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unit2 reading学案

Unit 2 Book4

Reading 学案

提示:单元学习前请阅读《英语周报》第 38 期第一版。 一、Intensive reading(精读)FESTIVALS AND CELEBRATIONS ( P10 ) Comprehending: I. Scanning / Fast reading(浏览、快读) 1. Read the text quickly , answer the question: Which of the following statements tells the main idea of the text? It ’s about____ . B. how Yuan Longping became rich and famous A. a farmer named Yuan Longping rice D. a new strain of rice which is called super hybrid rice II. Careful reading:(仔细阅读) Read the text carefully and finish the following tasks. Task 1: Fill in the blanks in ex.1. add appearance, personalities. Task 2: 1. True or False: (F) (F) 1) Yuan Longping became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow super hybrid rice at the age of 40. 2) More than 60% of the rice in the world is from the hybrid strain. that in 1950. (T)

C. an agricultural pioneer named Yuan Longping who worked hard to produce a new strain of

3) According to the text, farmers in China are producing rice harvests nearly 4 times as large as 2. Answer following questions : 1. What is YuanLongping a farmer or a scientist? 2. What’s his life goal ? 3.Does he care about his money and being famous? 4. What’s his hope for the future? Task 3: Retell the text by filling the following blanks. Famous scientists as he is, Yuan Longping considers himself a farmer. As a young man, Yuan Longping saw the great need for increasing the rice_______. At the time, ________ was a disturbing problem in China. He wanted to increase rice harvests without __________the area of the fields. In 1947, a special strain of rice made it possible to produce one-third more of the _______ in the same fields. __________to his rearch, the UN has more tools in the_____ his rice knowledge in less developed countries to increase their rice harvests and he wants to _____ his rice so that it can be grown around the globe. Though he has________ for the past five decades, Dr Yuan is quite __________with his life. In the spare time, he enjoys listening to violin music, playing mah-jong, swimming and reading. III、 Language Points:

1.What do you think would happen if tomorrow there was suddenly no rice to eat?

(Pre-reading:Page9) 本句是一个非真实条件句,表示对将来的假设。如: If you came round at about seven tonight, it would be all right. ( 实际上来不了。) 2. Dr Yuan Longping grows what is called super hybrid rice. (Line4 P10)袁隆平博士种植的 是被称为“超级杂交水稻”的稻种。 该句是由 what 引导的名词性从句,作 grows 的宾语,在从句中 what 可用作主语,宾语或表 语,在结构上相当于“the+n.+定语从句” 。如: 1) After a hard voyage they came to what is called America today.艰难的航行后他们来到了现在 被称作美洲的地方。 2)We now live in what is called the Information Age.我们现在生活在所谓的信息时代。 3)What we can’t get seems better than what we already have.我们得不到的东西似乎比我们拥 有的东西好。 3.This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. (L6P10)这种特殊的稻种使得同样的田地多收获三分之一的产量。 在 make+it +宾补+to do 使做(某事)成为……这一结构中 it 用作 (成 分),possible 作 (成分),to do 作 ,具有类似结构的动词有: 如:1)我感到学会一门外语并不难 I find not hard a foreign language. 拓展:find/feel/think/consider/make/+it+adj./n.+to do 2) we found it pleasant to work in this school. 我们发现在这所学校里工作很愉快。 3) she feels it her duty to take good care of her sick mother. 她认为好好照顾她生病的母亲 是她的职责。 4. Born into a poor farmer’s family in 1931, Dr Yuan graduated from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953. 句中 Born into a poor farmer’s family in 1931 是过去分词短语做状语,如: Left alone at home, the girl began to cry. 5. Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before. (L23P10) 用他的杂交水稻,农民种出的粮食比以前多了一倍。 1). 句中 Using his hybrid rice 做状语,表原因。又如: Reading English every morning, he improved his English quickly. 2). 英语中的倍数表达法共有三种形式:

(1) 倍数 + 形容词/副词的比较级 + than... Eg. this room is twice bigger than that one. 这房间比那个房间大两倍。 (2) 倍数 + as +形容词/副词的原级 + as... Eg. our school is twice as large as yours. 我们的学校是你们学校的两倍大。

(3) 倍数 + the + 名词+ of...
Eg. this room is twice the size of that one. 这房间是那房间的两倍大。 6. Dr Yuan awoke from his dream with the hope of producing a kind of rice that could feed more people. (L33 P10)袁博士从中梦中醒来,希望能培育一种能养活更多人的水稻。 句中 with the hope of 介词短语是“有着??的愿望”的意思,作伴随状语,是关系代词引导 的定语从句,修饰,在从句中作主语,不能省略,如: He went to the city with the hope of making much money. 他满怀着挣大钱的希望进了城。 拓展:with the purpose of _____________ with the aim of _______________ In the hope that________________ in the hope of _______________ 二、Learning about language:(P12) 1. Over 56 percent of the people in a small Southeast Asian country are in jobs related to agriculture. 在东南亚的一个小国,有超过 56%的人从事与农业有关的工作。 本句是“主系表”结构,介词短语 in a …country 作定语,修饰 over…people,过去分词短语 related to agriculture 作后置定语,修饰 jobs. in (jobs) (显示工作或职业)做,从事…… 参加 eg. He is in the army. 他在军队服役。 She is in computers. 她从事计算机行业。 三.Extensive Reading:(泛读) Reading and Writing: (P14) I. Read the text and then answer the followin questions. 1) What is organic farming? 2) What is the goal of using organic farming methods? 3) Finish Ex.2 on P15 II. Finish the exercise in the English Weekly on Volumn 4. III. Language Points: 1. Recently, however, scientists have been finding that long-term use of these fertilizers can cause damage to the land and,even more dangerous, to people’s health. (L3 P14)然而,最 近科学家发现长期使用这些肥料会造成土地受损,甚至更危险的是,会对人们的健康造成 危害。 本句为一个复合句,句中由 that 引导宾主从句,have been finding 现在完成进行时,表示一 个动作开始于过去, 持续到现在, 并强调现在还在进行。 如: No wonder you are so tired. You have been working all day.难怪你这么累,你工作了一天了。 2. with these discoveries… organic farming.(P14 L13) 由于这些发现,一些农民和许多消费 者开始转向有机耕作。 Begin 和 start 作 v.,在表示开始干某事时,后接动词不定式和动名词均可。 1) As soon as we got there, we began to work at once.我们一到那里,就立刻开始工作了。

2)Every morning they begin having classes at 8.每天早上他们八点开始上课。 以下三种情况应用动词不定式: 主语是无生命的东西充当时; 不定式动词是表示心理活动的 动词时;begin 和 start 本身为 –ing 形式 如: 3)The ice began to melt. 冰开始融化了。 4)I have begun to realize my serious situation. 我已开始意识到我不利的处境。 5)We were beginning to have supper without you . 我们正要开始吃饭,不等你了。

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