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2012 届高考英语语法专题复习定语从句易错题专练 详解试题 1. The headmaster hurried to the concert hall only _________ the speaker 【译文】 校长匆匆来到音乐大厅,结果发现演讲者早已走了。 A. to find; left B. to find; gone C. finding; left D. find

ing; gone 【答案及简析】 B。 不定式表结果时,常指出人意料的结果。 第二个考察点是 find+宾语+形容词(补语), 表状态。 2. —I failed again. I wish I _________ harder. —But you _________. 【译文】 ——我又失败了。我真该努力学习。——但是你没有哇。 A. had worked; hadn’t B. worked; don’t C. had worked; didn’t D. worked; didn’t 【答案及简析】 C。 第一空表达与过去事实相反的愿望,所以用过去完成时态表虚拟语气。第二空说 明过去的事实,用一般过去时态。 3. It was not until liberation that _________ to his hometown. 【译文】 直到解放他才回到家乡。 A. did he return B. was he returned C. he did return D. he returned 【答案及简析】 D。 此句为强调结构: It is/was…that…强调之前的句子为: He didn’t returnedto his hometown until liberation.要注意 not…until…句型变成强调句后的 not 的位置。 4. —I d like a pen which _________ well.—Will this one _________? 【译文】 ——我很想又一只好写的笔。 ——这只笔如何? A. writes; do B. writes; work C. is written; do D. is written;work 【答案及简析】 A。 此处 write 作不及物动词,表事物的性质,类似词: sell,wash 等。第二句用 do 来 代替上句的 write well。 5. --Shall we meet right now? --Sorry. I’m too busy to _______ for the moment. 【译文】 --我们可以马上见面吗? --对不起,此刻我忙得抽不开身。 A. get through B. get away C. get off D. get together 【答案及简析】 B。 只要你记住"限数描大形,新色国材名"这句话,此题就迎刃而解。 6. _________ is known to all,good friends _________ happiness and value to life. 【译文】 众所周知,好朋友给说增添快乐和价值。 A. It; add B. As; add C. It; add up D. As; add to 【答案及简析】 B。 as 引导的定语从句修饰整个主句; add to sth."使增加,使增强"; add sth to sth. " 把……加到……里边"; add up to"总计是……"。因句中已有介词 to,所以只能选 B。 7. Good food,not _________,that’s how one gets fat. 【译文】 食物好,锻炼少,这就是一个人长胖的原因。 A. enough exercises B. exercises enough C. enough exercise D. exercise enough 【答案及简析】 C。 enough 修饰名词时只能放在其修饰的名词前,而修饰形容词时要放在后"锻炼"之 意;用作复数名词时为"体操""运动"。而这里应该是"锻炼"的意思。面。exercise 作不可数名词时为“训练”。 8. It was the very place _________ the soldiers fought over sixty years ago. 【译文】 这就是战士们 60 多年前战斗过的地方。 A. that B. which C. where D. there 【答案及简析】 C。 定语从句。the very place 在从句中充当地点状语。 9. -You must be excited about going to Japan for schooling. -_________,but I’m afraid I can’t do well because my Japanese is poor. 【译文】 到日本去读书,你一定很激动。 ——喔,我应该激动。但日语不好,我会担心做不好的。 A. Never mind B. Well,I ought to C. I don’t know yet D. Certainly not 【答案及简析】 B。 应为 I ought to be excited about…Never mind 用来回答道歉语,Certainly not 用来 回答别人的请求和询问等。 10. The new machine,if _________ properly,will work at least ten years. 【译文】 如果是用得当,这台新机器会使用 10 年的。 A. use B. using C. being used D. used 【答案及简析】 D。 本题考查分词与主语之间的关系。"if the new machine is used properly…" 第 1页 共 4页

