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1.shave v. 刮脸,剃须 →shaver n. 剃须刀

2.dictation n. 口授;听写 →dictate v. 口授,指令

3.train v. 训练,培养 →trainee n. 受训者,见习生 → trainer n. 训练 者,教练

4.import n. 进口 →import v. 输入 → export n. 出口 → export v. 输 出

5.politeness n. 礼貌 →polite adj. 客气的,文雅的

1.The interviewees were questioned whether they were honest in the interview.

2.I am a quick typist . I can type with two fingers without looking at the screen.

3.The smart kid turned smartly and walked away.

4.Her days were employed in doing research on employment and training.

1. interviewees


2. typist 我打字很快。我能用两个手指不看屏幕进行打字。

3. smartly 那位机灵的小伙子迅速地转身走开了。

4. employment 她的日子全花在对就业和培训情况的调查上了。 根据中文填单词完成句子,每空一词(记忆时,用下列横线上的新单 词造句记忆) 有些接受面试者总是在面试时心慌意乱。 Some interviewees always have butterflies in their stomach in time of an interview. 1. 不假思索地 2. 怕得发抖 off the top of one‘s head quake with fear

3. 注视,直视(某人) 4. 点头 5. 省略;遗漏 6. 倾盆大雨 7. 昂贵的代价 8. 有变化,有影响

look somebody in the eye nod one's head leave out rain cats and dogs an arm and a leg make a difference

It gives sb. the impression that… 它给某人……印象。 1、edge n. (微弱的)优势; 刀刃;(尤指灾难的)边缘 vt.(使)渐渐移动;给……加边;略为增加或减少 由 edge 构成的短语有: be on edge 紧张不安,烦躁 hold the edge in sth.在某事中处于优势 be at the cutting edge of sth. 处于先锋地位、最前沿 take the edge off 削弱;挫伤……的锐气 edge sb. /sth. out (of sth.) 逐渐将……排挤出 have an edge on / over sb. 略胜过某人 give sb. the edge of one's tongue 痛骂某人 get the edge of one's tongue 遭受某人的痛骂 edge in 侧着入内;悄悄挤入 edge one's way 挤过

①The Democrats hold_the_edge in the Senate. 民主党人在参议院中占优势。 ②If you put that pot on_the_edge_of the table it will fall off. 你要是把罐子放在桌子边上,它会掉下去的。 ③Her pupils often got her rough edge of her tongue when they disobeyed her. 当学生不听话时,常常遭到她粗暴的训斥。 ④Those who disagreed with the director's viewpoint were gradually edged_out_of the company. 那些与经理意见不一致的人慢慢被挤出公司。 2、辨析 smart, bright, clever, wise smart 意为“聪明的;漂亮的”,侧重于“机灵,精明”; bright 意为“聪明的;灵敏的”,强调天资聪明,常指年轻人或孩 子; clever 意为“机敏的,灵巧的”,强调脑子灵,接受能力强,可指 人,也可指物; wise 意为“聪明的、明智的、英明的”,可指人或物,强调经验、 学识丰富,判断能力强。 用上面的词语填空 ①She is a smart businesswoman. ②Look! How quickly the bright boy is learning. ③She has a pair of clever hands.

④It was wise of him to keep his mouth shut. 1、make a difference 有变化,有关系,有影响 ①It makes a difference between his leaving or staying. 这关系着他的去留。 ②The sea air has_made_a_difference_to her health. 海上的空气改善了她的健康状况。 split the difference 折中;妥协 make no difference 没有……作用或影响 ③Health ______ a big difference ______ my grades. A. make; to C. make; with B B. makes; to D. makes; with

make a big difference to 对……有很大影响。

2、send in 寄去,送去 由 send 构成的其他常见短语: send for sb. 请某人来(帮忙) send off 寄出,发出 send out 分发,散发 send after 派人去追(刚走的人) send away 让走开 send back 退还不要,退货,发送回来 send down 使下降;使退学 send in 提出,交上去,寄去

send up 使上涨;发射,发出 ①We sent the kids off to their grandparents this morning. 我们今天上 午把孩子送到他们的祖父母那里去了。 ②Search parties were sent_out to look for survivors. 搜索队被派出去寻找幸存者。 ③The shortage is bound to send_prices_up. 供应短缺必将导致价格上涨。 3、off the top of one's head 立即,马上,不假思索地;信口地;临 时应付 与 head 构成的搭配: from head to foot 从头到脚 be light in the head 头晕;头脑简单 be weak in the head 不太聪明 have a good head for 具有……的才能;很有头脑 hold one's head high 趾高气扬 lose one's head 惊慌失措,失去理智 keep / get one's head down 专心工作,不分心 laugh / shout / scream one's head off 大笑/高喊/尖叫 keep one's head above water 勉强维持经营 ①The speaker had_a_good_head_for figures, so he convinced the audience of what he said in his lecture. 那位演讲人对数字很有把握,因而使听众对他的演讲非常信服。

