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Unit 1 Module 1 A friend may be someone 1______________you are willing to tell about your happiness and unhappiness. 2___________friends, life is meaningless. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Maybe it is the meaning of true friendship. A true friend does not only tell us what we want to hear 3________ will do what he thinks is 4____________(exact)best for us . 5_______ I choose friends, I do not care what work they do or what social background( 社会背景) 6____________are from. I would make sure whether we really care about each other . Although we spend 7_______long time without 8_________ (see)each other, I know my friends will 9___________( sure ) be there, ready to help if I need them. Of course ,if we want to make friends, we should be friendly to others first . It is 10___________( possible ) for a selfish man to make true friends . Unit 2 Module 1 1_________(wide) used language in the world. It 2_________ ( speak ) as the

English is the most

official , first , 3________ ( two ) or foreign language in 4___________( difference ) countries. There are some differences 5 _____ pronunciation ,expression and spelling between American and British English. For example . Englishmen say ―underground‖ 6_________Americans say ―subway‖.

As Chinese , it does not matter whether it is American English 7_____British English . We can choose whatever we like . The point is that we can imitate (模仿), understand and communicate with foreigners. It is well known 8________ China has entered WTO and English will play a more important part in business, in tourism( 旅游) , and even in people’s daily life. Everyone should have a good

knowledge of English! The 2010 Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou. It will be a good chance for us 9_____________(communicate)with different foreigners and introduce to the foreigners the great changes of 10________city . Unit 3 Module 1 Ever since middle school my sister and I have dreamt about 1 _______(take) a great bike trip. I was

really excited that we were 2_________ ( go) on a bike trip the next summer. to join in us. It was Wang Kun where it begins to

I persuaded my cousins

3________first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River from

4 ________ it ends. I like my sister 5_____________she never changes her mind no

matter how difficult it is. She insisted that she 6______________(organize) the trip. My sister didn’t care about details. Several months before our trip, we found a large atlas with good maps which showed details of world geography. During our journey, 7___________ could see the lakes shone like glass in

the 8 _____ (set) sun . We made camp on the mountain. We were tired 9 the long bike ride but remained in high spirits. Our dream to cycle along the Mekong River had 10 _____________(final)come true. Unit 4 Module 1 At 5:15 a.m. on April 18, 1906, a terrible earthquake 1 _____________ (shake) San Francisco. The quake 2 _____________ (last) only one minute but caused the 3 _____________ (bad) damages in 4 _____________ nation’s history. The greatest damage came from the fires after the quake. These fires lasted for three days 5 _____________ (destroy) 490 city 6 _____________ (block) and 15,000 buildings, 7_____________ made 8 _____________ great number of people homeless and killed between 450 and 700. San Francisco found its way to recover. Nowadays, Every student 9 _____________ (encourage) to collect a personal earthquake bag and have it ready in case an earthquake happens. The bag should contain important personal and official papers. It should also have 10_____________ (use) items to make life easier until help arrives.

Unit 5 Module 1 Madame Curie was born in Poland in 1867. 1________she was young , she got interested in physics and chemistry. It was in 1891 2_________she went to Paris 3________ she went to university because at that time women were not 4_____________(admit)to universities. There She married

Curie—another scientist in 1895 ,5_________ died from a road accident In 1903, she got a doctor’s degree in 1903. In addition , she got two Nobel Prizes both in 1903 and 1911. For the last ten years ,she was almost blind .The element –radium to 6___________she had devoted herself for many years led to her eye illness and she died 7_________the age of 66. She devoted all 8_____ life to scientific research . She was the first person who received two Nobel Prizes in the world. She had many good qualities such as determination , courage and confidence . Apart from that , she was always willing to

share her knowledge. Today she 9.____________( remember) and admired as a great scientist of fancy achievements . Such was from . Unit 1 Module 2 When Frederick William I first made the Amber House, it was not 1__________(intend) to be a gift . He

