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第一卷 (85分)
I. 听力测试(20 分) A)听录音,在每组句子中选出一个你所听到的句子。每个句子听一遍。 1. A. Those stamps are quite beautiful. B. These fishes are so lovely. C. These shells are so beautiful. 2. A. After the concert I Waited outside the theater. B. This Weekend I’ll go to the theater. C. Can you tell me Where the theater is? 3. A. We can take good care of ourselves at school. B. Be careful when you use the knives. C. You should learn to take care of yourselves Well. 4. A. It is a place Where students can exchange. B. The park is a good place to have fun. C. This story took place in 2013. 5. A. It must be difficult to Win the match. B. It must belong to China. C. She must be at home when it’s 9;OO. B)听录音,从每题 A、B、C 三幅图画中选出与听到的内容相符的一项。每段对话听两遍。 6.





C)在录音中,一段对话及五个问题。请根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案。对话及问题听两遍。 11. A. A worker. B. A student. C. A soldier. 12. A. Four weeks. B. Six years. C. Two months. 13. A. Cleaning the rooms. B. Giving English lessons. C. Driving a taxi. 14. A. Three. B. Five. C. Eight.

15. A. Because he planned to go to England. B. Because he wanted to make friends with John. C. Because he had many American friends, he needed to talk with them. D)在录音中,一篇短文及五个问题。请根据短文内容及问题选择正确答案。短文及问题听两遍。 16. A. To make money B. To make them safe. C. To help them Work. 17. A. Pigs. B. Goats. C. Dogs. 18. A. A friend. B. A teacher. C. A child. 19. A. A smart teacher. B. A helpful brother. C. A playing partner. 20. A. Dogs can play with them. B. Dogs are their friends. C. They regard dogs as their children.

II. 读音选词 根据所给句意和音标,从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 (5 分)
21. Students have to ______ / w??/ school uniforms on school days. A. wear B. where C. wish D. white 22. Please open the window and let the _____ /fre?/ air in. A.flash B.future C.fish D.fresh 23. Please don’t ________ / θr?u/ the rubbish in public. It’s impolite. A. through B. though C.throw D.threw 24. Walk ________ /?'l??/ the road and turn right at the first crossing. A. away B. alone C. along D. across 25. The ______ /?prez?d?nt/ will visit China in the near future. A. present B. president C. pleasant D. parent


从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 (30 分)

26. — Is AC Milan Italian football club? — Yes. It’s one of most successful clubs in Italy. A. an; / B. an; the C. /; the D. /; / 27.Jim doesn’t get to school ______ bike. He gets ________ his father’s car. A on, by B by, by C by, in D on, in 28. Ice-cream usually _________, so students like to eat it after school. A tastes good B taste good C taste well D tastes well 29. ---Whose French books are these? ---Only Grace and Dick have learnt French. It must belong to ________. A. they B. them C. themselves D. theirs 30. The little child was too _________ to hear the end of the long speech. A. sleepy B. asleep C. sleep D. sleeping 31. His life ______ a lot in the last few years. A. changed B. changes C. has changed D. had changed 32. Water is the cheapest drink and it is also ___________. A. healthier B. healthiest C. the healthier D. the healthiest 33.“I don’t think I am different from_______ else. I am just the son of a farmer,” Mo Yan said. A. anyone B. nobody C. someone D. everyone 34. Were there many students yesterday? __________ A Yes, there was B Yes, there were. C Yes, there is D Yes, there are. 35. Tom is studying for the English test ______ this Friday. A at B on C in D / 36.—If you read it one more time, you ______ a better understanding. —OK, I’ll try again. Thank you. A. Have B.having C.Had D.will have 37. —Which of the two T-shirts will you take? —I’ll take ________. They are too small for me. A.both B.all C.Either D.neither

38. The guitar _______ belong to Alice. Only she plays the guitar here. A.could B.must C.can’t D.can. 39. _________ beautiful sunshine! Shall we take a walk around Daming Lake? A. What a B. What C. How a D. How 40. Mary ______ arrived at 2:30, but she arrived at 3:00. A. supposed to B. am supposed to C. was supposed to D. was supposing to 41. Since Project Hope started, it ______ millions of children to come back to school. A has helped B helped C is helped D helps 42. —How many students in your school? — ______ there are 3500 students . A. In total B. in that case C. In person D. in pubic 43.________ the girl is only five, _____she looks after her sick father and cooks meals every day. A. Although, but B. Because, / C. Although , / D. /, so 44. If you want to communicate with your friend in Canada, which can’t you use?

