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【创新设计】2015高考英语(人教版)一轮配套活页练习:选修6 Unit 3 A healthy life(含答案解析)

Unit 3 A healthy life Ⅰ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形 式。 MuM:Kathy,have you decided what you're going to do in the vacation? Kathy:I need to earn some money.I'd try to find

a job __1__(look) after children.What do you think,Mum? MuM:It's not an easy job and you don't have any particular __2__ about childcare.Some children could be noisy __3__ badly behaved.Do you have any other ideas? Kathy : Not really.I don't think much of the jobs I've seen __4__(advertise) in the newspaper.(A week later) MuM:Kathy,are you still looking for a childcare job? Kathy: No, Mum.I meant to tell you __5__(early). I've been offered a job in the office of the local computer factory and it's well __6__(pay).I've decided to take it and __7__(start) on Monday. MuM:Good!Tell me more details about __8__ job. Kathy:I will work as a __9__,typing letters,answering phone calls and so on. MuM:Some people may find __10__ busy and boring,and you need to be patient and careful. Kathy:Thank you,Mum.I'll try my best. 答 案 1.looking 2.knowledge 3.and 4.advertised 5.earlier 6.paid 7.will/start 8.the 9.secretary 10.it Ⅱ.完形填空 体裁: 夹叙夹议 话题: 人生感悟 词数:306 难度: ★★★ 建议用时: 16 分钟 When I was a young child,my parents often told me that it is time that teaches a man everything.I didn't understand and wondered why __1__had such a big influence__2__a person.I thought I could grow up quickly to find it out as an adult.But now,__3__I come to knock at the door of adulthood,I feel__4__to express my own __5__on this saying.I know that I'm just a high school student with very__6__experiences.There are still many things __7__me in the future, yet I would like to express myself in a childish voice. I once read this sentence : To make this world a happy place to live in , you'd better__8__yourself and your heart,instead of the whole world.I was shocked.It made me think about life__9__.There are so many things around us that __10__our will.We can't force life to __11__our wishes.The earth won't stop turning no matter whether we __12__it or not.What we can do is just to make ourselves __13__the world.I think we should learn to accept__14__life gives us,no matter whether it's the spring sunlight or the winter snowfall,and try to be happy. Deeply moved by the pop song Grandmother(by Jay Chou),I always try to __15__every pleasant thing in my life ,but now I see I don't catch most of the pleasant moments.It is more__16__that they slip by and leave you feeling __17__.I realize that I'm not just living for myself and that there are the others around me I should __18__.They all pay attention to my growing up,even if it's just a little progress. Everyone has his or her own attitude towards life whether it is positive or__19__ .It doesn't matter,I think.There is one __20__that should be obeyed—and that's to make this world better. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。 文中的“我”从父母告诉“我”的一句话 中学会了生活,懂得了生活,学会了适应社会。许多时候我们还是要改变自己来适应这个世 界,而不是改变世界让世界来适应自己!



C.thing D.parent

答案 B [由上文“it is time that teaches a man everything”可知,此处是指“我”想知道为 什么时间对一个人会有如此大的影响。] 2.A.about B.with C.on D.in 答案 C [have an influence on sb/sth 意为“对……有影响/作用”。] 3.A.before B.after C.as D.when 答案 A [下文中提到“我”还是中学生,故此句应表示“我”尚未成年,即在“敲成年的 大门之前”。] 4.A.anxious B.worried C.tired D.glad 答案 A [此处是指现在不到成年“我”就急于表达自己的想法。anxious“渴望的”,be anxious to do sth“渴望做某事”。worried“担心的”;tired“疲倦的”;glad“高兴的”。 ] 5.A.beliefs B.opinions C.confidences D.expressions 答案 B [这里是指“我”想要发表自己的观点。belief“信任,信仰”;opinion“观点”; confidence“信心”; expression“表达, 表情”。 下文“express myself in a childish voice”也有提示。 ] 6.A.a few B.little C.few D.a little 答案 C [空格后是可数名词,首先排除 B 和 D。“我”是名中学生,不可能阅历丰富, 故答案为 C。] 7.A.waiting for B.sticking with C.dealing with D.doing with 答案 A [“我”是名中学生,人生路长,所以将来还有许多事等着自己 (去做 )。stick with“紧跟,不离开(某人,以便得到帮助)”;deal with“处理,对待,涉及”;do with“处理”。] 8.A.ask B.change C.exchange D.force 答案 B [根据下文语境可推知, 要使这个世界成为可以快乐生活的地方, 你最好改变 自己和自己的内心而不是改变整个世界。ask,exchange 和 force 均与语境不符。] 9.A.myself B.itself C.oneself D.themselves 答案 B [依据语境,此处是指想到生活本身,而非想到了自己。] 10.A.go with B.go along C.go ahead D.go against 答案 D [由下文“We can't force life to__11__our wishes.”可知此处表示人生总有一些 不如意的地方,go against 意为“违背,不利于”,符合语境。] 11.A.express B.state C.arouse D.follow 答案 D [句意:我们不可能强迫生活遵循我们的愿望。follow one's wishes 意为“遵循 某人的愿望”。] 12.A.receive B.accept C.refuse D.approve 答案 B [前句说“The earth won't stop turning”,故此处是指无论我们接受这个事实与 否,它都不会改变。receive“收到,接待”;accept“接受,接收”;refuse“拒绝”;approve“批 准,同意”。] 13.A.fit B.suit C.beat D.match 答案 B [由上文内容可知,此处表示“我们能做的只是使我们适应这个世界”。suit“满