②When the fire broke out in the movie theater, the people lost_their_heads and ran in all directions. 电影院起火的时候,大家失去理智而向四方奔逃。 4、have butterflies in one's stomach (做某事前)惊慌,紧张 have ants in one's pants 很紧张,坐立不安 have a bee in one‘s head 神经不正常,胡思乱想 have a frog in one's throat 失音或嗓音嘶哑 ①这个男生对于期末考试没有做好充分准备。他现在如坐针毡。 The boy is not fully prepared for the final exam. He now has ants in his pants. ②坐在那里等的时候我心里七上八下的,很紧张,不过一上台我就 没事了。 I had butterflies in my stomach when I was sitting there waiting for my turn, but once I stepped onto the stage, I was just fine. 5、nod one's head 点头 nod off 打盹;打瞌睡 be in the land of nod 入睡 on the nod 未经讨论而正式表示赞成 be at someone's nod 看某人点头而定,受某人支配,在某人支配下 ①吉姆终于睡着了。 Jim's in the land of nod at last. ②中餐后我经常会在沙发上打一会儿盹。

I often nod off for a little while in the sofa after lunch. 6、leave out 忽略,遗漏,省略,忘记 ①Do not leave me out, please! 请不要把我忘了。 ②She left_out the date on the cheque. 支票上她漏写了日期。 leave word 留信息 leave a message 留言;留口信 ask for (a) leave 请假 leave for 到……去 leave…alone 让……独自呆着, 不打扰 ③I was still sleeping when the fire ______, and then it spread quickly. A. broke out C. came out A break out 发生,爆发。 B. put out D. left out

It also gives the interviewer the impression that you're confident even if you actually feel quite nervous. 那也给面试官这样的印象:你很自信,即使实际上你很 紧张! that 引导了一个同位语从句, 对 impression 加以解释说 明。 ①A warm thought suddenly came to me ______ I might use the pocket

money to buy some flowers for my mother's birthday. A. if C. that C B. when D. which


些花庆贺生日。that 引导同位语从句,说明 thought 的具体内容。 ②If it were not for the fact that she ______ sing, I would invite her to the party. A. couldn't C. can't C B. shouldn't D. might not


聚会了。that 引导同位语从句,说明 the fact 的一个事实,故用一般 现在时。


Ⅰ.单项填空(5 min.)[来源:学科网 ZXXK] 1. A polite gesture can ______ other job applicants when you are interviewed. A. give the edge over B. take the edge off C. hold the edge in D. be at the cutting edge of

2. My brother is an actor. He ______ in several films so far. A. appears B. appeared D. is appearing

C. has appeared

3. Wearing a pair of shorts and a vest is definitely not ______ when you're going for an interview! A. respectable C. admirable B. changeable D. acceptable

4. ______ is now widely accepted that a gap year is more than just a year away from studying. A. It C. That B. As D. What

5. I'm telephoning ______ your advertisement in 21st Century for an English editor. A. in reply to B. in response to C. respond to D. in reply for 6. Every time he had the chance, he would talk about the great difficulty he had ______ in the new country. A. settled C. to settle B. settling D. settle

7. The world ______ never needed mutual understanding, mutual toleration and mutual cooperation as much as it ______ today. A. have; is B. had; has

C. had; will

D. has; does

8. As is known to us all, ______, the situation will get worse. A. not if dealt carefully with B. if not dealt carefully with C. if dealt not carefully with D. not if carefully dealt with 9. — Does Jim do his new job well? — ______ his old job. How stupid! I fear there's no hope for him. A. No better than C. Not so well as B. Not better than D. No as well as

10. ______, I have to focus my attention on study this week. A. However playing is amusing B. No matter amusing playing is C. However amusing playing is D. No matter how playing is amusing Ⅱ. 阅读理解(8 min.) The man who invented Coca?Cola was not a native Atlanta, but on the day of his funeral every drugstore in town shut up the shop in honor of him. He was John Styth Pemberton, born in 1833 in Knoxville, Georgia, eighty miles away. Pemberton was a chemist, sometimes known as doctor, who, during the Civil War, became an officer and led a cavalry troop. He settled in Atlan ta in 1869, and soon began making such patent