A. B. C. 45. —Mum, Could I go shopping with you? —Yes, _______ But you have to finish your homework first. A. you can B. you could C. you can't D. you couldn’t 46. Mary _______ her mother. She has big eyes and red hair, too. A. looks after B. looks for C. takes up 47.—Mum, can I help you make dumplings?


D. takes after

—Sure, honey! ________ the meat and cabbages first, please. A.Cut off B.Cut out C.Cut up D.Cut down 48.——Excuse me, Sir. ____ is it from here to the nearest shopping mall? ——Well, only about five minutes’ walk. A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How soon 49. ——May 1 have a look at your plan for the robot competition,Smith? ——Sorry,Mrs. Brown. I've________ it at home. A. missed B. forgotten C. left D. lost 50. ----- I want to have a rest. Could you please _______ the CD so loud ? -- Sorry, I will turn it down. A. played B. not playing C. don’t play D. not play 51.---Oh, I have lost my ID card! A. Don’t shout --- ________. Let’s call the lost-and-found first. C. Forget it D. No chance B. Take it easy

52. To my great surprise, the famous athlete’s story______ differently in the newspapers. A. was reported B. reported C. was reporting D. reports 53. We should play a part _______good care of the environment. A.at taking B.at take C.in taking D.in take 54. —How long has Obama __________ the US president? —For about five years. It is his second term A. become B. started C. joined D. been 55. --- Could you tell me ______ at the meeting yesterday? ---- Sorry, I don’t know. I didn’t go to the meeting, either. A what does the headmaster say B what the headmaster says C what did the headmaster say D what the headmaster said

Ⅳ.完形填空 阅读短文,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个能填入文章中相应空白处 的最佳答案。(10分)
My parents always wanted me to be “on top”, so from early on,I had the _56_ to be the best in everything, from getting the highest score on a spelling test to running fastest in a race. In middle school, I realized how many other smarter and faster people there were. It became __57__that I was not the best any more, but my parents still held on to their hope and forced me to try hard. To their

disappointment, I became less confident and didn’t want to work harder because, to me, there was no point in making any more __58__if I was unable to be number one. My grades began to fall, I never practiced the piano, I _59_painting. It was all because my motivation(动力) to do anything had dropped much. When high school started, I was at a new school in a new city. I _60 _to get back my notivation and start over. So I picked up my ever favorite hobby again and enrolled(报名) myself. In the art course, __61_, our art teacher, Mr. Grady, gave us more freedom with our art projects. He would always encourage us to realize our potential. (潜 力). My first painting was simply a bee sitting on a sunflower. I tried my best, but still found it hard to feel satisfied with it. I knew it was not __62__ and could hardly get a good grade. But I showed it to Mr. Grady. He didn’t _63_ it in a rush. Instead, he gave me advice which only motivated me to work harder on it. For the first time, I was happy with the _64_ of my painting rather than disppointed about its imperfection. I finished all the other projects with higher grades, but I hung the first painting in my room at the end of the term. My parents thought _65_ me to be number one would motivate me. Instead, it discouraged me much when I was not number one, for I had gone to school only to get a grade, not knowledge, let alone progress. Actually, it is Okay not to be the best at everything as long as you continue to try your best. 56 A ability B chance C goal D way 57 A strange B clear C accecptable D impossible 58 A efforts B choices C promises D wishes 59 A regretted B considered C continued D stopped 60 A failed B refusesd C decided D waited 61 A Naturally B Similarly C Normally D Luckily 62 A famous B modern C perfect D special 63 A name B grade C hang D finish 64 A progress B meaning C style D title 65 A instructing B helping C encouraging D pushing Ⅴ.补全对话 阅读对话,从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案完成对话。(5 分) A: Hi, Dick! What are you going to do tonight? B: B: 66 67 . What about your suggestion ? . But I hear there is a talk at seven in the City Hall. A: Would you like to go to a movie? A: What’s the talk about? B: The history of music. I enjoy music very much. A: Me, too. 68 69 B: Great! Let’s go to the City Hall instead. A: By the way, my friend Jenny likes music, too. B: Not at all. 70

