't let me go until I've made three separate heaps of grain, barley (大麦) and rye (黑麦) out of this huge pile of seeds in which they are all mixed together." "That will take you a month!" the ant said, looking at the huge pile of seeds. "I know," the girl cried, "and if I haven't finished by tomorrow, the giant will eat me for his supper!" "Don't cry," the ant said, "my friends and I will help you." Soon thousands of ants were at work, separating the three kinds of seeds. The next morning, when the giant saw that the work had been done, he let the girl go. Thus it was one of her tears that saved her life. 有只蚂蚁口渴了. 它到处找水喝, 可就是找不着. 突然, 就在蚂蚁快要渴死的时候, 一大滴水落了下来. 蚂蚁喝了水, 得了救. 这滴水实际上是一个正在哭泣的年轻姑娘的泪水. 蚂蚁抬起头, 看见一个年轻姑娘正坐在一大堆种子前. " 你为什么这么伤心啊?"蚂蚁问道. " 我是一个巨人的囚犯,"姑娘告诉蚂蚁,"这大堆种子里夹杂有谷子, 大麦和黑麦的种子, 我只有把它们分开, 拣成三堆, 他才肯放我走." " 这需要你一个月的时间呢!"蚂蚁看了看这大堆的种子说道. " 我知道,"姑娘哭着说,"如果我明天还分不完, 巨人就会把我当他的晚餐吃掉!" " 不要哭,"蚂蚁说,"我和我的朋友会帮助你的." 很快, 成千上万只蚂蚁忙碌起来, 将这些种子按分类分成三堆. 第二天早晨, 巨人看到分派给姑娘的活儿干完了, 就把她给放了. 就这样, 正是那个姑娘的一滴泪救了她自己的性命. 1.The ant was playing when it ran here and there. 蚂蚁在到处玩 A:T B:F 2.The drop of water fell on the ant when it was nearly dying.当蚂蚁奄奄一息的时候, 一滴水落 了下来 A:T B:F

3.The young girl was crying because she wanted to have supper.小女孩子在哭,因为她想吃晚 饭了 A:T 巨人吃了 A:T B:F 5.The ant's friends saved the girl's life. 蚂蚁和它的朋友们救了小女孩。 A:T B:F KEY:BABAA Passage 15 Mrs. Weeks was reading a newspaper story to her class. The story said: "Were you ever in a hospital when you were small? How did you feel?" The doctors in Children's Hospital are asking for money for children's toys. Some children in the hospital must stay in bed for many weeks. Toys are needed to keep the sick children happy and quiet. Money for them can be sent to the hospital. After Mrs. Weeks read the story,she said,"This story gave me an idea." "You want us to bring some money for the toys." "We could bring some of our own toys for the children in the hospital, "said the boys and the girls one after another. "Well, your ideas would be nice, "Mrs. Weeks said, "but mine is different." "We could make some toys, "shouted one of them. Mrs. Weeks smiled. "Do you think you could make toys?" she asked. "Yes, yes, "the whole class answered. "Great! Let's begin to make toys tomorrow, "said Mrs. Weeks. On Saturday afternoon,Mrs. Weeks took the children to the hospital with the toys made by her students. The children in the hospital felt very happy to see the toys. So did the children in the class. A few days later,Mrs. Weeks read another newspaper story to the class: Some school pupils brought toys to Children's Hospital last week. The toys were made by the pupils of Grade Three in Green Street School. The doctors said,"We have never had so many wonderful toys. Our children are very happy with them. They say,'THANK YOU,GRADE THREE.'" Mrs. Weeks 正在给全班同学读一张报纸,故事是这样的: “你是否有过这样的经历:你很小的时候呆在医院里,感觉如何?”儿童医院的医生正在为 孩子们的玩具要求需要资金援助。 一些孩子必须要在医院卧床几个星期。 玩具可以让这些生 病的孩子保持快乐、安静乖巧。给他们的捐款可以直接给医院。 Mrs. Weeks 读完这个新闻后,她说,“这个新闻启发了我。” ‘你希望我们能够捐款买玩具” “那我们可以把我们的玩具带给医院里的小孩啊”,孩子们 争先恐后的说。 “是的,你们的想法可能很完美,但是我的想法跟你们不同”Mrs. Weeks 说 B:F 4.The giant would eat the girl if she failed to do the work.如果小女孩没完成这个活儿就会被

“我们可以自己做一些玩具”其中一个孩子抢着喊道。 Mrs. Weeks 笑了,反问道“你觉得我们能做玩具?” “是的是的”全班同学齐声说。 “很棒!那让我们从明天开始做玩具”Mrs. Weeks 说。 周六的下午,Mrs. Weeks 带着全班同学去了儿童医院,还有他们亲手做的玩具。医院的孩 子们见到玩具非常的开心,做这些玩具的孩子们也很开心。 几天之后 Mrs. Weeks 又读到另外一篇新闻: 上周,一些学校学生带玩具去了儿童医院。这些玩具是绿街小学三年级的同学制作的,医生 说 “我们从来没有见到过这么斑斓多姿的玩具, 我们的孩子见到它们十分的开心, 谢谢你们, 三年级的同学!” 1.The first newspaper story was mainly about sick children in children's Hospital.第一次报道是 关于儿童医院的患病儿童。 A:T B:F

2.Let the class make some toys and give them to the children in the hospital was in Mrs. Weeks' mind. 老师是想让同学们做些玩具送给医院的孩子们。 A:T B:F 3.At first,the doctors in Children's Hospital wanted to get some money to buy toys for the sick children. 起初,儿童医院的医生是想募捐些钱帮生病的儿童买些玩具。 A:T B:F 4.From the passage we can learn that what Mrs. Weeks really wanted to do is to ask her class to save money for toys.从这篇文章我们可以知道威克斯夫人真正想做的是她的同学们节省下玩 具钱。 A:T B:F 5.The author's tone in this passage is enthusiastic.作者在这篇文章中的基调是充满热情的。 A:T B:F KEY:AAABA Passage 16 Everyone knows what a needle is. Of course there are needles for sewing machines, needles for injection, you name it. But few people think of the wonder a needle works in the hands of those who practice acupuncture. During the past ten years of so, I have been suffering from a terrible headache. It seems to be getting from bad to worse these days. Last night I got a sudden pain in my head. It was so terrible that I could hardly bear it. Although I swallowed all kinds of pain-killers, I didn't feel any better. It seemed that there was nothing I could do but phone for a doctor. One of our neighbors happened to be with us. He was not a doctor, but he timidly offered his help, saying "Do you mind if I tried acupuncture on you? These needles may possibly do you some good." I agreed. In a moment, he had taken out a few needles from his purse. Without a moment's delay, he fixed a few needles into the skin on my head here and there. Before long, I felt thoroughly relieved. Just then, the doctor sped through my house and said,"Where is our patient?"

"Sorry, Doctor, You are too late. It's killed!" I answered in delight. It's a miracle, isn't it? 每个人都知道针是什么,当然,这里有缝东西的针,也有注射的针,等等你能叫出的, 但是在一些特别人的手中,针可以用来做针灸。 在过去的十年中,我患有严重的头痛症,近来病情似乎恶化了。昨天晚上突然头痛的 厉害,如此的疼痛几乎让我无法忍受。尽管我吃了所有的止痛药,但还是没有感觉到好转。 看起来除了打电话找医生已经没有任何办法了。 我碰巧遇到了一个隔壁邻居,他并不是医生,但是他很谨慎的给我提供了帮助,他说“你介 意我给你用针灸试一下吗?这种针灸可能会让你好一点。”我同意了。一会儿,他从他的钱 包里面拿出了几根针。没有耽误一点时间,他将几根针扎进了我头上这里和那里的皮肤。不 久,我觉得缓解了很多。 就在这时,医生快速的来到我家并问到“我的病人在哪里?” “对不起,医生,你来晚了,我已经好了。”我愉快的回答到。 这是一个奇迹,不是吗? 1.The word ''name'' in the first paragraph means to give a name to the needles.在第一段的”name” 单词意思是给针一个名称。 A:T B:F

2.The underlined phrase "from bad to worse" in the second paragraph refers to the state of the man's health. 在第二段划线的“from bad to worse”意思是指人的健康状况。 A:T B:F 3.According to the passage,soon after the acupuncture, the man was completely recovered.根据 本文知道,针灸后不久他就好了。 A:T B:F

