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2014高考英语阅读 3 学生用

2014 高考英语阅读理解专题 3 学生用
1You're in a department store and you see a couple of attractive young women looking at a sweater. You listen to their conversation: “I can't believe it—Lorenzo Bertolla! They are almost impossible to find. Isn't it beautiful? And it's a lot cheaper than the one Sara bought in Rome.” They leave and you go over to see this incredible sweater. It's nice and the price is right. You've never heard of Lorenzo Bertolla, but those girls looked really stylish. They must know. So ,you buy it. You never realize that those young women are employees of an advertising agency. They are actually paid to go from store to store, talking loudly about Lorenzo Bertolla clothes. Every day we notice what people are wearing, driving and eating. If the person looks cool, the product seems cool, too. This is the secret of undercover marketing. Companies from Ford to Nike are starting to use it. Undercover marketing is important because it reaches people that don't pay attention to traditional advertising. This is particularly true of the MTV generation—consumers between the age of 18 and 34. It's a golden group. They have a lot of money to spend,but they don't trust ads. So advertising agencies hire young actors to“perform” in bars and other places where young adul ts go. Some people might call this practice misleading, but marketing executive Jonathan Ressler calls it creative. “Look at traditional advertising. Its effectiveness is decreasing. ”It is true,because everyone knows an ad is trying to persuade you to buy something. However,you don't know when a conversation you overhear is just a performance. 1.The two attractive young women were talking so as to ________. A. get the sweater at a lower price C. be admired by other shoppers B. be heard by people around D. decide on buying the sweater B. an advertising agency D. the brand name of clothes

2.Lorenzo Bertolla is ___.A. a very popular male singer C. a clothing company in Rome 3.What can we infer from the passage? A. Traditional advertising will soon disappear in the market.

B. The MTV generation tends to be more easily influenced by all kinds of ads. C. That traditional advertising is too direct may lead to its decreasing effectiveness. D. Undercover marketing will surely be banned soon by the government. 4.Which of the following would be the best title for the pas sage? A. Two Attractive Shoppers B. Lorenzo Bertolla Sweaters C. Ways of Advertising D. Undercover Marketing 2When it comes to your skin,there is an extremely important fact that you must keep in mind:Your skin is the largest organ of your body. As an obvious result, skin health and maintenance (保养) is vital. Your skin does everything from pro tecting you from the elements to assisting you with breathing. Your skin

keeps_your_body_hydrated and regulates your body's temperature. In the end, this really is only the be ginning of all of the various vital functions that your skin provides to you. Despite the extreme importance of a person's skin,the re ality is that many people simply do not pay much attention to issues relationg to the health of their skin. With that in mind, there are some prime tips and pointers that you must always keep in mind when it comes to the health and protection of your skin. Protection against harmful rays from the sun is one of the most important steps that you need to take. With this in mind it is vitally important that you make certain you use solid protection when you go out into the sun. Your diet also has a direct effect on the health of your skin. The most important aspect of your diet in relation to the health of your skin is to make certain that you eat a proper amount of food items that contain the proteins and


nutrients necessary for cellular maintenance, repair and regeneration(再生). With this in mind, your skin cells actually rely on a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. Water is also important to the health of your skin. While you certainly have heard it before, it actually is true that you should drink at least eight 8ounce glasses of fresh and pure water every day. There are many health benefits you can get from drinking water daily, including maintaining healthy skin. Finally, when it comes to the health of your skin today and into the future you should avoid smoking all together. In addition, you should drink alcohol only in moderation. Both smoking and too much alcohol consumption can negatively affect the health of your skin in significant ways. 9.The underlined part in the first paragraph probably means “________”. A. prevent your body from becoming dry B. make your body take in water C. let your body keep smooth D. have your body stay warm 10.How many tips does the writer give to protect the skin? A. 3. B.4. C.5. D.6