A: Let’s meet at the school gate at 6:30 in the evening, OK? B: OK. See you then. A: See you. 66. A. Can I help you? C. I’m not sure. 67. A. I’d love to. C. I’m sorry to hear that. 68. A. Would you like to go to the movies? C. How about listening to music? 69. A. She’s good at singing. C. Please go to the concert. 70. A. When and where shall we meet? B. Shall we go to the movies? D. Let’s go to the zoo. B. That sounds good. D. It doesn’t matter. B. Why not go hiking? D. Why not go to the talk? B. Would you mind inviting her? D. Sorry, I won’t like others to go. B. Thanks for asking me.

C. I hope we have a nice day 最佳答案。(15分) A

D. How can we get there?

Ⅵ.阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的

Cut Your Hair for Them! Who are we? & Who do we help? We’re locks of love, a public organization that provides hairpieces(假发) to children who are under age15, from poor families in the United State and Canada, and experiencing long-term hair loss from some illness. What’s their life like without hair? These children have lost more than their hair. Many are laughed at by classmates, feel shy or upset for their hair loss, or even have given up normal childhood activities such as swimming or going to the park. What’ll their life be like with hairpieces? Wearing a hairpiece is certainly not a cure(治疗) for these children, but it can help them became confident in their everyday life. How can you help? Cut your hair for them! The least length for a hair donation(捐献) is 10 inches(25.4cm). All donations must be mailed to locks of love at: 234 southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33045 For more information about the donation, visit the website: htttp://locksoflove.org 71. Which child can get help from Locks of Love? A. A 14-year-old child in England B. A 16-year-old child in Canada C. A 9-year-old child in U.S. D. A 6-year-old child in France 72. Locks of Love can help the children . A. become confident B. go back to school C. become clever D grow new hair 73 What’s their life like without hair? A. Many are laughed at by classmates B Many feel shy or upset for their hair loss C. even have given up normal childhood activities D All of the above 74If you want to donate your hair, it must be _________long. A less than 10 inches B just 10 inches C at least 10 inches D more than 10 inches 75. How can we help the children? A. Write letters to them B. Cut our hair for them C. Do activities with them D. Help them with their study B Alexis Martin is a three-year-old girl from Arizona. She hasn’t started kindergarten(幼儿 园)yet, but she has an IQ above 160, which is well above the average people’s IQ. So there is no wonder that she has become the youngest member of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Mensa is an international club whose members must have an IQ score In the top 2% of the world. Currently, Mensa has 3,300 members under the age of 18 in the U.S. Alexis is one of them. The average people generally have an IQ score of 100 points, but Alexis scored 160 points, the highest score on the test. The doctors who tested Alexis said she scored so high that they couldn’t even work out her IQ exactly. They think she is even smarter than 99.9% of the world population. Actually, she matched the IQs of talents like Alexis Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. Ian Martin, Alexis’ father, said his daughter showed signs of some special abilities at the age of one and she began reading books for pupils when she was just two years old. Now at the age of three, Alexis is reading on a fifth grade level. “From 12 months old, we’d be driving around in the car and she would repeat her bedtime stories from the night before,” he said. “She didn’t just repeat them. She could remember every word of them exactly.” Ian Martin thinks his daughter also stands out when it comes to learning new languages. “Anything she learns a word and just picks it up through anything, she never ever uses it in the incorrect situation, ever,” Ian said.