4."You are too late. It's killed." means that the pain was killed because the doctor came late. “"You are too late. It's killed."”的意思为疼痛消失是因为医生来迟了。 A:T B:F 5.The passage tells us that the effect of acupuncture on the patient was unbelievable.这篇文章告 诉我们针灸对病人的效果是难以置信的。 A:T B:F KEY:BAABA Passage 17 Snowflakes look like white stars falling from the sky. But there have been times when snow has looked red, green, yellow, or black. There have been snowflakes of almost every color. Think how it would seem to have colored snowflakes coming down all around you. Black snow fell in France one year. Another year grey snow fell in Japan. It was found that the snow was mixed with ashes. This made it look dark. Red snow had come down in other countries. When this happened, the snow was mixed with red dust. Most snow looks white, but it is really the color of ice. Snow is ice that comes from snow cloud. Each snowflake begins with a small drop of frozen water. More water forms around this

drop. The way the water freezes gives the snowflakes its shape. No two snowflakes are ever just the same size or shape. Sometimes the snowflakes are broken when they come down. Other snowflakes melt as they fall. All snowflakes are flat and have six sides, if they are not broken or melted. When the air is cold and dry, the falling snowflakes are small and hard. If the air wet and warm, the snowflakes are big and soft. Would you be surprised to see snowflakes as big as your head falling from the sky? It happened once in the United States. It could happen again. 雪花看起来像从天上掉下白色星星,但有好几次雪看起来是红的,绿的,或黑的,几乎 有所有颜色的雪花。想想看似乎着了色的雪花在围绕着你飘落。 有一年法国覆盖了黑色大雪,有一年日本下了灰色大雪。检验雪发现,雪混合了灰烬, 这使它看起来发黑。红色的雪也已降临在其他国家,之所以这样是因为雪混合了红色尘土。 大多数雪看起来是白色的,但它其实是无色的。雪是由冰水转化的。每一个雪花是由下 落的水结冻所构成的。水结冰时的方式赋予了雪花的形状。 没有两个雪花是永远一样的大小或形状。 因为有的雪花在下落的时候就被破坏或是被融 化。所有的雪花是平的,有六个面,如果它们没被损坏或融化。当空气寒冷干燥,下落的雪 花小而且硬。如果空气温暖潮湿,雪花又大又软。 像头一样大的雪花从天上掉落会让你觉得惊讶吗?它发生在美国,并且可能再次发生。 1. The first two paragraphs mainly tell us that sometimes snow has different colors. 文章第一二段是说雪花有时候会有不同的颜色 A:T B:F 2. No two snowflakes are just the same size, but all snowflakes are hard. 没有两片雪花是一样大的,但所有的雪花都是硬的。 A:T A:T A:T A:T KEY:ABBAB Passage 18 Two years ago, my husband bought me a bike. If you live in a town, it is often faster than a car and you don't have to worry about parking. You leave it anywhere. As it has a seat at the back and a basket at the front, I can take my little daughter to school, to the library, to the shops, to anywhere. I use it most in summer when the weather is warm and dry. It can be very unpleasant in winter when it is cold and the rain is heavy. You must, of course, be careful on a bicycle. Accidents are not the only problem, though. One day I went shopping and came back to find my front wheel missing. It was a long walk to the B:F B:F B:F B:F 3. Snowflakes begin with cloud. 雪花是由云变化来的。 4. The bigger the snowflakes are, the softer they are.越大的雪花越柔软。 5. Black snow fell only in European Countries. 黑色的大雪只会下在欧洲。

bicycle shop. Now I have three strong locks. My husband uses my bicycle sometimes for short journeys. He says it is better than waiting for a bus. He still uses his car for longer journeys, but I think that all day's sitting down is making him fat and lazy. On my bicycle I get a lot of exercises and fresh air, and this makes me feel a lot younger. 两年前,我丈夫给我买了一辆自行车。如果住在城镇,你知道自行车要比小汽车快并且不要 担心停车的问题。 你可以将自行车放在任何地方。 因为它后面有一个座位、 前面有一个篮子, 因而我可以载我的小女儿去学校、图书馆、商店和其它任何地方。 在夏天,当天气温暖干燥时,我经常使用自行车。在冬天,当天气寒冷并且学很厚时,骑自 行车就非常地让人不舒服了。 当然,骑自行车时你一定要小心。交通事故不是仅有的问题。有一天,我去书店, 当我回来时发现自行车的前轮不见了。 从放自行车的地方到修理自行车的店有一段很长的距 离。现在我的自行车上装有三把坚固的锁。 有时,短距离的情况下,我丈夫使用我的自行车。他说骑自行车要比等公交车好。如果 是长距离的话,他还是使用他的小汽车,但是我认为一直坐着让他变得肥胖而且懒惰。骑自 行车,我可以得到很多的锻炼并且呼吸新鲜的空气,这些让我感觉很年轻。 1.The writer's husband bought her a new car two years ago.作者的丈夫在两年前给她买了新汽 车。 A:T A:T A:T 一定要小心,因为会有一些问题。 A:T 可以让你感到年轻。 A:T KEY:BBAAA Passage 19 A man got into a train and found himself sitting opposite a woman who seemed to be about thirty-five years old. Soon they began talking to each other, and the man said to her, "Do you have a family?" "Yes, I have one son," the woman answered. "Oh, really?" said the man. "Does he smoke?" "No, he's never touched a cigarette," the woman replied. "That's good," the man continued. "I don't smoke either. Tobacco is very bad to one's health. And does your son drink wine?" "Oh, no," the woman answered at once. "He's never drunk a drop of it." B:F B:F 5.Riding a bike is a good exercise and it can make you feel younger.骑脚踏车是很好的运动, 也 B:F B:F B:F 2.A bike is better than a car because it is much cheaper.一辆自行车比汽车好因为它很便宜。 3.The writer often uses her bike in summer.作者在夏天经常使用自行车。 4.You must be careful when you ride a bike, for there are some problems.当你骑自行车的时候

"Then I congratulate you, ma'am," the man said. "And does he ever come home late at night?" "No, never," his neighbor answered. "He goes to bed immediately after dinner every night." "Well," the man said, "he's a wise young man. How old is he?" "He's six months old today. But he will grow up to be a gentleman," the woman replied proudly. 有个男人上了火车, 坐在他对面的是一个看起来35左右的女人。 很快他们开始彼此交谈 起来,男人对女人说,“你有家庭吗?” “是的,我有一个儿子。”那个女人答道。 “噢,真的?”男人继续问道,“他抽烟吗?” “不,他从来不抽烟。”女人答道。 “真好”, 那个男人继续道, “我也不抽烟。 烟草对我们的健康有害。 那你的儿子喝酒吗?” “噢,不,”女人立刻回道,“他滴酒不沾。” “那我真的祝贺你,女士。”男人继续问道:“那他会晚回吗?” “不,从不”,他的邻座说道,“他每天晚上一吃完晚饭就睡觉呢。” “喔”,那个男人说道,“他真是一个一个英明的小伙子。他多大了?” “他今天6个月大。但他长大后将会成为一个绅士。”那人自豪地说。 1.The man and the woman are talking about the woman's son. 男人和女人谈论的是女人的 儿子。 A:T B:F 2.The woman thinks her son will be a gentleman. 女人觉得她的儿子将会是个绅士。 A:T B:F 3.The conversation took place on a train. 谈话发生在火车上。

A:T B:F 4、The word "disappointed" probably best describes the man's feeling at the end of the conversation. "disappointed"这个词最适合来形容男人谈话结束后的心情。 A:T B:F 5、The woman is so proud of her son that she does not really understand what the man's questions mean. 女人以儿子为豪,但是她并没有真正明白男人的问题。 A:T B:F KEY:AAABB Passage 20 A film crew was at the Circle Five Ranch to film a Marlboro commercial. This was in 1868, before they prohibited cigarette ads from American television. Darrell Winfield was watching the crew set up the equipment. The scene included an actor crossing a river on horseback, but when the time came to shoot, the man was too drunk to ride. Someone from the crew saw Winfield and asked him if he would ride the horse for 50 dollars. "Hell," said Winfield, "for 50 bucks, I'll jump that damn horse over the moon!" To people in many countries, Winfield is just a familiar but nameless face, a simple cowboy with an advertising message about a connection between the West and a brand of cigarettes. Few

people know that he is 55, a family man who's been married to the same woman for 37 years and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. Most surprisingly, he's a real, working cowboy who raises horses in his ranch in Wyoming. One of the most striking things about the Marlboro Man is that success hasn't changed him much. He says that complete strangers sometimes come up to him and say, "I've met you,know you from somewhere. "Whenever it happens, he says that he gets embarrassed. 这是一部在圆五牧场拍摄的有关万宝路商业的电影。在 1868年之前,美国电视还禁止播 放香烟广告。达雷尔温菲尔德在剧组负责照看设备。场景原本包括一个演员骑着马过河,但 到拍摄时刻,该名男子因喝醉而不能骑马了。有一个船员看到温菲尔德,并问他是否肯为50 美元去骑马拍这个广告。 “该死, ”温菲尔德说, “为50美元,我将骑着这匹该死的马穿越 月亮! ” 对于一些国家的人来说,温菲尔德仅仅是一个熟悉的,但无名的脸,一个将西部和香烟 的品牌连接起来的平凡牛仔。 很少有人知道他是一个55岁并且已经结婚37年的家庭主男, 他 有5个孩子和7个孙儿女。最令人惊讶的是,他是一个地道的牛仔,在怀俄明州的牧场养着大 量的马匹。 有关万宝路男子最引人注目的事情是成功并没有改变他。 他说, 有时陌生人对他说, “我 已经见过你,知道你哪儿来。 ”不论在什么时候,这样的事情发生时?他说,他都会感到尴 尬。 1. Marlboro commercials were allowed on television in America before 1868. 万宝路广告在美 国1868年被允许在电视上播出。 A:T 禁止。 A:T A:T 是个富有的人。 A:T 服。 A:T KEY:AABBA B:F Passage 21 In the world, soccer or football is the most popular sport. This is because many countries have wonderful teams for the World Cup. The World Cup is held every four years. To remember 2002 FIFA World Cup, children from different countries and more than 60 children from Japanese schools came together and spent three weekends drawing a big picture called "Dream World Cups" in Japan. The children drew animals, flowers and people playing B:F 5. When people recognized Winfield, he felt uncomfortable.当人们认出温菲尔德,他觉得不舒 B:F B:F 3. When they filmed the ad, Winfield was too drunk. 当他们拍摄广告时,温菲尔德喝多了。 4. From the passage, we know that Winfield was a rich man.从这篇文章中,我们知道温菲尔德 B:F 2. The word "prohibited" in the first paragraph mean "forbidden".第一段中的"prohibited"意思是