Madame Curie --- one who was worth 10___________( respect) and learning

made it for his own palace. It took hundreds of workers ten years of hard work 2____________( make ) it. Peter the Great gave Frederick 55 of his best soldiers in return 3_______ Frederick’s generous offer. The Amber Room served as 4___________reception hall later in Russia. There is no doubt 5__________the Amber House was one of the great 6________( wonder) of the world. 7_______ it is a pity that it 8_________ (destroy) by the Russian Red Army during World War II. Only some furniture and small objects , 9___________ were not so heavy, were able to be removed

from the Amber Room before the German soldier stole it 10________(secret) in 1941. Unit 2 Module 2 The Olympic Games are1________ (hold) every four years in a different city in the world.2_________(athlete) from different countries compete in a variety of sports 3________ are divided into winter and summer games. The Olympics began in 4________ (Greek) more than 2 700 years ago. The first 5_________ (record) Olympic competition was held in 776 B. C. It was held in 6________ outdoor stadium and about forty thousand people watched the event. The first thirteen Olympics consisted of only one race running. The games had been held 7_______ (regular) for about 1 200 years. Then, in the year 397 the Olympics were prohibited(禁止) by the Roman Emperor. It was not until 1896 8________ the first Olympics of modern times were held in Athens. From then 9_______, the games are held every four years. The Olympics have become 10_______ world's most important athletic events and a symbol of sporting friendship of all the people of the world. Unit 3 Module 2 With the development of science and technology , the computer is playing an important role in our daily life . Nowadays, more and more people prefer 1________(shop) internet shopping or traditional shopping?2_____________(person), on line . Which is better , it has its advantages and

disadvantages .As we know , 3_____ is very convenient to shop on line . We needn’t even leave our home . We only need to click the mouse and everything is brought to us very soon. 4__________, it is unsafe to buy goods with credit cards and it is 5____________(possible)to check the quality . We may 6_________(cheat)by the dishonest advertisements and waste money . fun to go into shops and look at the goods by ourselves . We can choose

7__________( actual) ,it is

what we really need 8__________have a good bargain. We can talk 9________(free) with others instead of a cold machine. But it is time taking . As the famous saying goes , every coin has two sides. Which way do you prefer ? It’s all up to you . The point is that we should have the ability of

10___________ ( protect ) ourselves. Unit 4 Module 2 It is well known that wildlife is facing a serious problem . Many wild animals such as pandas, golden monkeys , elephants , tigers , milu deer ___1_____________ (die )out day by day .. In my opinion , there are four reasons as follows : Firstly , people are killing and hunting animals for money ,clothing and food .___2_____, human beings are destroying the environment . They are cutting down trees. ______3_______ ,forests become deserts and animals have no homes . Thirdly, some animals don’t have enough ___4_____( eat). Finally, there are ____5____(nature) disasters which kill people and wildlife . So we need _____6____(protect) the wildlife . In my opinion , for one thing , we should not kill or hunt the animals any more . Laws can ____7____(make) to stop people from killing animals. . If they go on killing the rare animals, they will be fined or put into prison . For 8________ , we can build more nature reserve for them to live in. What’s more .we should ___9_____(protection) the environment and build more bamboo areas for pandas . We must do everything as WWF ___10_____ (suggest). Only in these ways can we save the wildlife Unit 5 Module 2

Have you ever wanted to be a famous singer or a 1 __________( music) 2__________ plays musical instrument and give a 3___________( perform)? Have you ever dreamed of 4_____(sit) in front of thousands of people at a concert at 5_______ everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? you ever thought of forming a band ? 6________ be honest , you will Have

say ― yes‖. Many musicians

meet and form a band 7_______ they like to write and play their own music. They may start 8____ a group of students . They often play to passers –by so that they can make extra money . Later , they may give _9___________( perform) in pubs and clubs for 10__________ they are paid in cash.

