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【广东】2013版高中英语全程复习方略 素能提升演练(十六)必修4 Unit 1(人教版)

必修 4 Unit 1 Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. No matter which country you travel to,you should _______ (遵守) the law of the land. 2. Having a large family to _______ (支撑, 养活), took up two part-time h

e jobs in his spare time. 3. He is such a great man that all of us show our _______ (尊敬) for him. 4. The little boy’s bad ________ (行为, 举止) at the party made his parents upset. 5. Her research showed the _________ (关系) between chimps and human beings. 6. Paul Robertson’s _________ (成就) as both an actor and a concert performer gained his international recognition in the early 1940’s. 7. We had an ________ (争论) about politics. 8. She is due to ______ (发表)a lecture on genetic engineering. 9. _______ (激励) by the teacher’s words,he is determined to study harder than before. 10. He thinks it _________ (值得的) to devote all his life to teaching since he has won great respect from his students.

Ⅱ. 完成句子

1. This means going back to the place where we _________________ in a tree the night before. (leave) 这就意味着要回到我们前天晚上让那一家在树上睡觉的地方。 2. I ______________________ while tidying my study. (come) 我整理书房时偶然发现了一张旧照片。 3. At the railway station we had a long wait, but the effort ________________ since we got the tickets. (worthwhile) 在火车站我们等了好长时间,但努力似乎是值得的,毕竟我们终于买 到票了。 4. Only then ______________ how heavy pollution had been caused. (realize) 直到那时她才意识到污染是多么严重。 5. The police __________________ the bank. (observe) 警察看到一个人走进了银行。 6. He __________________ rather than for the plan to cut taxes. (argue) 他强烈反对而不是支持这项减税计划。 7. He had intended to write more books ________________________ under the age of 12, but he lost his life when saving the drowning girl. (intend) 他本打算再写几本专给十二岁以下儿童阅读的书,但却在救落水女孩 时献出了生命。 8. It is difficult for us to ____________________ with all this noise around

us. (carry) 周围有那么多噪音,我们很难继续谈话。 9. He was ______________________ everyone respected him. (such) 他是一个如此无私的人以至于人人都尊重他。 10. I suggest that the person _________________ be put into prison. (refer) 我建议把被提到的这个人送进监狱。 Ⅲ. 信息匹配 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。 A. B.

Name:Ziggy Nizott Height:1. 82 m Weight:90 kg Age:35 Details:Long history of

Name:Dennis Tsokas Height:1. 95 m Weight:70 kg Age:28 violent Details:Well known to local police

crime including robbery, assault and for having been arrested several car theft. C. times because of pick-pocketing. D.

Name:Michael Clarke Height:1. 7 m Weight:65 kg Age:20

Name:Mark Hughes Height:1. 6 m Weight:60 kg Age:29

Details:Arrested as a youth for car Details:Is wanted by police for theft and the selling of stolen several armed robbery of grocery goods. E. stores, banks and post offices. F.

Name:Herb Elliot

Height:1. 6 m Weight:90 kg Age:22 Details:Recently released

Name:William Daniels Height:1. 6 m Weight:90 kg from Age:32

prison where he served 2 years for Details:Arrested 4 times for the selling stolen goods. selling of drugs and car theft.


配起来。 1. A valuable dog was taken while being walked by its owner in City Park yesterday afternoon. Police wish to talk to a man seen nearby at the time, described by witnesses as short and fat with short light hair and clear glasses. 2. Yesterday morning at 9. 30 a. m. a man armed with a gun entered the National Bank and demanded money from the staff, before fleeing when confronted by bank security staff. Security cameras showed the man as being short and thin with shoulder length blonde hair. 3. A tall, strong built man with blonde hair, a thick black moustache and wearing dark glasses knocked a woman to the ground and stole her purse on Main Street last Saturday afternoon. If you see this man, do not approach as he is considered extremely dangerous. 4. At the football match between Manchester United and Liverpool, several people had their wallets stolen while waiting in line to buy food. The victims did not see or notice the thief but bystanders described him as very tall and thin, clean shaven with short light hair. 5. A car was stolen from the supermarket carpark on Friday, June 23 this year by a man described as very young, 1. 7 metres tall with thin dark hair and carrying a blue backpack. A reward of $500 is offered for the car’s recovery. Ⅳ. 基础写作

【写作内容】 史蒂夫· 乔布斯,美国苹果公司联合创办人、前行政总裁。自 1976 年成立了苹果电脑公司后,陪伴了苹果公司几十年的起落与复兴,先 后推出了风靡全球亿万人的电子产品。请你根据表格里的内容,整理 一下乔布斯的个人基本资料。

iPod、iPhone、 姓名 别名 出生地 市 1955 年 2 月 24 出生日期 日 主要成就 逝世日期 毕业院校 School 发明家,企业家, 职业 苹果前行政总裁 【写作要求】 只能用 5 个句子表达所给的全部内容。 【评分标准】 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。 分。 子产品变为现代 人生活的一部 2011 年 10 月 5 日 Homestead High 品的潮流,让曾 经昂贵稀罕的电 讯科技和电子产 生活方式。 2. 引领全球资 Steve Jobs 苹果教父 美国 加州 三藩 代表作品 iPad 等 1. 改变了现代 通讯、娱乐乃至

【参考词汇】 三藩市 San Francisco 企业家 entrepreneur 教父 godfather 行政总裁 CEO

Ⅰ. 1. observe 5. connections 9. Inspired 2. support 3. respect 4. behaviour 8. deliver

6. achievements 10. worthwhile

7. argument

Ⅱ. 1. left the family sleeping 2. came across an old photo 3. seemed worthwhile 4. did she realize 5. observed a man enter 6. argued fiercely against 7. (which were) intended for children 8. carry on a conversation 9. such a selfless man that 10. (who was) referred to Ⅲ. 1. 【解析】 E。 选 关键信息词: short and fat with short light hair and clear

glasses 2.【解析】选 D。关键信息词:short and thin with shoulder length blonde hair 3.【解析】选 A。关键信息词:a thick black moustache and wearing dark glasses 4.【解析】选 B。关键信息词:tall and thin, clean shaven with short light hair 5.【解析】选 C。关键信息词:1. 7 metres tall with thin dark hair Ⅳ.【参考范文】 Steve Jobs, the godfather of Apple, was born in San Francisco, California, the USA on February 24th, 1955 and passed away on October 5th, 2011. He graduated from Homestead High School. He was an inventor, entrepreneur and former CEO of Apple Company, with iPod, iPhone, iPad and so on as his masterpieces. Jobs made a great contribution to the transformation of modern means of communication, entertainment and lifestyle. It was he who led the trend of global information technology and electronic products, enabling the once rare and expensive electronic products to become part of people’s life in modern times.

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