soccer under a blue bright sky. They wished each football team good luck by drawing the flags of all the countries that will take part in the World Cup in Japan and South Korea. The picture was put up in a park near a playground in Yokohama. Some football teams will have games there. Are you a football fan?The World Cup makes more and more people interested in football. Teenagers like playing and watching football. Many of them love some football stars so much that they get the pictures of their favourite players on the walls of their rooms. That is the way to show their love for the World Cup as children in Japan. 在世界上,足球是最受欢迎的运动项目。这是因为很多国家在世界杯上有非常优秀的 足球队。世界杯足球赛每4年举办一次。 记得2002年世界杯, 在日本, 来自各国的儿童和60名日本学生一同花了3个周末绘制一 张名叫:“梦幻世界杯”的图画。孩子们画了动物、花以及在蓝天下踢足球的人们。他们希 望每一支代表各个国家的球队来参加日本韩国世界杯的球队都有好运。 这张图画被挂在横滨 足球场附近的公园里。一些足球队会在这里进行比赛。 你是足球迷吗?世界杯比赛让越来越多的人们对欣赏和参加青年足球更感兴趣。他们 当中的很多人非常喜欢一些明星以至于他们收集很多他们最喜欢的球员的照片挂在屋子的 墙上。这是日本儿童表达对世界杯喜爱的方式! 1. If a country wants to take part in the World Cup, she must have many football players. 如果一 个国家想要参加世界杯,他一定有很多足球运动员。 A:T A:T B:F B:F 2. The next World Cup will be held in 2006. 下一届世界杯将于2006年举行. 3. From the passage, in the picture children drew many things except pictures of some football stars. 从这篇文章中我们知道, 在这些画里,孩子们除了画一些足球明星的肖像外,还画了 许多别的东西。(画的是踢球的球员,不是足球明星的肖像) A:T B:F 4. In "Dream World Cup", the children drew the flags of some countries to tell the people their stories. 在“梦幻世界杯”,孩子们画了一些国家的标志并告诉人们他们的故事。 A:T B:F 5. Many teenagers own the pictures of some football stars because they are football fans. 许多青 少年都有一些足球明星的照片,因为他们是足球迷。 A:T KEY:BABBA Passage 22 No one is glad to hear that his body has to be cut open by a surgeon(外科医生) and part of it taken out. Today, however, we needn't worry about feeling of pain during the operation. The sick person falls into a kind of sleep, and when he awakes, the operation is finished. But these happy conditions are fairly new. It is not many years since a man who had to have an operation felt all his pain. Long ago, operation had usually to be done while the sick man could feel everything. The B:F

sick man had to be held down on a table by force while the doctors did their best for him. He could feel all the pain if his leg or arm was being cut off, and his fearful cries filled the room and the hearts of those who watched. Soon after 1770, Joseph Priestley discovered a gas which is now called "laughing gas". Laughing gas became known in America. Young men and women went to parties to try it. Most of them spent their time laughing, but one man at a party, Horace Wells, noticed that people didn't seem to feel pain when they were using this gas. He decided to make an experiment on himself. He asked a friend to help him. Wells took some of the gas, and his friend pulled out one of Well's teeth. Wells felt no pain at all. As he didn't know enough about laughing gas, he gave a man less gas than he should have. The man cried out with pain when his tooth was being pulled out. Wells tried again, but this time he gave too much of the gas, and the man died. Wells never forgot this terrible event. 当一个人不得不被外科医生开刀从身体里取出一部分的时候谁也不会高兴。然而,今 天我们不再害怕手术中的疼痛。病人会处于熟睡状态,当他醒来时,手术已经结束了。而且 这些好的条件已经深受大众所信任。 做手术可以不再忍受其中的痛苦, 这种情况已经好多年 了。 很久以前, 手术的全过程病人都有知觉。 当医生给病人治病时, 他们总会被强制绑在板凳上。 如果他的腿或者胳膊被拒掉,所有疼痛他都得忍受,他痛苦的哭声传遍了整个屋子,也刺痛 着关心他的人们的心。 很快,1770年以后,Joseph Priestley发现了一种气体,这种气体现在被称为“笑气”。 在美国,笑气被广泛流传。青年人们在参加聚会时尝试了笑气。大部分人都在笑,但是party 中有一个人,Horace Wells,注意到当他们使用了笑气时,他们并没有显得痛苦。他决定在 自己身上做个实验。他叫了个朋友帮他。服了些笑气,他的朋友给他拔了一颗牙,一点也没 有感到疼。由于他对笑气的了解还不充分,他给一个人服用了比应该用的量少一些的笑气。 当他给这个人拔牙时,他因为疼痛而大哭。又试了一次,但是这次他给这个人服用过量,他 死了。Wells永远都不能忘记这次恐怖的事件。 1.It is a few more years since a man being operated felt all the pain. 人们忍受手术的痛苦只延续了几年 A:T B:F 2.Long ago, when the sick man was operated on,he could feel all the pain. 很久以前,人们做手术时得忍受所有痛苦 A:T B :F 3.Using the laughing gas, the people did not seem to feel pain. 在用了笑气后,人们显得没那么 疼痛了 A:T B :F 4.If a man took less laughing gas than he should have when an operation went on, he still felt pain. 当一个人使用笑气量不足时,手术中仍然会感到疼痛 A:T B :F 5.One who took too much of the laughing gas would laugh all the time. 当人使用太多笑气时,他会一直笑 A:T B :F KEY:BAAAB

Passage 23 No one knows who made the first ice cream. Some people think that water ices and milk ices may have been made by the Chinese between three thousand and four thousand years ago. In time, the dish reached India. The Indians, in turn, may have passed on the secret to the Arabs and Persians. The Persians called their dish Sharbat, from which our word sherbet(冰冻果子露) comes. Marco Polo, an Italian who traveled widely in the thirteenth century, noted that he found the Chinese had long been making ices out of fruit juices and milk. From the fourteenth century on, ices became popular, first in Venice and then throughout Italy. In 1533, when Catherine de Medicis left Italy to marry the future King Henry Ⅱ of France, she took her cooks with her. They made desserts the French had never tasted before. Among them was "ice cream". For each day of the wedding festivities (庆祝活动, 庆典)Catherine's cooks prepared a different flavor of her favorite dessert-"ice cream." At first ice cream was a luxury in France. Only rich people had money to buy it. Then, in 1660, a young man from Sicily, Francisco Procopio, arrived in Paris. He opened a shop that sold ice cream at prices people could afford. Procopio's"ice-cream parlor " became so popular that other shops were opened .koukou:28638354 weiyizhengban About 1640, King Charles I introduced ice cream to England. He had heard it was popular in Italy and France. He served ice cream for dessert at a banquet. The surprise dish was a great success. The King ordered his cook to keep the recipe for ice cream a secret. Charles felt that only royalty should serve the dessert. But the secret soon leaked out. Ice cream quickly became popular in England too. 没有人知道是谁制造第一块冰淇淋。一些人认为,用水做冰及用牛奶做冰,是中国人在 三千年或四千年前发明的,传到印度。印第安人通过秘密的渠道传给阿拉伯人和波斯人。波 斯人称他们是莎芭,用我们的话讲,叫冰冻果子露。 马可波罗,一个意大利人,在13世纪时,到处游历。把他在中国发现的制冰和制奶的方 法,记录下来。在14世纪,冰就变的很普遍,现在威利斯,然后在整个意大利。 在1533年,当凯瑟琳德美第奇离开意大利,去和法国国王亨利Ⅱ结婚的时候,她把厨师带
着,他们在法国制作了这个法国人从没有体会过的点心,环绕点心旁边的就是冰淇淋。在结婚庆 典上,凯瑟琳的厨师准备了不同口味的冰淇淋点心。

西西里岛,弗朗西斯科普罗科皮奥,抵达巴黎。他开了一个人们能买得起的冰淇淋店。普罗科皮 奥“冰淇淋店”变得如此受欢迎,以至于开了许多商店。

在宴会上提供冰淇淋点心,这个奇特的典型很成功。国王命令他的厨师保存冰淇淋食谱,认为只 有皇室才能吃这个点心。但这个秘密泄漏了,冰淇淋迅速走红英国。

1.This passage is mainly about the history of ice cream..这篇文章主要介绍冰淇淋的历史 A. T B. F 2.Marco Polo's remark shows that he traveled in India. 马可波罗记录了他在意大利浏览的经

历。 A:T B:F 3.Ice cream was unknown in France until 1640. 直到1640年,冰淇淋在法国才被认识。 A:T B:F 4.Ice cream was introduced to England by King Charles I. 冰淇淋被查尔斯国王I介绍到英国。 A:T B:F 5.Development of ice cream in France and other countries is discussed in the passage 关于法国及其他地区的冰淇淋发展情况,在本短文中有所讨论。 A:T B:F KEY:ABBAA Passage 24 Great changes have been made in family life because of science and industry. In the past, when more Americans lived on farms, the typical family had many children. In a farm family, parents and their children often lived with grandparents. Often, too, uncles and aunts lived nearby. But when industry became more important than agriculture in American life, families became smaller because industry requires workers who are ready and able to move off the land and to move again whenever necessary. And large families can not be moved from place to place as smaller families can. So, at present people tend to have smaller families. In the future, because of industrialization, a typical family will be required to move even more often than now, so families will be even smaller. The typical family may remain childless and consists only of a man and a woman. A small number of families may take child raising as their chief work. At the same time they may also raise other people's children, leaving those families free to move from job to job. 因为科学和工业,家庭生活发生了很大变化。 在过去,当很多美国人生活在农村时,典型的家庭就是有很多孩子。农村家庭里,父 母和他们的孩子往往和祖父母一起生活。通常,舅舅、叔叔、阿姨等都住在附近。但随着工 业的发展,美国农村生活发生了很大变化,家庭变的越来越小,因为工业要求工人能够随着 工业的移动而移动。这样大家庭就不如小家庭方便,所以人们越来越倾向于小的家庭。 在将来,因为工业化,家庭将会被要求能更好的移动,所以家庭会变得越来越小。典 型的家庭可能是仅有一个男人和一个女人, 没有孩子。 一些小家庭可能以照顾孩子作为他们 的主要工作,同时,他们可能会照顾别人的孩子,使这些家庭能很自由的随着工作的变动而 变动。 1.The passage discusses influence of science and industry on American families. 述了科学和工业对美国家庭的影响。 A:T B :F 家庭的 2.Families of the past, the present and the future are described in the passage. 过去,现在和将来在本文中都有描述。 A:T A:T B :F 人们不在想要孩子。 B :F 3.People no longer want to have children. 本文讲