Certainly , they hope to make records in a studio in order to become famous and millionaires. Unit 1 Module 3 Three different weddings

In Italy, the wedding was held in a big church in July, at 1_____ the bride wore 2 ______long white dress. Before the wedding day, both the bride and groom’s families 3______ (offer) several meals to their relatives and friends. There was a big meal 4_________ the wedding. During the meal, the bride

and groom 5_______ (break) a glass. Then they counted the pieces to see how many years they would be together. In a 6_________(Canada) wedding, a man made a speech 7________ people sang a few

beautiful songs. The bridge wore a nice pink dress. And the guests each threw a 8_______ (hand) of rice over the bridge and groom to wish them good luck and lots of children. But in Bali the wedding 9______ ( hold) on a beach. The bride and the groom both wore colorful

clothes and hats . . Different countries have different customs . We should get familiar with them or we 10________ have misunderstandings. Unit 2 Module 3

Your body needs food to work for you just as a car needs gas to run. 1________ (eat) the right kind of food is very important. It can help your body get the 2________ (strong) to keep you active. 3________ is easy to get into bad eating-habits. You may like some kind of food and eat lots of it or you 4________ not eat any of the food just because you don’t like the taste of it. Then you get weight because you’ve taken too much fat 5________ you get tired easily because you don’t get enough energy-giving food. You may eat your breakfast quickly to get to school on time or even go without breakfast because you’re in such 6________ hurry or because you want to keep slim. You will find yourself 7________ (tire) and can not think quickly. Then you may have a good lunch and rich dinner. In that way you put on weight easily. As the food you eat has a great effect on the health, you must watch 8________ you eat. The best way is to combine foods full of energy 9________ those full of fibre. Keeping a 10________ (balance) diet will help your body remain healthy and strong. Unit 3 Module 3

At the beginning of Scene 3 of Act One the hero Henry Adams, a San Francisco businessman, is walking down a London street aimlessly 1________ he hears the brothers, Roderick and Oliver, calling him. Then he is asked to enter a house and there he chats with them. When 2_________(ask), Henry tells them about 3___________ and his bad luck story. He arrived in London by accident. The reason was 4___________ he was carried out to sea by a strong wind when he sailed out of the bay one month ago. He didn’t know 5_________ he could survive. 6_________ next morning a ship saved him and took him to London. The fact is 7________ he earned his passage by working as an unpaid hand. The two brothers ask Henry some questions. Their concern is 8__________ Henry knows about London or has

any money. But Henry thinks they are making fun of him and wants to say goodbye. To his 9 ____________(surprising), they give him a letter with money in it and ask Henry not to open it 10________ two o’clock. Without any further explanation about the letter they ask the servant to show Henry out. Unit 4 Module 3 After the ―Big Bang‖, the earth was first a cloud of energetic dust and then a ball 1___________(move) around the sun. At that time, 2________ the solid shape was to be was not clear. The earth exploded loudly and produced useful thing to make the earth’s atmosphere. As the earth cooled down, water began to appear on its surface, 3__________ made it different from other planets going around the sun. Many people think that this was important for the beginning of life and that made 4______ possible for life to begin to develop. 5 ________scientists think is that the earth was different because of the 6________(arrive) of small plants growing in the water on its surface. Many million of years 7______(late) the first green plants began to appear 8________ land. Later land animal appeared. Small clever animals, now with hands and feet, appeared and spread all over the earth. As time went by, they put too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which prevent heat from 9___________(escape) from the heat into space. 10___________ life will continue on the earth for million of years to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved. Unit 5 Module 3

Canada is 1__________ second biggest country in the world in land area, which covers 9,970,610 square kilometers 2_________ a population of over thirty million. Canada is located 3_______ the north of North America, with the Pacific on its west and the Atlantic on its east. 4____________ , it is its forest cover 5__________ (make) up 44 percent of its whole area that lies the third biggest around the world and makes great contributions to environmental 6____________(protect) , only 7___________ (small) than that of Russia and Brazil. The fact 8__________ it is rich in natural resources, such as petrol, gas, lead and zinc makes Canadians proud of their country. 9________ we all know, there are also a lot of lakes 10____________ make the country more beautiful. Unit 1 Module 4 1 ____________