medicines as Triplex Liver Pills and Globe of Flower Cough Syrup. In 1885, he registered a trademark for something called French Wine Coca?Ideal Nerve and Tonic Stimulant. A few months later, he formed the Pemberton Chemical Company, and hired an accountant named Frank M. Robinson, who had not only a good head for figures, but, attached to it, so unique a nose that he could judge the ingredients of a batch of syrup merely by sniffing it. In 1886 — a year in which, as contemporary Coca?Cola officials like to point out, the English writer Conan Doyle made Sherlock Holmes known publicly and France found the truth about the Statue of Liberty — Pemberton invented a syrup that he called CocaCola. It was a change of his French Wine Coca. He had taken out the wine and added a bit of caffeine, and, when the end product tasted awful, had thrown in some cola nut oil and a few other oils, mixing the mixture in a threelegged iron pot in his back yard and swishing it around with an oar. He distributed it to soda fountains in used beer bottles, and Robinson, with his elegant account's script, instantly designed a label, on which “ Coca ? Cola ” was written in the style which is still employed. Pemberton looked upon his mixture less as a drink than as a headache cure. One morning in 1886, a man suffering from a headache dragged himself into an Atlanta drugstore and asked for a bottle of Coca ?Cola.

According to usual practice, druggists should pour a teaspoonful of syrup into a glass of water, but at that time, the man on duty was too lazy to walk to the fresh?water tap. Instead, he mixed the syrup with some soda water, which was closer at hand. After drinking it, the suffering customer cheered up almost at once, and word quickly spread that the best Coca? Cola was a fizzy (冒泡泡的)one. 1. According to the passa ge, which of the following about Pemberton is WRONG? A. He was highly respected by Atlantans because of his great contribution. B. Medicines like Triplex Liver Pills and Globe of Flower Cough Syrup are his patent products. C. During the Civil War, he was an officer of a cavalry troop, a chemist and a doctor. D. Coca?Cola which is very popular now was invented by him. 2. Why do contemporary Coca ? Cola officials especially like to mention the year 1886? A. Because Conan Doyle contributed to Pemberton's Coca ?Cola invention. B. Because France sent the Statue of Liberty to America and Pemberton loved it. C. Because they are still proud of Pemberton's invention.

D. Because Pemberton made more money for the company this year than in any other year. 3. What does the passage tell us about Frank M. Robinson?[来源:学 &科&网] A. He helped his boss and began making patent medicines together with his boss in 1869. B. He had a special nose with an acute sense of smell and especially was good at drawing. C. When he found the end product tasted awful, he threw in some cola nut oil and other oils. D. He designed a label “Coca?Cola” for the Coca?Cola Company with his elegant handwriting. 4. How did Pemberton change French Wine Coca formula to make it taste delicious? A. He mixed it with several oils ins tead of water. B. He put some beer into the mixture. C. He added more coffee into the mixture than before. D. He added some cola nut oil and a few other oils. 5. According to the passage, what was Coca?Cola intended for at first? A. It was intended for the children as a soft drink. B. It was intended fo r a substitute for French Wine Coca.

C. It was intended for a cure for the common headache. D. It was intended for the need of the war. Ⅲ.阅读填空(10 min.) Many students eat their breakfast on the way to school or in the dining room? But some of them don't really know how to eat well when eating out . Here is some important advice. The first is to eat less fast food. The most obvious harm of eating fast food is weight gaining because of too much fat. Young people and adults are at risk of diseases related to weight.[来源:学科网] Too much fast food can drag you down. French fries, for example, were recently found to contain much more acryl amide (丙烯酰胺) than other food. This may cause cancer. Actually, deep fried food all contains acryl amide. So don't eat it too often. Soda is another thing you should watch out for. Cokes and other sodas contain a lot of sugar and can slow down a person's calcium absorption (钙吸收), so it's best to drink as little soda as possible. Food in the dining room may not be as tasty as fast food, but it's actually easier to make healthy choices. Human bodies need variety. You can have a meal that balances lean proteins, vitamins and complex carbohydrates (碳水化合物). In other words, a meal with fish or meat, vegetables and some bread or rice will provide you with most nutrients

that the body needs. Some snacks, on the other hand, will help keep you going until the next big meal. It is natural for teenagers, especially boys, to feel hungry during school time. Don't forget to take some food, like whole grain biscuits or low?fat milk in your school bag. Title: 1. ________ Advice Eat less and other fast food 4. ________ Don't eat 5. [来源:学,科, ________[来 网 Z,X,X,K] 源:Z|xx|k.Co m] Eat less 6. ________ acryl amide Slow down 7. ________ Sodas Fish or meat, Eat in the vegetables dining room and some vitamins and body needs proteins, nutrients the 9. ________ Lots of sugar 8. ________ Lean Provide most food food Unhealthy Unhealthy weight Cause Food French fries 2. ________ 3. ________ Kind

bread and rice

complex carbohydrate s Keep y ou

Wholegrain 10. biscuits or ________ lowfat milk meal Ⅳ.写作(25 min.) 观察下面的图画,根据图画的内容写一篇短文,说明你和你的爸 爸对暑假的不同看法。 1. 短文必须包括图画的主要内容,可以适当增减细节,使内容 连贯。 2. 词数不少于 120 词。生词:拐骗 (kidnap vt.) mentioned the next big Not going until Healthy food