4.Grandparents will take the chief responsibility of raising children in the future. 将来祖父 母将担负抚养孩子的责任。 A:T 业化的社会. A:T KEY:AABBA Passage 25 Jean-Michael Lourdis was a promising young pianist. But when the young man played, it seemed to him, as if his hands were iron. He worried so much about his playing that he became oversensitive (过度敏感的) to the comments of his playing. Unfortunately, in those days, a critic (批评家) was not considered a critic, unless he found something wrong. This attitude of the critics would often leave the young man ready to give up his dream and return home. He was invited to play in Helsinki. The rich, the famous, the leaders of State were all there. Jean-Michael had one of those days when everything went wrong. That night as he played, he felt as if it were the worst concert of his young life. The next day, in the newspapers, some of the comments were so unkind. The young musician was painful. That day, as he sat in his hotel room in total despair(绝望), there came a knocking at his door. He had a visitor. The famous Finnish composer(作曲家) Jean Sibelius had come by to congratulate the young pianist on his performance. Jean-Michael asked how he thought of that and began to quote some of the newspaper critics. "Hands of iron. No imagination. Little skill, no joy. Don't you hear what they say?" he asked. Jean Sibelius looked at young Jean-Michael and said, " Remember, son, there is no city in the world where they have erected a statue(雕像) for a critic." Jean-Michael Lourdis (麦克)是一位有前途的青年钢琴家。但当他演奏的时候,他感 觉好像他手上有钢铁。他很担心他的演奏,他变得对评价过度敏感。不幸的是,在那些日子 里,批评家都没有考虑过评价对他人的影响,除非他发现不对。这些批评家的态度常使年轻 人准备放弃他的梦想并返回家乡。 有一次,他被邀请去芬兰演出。很多富人,名人,国家领导人都在那里。麦克那天觉得 一切都不顺利。那天晚上,他演奏了,他觉得这是他生命中最糟糕的音乐会。第二天,在报 纸上,一些评论那么刻薄。年轻的音乐家感觉很痛苦。 那一天,当他坐在酒店房间彻底绝望的时候,响起了敲门声。来了一位访客。著名的芬 兰作曲家西贝柳斯来祝贺年轻钢琴家的表演。 麦克问他怎样想, 并引用了一些报纸评论家的 话: “钢铁之手,没有想象力,缺乏技巧,没有快乐” ,您没有听到他们说什么吗?”他问道。 西贝柳斯看着年轻的麦克说, “记住,孩子,世界上没有哪个城市为批评家竖立过一尊 雕像。 ” 1.A critic in those days usually said kind and encouraging words to musicians. 在那些日子 评论家通常会说善良和鼓励的话给音乐家。 B :F B :F 大家庭不适合在高度工 5.Large families cannot fit in with a highly industrialized society.



2.The young musician was painful because some of the comments were so unkind. 因为一 些评论是如此无情,所以音乐家很痛苦。 A:T A:T B:F B:F 3.The comments mentioned all EXCEPT little skill. 评论中除了技巧外都提到了。 4.Jean Sibelius came to visit the young musician because he wanted to tell the young man his performance was great. 西贝柳斯来看望年轻音乐家,因为他想告诉年轻人他的表演很棒。 A:T B:F 5.According to the passage, Jean-Michael Lourdis cared too much about what the critics had said.从文章我们可以知道麦克很在意评论家对他的评价。 A:T KEY:BABAA B:F

Passage 26 The report came to the British on May 21,1949. The German battleship Bismarck, the most powerful warship(战舰) in the world, was moving out into the Atlantic Ocean. Her task: to destroy the ships supplies from the United States to war-torn England. The British had feared such a task. No warship they had could match the Bismarck in speed or in firepower. The Bismarck had eight 15-inch guns and 81 small guns. She could move at 30 nautical(海上的) miles an hour. She was believed to be unsinkable. However, the British had to sink her. They sent out a task force headed by their best battleship Hood to hunt down the Bismarck. On May 24, the Hood found the Bismarck. It was a meeting that the German commander Luetjens did not want to see. His orders were to destroy the British ships that were carrying supplies, but to stay away from a fight with British warships. The battle didn’t last long. The Bismarck’s first torpedo(鱼雷) hit the Hood, which went down taking all but three of her 4,419 men with her.koukou:28638354 weiyizhengban But in the fight, the Bismarck was slightly damaged. Her commander decided to run for repairs to France, which had at that time been taken by the speed and the heavy fog, they lost sight of her. For two days, every British ship in the Atlantic tried to find the Bismarck, but with no success. Finally, she was sighted by a plane from the air. The Bismarck was hit. On the morning of May 27, the last battle was fought. Four British ships fired on the Bismarck, and she was finally sunk. 1941年5月21日英国收到消息:世界上最强大的德国战舰Bismarck正向大西洋挺进,任 务是:摧毁来自美国的船只,这些船只上面都装载着供给饱受战乱之苦英格兰的供应品。 英国对此深感不安和恐惧,因为自己没有一艘战舰可以在速度和火力上与Bismarck相 抗衡。 Bismarck装备有8支15英寸的枪和81支较小的枪,一小时能够行速30海里,号称是不

沉战舰。 虽然如此,但英国人必须击沉它,因此他们派出最好的战舰Hood载着执行任务的部队 去搜寻 Bismarck, 于5月24日发现Bismarck,双方发生交战。 其实,德国指挥官并不希望与英国战舰交火,因为他的此次任务只有一个 --就是负责 摧毁装载供应品的英国船只。 这场战斗持续时间并不长,英国战舰hood被Bismarck的第一鱼雷击中后沉没。舰艇上, 除了三人生还,其余人全部牺牲。 在这场战斗里,Bismarck受到轻微的损伤,指挥官决定到被当时德国占领的法国对它进 行维修。 英国部队一开始紧跟着Bismarck, 但由于其速度快和大雾的原因, 后来被Bismarck 甩开了。 两天来,每艘英国船只试图在大西洋搜寻到Bismarck,但都没有结果,最后被来自爱 尔兰的飞机发现。 英国人迫使Bismarck减慢速度,以便使他们的船只能够追上,并且从空 中向它开火,最后Bismarck终于被击中。 5月27日早上的最后一次战斗,4艘英国军舰只集中全部火力开向Bismarck,它最终被 击沉。 1.The Bismarck sailed into the Atlantic Ocean to cut off American supplies to Britain. Bismarck驶入大西洋是为了切断美国提供给英国的援助。 A:T B:F 2. Many people believed that the Bismarck could not be defeated because she had bigger guns than other ships. 许多人认为Bismarck不可能被打败,因为它比其他船只的枪要大。 A:T B:F 3. We learn from the text that on 24 of May the Bismarck won the battle against the British. 我们从文章可以知道5月24日Bismarck与英国较量中赢得了胜利。 A:T B:F 4. Luetjens tried to sail to France in order to get away from the British. 指挥官Luetjens试图 驶向法国是为了甩开英国。 A:T A:T KEY:ABABA B:F B:F 5. Gunfire from the British warships. 火力来自于英国军舰。

Passage 27 Last Friday a storm tore through two villages in the New Territories destroying fourteen homes. Seven others were so badly damaged that their owners had to leave them, and fifteen others had broken windows or torn roofs. One person was killed, several were badly injured and taken to hospital, and a number of other people received smaller injuries. Altogether over two hundred people were homeless as a result of the storm. A farmer, Mr. C. Y. Tan, said that the storm began early in the morning and lasted for over an hour. “I was in the kitchen with my wife and children,” he said, “when we heard a loud noise. A few