While Alexis’s parents are proud that their three-year-old daughter has become a member in Mensa, they are also aware of the price that comes with every gift. The doctor say Alexis should never attend a normal school and children with her level of intelligence often experience high anxiety and try to look for proper ways to help her get involved into society. 76According to the passage, an IQ score shows_______________. A the level of one’s intelligence B a child’s intelligence development potentiality (潜力) C the average level of people’s intelligence D the educational background of a child 77. Mensa only accepts . A. teenagers under 18 in the U.S. B. people with IQs above 160 in the U.S. C. talents in the world like Albert Einstein D. people with IQs in the top 2% of the world 78. From the passage, we know that Alexis’ IQ is ___. A. getting higher through training B. beyond the limit of the IQ test C. above the IQ of Stephen Hawking D. growing too fast to get an exact score 79. One of Alexis’s special abilities is that . A. she could read stories at the age of one B. she could write books for pupils at the age of two C. she can remember every word of what her parents said D. she can learn new words quickly and use them properly 80 What can we learn from the last paragraph? A. Alexis is sure to experience anxiety in the future. B. Alexis’ parents can’t afford the gifts that she chooses. C. Alexis’ parents won’t be able to find her a normal school. D. Alexis may feel it hard to get along with the average people. C It is an argument that has divided the East and the West for centuries: Are chopsticks better than the knife and fork, or vice versa? Now the winner may finally be decided, on environmental ground. Chopsticks are made from a variety of materials, but bamboo and wood chopsticks are more popular. They are usually cheaper, lower in temperature conduction and provide better sense for holding food. That’s why almost all disposable (一次性的) chopsticks, China has ranked number one among the producers. “We must change our habits and encourage people to take their own chopsticks when eating out,” said Mr. Bo, the owner of a forestry industry company in China. He even went so far as to suggest that restaurants should offer metal knives and forks instead. If Mr. Bo’s suggestion is widely accepted, it would be a dark moment in chopsticks’ 4,000-year history. Chopsticks were invented in ancient China and later spread around Asia. They are not only used as eating tools but also used for cooking, stirring the fire and serving food. Koreans sometimes use metal chopsticks because of their love of barbecue (烧烤). Chinese chopsticks are longer than Korean and Japanese chopsticks in order to reach the dishes in the center of the table. There are 1.4 billion people using pairs of disposable chopsticks in Japan every year. However, most of its disposable chopsticks have been imported (进口) from China, up to over 90%. Today, China has to accept the truth that its forests can also no longer provide enough chopsticks to feed Asian’s table habit. China is now the world’s largest importer of wood and even imports chopsticks from America. An American company said that the state’s native sweet gum and poplar wood would be perfectly used to make chopsticks. These materials do not need to be lightened with chemicals or bleach(漂白粉) . The healthy materials and fairly reasonable prices of the products are appealing to Asian customers. More and more Asians start to use American-made chopsticks at their tables. Although the U.S. has a huge amount of wood, which reduces the number of trees that are cut down in Asia, changing the table habit of using disposable chopsticks still seems to be a wiser choice for chopsticks-using countries

81 According to Paragraph 2, Mr. Bo’s advice is that Chinese should A. use metal chopsticks instead of wooden ones B. plant more trees and produce fewer chopsticks C. form the habit of taking their own chopsticks when eating out D. change their habits and begin to use knives and forks at home 82. What do we know about chopsticks in Asia? A. Koreans mainly use chopsticks to cook food over a fire. B. Most disposable chopsticks in Japan are made in China. C. The most disposable chopsticks are used in Japan yearly. D. Chinese use the shortest chopsticks to take and serve food. 83 The underlined word “appealing” in Paragraph 4 probably means A. normal B. necessary C. attractive D. surprising 84 Chopsticks was invented in A Korea B ancient China C Japan D Asia 85. What’s the best title for the passage? A. Time to Change the Materials of Chopsticks B. Time to Cut Down Disposable Chopsticks C. Time to Import Disposable Chopsticks D. Time to Give Up Using Chopsticks



第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 Ⅶ.选词填空(10分)


A. 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的词填空(每词限用一次) has changed, search or, holds , among,symbol Many Chinese people these days leave the countryside to _____86________ work in the cities. ______87___ them is 46-year old Zhongwei. With a hard job in a factory,. he can’t find time to return to his hometowm, but he always regards with great interest how his hometown____88___________. “ In my hometown, there was a big old tree opposite the school. It has become quite a ___89_______ of the place.”he said. He thinks his hometown is still the place that ____90________ all his childhood memories. B. 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的词,并用其适当形式填空。有的需要加助动词(每词限 用一次) collect , be, sell ,think, breathe Think the air in your city a little polluted? Then you may feel like ____91_______ in some pure air from a can. This is not an April Fool’s joke, but a real venture(大胆的项目) started by Chinese businessman ,Chen Guangbiao and believe it or not, he ______92________ thousand cans already of $0.8 a piece! The cans can be seen in the stores in some of China’s big cities like Shanghai. The air in the cans _____93_______ from the few areas of the country that still have unpolluted air. It may seem like a simple thing. As you may have guessed by now, Chen Guangbiao has come up with this rather strange business to make a bigger point: Help our country solve the air pollution problem. But people also_________94_____bottling water a strange idea once upon a time. Today , it is such a normal part of our daily lifves that we think nothing of buying it.