强化练习 1. All of t he flowers now raised here have developed from those _______ in the forest. A. once they grew B. they grew once C. they once grew D. once grew 2. In the office I never seem to have t ime until after 5:30 pm, _____ many people have gone home. A. that B. which C. whose time D. by which time 3. Is this the reason _______ at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. he explained B. what he explained C. how he explained D. why he explained 4. Luckily, we’d brought a road map without ______ we would have lost our way. A. it B. that C. this D. which 5. When he was working there he caught a serious illness from _____ effect he still suffers. A. which B. that C. whose D. what 6. It’s sa id that he’s looking for a new job, ______ he can get more money to support his family. A. when B. where C. that D. which 7. We are living in an age ______ many things are done on computer. A. which B. that C. whose D. when 8. The little time we have together we’ll try _____ wisely. A. spending it B. to spend it C. to spend D. spending that 9. The old building, behind _______ was a famous church, was _______ we used to work. A. that, the place B. it, the place C. which, where D. what, where 10. We will be shown around the city: schools, museums, and some other places, _______ other vis itors seldom go. A. what B. which C. where D. when 11. The modern history of Italy dates from 1860, ______ the country became unite d. A. when B. if C. since D. until 12. All of the flowers now raised here have developed from those _____ in the forest. A. once they grew B. they grew once C. that once grew D. once grew 13. You could see the runners very well from ______ we stood. A. which B. where C. that D. when 14. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, _______ was very reasonable. A. which price B. the price of which C. its price D. the price of whose 15. What have you got _____ will help a cold? A. what B. that C. it D. who 16. He was very angry and I can still remember the way _____ he spoke to me. A. how B. that C. what D. which 17. Do you know the man from ________ house the pictures were stolen? A. which B. that C. what D. whose 18. I can think of many cases _______ students obviously knew a lot of English words and expressions but couldn’ t write a good essay. A. why B. which C. as D. where 19. Is this all that you need? If you married me, I’d give you everything you _____. A. want B. wanted C. had wanted D. are wanting 20. I met the teacher in the street yesterday ________ taught me English three years ago. A. which B. when C. where D. who 21. He’s got himself into a dangerous situation _____ he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why 22. He made another wonderful discovery, ______ of great importance to science. A. which I think is B. which I think it is C. which I think it D. I think is 23. Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, ____, of course, made the othe rs unhappy. A. who B. which C. this D. what 24. Their problem today is somewhat similar to _____ they faced many years ago. A. that B. which C. that which D. it 25. I saw some trees the leaves of _____ were black with disease. A. that B. which C. it D. what 26. The famous basketball player, _______ tried to make a comeback, attracted a lot of attention. A. where B. when C. which D. who 27. When they went into the shop and asked to look at the engagement rings, the girl brought out a cheaper one, __ _____ she had arranged with James. A. the which was what B. what was that C. which was what D. that was that 第 2页 共 4页

【答案与解析】 1. 选 C 。先行词是 those ,可视为 those flowers 之省略。 they once grew 前省略了关系代 词 which。全句意为:这儿所养的花是由他们曾在森林里种植的花培养出来的。 2. 选 D 。 by which time 引 出 的 是 一 个 非 限 制 性 定 语 从 句 , 其 中 by which time 相 当 于 and by that time。 3. 选 A。注意不能选 D,因为动词 explained 缺宾语。 4. 选 D。which 指 the road map。 5. 选 C。 from whose effect he still suffers 为修饰 a serious illness 的定语从句, whose 在定语从 句中用作定语,修饰 effect。 6. 选 B。where 引导定语等于 from which。注:one 在此指 a new job。类似地,下面一题的 答 案 是 C , 因 为 one that 相 当 于 a problem that : The problem is _____ has caused us a lot of trouble. A. one B. that C. one that D. that one 7. 选 D。先行词是表时间的 age(时代),由于关系词在定语从句中作状语,故用 when。 8. 选 C。该句的正常词序为 We will tr y to spend the little time we have together wisely. 9. 选 C。第一空填 which,指 the old building;第二空填 where,用以引导表语从句。 10. 选 C。先行词是地点名词 places,由于关系词在定语从句中作状语,故用 where。 11. 选 A。when 引导的是非限制性定语从句。 12. 选 C。that once grew in the forest 为修饰 those 的定语从句。 13. 选 B。where 在此相当于 the place where。 14. 选 B 。 the price of which was very reasonable 为 非 限 制 性 定 语 从 句 , 其 中 的 the price of which 相当于 and its price 或 and the price of it。假若空格前有并列连词 and, 则可选 C。 15. 选 B 。 that will help a cold 为 修 饰 what 的 定 语 从 句 。 比 较 : Have you got anything that will help a cold? 以及 I’ve got nothing that will help a cold. 16. 选 B。the way 后不接 how 引导的从句,换句说,how 不是关系代词或关系副词,不能引 导定语从句。以 the way 为先行词的定语从句通常用 that 或 in which 来引导,在非正式文体 中也可省略 that 和 in which。 17. 选 D。from whose house the pictures were stolen 为修饰 the man 的定语从句,whose 在定 语从句中用作定语,修饰 house。 18. 选 D。先行词是 many cases,关系副词 where =in which。 19. 选 A。尽管句中用了 if you married me, I’d give you everything 这样的虚拟语气句子,但 修 饰 everything 的 定 语 从 句 (that) you want 却 要 用 陈 述 语 语 气 , 因 为 它 是 回 答 前 面 Is this all that you need? 这一提问的。 20. 选 D。因定语从句缺主语,且关系代词指人,故选 D。 21. 选 A。where 所引导的为修饰 a dangerous situation 的定语从句。 22. 选 A。选项中的 I th ink 是插入语,若略去不看便可清楚地看出答案。 23. 选 B。of course 为插入语,若将项其去掉,则答案显然是 B。 24. 选 C。that which 相当于 the problem which。 25. 选 B。the leaves of which 相当于 whose leaves。 26. 选 D。先行词是 The famous basketballer(著名的篮球明星),故要用 who 来引导定语从句, 因为其余三项均不用于指人。 27. 选 C。which 引导一 个非限制性定语从句,其中 which 指代 a cheaper one,且在定语从句 中用作主语。which was what 中的 what 引导一个表语从句,它相当于 the one that