足(某人)需要,合(某人)心意”;fit 多指大小适合,吻合;match 指大小、色调、形状、性质 等相配或相称;beat“打,击败”。] 14.A.what B.where C.which D.why 答案 A [what 引导宾语从句,且在从句中作“gives”的宾语。] 15.A.miss B.catch C.escape D.lose 答案 B [下文“...but now I see I don't catch...”有提示。] 16.A.probably B.likely C.possibly D.unlikely 答案 B [It is likely(adj.)that 从句表示“很可能……”。] 17.A.regretful B.awful C.successful D.terrible 答案 A [ 快乐时光溜掉了,留下的是遗憾。 regretful“ 遗憾的 ” ; awful“ 可怕的 ” ; successful“成功的”;terrible“可怕的”。] 18.A.think of B.complain of C.dream of D.speak of 答案 A [由“I'm not just living for myself”可知,此处是指“我”还应想到周围的其他 人。] 19.A.wrong B.false C.negative D.true 答案 C [or 前后表示的意思相反(积极的态度还是消极的态度),故答案为 C。] 20.A.point B.rule C.thing D.word 答案 B [注意空格处与 obey 的搭配。point“点,要点”;rule“规则,准则”;word“字, 话,消息,诺言”。] Ⅲ.阅读理解 A 体裁: 议论文 话题: 勇于创新 词数:375 难度: ★★★ 建议用时: 6 分钟 Blind imitation(模仿)is selfdestruction.To those who do not recognize their unique worth, imitation appears attractive;to those who know their strength,imitation is unacceptable. In the early stages of skill or character development,imitation is helpful.When I first learned to cook,I used recipes(菜谱)and turned out some tasty dishes.But soon I grew bored.Why follow someone else's way of cooking when I could create my own?Imitating role models is like using training wheels on a child's bicycle;they help you get going,but once you find your own balance,you fly faster and farther without relying on them. In daily life,imitation can hurt us if we subconsciously(下意识地)hold poor role models.If, as a child,you observed people whose lives were bad,you may have accepted their fear and pain as normal and gone on to follow what they did.If you do not make strong choices for yourself, you will get the results of the weak choices of others. In the field of entertainment,our culture glorifies celebrities.Those stars look great on screen.But when they step off screen,their personal lives may be disastrous.If you are going to follow someone,focus on their talent,not their bad character or unacceptable behaviors. Blessed is the person willing to act on their sudden desire to create something unique.Think of the movies, books, teachers, and friends that have affected you most deeply.They touched you because their creations were motivated by inspiration,not desperation.The world is changed not by those who do what has been done before them,but by those who do what has been done inside

them.Creative people have an endless resource of ideas.The problem a creator faces is not running out of material;it is what to do with all the material knocking at the door of imagination. Study your role models,accept the gifts they have given,and leave behind what does not serve you.Then you can say,“I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors' tragedies and declare victory,and know that they are cheering me on.” 【解题导语】 本文为议论文。作者告诉人们:盲目模仿是自我毁坏。幸运垂青那些乐 于把自己的新奇想法付诸实践的人们;世界的发展更是需要这些有创造力的人。 1.Imitation proves useful when you________. A.know you are unique B.lose the balance of life C.begin to learn something new D.get tired of routine practice 答案 C [ 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句 In the early stages of skill or character development...可知 C 项正确。] 2.To avoid the bad result of imitation,we should________. A.forget daily fear and pain B.choose the right example C.ask others for decisions D.stay away from stars 答案 B [ 推 理 判 断 题 。 根 据 第 三 段 第 一 句 . ..imitation can hurt us if we subconsciously(下意识地)hold poor role models.(如果不经意地模仿了坏榜样就可能伤害到我 们。 )及下文的例子可知: 为了避免模仿造成的恶果, 我们应该选择好榜样。 所以 B 项正确。 ] 3.According to the author,the world moves on because of those who are________. A.desperate to influence others with their knowledge B.ready to turn their original ideas into reality C.eager to discover what their ancestors did D.willing to accept others' ideas 答案 B [细节理解题。 根据第五段的第四句可知: 世界之所以发展是因为有那些乐于 将自己的新奇想法付诸实践的人们,所以 B 项正确。] 4.The trouble a creator faces is________. A.the lack of strong motivation B.the absence of practical ideas C.how to search for more materials D.how to use imagination creatively 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第五段的最后一句...it is what to do with all the material knocking at the door of imagination.可知,一个创造者面对的困难是怎样创造性地利用想象 力。所以 D 项正确。] B 体裁: 记叙文 话题: 趣味故事 词数:417 难度: ★★★ 建议用时: 7 分钟 (2013· 江西卷,A)The light from the campfire brightened the darkness,but it could not prevent the damp cold of Dennis's Swamp(沼泽地) creeping into their bones.It was a strange place.Martin and Tom wished that they had not accepted Jack's dare.They liked camping,but not near this swamp.