Jane Goodall was called ―a protector of African wildlife‖. One of her great

(achieve) was to change the way people think about chimps. People used 2_________( believe) that

chimps ate only fruit and nuts, 3_____ Jane’s research showed that 4_________________ they thought of chimps was simply wrong. She made up her minds to study animals in their own environment instead of 5________( study ) at a university. To do this, she had to overcome masses of difficulties. She devoted the most precious 40 years of her life 6_________the wildlife in the forest, 7________________ was hard to believe even for a man! But she thinks what she has done 8____ worthwhile , for she has achieved everything she wanted to do. Encouraged by her 9__________________(inspire) story, many women devoted themselves to the career of wildlife ______________________(protect). Unit 2 Module 4 In 1930, Yuan Long ping—one of the most famous scientists, was born in a poor farmer’s family. He considers himself a farmer, indeed; his 1__________ (sunburn) face and strong body are just like 2______ of farmers. After his 3_________(graduate) from Southwest Agriculture College, he has devoted his life to 4_________ (find) ways to grow more and more rice without 5 __________( expand) the area of land because hunger is 6________ serious problem in many parts of the countryside. He succeeds in growing hybrid rice. Thanks 7 _______his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger. Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests 8_________ (two) as large as before. He has been awarded many prizes such as ―China’s pride, Move china and people honor him as ―father of hybrid rice‖. 9_________, he is very 10________ (satisfy) with his life and does not care about being famous. Unit 3 Module 4

Charlie Chaplin, who was a great master of humour, was born in a poor family in 1889 and died in Switzerland in 1977, 1 films were silent. His charming character the Little Tramp who is still (fail) but 3 (love) for his determination

known all over the world, was a social 2 in 4 search 5

(overcome) difficulties. In his film The Gold Rush, many people went to California in gold, including Chaplin and his friends. 6 of finding any gold, they were 7 (boil) shoe.

(catch) in a snowstorm. Chaplin was 8

hungry that he has to eat a 9

He made 10_________ as if it were one of the best meals he had ever had. In 1972, he was given a special Oscar for his outstanding work in films. Unit 4 Module 4

When we talk with others, we make ourselves 1_______(understand) not just by words. Body language is used by people for sending message to one 2______. It is one of the most powerful means of communication. 3_________ there’re many differences in different cultures’ body language, many gestures and action are universal. For example, the smile,4_______ is the most universal facial 5________(express), is to show happiness and put people at 6_______(easy) while 7______(frown) shows happiness or anger in most places around the world. In almost every culture, 8_______ is not usually good to stand too close to someone of 9_______ higher rank. However, not all body languages means the same in different countries. Take nodding the head for example, in some Asian countries it means not ―Yes‖10________ ―No‖. So it is very important for us to learn more about body lang uage from different cultures. Unit 5 Module 4 As we know , a park is a public place of a town or a city 1_________ people go to walk , relax

or have fun . A theme park is a park 2__________a special theme such as space walk , wildlife or folk culture ,where people have not only fun 3_______ knowledge and information. There are many famous theme park in china and other countries , such 4______ Xiangjiang Wildlife Zoo , Shenzhen folk Culture Village , Disneyland , Dollywood in America , Camelot park in England and Futuroscope in France. Are you familiar 5__________ Disneyland ? The first Disneyland was opened in California in 1955 . Now it can 6 _______( find ) in several parts of the world. Its theme is about fairy tale and

cartoon stories . If you visit the park , you will have an 7__________( amaze ) time .It will bring you into a 8________( magic) world . There are many 9__________ ( amuse ) activities for you to choose . You can visit a pirate ship , meet your favourite cartoon and fairy tale characters in a parade or on the street . You can also ride swinging ships 10_______ _free-fall drops . You can have a wonderful experience.! Unit 1 Module 5

John was doctor 1____________ ( know ) to all in the middle of the 19th century. At his time cholera was a 2__________________( dead ) disease i It could not be controlled because neither its cause 3___________ its cure ( expose ) to it and died . He wanted to face the challenge and defeat the terrible disease. was know or understood. Many people who were 4______________