minutes later our house fell down on top of us, we managed to climb out but then I saw that one of my children was missing. I went back inside and found him, safe but very frightened.” Mrs. Woo Mei Fong said that her husband had just left for work when she noticed that her house was shaking. She rushed outside immediately with her children. “There was no time to take anything,” she said. “A few minutes later, the roof came down.” Soldiers helped to bring people out of the flooded area and the Welfare Department provided food, clothes and shelter. 上周五,一场暴风雨席卷了 New Territories 的两个村庄,不仅摧毁了房屋,也造成了人 员伤亡,还有二百多人无家可归。 一个农民,谭先生说,暴风雨在清晨开始并持续了一个多小时。 “我和我的妻子、孩子在厨房里” ,他说, “当我们听到一声巨响,几分钟后,我们的房 子在我们头顶开始倒塌, 我们设法爬了出来, 但我发现我的一个孩子失踪了, 我又返回屋内, 并发现了他,他很安全但很害怕。 “ 吴美芳女士说,她的丈夫刚去上班,她发现她的房子在颤抖,她立即和她的孩子跑到 了外面。 “没有时间做任何事, ”她说。 “几分钟后,屋顶就塌了下来。 ” 士兵给灾区的人们提供帮助,福利部门提供了食物,衣服和住所。 1. Some of the people were taken to hospital because they had been badly injured. 一部分人被 送往医院,因为他们已经严重受伤。 A:T B:F 2. When the storm first began, Mr. Tan was inside his house. 当风暴刚开始时,谭先生还在他的 房子里。 A:T B:F 3. When Mr. Tan's house fell down, only one of his children was inside it. 当谭先生的房子倒的 时候,只有他孩子一个人在房子里。 (解释:当房子倒的时候,谭先生和妻子、孩子都在里 面。只是当他们出来的时候,发现还有一个孩子在里面) A:T B:F 4. Mrs. Woo and her family escaped injury because her husband had gone to work. 吴夫人和她 的家人免受伤害是因为她丈夫去上班了 A:T B:F 5. The best title for the passage would be "A terrible Storm"这篇文章最好的标题是“可怕的风 暴” A:T B:F KEY:AABBA Passage 28 The climate of any place is the kind of weather it usually has over a long period of time. The kind of homes we live in, the clothes we wear even, the food we eat depend on the climate of the place where we live. Climate is complicated; it is affected by many things. If you live near one of the poles, you live in a cold climate, for you do not get much direct sunshine as you would get farther from the poles. If you live near the equator(赤道), you live in a warm or very hot climate, for this is the region where the sun shines almost straight down. How much rain or snow falls makes a great difference to the climate. You may live in a hot, dry land, where little rain falls. This will be a desert. Its climate is quite different from that of a rain

forest, where rain falls almost every day. The amount of rain or snow in a cold land depends upon the winds, upon the nearby mountains, and upon the currents in nearby seas. Rainfall depends on many different things. 气候指的是一个地方较长一段时期的天气类型。人们的房屋特点,服饰特点、甚至饮食 都受我们的居住地气候的影响。 气候是很复杂的, 受多种因素的影响。 如果你住在极地附近, 气候会很冷, 因为你得不到像离极地远的地区可以得到的足够的太阳直射。 如果你住在赤道 附近,气候会很暖和或很热,因为这些地区的太阳经常是直射的。 多少降雨或降雪会对气候有明显影响?你可能住在又热又干的地方,很少下雨,那可 能是沙漠。这与雨林气候完全不一样,雨林几乎每天都下雨,寒冷地区的降雨和降雪取决于 风、附近的山、附近的海洋洋流,而雨林则取决于很多不同的因素。 1.Climate means the weather of a certain place over a long period of time. 气候指的是一个地方较长一段时期的天气类型。 A:T B:F 2."… even the foods we eat depend on the climate of the place where we live." means we eat different foods according to the weather. "… even the foods we eat depend on the climate of the place where we live."的意思是我们 会根据天气吃不同的食物。 A:T B:F 3.People living near the poles tend to get more sunlight than those near the equator. 住在极地的人们常常比住在赤道附近的人们得到能多的太阳光。 A:T A:T B:F B:F 4.Rainfalls depend on many things except the winds. 降雨取决于很多因素,但不包括风。 5.The best title for the passage is Climate. 文章的最佳标题是“气候”。 A:T B:F KEY:AABBA Passage 29 When I begin to look back on all friends whom I have had, I quickly came to the conclusion that Jerry was the most important and had the greatest effect upon my life. His family moved to my block when I was only 10. Jerry was 15 at the time, but the fact that he was so much older than me seemed to make no difference to him. I was very glad that he liked me. We took long walks together, on which he would tell me stories he had heard form TV and radio programs. But as months went by, a change came into our friendship. Jerry almost stopped coming by the house, and every time I went to his house or telephoned, he put me off with some excuses such as "I'm studying now" or "I've got some jobs to do for Mum". When we passed on the street, he would still give me a warm smile and friendly wave with a "Hi, kid", but he would hardly ever stop to talk. Finally I realized that he was no longer interested in me and that his taste had changed. I noticed him with a girl once in a while and several times saw him going out in his family's car on

a Friday or Saturday night. I simply couldn't understand what was so great about girls and parties. But I was hurt when he finally made me know that our friendship was at an end. Of course, he didn't really mean to hurt me, but it was a long time before I realized that it was an age problem that caused the break. There were a world of differences between the ideas and interests of a 17-year-old and a 12-year-old. Now that I?m over sixteen myself, I realized this, and the hurt I got then has become happy memories of the good times we were once together. I wonder if millions of other boys and girls have had a similar experience. 当我开始回忆我所有的朋友的时候,我很快的得出了一个结论,杰瑞是最重要的,在我 的生命中起了最重要的作用。当我十岁的时候,他家就搬到了我们这个街区。当时杰瑞十五 岁,但是事实上他比我大这么多似乎对他来说并没有什么不同。我很高兴他能喜欢我,我们 一起散步,他会给我讲他从电视上或者收音机里听来的故事。 但是数个月过后,我们的友谊有了变化。杰瑞几乎不再来我家。每次我去他家或者给他 打电话,他就会以一些接口拒绝我,比如,我正在学习或者我正在帮我妈妈做事。当我们在 路上遇见的时候,他还是会给我一个温暖的微笑,有好的挥手并“你好”,可是他几乎不会再 停下来和我说话。最后我意识到他不再对我有趣了,他的风格变了。偶尔的一次我看见他和 一个女孩一起, 好几次在一个星期五或者星期六的晚上看见他从自己家车里出来。 我一点都 不明白,女孩和聚会会如此重要。 当最后我知道我们的友谊结束了时候,我很伤心。当然他的本意并不是伤害我。之后很 长的一段时间我才意识到是年龄问题促使我们友谊的分裂。 12岁和17岁孩子的想法和兴趣还 是有很大差异的。 我现在过了16岁了, 我那时受到的伤害在现在看来是我们曾经在一起的美 好时光的快乐回忆。我在想,是不是上百万的其他那还女孩也有过类似的经历。 1. When the writer and Jerry first met, Jerry was 5 years older than the writer. 当作者和杰瑞第一 次见面的时候,杰瑞比作者大五岁。 A:T B:F 2. Their friendship lasted for a few years. 他们的友谊持续了好几年。 A:T B:F 3. Jerry stopped playing with the writer because he was busy with his study. 杰瑞不和作者一起 玩是因为他学习很忙。 A:T B:F 4. When a change came in their friendship, the writer started going to parties with girls。当他们的 友谊发生变化的时候,作者开始和女孩们去聚会。 A:T B:F 5. The main idea of the passage is that the age difference plays a part in friendship. 这篇文章的 主要意思是年龄差距在友谊中的有一定的作用。 A:T Key: ABBBA Passage 30 Younger people and older people do not always agree. They sometimes have different ideas about life, work and play. But in one special program in New York State, adults and teenagers live together in peace. Each summer 200 teenagers and 50 adults live together for eight weeks as B:F

members of a special work group. Everyone works several hours each day. The aim is not just to keep busy but rather to find meaning and enjoyment in work. Some teenagers work in the woods or on the farms near the village. Some learn to make furniture and to build houses. The adults teach them these skills. There are several free hours each day. Weekends are free, too. During the free hours some of the teenagers learn photography or painting. Others sit around talking and singing. Each teenager chooses his own way to spend his free time. koukou:28638354 weiyizhengban When people live together, rules are always necessary. In this program the teenagers and the adults make the rules together. If someone breaks a rule, the problem goes before the whole group. The group discusses the problem. They ask, "Why did it happen? " "What should we do about it? " One of the teenagers has this to say about the experience: " You stop thinking only about yourself. You learn how to think about the group. " 年轻人和年纪大的人的意见并不总是一致。有时候,他们对生活,工作和学习的理解是 不同的。但是,在纽约州一个特殊的项目里,成年人和少年和平共处。每年夏天,200名少 年和50名成年人作为特殊工作组的成员生活在一起8周。每个人每天都工作几个小时。目的 不仅仅是为了忙碌, 更是为了找到工作的意义和乐趣。 一些少年在树林里或在附近的农场里 工作。一些孩子学做家具和造房子。而成年人叫他们如何做好这些事情。 每天都有几个小时的空闲时间。 周末也休息。 在空闲时间内, 一些孩子学习摄影和画画, 其他人坐在附近聊天唱歌。每个人尽情的根据自己的喜好来度过空闲时间。 没有规矩不成方圆。在这个项目里,少年和成年人一起制定规则。如果有人违反,大家 共同面对。通过小组讨论这个问题,他们会问:为什么会发生这样的问题?我们该怎么办? 其中一个少年这样描述这个经历:你不再仅仅关注自己,你得站在整个小组的立场考虑 问题。 1.The passage is mainly about how adults and teenagers live together in a special group. 这篇文章主要是关于成人和青少年共同生活在一个特殊的群体。 A:T B :F 2.The special program offered every winter in New York city. 这个特别的项目每年冬天都在纽约市举办。 A:T B :F 3.People will make more rules when someone breaks a rule. 当有人违反了规则人们会设立更多的规则 A:T B :F 4.To find a way to solve the generation gap is NOT stated directly in the passage as a purpose of the program. 没有说要找到一种方法来解决代沟是该计划的直接目的 A:T A:T KEY:ABBAA B :F B :F 5.Some teenagers learn photography when they are free. 一些青少年学摄影时,他们都是免费的