_______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________

_________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________


Module 11 Unit 1~Unit 2 Ⅰ.1. A 句意:在面试时,礼貌的姿势能比其他求职者有胜算。 2. C 句意:我的哥哥是个演员。到目前为止他已经演过几部电 影了。时间状语 so far 一般与现在完成时连用,故 C 正确。 3. D 句意: 穿短裤和背心去面试是肯定无法接受的。 respectable 值得尊敬的;changeable 易变的;admirable 值得赞扬的,令人尊敬 的;acceptable 可接受的。 4. A 句意:现在人们普遍承认休学实践年远远不止是一年不学 习。it 作形式主语,真正的主语为 that 引导的从句。 5. B in response to? 作为??的回应。 6. B 句意: 每次只要有机会,他都会谈起他在那个新的国度 里安家所遇到的困难。 have difficulty (in) doing sth. “做某事有困难”。 7. D 句意:这个世界从没有像今天这样需要相互理解、相互宽 容和相互合作。 第一空用现在完成时表示过去情况对目前状况的影响, 第二空考查省略这一特殊用法。承前省略 needs,而用助动词 does 来 代替作从 句谓语。 8. B 句意:众所周知,如果不好好处理的话,情形会变得更糟 的。 if 引导的条件状语从句, 省略了和主句相同的主语 the situation, 又 因 deal with 和主语有被动关系, 故用 dealt with, 其否定形式 not dealt with。 9. A 句意:——吉姆的新工作如何?——也不好。真蠢!恐怕 他没什么希望了。 no + 比较级+ than“两者都不??”; not + 比 较级+ than “前者不及后者”。 10. C 句意:不管玩是多么的有意思,这周我都得把注意力放 在学习上。注意从句的语序。 Ⅱ.1. C 事实细节题。他是一名药剂师,有时也被当作医生,但 那是在内战以后,内战中他只是一名军官,不符合题意。 2. C 推理判断题。 彭博顿在 1886 年发明可口可乐糖浆,永远 是公司员工的骄傲。 3. D 事实细节题。倒数第二段罗宾逊用他那簿记员优雅的笔迹 为它设计了一个标志可口可乐,他设计的字体至今仍在沿用。 4. D 事实细节题。由倒数第三段可知,在配制该产品时,味道 不好,他又加入了一些可乐果精油,使其变得好喝起来。而且该产品 被称为可口可乐,可见可乐果在其中有着相当重要的作用。 5. C 事实细节题。倒数第二段最后一句写到:彭博顿不认为他 的发明是一种饮料,他一直认为这是一种治疗头痛用的药物。 Ⅲ.1. Advice on breakfast 综合全文内容再根据第一段和第二段

第一句可判断。 2. Contents 综 合 纵 列 内 容 再 结 合 第 三 段 French fries, for example, were recently found to contain much more acry l amide (丙烯酰 胺) than other food.可判断。 3. Effect 综合相应纵列内容可判断。 4. deep fried food 根据第三段 Actually, deep fried food all contains acryl amide. So don't eat it too often.可判断。 5. t oo much fat 根据第二段 The most obvious harm of eating fast food is weight gaining because of too much fat.可判断。 6. Cause cancer 根据第三段 French fries, for example, were recently found to contain much more acryl amide (丙烯酰胺) than other food. This may cause cancer.可判断。 7. Drink less soda 根据第四段 so it's best to drink as little soda as possible 可判断。 8. calcium absorption 根据第四段 Cokes and other sodas contain a lot of sugar and can slow down a person's calcium absorption 可判断。 9. Healthy food 根据第五段 but it's actually easier to make healthy choices 可判断。 10. Take some snacks 根据最后一段内容可判断。 Ⅳ. The summer ho liday which I'm looking forward to is coming. What great fun it is to go fishing! Playing football is one of my hobbies. I can climb high mountains or ride my bicycle. Sometimes I can play chess with my father. How interesting my holiday will be! But my father is always afraid I will be hurt by a truck, fall into the water, or fall off a tree. He is also afraid I will fight against others or be kidnapped by bad men. But if I'm careful and polite enough, how could these things ha ppen? What's more, I think it is impossible for parents to keep their children in a cage like birds for safety. I must try my best to persuade my father.

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