Some people believed cholera multiplied in the air . it was a strange cloud of gas 5___________

attacked its victims. Others thought that people absorbed germs suspected the second theory was right when 6 ________their meals. He 7___________ hit London in 1854, He found that in

two streets . The outbreak was 8___________ severe that over 500 people died . He then looked into the clues about the cause of the disease by Marking on a map 9________________ all the dead people lived. Finally , he found that people dies of cholera after drinking the 10____________ ( pollute) water , So he concluded that cholera was spread by germs not in a cloud of gas . He suggested the source be examined and people not drink the water any more . At last, ―King Cholera ― was defeated ― Unit 2 Module 5 Big Ben is one of London’s best—known sights and looks most beautiful at night when the clock faces are lit. The name Big Ben actually refers not 1________ the clock-tower itself, 2__________ to the thirteen-ton bell 3_______(hang) within. The bell came from the old Palace of Westminster; it was given to the Dean of St. Paul’s by William Ш. Before 4_________(return) to Westminster to hang in 5__ ____ present home, it was refashioned in 1858. The fours faces of the clock are 23 feet square, with 2 hands 6__________(include) each. Minutely regulated with a pile of coins placed on the huge pendulum, Big Ben is an excellent timekeeper, 7_______ has seldom stopped. However, this most famous clock came to stop for more than an hour and a half in May, 2005. It began 8_______(move) again slowly but stopped 9_____ second time at 22:07 BST( British Summer Time) and remained still for 90 minutes. This cause of the stoppage is unknown, but the hot weather could be 10_______. (blame) Unit 3 Module 5. Li Qiang got a chance to travel into the year 3008 AD with his friend and guide . Wang Ping because he won prize and took it up. He 1____________( transport)into the future by Wang’s parents’ company in a time capsule. 2_________ he left his own time, he suffered from a ―time lag‖ which means he keeps getting flashbacks from his present time period so he felt very nervous and 4_________( certain), Wang ping gave him some green tablets to help him. In the capsule, he felt sleepy and comfortable after a calming drinking. A few minutes later , they arrived in the future .In the future year ,5 6__________( adjust) )to the

_________ ( hit ) by a lack of fresh air, his head ached. . He tried to

new situation and Wand Ping gave him a mask . After a short rest in the room ,he felt much better 7 ___________no time . Then he collected a hovering a carriage 8__________( drive)by a computer. and began to fly . Because of many carriages flying in all directions, he lost sight of Wang Ping. ― Timelag‖ flashback, he caught sight of Wang Ping again and flew after him.

Having a

Eventually ,9__________ went into a strange –looking future house together with a green wall. a brown floor and soft lighting. The walls were made of trees whose leaves provide the room with much-needed oxygen. He had a brief meal and a hot bath . 10____________(exhaust) he slid into bed and fell fast asleep. Unit 4 Module 5 Newspapers play an important role in our society. Some newspapers are specially useful for some specific groups, one of 1 Sentinel’s Newspapers in Educational program. Each day, hundreds of 2 is the Holland (newspaper) are

delivered to different schools. The Holland Sentinel provides classrooms sets of newspapers free of charge for teachers 3 classroom. This program 5 (call) Partners in Education, is available to businesses who would like to get involved in use the newspapers through 4 unique one-to-one partnership with a

helping local schools. Students love to use the newspaper because 6 can be cut, put up and colored. The NIE department supports teachers by providing them 7 (month) of 9 (vary)

many kinds of resources such as a comprehensive curriculum guide and a 8 upcoming special sections and contests. Each year, the NIE department holds educational contests designed 10

(special) for students. Contests include: Football Geography,

Design an Ad, The stock Market Game, as well as many others. Unit 5 Module 5

First aid is the first kind of help____1______(give)to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured ____2______ a doctor can be found. Often the _____3______(ill) or injury is not serious, but there are other times _____4______ giving first aid quickly will save lives The skin is ____5______ essential part of your body and its body’s _____6_____(large) organ. You have three layers of skin that protect you ____7_______ diseases, poison and the sun’s harmful rays. Your skin also keeps you warm ____8_____ cool ; it ______9______(prevent) your body from losing water; It is ____10______ you feel cold, heat or pain; and it gives your sense of touch. So, as you can imagine , If your skin gets burnt, it can be very serious. First aid is a very important first step in the treatment of burns.