Passage 31 When Li Chen got married, his wife's mother came to live with them. She was not an easy woman to live with. She was always complaining and never seemed to stop talking. Li Chen loved his wife but her mother was making his life miserable. Unfortunately, his wife would not listen to any criticism of her mother. "She is my mother," she said. "I must respect her and so must you." As the months passed Li Chen became more and more unhappy. If only, he thought, there was some way of stopping his mother-in-law from talking all the time. Then one day she was ill. She complained, of course. She was hot. She was cold. Her head ached. She couldn't eat. She couldn't sleep. At last, Li Chen sent for the doctor. The doctor arrived. He examined her and then put a thermometer in her mouth. He wanted to take her temperature. "Sit quietly," he said, "and don't open your mouth." Li Chen watched with surprise as his mother-in-law lay in bed with the thermometer in her mouth closed. For the first time since his marriage, he could not hear his mother-in-law's voice. He walked up to the doctor, pointed at the thermometer and whispered in the doctor's ear. "How much do you want for that thing?" he asked. 李成结婚时,岳母和他们一起居住。岳母可不是容易相处的人,她总是在不停的唠叨, 从来没有要停止说话的迹象。李成爱他的妻子,可是岳母使他的日子变得很难过。 糟糕的是, 他的妻子毫不理会李成的抱怨, 她说: “她是我妈, 我必须尊重她, 你也一样”。 几个月过去了, 李成越来越不开心。 他想: 要是要是有什么办法能让岳母不再唠叨该有多好! 有一天岳母病了,她唠叨着:好热啊,好冷啊,腿疼啊,头疼..... 李成请来了大夫,大夫做了检查,把温度计放进岳母的嘴里,说:安静不要张嘴。李成 看到岳母躺在床上不再说话,他很惊讶。自从结婚以来,他第一次听不到岳母的声音。 他走近大夫,指着温度计小声对大夫说,你这个温度计卖多少钱? 1.His mother-in-law was making Li Chen's life miserable. 李琛的岳母使他的生活痛苦 A:T 生病后来跟李琛和他妻子一块住。 A:T A:T 抱怨。 A:T B:F 5.Li Chen wanted to buy the thermometer because he saw this thing for the first time since his marriage. 李琛想买的温度计,因为他婚后第一次看到这个。 A:T KEY:ABAAB B :F B :F B :F 3.Li Chen's wife was respectful towards her mother. 李琛的妻子尊重她的母亲。 4.The mother-in-law continued complaining when she was ill. 李琛的岳母在她生病的时候继续 B :F 2.Li Chen's mother-in-law came to live with him and his wife after she got ill. 李琛的岳母在她

Passage 32 Today the official language of the United Sates and most of Canada is English. However, French almost became the official language because of a war. The French and Indian War was fought between 1754 and 1763. The name of this war is not accurate because the war was actually between England and France. The Indian fought on the side of the French. France and England were trying to gain control of North America. France held Canada, and England held part of what is now the United States. However, France tried to expand its land by moving southward into New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia. When the French built a fort on the Ohio River, the residents in Virginia sent George Washington to attack the fort in 1754. However, the French defeated Washington. The French, aided by Indians, outsmarted (更精明) the English and won many early battles. Later, the British began to do well against the French. In the final battle in Quebec, Canada, General Wolfe of England faced General Montcalm from France. Both general died in this battle, but the English outlasted(比……持久)the French and won the battle. Thus, most of North America today has the English culture and language.koukou:28638354 weiyizhengban 今天美国和加拿大大部分地区的官方语言是英语。 但是, 法语曾经因为一场战争几乎成为官 方语言。 法兰西印第安战争发生在1754年到1763年。 但是这场战争的命名并不正确, 因为这场战 争事实上发生在英法两国间。印第安人和法国人结盟。 英法两国企图取得北美的主要控制权。 法国控制加拿大, 英国控制今日美国的部分领土。 然而,法国想要向南方扩大领土到纽约,宾夕法尼亚,俄亥俄,弗吉尼亚。当1754年法国人 在俄亥俄河建立据点的时候,弗吉尼亚人让乔治.华盛顿去攻打这个据点。然而,法国人打 败了华盛顿。 法国人得到了印第安人的帮助, 战胜了英国人赢得了早期的许多战斗。 之后英国人对法 国人取得了优势。 最后的战役发生在在加拿大魁北克, 来自英国的乌尔夫将军和来自法国的 蒙卡尔将军对决战场, 并且都在战斗中死亡, 不过英国人最后坚持了下来并且赢得了最后的 战斗。因此,今天绝大多数北美地区传承英国文化和英语。 1. A good title for this selection is The French and Indian War.文章好的标题为法兰西印第安战 争 A:T 英国文化和语言 A:T A:T B:F B:F 3. General Wolfe died in France.沃尔夫将军死在法国。 4. Washington lost his battle at the fort on the Ohio River at the end of the war.华盛顿在战争结 B:F 2. Most of North America today has the English culture and language.今天,北美大部分地方都是

束后失去了他的俄亥俄河堡。 A:T A:T KEY:AABBA Passage 33 There was once a large, fat woman who had a small, thin husband. He had a job in a big company and was given his weekly wages every Friday evening. As soon as he got home on Fridays, his wife used to make him give her all his money, and then she used to give him back enough to buy his lunch in the office every day. One day the small man came home very excited. He hurried into the living-room. His wife was listening to the radio and eating chocolates there. "You'll never guess what happened to me today, dear," he said. He waited for a few seconds and then added, "I won ten thousand pounds on the lottery!" "That's wonderful!" said his wife delightedly. But then she thought for a few seconds and added angrily, "But wait a moment! How could you afford to buy the lottery tickets?" 从前有一个很胖的女人,却有一个很瘦小的老公。他在一个大企业工作,每周五都会发 工资。周五他一到家,她的老婆就会让他交出所有的钱,然后给他一小部分,仅仅够他买他 每天在办公室的午饭。 有一天他回家的时候非常激动, 他冲进了卧室, 她的老婆正在那里一边听收音机一边吃巧克 力。 “你绝对猜不到今天我发生了什么事,亲爱的”他说 他停顿了几秒然后补充说“我买彩票中了一万英镑” “太爽了!”他的老婆高兴地说,但是接下来她思索了几秒之后又生气地补充说 “但是,等一下,你是哪来的钱买彩票呢?!” 1. The small man was allowed to keep just enough to buy his lunch in the office every day. 人被允许保留一点足够的每天在办公室吃午饭的钱。 A:T A:T A:T B:F B:F 女人脾气很好。 这位妇女还没怀疑 B:F 2. The man won a lottery one day. 小男人一天赢得了彩票 3. The woman is good-natured. 小男 B:F B:F 5. Both general died in the final battle.两位将军都在战斗中死亡。

4. The woman was pleased yet suspicious when her husband won a lottery. 的时候,很高兴她的丈夫赢得彩票。 A:T B:F 5. The man had to give almost all his money to his wife every week. 他所有的钱都给了他的妻子。 A:T B:F

该名男子, 每星期几乎把

KEY:AABAB Passage 34 People have been talking about health for a long time because people know the importance of it. People's understanding of health also becomes deeper with the progress in scientific research. Recently the term "health" has come to have a wider meaning than it used to. It no longer means just the absence of illness. Today, health means the well-being of your body, your mind and your relationship with other people. This new concept of health is closely related to another term- quality of life. Quality of life is the degree of overall satisfaction that a person gets from life. Why has the emphasis of health shifted from the absence of disease to a broader focus on the quality of a person's life? One reason for this has to do with the length and conditions of life that people can now expect. Medical advances have made it possible for people today to live longer, healthier lives. Imagine for a moment that you were born in the year 1900. You could have expected on average to live until about the age of 47. In contrast, if you were born in the year 1999, you could expect to live to the age of 75. 很长一段时间人们一直在谈论健康, 因为人们知道它的重要性。 人们对健康的认识也随 着科学研究日益深入。近日,“健康”一词已经到了一个比以前更广泛的含义。它不再仅仅意 味着没有疾病。今天,健康意味着你的身体,你的头脑和与其他人之间的关系。这一新的概 念,健康是密切相关的另一项生活品质。质量是生命程度的整体满意度。 为什么健康的重点从有无疾病转向更广泛的到一个人的生活质量?原因之一, 寿命的长 度和生活条件让人们可以期待。随着医学的进步使人们活得更长寿,可以更健康的生活。想 象一下,你在1900年出生,你可以预期平均活到47岁左右。相反,如果你出生在1999年,你 可以期望活到75岁。 1. Progress in scientific research leads to people's deeper understanding of health.科学研究的进 步导致人们对健康的理解更深刻。 A:T B:F 2. According to the passage, to people of today, health means absence of illness.根据这篇文章, 对今天的人们而言健康是指没有疾病 A:T and they can live longer. A:T B:F 强调健康是因为现在人们享有更好的生活条件, 他们可以活的更长 B:F 3. The emphasis of health has shifted nowadays because people enjoy better conditions of living

4. We can infer from the passage nowadays the emphasis of health has a broader focus because of improvements in the quality of food. 从文章中我们可以推断目前因为食品质量的改善,健康 有了广泛的关注, A:T 于“健康”的不同理解 A:T B:F B:F 5. This passage is mainly about different understandings of the term "health".这篇文章主要是关