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2014 高考英语语法专题复习定语从句特例 引导非限制性定语从句,当先行词是一个单词或词组时,我们只用 which 引导,不用 as 引 导。例如: 1、Beijing, which will hold the 2008 Olympic games, is becoming more and more beautiful. 但当代替的是主句的全部内容时,区别如下: 一,As 引导的非限制性从句可置于主句之前,之中或之后,而 which 引导的非限制性定语 从句只能放在主句之后。例如: 1,As we know, the earth goes around the sun. 2, The earth goes around the sun., as we know. 3,The earth, as we know, goes around the sun . 4, The earth goes around th e sun, which makes us get enough sunlight. 二,As 引导的从句有“正如…… ,正像…… ,之意,而 which 引导的从句则没有此意,因 此, 当主从句语意一致时, 只用 as 引导,不用 which 引导。 常用句式有: as anybody can see, as we expected, as we know, as is often t he case, as we hoped,as often ha ppens 等 例如: 1,He is a kind man, as has been said above . 2,She has married again, as was expected. 3, She has married again, which was unexpected . 三,As 作从句主语,而且从句为被动语态, 此时不用 which 引导;若从句为主动语态,一 般用 which 引导。例如: 1,Their team won the game ag ain , as was reported. 2,Tom has made great progress, which delighted us . As 作此种用法时, 常用的句式有: as is known to us all, as is said abov e, as is announced, As was reported, as is mentioned above ,as is reported, as is expected, as is discussed 等。 四,Which 引导的非限制性定语从句指代整个主句内容时,从句的谓语带有宾语,有的还带 有宾语补足语。此时 Which 无词义,只是代表主句的意思,可以译为"这件事","这一点";而 As 可以译为"正如……"。例如下面这些句子中的 which 就不能替换为 as 。 1,I shall never forget those years when I lived in t he country with the farmers, which has a great effect on my life. 2, Bamboo is hollow, which makes it very light . 3.Tom made rapid progress at school, aswhich pleased his parents a lot .× 五,As 引导的非限制性定语从句常表示主动, 而 which 引导的非限制性定语从句常表示被动。 例如: 1,He says he has a lot of money, which isn? ? t true . 2, He has a lot of money, as he says . 另外 as 引导限制性定语从句时,主要与 the same, such 等连用。例如: 1,Let children read such books as will ma ke them better and wiser.让孩子们读那些能使 变得 更好更聪明的书。 2, This is the same book as was bought in the bookstore yesterday. As 与 such 结合引导限制性定语从句时,要注意和 such……that……引导的结果状语从句区 分开。例如: 1,He gets such a good book as we all want to read first. 2, He gets such a good book that we all want to read it first . 3.Only such things ______ can be proved can be regarde as facts . 在第一句中,as 作为 read 的宾语,as 引导的是定语从句,而在第 二句中,that 引导的 是结果状语从句,read 必须跟 it 宾语;而在第三句中指代事物的先行词前虽然有 only, 但 此处 only 并不是直接修饰 things,而且也不是“唯一”的意思。此题考察固定结构 such…as, 故空格处应该填上 as 。 作为高中生,掌握了 as 和 which 这些基本用法,并加以适当的练习,定能以不变应万变了。

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