Unit 1 Module 1 1. whom 2. Without 3. but 9.surely 10. impossible. Unit 2 Module 1 1. widely 2. is spoken 3. second 4.different 9. to communicate Unit 3 Module 1 1. taking 2. going 3. who 4. where 5. because 6. (should) organize finally Unit 4 Module 1 1. shook 2. lasted 3. worst 4. the 5.destroying 6. blocks 7. which 8. a 9. is encouraged 10. useful Unit 5 Book 1 1. When 2. that 10. respecting Unit 1 Module 2 1. intended 2. to make 3. for 4. a 5. that 6. wonders 7. But Unit 2 Module 2 1. held Unit 3 2.Athletes Module 2 4. However 5. impossible 6. be cheated 3.which 4.Greece 5.recorded 6.an 7. regularly 8.that 9.on 10.the 8. was destroyed 9. which 10 secretly 3. where 4. admitted 5. who 6. which 7. at 8. her 9. is remembered 7. we 8.setting 9. from 10 . 10 our 5.in 6. but 7. or 8. that 4. exactly 5.If/When 6.they 7.a 8. seeing

1. shopping /to shop 2. Personally 3. it 7. Actually Unit 4 8. and Module 2 9. freely

10. protecting

1.are dying 2.Secondly 3.Therefore 4. to eat 6. to protect 7. be made 8.


another 9. protect 10. suggests

Unit 5 Module 2 1. musician 8 .as Unit 1 2. who 3. performance 4 sitting 5 which 6. To 7. because 9 . performances Module 3 6. Canadian 7. and

10. which

1. which 2. a 3. offered 4. after 5. broke

8. handful

9. was held 10. may /might Unit 2 Module 3 1. Eating 2. strength Unit 3 1. when Module 3 2. asked 3. himself 9. surprise 4. that 10. until 5. whether 6. The 3. It 4. may 5. or 6. a 7. tired 8. what 9. with/and 10. balanced

7. that 8. whether Unit 4 Module 3 1. moving 2. what Unit 5 Module 3 1. the 2. with 3. in Unit 1 Module 4

3. which 4. it

5. What

6. arrival 7. later 8 on

9 escaping 10. Whether

4. Besides 5. making 6. protection 7. smaller

8. that 9. As

10. which

1. achievements 2. to believe 3. but 4. what 8. is 9. inspiring 10. protection Unit 2 Module 4

5. studying 6. to

7. which

1. sunburnt 2 those 3. graduating 6.a Unit 3 1. whose 7. to 8. twice 9. However

4. finding 10. satisfied

5. expanding

Module 4 2. failure 3. was loved 4. overcoming 10. it 5. of 6. Instead 7. caught

8. so 9. boiled Unit 4 Module 4

1. understood 2. another 3. Although/Though 4. which 5. expression 6.ease 7. frowning 8. it 9.a 10.but Unit 5 Module 4 1. where 7 amazing Unit 1 1. known 9 . where 2 .with 8 .magical Module 5 2. deadly 3. nor 4 .exposed 5. that 6. with 10. polluted 7. an 8 .so 3 .but 4 .as 5. with 6 be found

9. amusement / amusing 10 or

Unit 2 Module 5 1. to 2. but 3. hung 4. returning 5. its

6. included 7. which Unit 3 Module 5 1. was transported 6 .adjust 7. in 2 ,When 3. getting 4. uncertain 8 driven 9 they 10. Exhausted 5 Hit 8. moving 9. a 10. to blame

Unit 4 Module 5 1. which 2. newspapers 6. it 7. with 3. who 4. a 5. called

8. monthly 9. various 10. specially

Unit 5 1. given 6. largest

Module 5 2. before 7. from 3. illness 8. or 4. when 9. prevents 5. an 10. where


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