KEY:ABABA Passage 35 Here is a story told about an American general who was a very important figure in the American army during the First World War. Everybody in the United States knew him and many people wished to have a picture or something of his in their homes. Soon after the war the general returned to Washington. One day he went to a dentist and had six teeth pulled out. A week later the general heard that his teeth were being sold in shops at $5 each. On each of the teeth there was a label with the name of the general and words: "buy these teeth and show them to your friends at home." The general got angry. He rushed to his office and ordered six officers to go around the city and buy all his teeth. The officers went out and visited every shop in the capital. They were away from the office all day. In the evening they returned and put on the table in front of the general the teeth they had bought. They had collected 175 teeth. 这里讲的是一位美国将军的故事。 他是第一次世界大战期间美国军队里的一位十分重要 的人物。 全国每一个人都知道他, 并且许多人都希望自己的家里能有他的一张画像或者别的 东西。 战后不久,将军回到了华盛顿。一天,他去看牙医并拔掉了六颗牙。一周后,这位将军 听说他的牙齿在珍品店以每颗五美元的价格出售。 每颗牙齿上有都有一张标签, 上面有将军 的名字和这样一段话: “把这些牙齿买去,放在家里给您的朋友们看。 ”将军很生气。他冲进 了办公室命令 6 名军官到全城把他的牙齿都买回来。 军官们走遍了城市里的每一个珍品店。整个白天他们都在外面,晚上才回来了,在将军 前的桌子上放下了他们买回的牙齿。他们竟一共收集了 175 颗。 1. Many families wanted to have a signature of the general. 每个家庭都想要个将军的签名。 A:T B:F 2. The general came back to Washington after the First World War. 将军在第一次世界大战后回 国 A:T B:F 3. The general ordered his men to look for all his teeth and buy all of them.将军让士兵寻找所有 买了他牙齿的人。 A:T B:F 4. The fact that the general's name was on the label of each tooth shows that the general was famous. 每颗牙齿上都有将军的名字标签这一事实显示将军有名。 A:T B:F 5. The teeth they collected most probably cost $1150. 他们收集了牙齿大约耗资 1150 美元。 A:T B:F KEY:BAAAB Passage 36 For several years,Americans have enjoyed teleshopping-watching TV and buying things by phone. Now teleshopping is starting in Europe. In a number of European countries,people can turn on their TVs and shop for clothes,jewelry,food,toys,and many other things. Teleshopping is becoming popular in Sweden,for example. The biggest Swedish company

sells different kinds of things on TV in 15 European countries,and in one year it made $100 million. In France there are two teleshopping channels,and the French spend about $20 million a year to buy things through those channels. In Germany,until last year teleshopping was only possible on one channel for 1 hour every day. Then the government allowed more teleshopping. Other channels can open for telebusiness, including the largest American teleshopping company and a 24-hour teleshopping company. German businesses are hoping this new teleshopping will help them sell more things. Some people like teleshopping because it allows them to do their shopping without leaving their homes. With all the problems of traffic in the cities,this is an important reason. But at the same time, other Europeans do not like this new way of shopping. They can teleshopping "junk on the air". Many Europeans usually worry about the quality of the things for sale on TV. Good quality is important to them,and they believe they cannot be sure about the quality of the things on TV. The need for high quality means that European teleshopping companies will have to be different from the American companies. They will have to be more careful about the quality of the things they sell. They will also have to work harder to sell things that the buyers cannot touch or see in person. 多年以来,美国人一直享受着电视购物——看电视和通过电话买东西。现在电视购物 开始在欧洲流行。在许多欧洲国家,人们可以打开电视然后去买衣服、珠宝、食品、玩具和 许多其他的东西。 电视购物日渐风靡瑞典。例如,最大的瑞典公司 15 个欧洲国家里通过电视卖各种类型的商 品,一年盈利千万美元。在法国有两个电视购物频道。法国人每年通过这些频道大约花费两 千万美元来买东西。 在德国,直到去年电视购物只能每天一个小时在一个频道播出。随后政府允许更多的 电视购物。 其他频道也可以向电视商业开放, 包括最大的美国电视购物公司和一个24小时营 业的电视购物公司。德国商人正期待这种方式能够帮助他们卖出更多的商品。 许多人喜欢电视购物,因为它允许他们足不出户就可以购物。因为城市里的许多交通 问题,购物并不是件易事。但与此同时,其他欧洲人并不喜欢这种新的购物方式,他们称电 视购物(的广告)是电视广播中的垃圾,许多欧洲人经常担忧电视播出的商品的质量,他们 认为高质量是最重要的东西,他们觉得自己不能确定电视上商品的质量。 对优质的需求意味着欧洲电视购物公司不得不与美国公司有所区别,他们必须更加谨 慎的对其所卖商品的质量进行把关, 此外, 他们也不得不为了卖出那些消费者不能亲自触摸 和看的商品而更加努力工作。 1. Teleshopping is cheap in Europe. 在欧洲电话购物是很便宜的。 A:T A:T B:F B:F 2. People like teleshopping because it is easier.人们喜欢电视购物是因为比较方便。 3. Some Europeans don't like teleshopping because they don't watch TV.一些欧洲人不喜欢电视 购物,因为他们根本不看电视。



4. In Germany,teleshopping may have fewer buyers.在德国很少人使用电视购物。 5. The best title of this passage is " Teleshopping in Europe" .文章最佳标题是“欧洲电视购物” A:T B:F KEY:BABBA Passage 37 Albert Einstein had a great effect on science and history, greater than what only a few other men have achieved. An American university president once commented that Einstein had created a new outlook, a new view of the universe. It may be some time before the average mind understands fully the identity of time and space and so on-but even ordinary men understand now that the universe is something larger than ever thought before. By 1914 the young Einstein had gained world fame. He accepted the offer to become a professor at the Prussian Academy of Science in Berlin. He had few duties, little teaching and unlimited opportunities for study, but soon his peace and quiet were broken by the First World War.Einstein hated violence. The misery of war affected him deeply, and he sat unhappily in his office doing little. He lost interest in his research. Only when peace came in 1918 was he able to get back to work. In the years following World War I honors were increasingly heaped on him. He became the head of the Kaiser Whihem Institute of Theoretical Physics. In 1921 he won the Noble Prize, and he was honored in Germany until the rise of Nazism when he was driven from Germany because he was a Jew. 阿尔伯特爱因斯坦在科学和历史上对人类有很大影响。 他的科学成就只有少数其他伟大 的科学家能超过。一位美国大学校长曾经说过,爱因斯坦创造了一个新的观点,一个新的宇 宙观。 在普通人能完全理解时间和空间的统一性前可能需要一段时间。 不过即使普通人现在 也明白宇宙远比他们曾经认为的更大。 1914年年轻的爱因斯坦已经世界闻名,他接受邀请,成为柏林普鲁士科学研究院的一 名教授。他有几个职务,简单的教学和做研究的无限的机会。但很快,他所有的平静被一战 破坏了。爱因斯坦痛恨战争和暴力,这个巨大的战争苦难深深影响了他,他闷闷不乐地坐在 办公室里很少做事情。他失去了研究中的兴趣。只有1918和平到来的时候,它才得以重返工 作中去。 在一战后的数年里,他获得了越来越多的荣誉。成了Kaiser Whihem理论物理研究院的 领头人。1921年他获了诺贝尔奖。他感到非常荣幸,直到纳粹出现,他被赶出德国,就因为 他是犹太人。 1.The main idea of Paragraph 1 is the change in human thought produced by Einstein. 第一段的主要意思是爱因斯坦促使了人们思想的改变。 A:T B:F 2.According to the American university president, The theory of relativity can be quickly learned by everyone. 根据美国大学校长,人们能很快地学会相对论。 A:T B:F 3.According to Paragraph 2, Albert Einstein headed a research institute. 根据文章第二段,爱因斯坦领导了一个研究院。 A:T B:F

4.According to the passage Einstein did his greatest work when he was young. 按照文章,爱因斯坦年轻的时候就取得了最大的成就。 A:T B:F 5.It may be concluded that Albert Einstein was forced to serve in the German army. 我们可能得出一个结论,爱因斯坦被迫在德国服兵役。 A:T B:F KEY:ABBAB Passage 38 Martin Luther King was a black minister, who became a great leader of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s. King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was young, he was strongly influenced by Thoreau and Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi's idea of non-violent resistance. Having received a Ph. D (Doctor of Philosophy) from Boston University, he became a political and religious leader of the non-violent civil relights movement in 1955. On August 28, 1963, he led over 250,000 Americans on a march in Washington D.C. to fight for the Civil Rights Law to guarantee equality for all people, and delivered his best known speech "I Have a Dream" before the Lincoln Memorial. The "dream" is a dream of brotherly love and equality for the Black and White. Thus, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in 1964, but he was murdered four years later. Though he died, he was greatly respected and loved by the Americans, both the white and the black. By vote of Congress in 1968, the third Monday of every January is now a federal holiday in Luther King's honor. He lives in people's hearts forever. 马丁· 路德· 金是一个黑人牧师, 并成为了20世纪50年代和60年代的民权运动的伟大领袖。 金 1929 年 1 月 15 日出生于佐治亚州的亚特兰大。当他年轻的时候,他受到梭罗的思想,印度 领导者甘地的非暴力抵抗的思想的强烈影响。从波士顿大学接受过 Ph. D(哲学博士)的学习, 他于 1955 年成为一个非暴力组织人和宗教领袖。 1963 年 8 月 28 日,他带领超过 25 万美 国人在华盛顿游行,以争取民权法,以保证所有的人平等,并在林肯纪念堂前发表他最有名 的演说“我有一个梦想”。 “梦想”是一个黑色和白色的皮肤能友爱和平等的梦想。因此,他在 1964 年荣获诺贝尔和平奖,但四年后他被谋杀了。 虽然他去世了,但他很受人们的尊敬和爱戴,无论是美国白人和黑人。国会投票通过,1968 年,每年一月的第三个星期一是马丁路德金纪念日,作为联邦假日。他永远活在人们的心中。 1. Martin Luther King was murdered when he was 39 years old.马丁路德金在他39岁的时候被 谋杀了 A:T A:T B:F B:F 2. Martin Luther King was a black minister only.马丁路德金只是一个黑人牧师。 3. Martin Luther King's Day has been a federal holiday for more than 40 years.马丁路德金的纪 念日被作为联邦假日已经有40多年的历史。 A:T B:F