“So,” Martin asked as they sat watching the hot coals.“How did this place get its name?” “Are you sure you want to hear it? It's a scary story,” warned Jack. “Of course!” cried out Tom.“If there were anything to be scared of,you wouldn't have chosen this place!” “OK,but don't say I didn't warn you,” said Jack,and he began this tale. “Way back in time,a man called Dennis tried to start a farm here.He built that cottage over there to live in.In those days, the area looked quite different—it was covered with tall trees and the swamp was a crystalclear river.After three hard years,Dennis had cleared several fields and planted crops.He was so proud of his success that he refused to listen to advice.” “‘You are clearing too much land, ' warned one old man.‘The land is a living thing.It will hit back at you if you abuse it.'” “‘Silly fool,' said Dennis to himself.‘If I clear more land,I can grow more crops.I'll become wealthier.He's just jealous!'” “Dennis continued to chop down trees.Small animals that relied on them for food and shelter were destroyed.He was so eager to expand his farm that he did not notice the river flowing slowly towards his door.He did not notice salt seeping to the surface of the land.He did not notice swamp plants choking all the native plants.” “What happened?” Martin asked.It was growing colder.He trembled,twisting his body closer to the fire. “The land hit back—just as the old man warned, ” Jack shrugged.“Dennis disappeared.Old folks around here believe that swamp plants moved up from the river and dragged him underwater.His body was never found.” “What a stupid story,” laughed Tom.“Plants can't...” Before he had finished speaking,he screamed and fainted(晕倒). The other two boys jumped up with fright, staring at Tom.Suddenly, they burst out laughing.Some green swamp ivy(常春藤) had covered Tom's face.It was a while before Tom could appreciate the joke. 5.The underlined word “dare” in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ________. A.courage B.assistance C.instruction D.challenge 答案 D [词义猜测题。通过对上下文的理解可知,他们接受了 Jack 的挑战,而来到 这片沼泽地。] 6.Why did Jack tell Tom and Martin the story? A.To frighten them. B.To satisfy their curiosity. C.To warn them of the danger of the place. D.To persuade them to camp in the swamp. 答案 B [细节理解题。由第二、四段可知,Martin 和 Tom 对沼泽地名字的由来感到 很好奇。] 7.Why did Dennis ignore the warning of the old man? A.The old man envied him. B.The old man was foolish. C.He was too busy to listen to others. D.He was greedy for more crops. 答案 D [细节理解题。根据“If I clear more land,I can grow more crops.I'll become wealthier.He's just jealous!”可知,Dennis 认为,开垦更多的土地,就能种植更多的庄稼,他 就会变得更加富有。因此,D 项正确。]

8.Why did Tom scream and faint? A.He saw Dennis's shadow. B.He was scared by a plant. C.His friends played a joke on him. D.The weather became extremely cold. 答案 B [细节理解题。根据最后一段的“Some green swamp ivy(常春藤) had covered Tom's face.”可知 B 项正确。] Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的七个选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两 项为多余选项。 Urbanization Until relatively recently,the vast majority of human beings lived and died without ever seeing a city.The first city was probably founded no more than 5,500 years ago.__1__ In fact, nearly everyone lived on farms or in tiny rural (乡村的) villages.It was not until the 20th century that Great Britain became the first urban society in history—a society in which the majority of people live in cities and do not farm for a living. Britain was only the beginning.__2__The process of urbanization—the migration (迁徙) of people from the countryside to the city—was the result of modernization, which has rapidly transformed how people live and where they live. In 1990, fewer than 40% of Americans lived in urban areas.Today, over 82% of Americans live in cities.Only about 2% live on farms.__3__ Large cities were impossible until agriculture became industrialized.Even in advanced agricultural societies , it took about ninetyfive people on farms to feed five people in cities.__4__.Until modern times, those living in cities were mainly the ruling elite(精英) and the servants, laborers and professionals who served them.Cities survived by taxing farmers and were limited in size by the amount of surplus food that the rural population produced and by the ability to move this surplus from farm to city. Over the past two centuries, the Industrial Revolution has broken this balance between the city and the country.__5__ Today, instead of needing ninetyfive farmers to feed five city people, one American farmer is able to feed more than a hundred nonfarmers. A.That kept cities very small. B.The rest live in small towns. C.The effects of urban living on people should be considered. D.Soon many other industrial nations became urban societies. E.But even 200 years ago, only a few people could live in cities. F.Modernization drew people to the cities and made farmers more productive. G.Modern cities have destroyed social relations and the health of human beings. 答案 1.E 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.F

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