11.Which of the following can help maintain the health of skin?[来源:Zxxk.Com] A. Drink as much water as possible every day. B. Use solid protection when going out into the sun. C. Never drink alcohol. D. Smoke less. 12.Which can be used as the title of the passage? A. Skin—the Largest Organ of Our Body C. Good Habits and Skin Health Inspiration 3 “Mama, when I grow up, I’ m going to be one of those!” I said this after seeing the Capital Dancing Company perform when I was three. It was the first time that my 36 took on a vivid form and acted as something important to start my training. As I grew older and was 37 to more, my interests in the world of dance 38 varied but that little girl’ s dream of someday becoming a 39 in the company never left me. In the summer of 2005 when I was 18, I received the phone call which made that dream a 40; I became a m ember of the c ompany 41 back to 1925. As I look back on that day now, it surely 42 any sense of reality. I believe I stayed in a state of pleasant disbelief 43 I was halfway through rehearsals (排练) on my first day. I never actually 44 to get the job. After being offered the position, I was completely 45. I remember shaking with excitement. Though I was absolutely thrilled with the change, it did not come without its fair share of 46 . Through the strict rehearsal period of dancing six days a week, I found it vital to 47 up the material fast with every last bit of concentration. It is that extreme 48 to detail (细节) and stress on practice that set us 49. To then follow those high-energy rehearsals 50 a busy show schedule of up to five performances a day, I discovered a new 51 of the words “hard work.” What I thought were my physical 52 were pushed much further than I thought 53. I learned to make each performance better than the last. Today, w hen I look at the unbelievable company that I have the great 54 of being a part of, not only as a member, but as a dance captain, I see a 55 that has inspired not only generations of little girls but a splendid company that continues to develop and grow-and inspires people every day to follow their dreams. 36. A. hobby 37. 39. 40. A connected A. director A. symbol 38. A. rarely B. plan B. expanded B. trainer B. memory B. certainly C. dream C. exposed C. probably C. leader C. truth C. turn ing D. word D. extended D. consistently D. dancer D. reality D. tracking B. Tips for Soft and Smooth Skin D. How to Keep Our Skin Healthy

41. A. bouncing B. dating


42. A. lacks 43. A. while 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. A. Cared

B. adds B. since B. Expected B. relaxed B. profits B. mix B. association B. aside B. by B. meaning B. problems B. perfect B. honor B. trend

C. makes C. until C. Asked C. convinced C. advantages C. build C. attraction C. off C. with C. expression C. barriers C. proper C. potential C. tradition

D. brings D. when D. Decided D. astonished D. adventures D. pick D. adaptation D. back D. beyond D. usage D. efforts D. possible D. responsibility D. desire

A. motivated A. challenges A. put A. Attention A. apart A. over A. function A. boundaries A. necessary A. talent A. victory

4You may think that sailing is a difficult sport, but it is really not hard to learn it. You do not need to be strong. But you need to be quick. And you need to understand a few basic rules about the wind. First, you must ask yourself,“Where is the wind coming from? Is it coming from ahead or behind or from the side?” You must think about this all the time on the boat. The wind direction tells you what to do with the sail. Let's start with the wind blowing from behind. This means the wind and the boat are going in the same direction. Then you must always keep the sail outside the boat. It should be at a 90° angle(角度)to the boat. Then it will catch the wind best. If the wind is blowing from the side, it is blowing across the boat. In this case, you must keep the sail half way outside the boat. It should be at a 45° angle to the boat. It needs to be out far enough to catch the wind, but it shouldn't flap(摆动).It shouldn't look like a flag on a flagpole. If it is flapping, it is probably out too far, and the boat will slow down. Sa iling into the wind is not possible. If you try, the sail will flap and the boat will stop. You may want to go in that direction. It is possible, but you can't go in a straight line. You must go first in one direction and then in another. This is called tacking. When you are tacking, you must always keep the sail inside the boat. 45. What should you consider first while sailing? A.Sailors' strength. B.Wave levels. C.Wind directions. D.Size of sails.

46.What does the word “It” underlined in Paragraph 4 refer to? A.The boat. B.The wind. C.The sail. D.The angle.

47.What do you have to do when sailing against the wind? A.Move in a straight line.B.Allow the sail to flap.C.Lower the sail.D.Tack the boat. 48.Where can you probably find the text? A.In a popular magazine. B.In a tourist guidebook.C.In a physics textbook.D.In an official report.


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