4. The underlined word "delivered" in the second paragraph could be replaced by "gave".第二段 画线单词delivered 可以被改为 gave A:T A:T KEY:ABAAB B:F B:F 5. The best title for this passage is "Civil Rights Law".这篇文章的最佳标题是《民权法》。

Passage 39 Tom arrived at the bus station quite early for Paris bus. The bus for Paris would not leave until five to twelve. He saw a lot of people waiting in the station. Some were standing in line, others were walking around. There was a group of schoolgirls. Their teacher was trying to keep them in line. Tom looked around but there was no place for him to sit. He walked into the station cafe. He looked up at the clock there. It was only twenty to twelve. He found a seat and sat down before a large mirror on the wall. Just then, Mike, one of Tom's workmates came in and sat with Tom. "What time is your bus?" asked Mike. "There's plenty of time yet" answered Tom. "Well, I'll get you some more tea then" said Mike. They talked while drinking. Then Tom looked at the clock again. "Oh! It's going backward" he cried. "A few minutes ago it was twenty to twelve, and now it's half past eleven." "You're looking at the clock in the mirror." said Mike. Tom was so sad. The next bus was not to leave for another hour. Since then Tom has never liked mirrors. 汤姆很早到了公交车站等待去巴黎的公交车。这趟车11:55才开出。他看见很多人在车 站等待。有些人在排队,而另一些人在四周走动着。有一群女学生,她们的老师正试图组织 她们排队。汤姆环顾四周,候车室里找不到座了。 他走进车站的一家咖啡馆,看了看那儿的大钟,才 11点40分。他找了个座,在一面大 镜子前坐下。就在这时,汤姆的一个同事迈克也进来了,和汤姆一块做。 “你的车是几点?”迈克问道。“还有足够的时间呢。”汤姆回答道。 “喔,那我给你买些茶。”迈克说道。 他们边喝边谈。然后汤姆又看了一下大钟。“啊,这钟怎么倒着走?”他喊道。“几分钟 前11点40,现在变成了11点半。” “你看的是镜子里的钟。”迈克说道。汤姆很伤心。下辆车得在等一个小时。自此,汤姆 再也不喜欢镜子。 1.Tom went into the station cafe because Mike asked him to have a cup of tea. 汤姆进了车站的咖啡厅因为迈克叫他去喝杯茶。 A:T B:F 2.When Tom looked at the clock in the mirror it's half past twelve. 当汤姆看镜子里的钟时, 其实是12点半。 A:T B:F 3.From the story we know that when we look at a clock in a mirror, we will find it's going backward. 从故事中,我们知道当我们从镜子里看钟表时,我们会发现它是倒着走的。 A:T B:F 4.Tom arrived in Paris on time. 汤姆准时到了巴黎。 A:T B:F 5.Tom and Mike talked while drinking. 汤姆和迈克边喝茶边聊天。

A:T B:F KEY:BAABA Passage 40 Many people believe they are supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, or about two liters. Why? Because that is what they have been told all their life. But a new report offers some different advice. Experts say people should obey their bodies; they should drink as much water as they feel like drinking. The report says most healthy people meet their daily needs for liquid by letting thirst be their guide. The report is from the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academies. This organization provides scientific and technical advice to the government and the public. The report contains some general suggestions. The experts say women should get about two- point-seven liters of water daily. Men should get about three-point-seven liters. But wait - in each case, that is more than eight glasses. There is an important difference. The report does not tell people how many glasses of water to drink. In fact, the experts say it may be impossible to know how many glasses are needed to meet these guidelines. This is because the daily water requirement can include the water content in foods. People do not get water only by forcing themselves to drink a set number of glasses per day. People also drink fruit juices and sodas and milk. They drink coffee and tea. These all contain water. As you might expect, the Institute of Medicine says people need to drink more water when they are physically active. The same is true of those who live in hot climates. Depending on heat and activity, people could need two times as much water as others do. 很多人认为他们一天应该喝八杯水,也就是大约两升。为什么?因为那就是他们一生 中听到的建议。 但是最新的报告却提供了不同的建议。 专家们说人们应该根据自己的身体需 求,喝他们想喝那么多的水。 报告还指出,大多数健康的人满足饮水需求就是让他们自己的需求做主,口渴才喝。 这份报告来自医学研究所, 国家学术研究的一部分。 这个组织为政府和公众提供科学的建议。 这份报告包含一些一般的建议。专家们说女性每天应该喝2.7升水。男性应该喝3.7升。 远远不止八杯水。 很重要的一点不同就是这份报告并没有告诉人们应该要喝多少杯水。事实上,专家们 说要想知道喝多少杯水才能满足这些准则是不可能的。 因为每天对水的需求还可以食物中摄 取。 人们不要强迫自己每天必须喝一定数目的水。 人们也可以喝果汁, 苏打饮料, 以及牛奶。 人们还喝咖啡或是茶。这些都含有水。 正如你期望的那样,医学研究所建议的,人们只有在剧烈运动时,需要喝更多的水。 同样,住在炎热气候的人们也需要多喝水。取决于炎热气候以及运动,人们可能需要喝常人 需求的两倍的水。 1.According to the passage, experts advise people to drink as much water as they feel like drinking. 根据文章,专家们建议人们根据自己的身体需求,喝他们想喝那么多的水。 A:T B:F 2.Most healthy people meet their daily needs for water by drinking when they are tired. 大多数健康的人都是通过在疲乏时喝水来满足他们对水的日需求。 A:T B:F 3.The Institute of Medicine usually changes some traditional ideas. 医学研究所通常会颠覆

一些传统的想法。 A:T B:F 4.People's daily water requirement can include the water content in foods. 人们日饮水需求也包括了食物中所含的水分。 A:T B:F 5.People need to drink more water when they live in hot climates. 居住在炎热气候的人们需 要喝更多的水。 A:T B:F KEY:ABBAA Passage 41 E-mail is one of the biggest threats to your home computer. By understanding how E- mail works, and by taking some steps in how you deal with reading and writing messages, you can keep this threat out of your computer. When you exchange E-mail with someone else,the messages sent between you and that person pass through several computers before they reach their places. Imagine this conversation as it is taking place in an Internet "room", a very, very big room. Anyone, or more exactly, any program can probably understand what is being said, because most Internet conversations are not hidden in any way. As a result, others may be listening in, capturing what you send,and using it for their own good. E-mail-borne viruses (病毒) often arrive in attractive, fantastic appearances, much like the beautiful ads we receive by way of traditional mail that is made to sell us something. By beautiful appearances,an infected (感染) E-mail message seems to be something we want to read from someone we know,not a mean virus ready to destroy or damage our computers. There are some steps that you can take to help you decide what to do with every E-mail message with an attachment (附件) that you receive. You should only read a message that passes all of these tests: 1) The Know Test: Is the E-mail from someone that you know? 2) The Received Test: Have you received E-mail from this sender before? 3) The Expect Test: Were you waiting for E-mail with an attachment from this sender? 4) The Meaning Test: Do the topic line of the E-mail message and the name of the attachment both have meanings? 5) The Virus Test: Is the E-mail infected? 电子邮件是家用电脑面临的最大威胁之意。 了解电子邮件的工作程序以及阅读和书写电 子邮件的步骤,可以使你的电脑免于受到威胁。当你和别人互发电子邮件时,这些信件要经 过很多台电脑才能达到收件人手上。想象一下,这样的对话发生在网络空间里,一个很大很 大的空间。任何人,更精确来说,任何程序有可能理解所谈的内容,因为大多数的网络电话 并没有隐藏。因此,很多人可能在听,捕捉你的信息,为自己牟利。 电子邮件产生的病毒经常隐藏在很具有吸引力的玩管辖,像是我们才传统信件中收到 的促销的精彩广告。 在这些华丽外观下, 受感染的电子邮件看起来是我们认识的人发需要我 们阅读。但是这种病毒足以毁坏我们的电脑。 有些步骤可以遵循,从而决定你是否要阅读邮件里的附件。只有经过以下测验,你才 可以阅读邮件里的信息。 1)知道检验:这封邮件是否来自你认识的人那里? 2)收到检验:你是否以前收到过这位发件者的邮件?

3)期望检验:你是否在等待这位发件者的附件? 4)意义检验:邮件的主题和附件是否都有意义? 5) 病毒检验:电子邮件被病毒感染了吗? 1.The main idea of the first paragraph is that we should learn how E-mail works to take care of our computers.第一自然段的主要意思是我们应该学习电子邮件的工作程序,从而 保护我们的电脑。 A:T B:F 2.The underlined word "capturing" probably mean "Taking". 划线词"capturing"的意思很可 能是“拿,抓”。 A:T B:F 3.As the Internet is open to anyone,we should not read and write messages in our home computers. 由于网络是对每个人开放的,我们不应该在自己家的电脑上读写邮件。 A:T B:F 4.The passage is mainly talking about The Safety of Home Computers. 这篇文章主要谈论了 家庭电脑的安全。 A:T B:F 5.E-mail-borne viruses can infect human body. 电子邮件产生的病毒会感染人的身体。 A:T B:F KEY:AABAB

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