We all think if we all continue to ignore(忽视) air pollution, fresh air ____95___ as usual as bottling water in our shopping baskets.

Ⅷ.改写句子 按括号中的要求完成改写后的句子,每个空格填一个单词。 (5分)
96.Tina does very well in her English exam.(改为一般疑问句) ______ Tina _______ very well in her English exam? 97. Bob goes to the movies twice a week. (对画线部分提问) ______ _____ does Bob go to the movies? 98. “What will you be like in ten years ?” she asked. (改写句子, 句意不变) She asked me ______ I ________ be like in the future.

99 When I saw the old photos, I could think of my classmates in the past. (改写句子, 句意不变)
The old photos __________ me ___________ my classmates in the past. 100.She forgot to write the date of the cheque before he handed it to the assistant.(改写句子,句 意不变) The date of the cheque was______ ________before it was handed to the assistant.

Ⅸ.完成句子 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。(5分)
101. 中考在即,继续努力,你的梦想就会实现。 The High School Entrance Examination is coming. Keep trying and your dreams will ______________ _____________. 102. 现在,信息网络使我们身边的资源得以充分的利用。 Now, the information network makes us ______________ the resources around us to good ____________. 103. 节假日出行时,应该避开那些拥挤的地方。 We are _____________ to _____________ the crowded places when we take a trip on holidays. 104. 目前广受欢迎的《真正男子汉》让观众看到了明星们在军营中如何克服困难﹑磨砺自 己。 Takes A Real Man which has a high ______________ makes the audience see how the stars have _______________ all kinds of difficulties and how they are polished in the military. 105. 70 年前,中国人民在世界爱好和平与正义的国家和人民的支援下,取得了抗日战争的 彻底胜利. Seventy years ago, Chinese people _____________ _____________by the nations and peoples who love peace and justice and achieved the complete victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

Ⅹ.任务型阅读 阅读短文,按要求完成各题。(5 分)
Jack Johnson is one of the most popular singer-song writers in the world. Jack was born on May 18, 1975 in Hawaii. Being the son of a famous surfer, Jack usually has an interest in surfing. Most of his life lessons were learned in the water. At the age of 17, Jack entered the finals of the Pineline Masters—the worlde’s most famous surfing competition. Everyone thought Jack would become a professional surfer like his father. Unluckily, one month later, he had a deadly accident while surfing and was seriously hurt. Life is like a reaching door. When it closes, it also opens. Jack started to practise playing the

guitar and write songs when he was staying in hospital. At first , his father thought Jack only did it for fun, but soon he was suiprised at the great progress his son had made. When studying in the university, Jack didn’t stop practising his guitar skills. He played the guitar for school parties. He wrote songs and sang for his teachers and friends.They liked his songs. His first music albam Brushfire Fairytaies came out in 2001. It was a great success. His second album, On and On, was much like his first. They were filled with sweet, easy-going songs that everybody liked listening to later. Jack had lots of concerts in and out of America. He became popular all over the world. Jack had five albums by 2010 and more than 15 million copics of them were sold. His music doesn’t fit into any of the popular music styles like pop, rocks R and B or hip-hop. It is more like folk music, played with a guitar and beautiful voice. When listening to his songs, you feel like lying on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine. Jack is a talent, though he himself says he is only a surfer who loves music. In his songs we can find his secret of success.Whatever happens in our lives,we have to accept it and do the best we can. 106 根 据 短 文 内 容 回 答 问 题 : When and Where was Jack Johnson born.?___________________________________________ 107 根据短文内容回答问题:What do you think of Jack Johnson’s songs ? 108 把 文 中 划 线 句 子 译 为 汉 语 ____________________________________________________________________________ 109 根据短文内容回答问题:What is life like ?_____________________________________ 110 根据短文内容用一个完整的英语句子回答问题(10 词以内) What is the passage mainly about? ________________________________________________ Ⅺ 书面表达(10 分)根据所给图画,用英语写一篇约 80 词的短文。要求完整叙述故事内容。

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