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教师自用:必修5Unit1 Copernicus’Revolutionary Theory------Reading and Writing

赣县中学南校区高二年级英语教学过程设计 ——— 教案 年级 课时 高二 1 学科 课型 英语 单元/主题 修 5Unit1 Great Scientists ------Reading and Writing
A 类:对重点词句的学习与掌握。

教师 时间

罗仁生 2012/9/12

Unit1 Copernicus’Revolutionary Theory

① Key words and expressions.
教 学 目 标

② Important sentence

B 类:看懂本篇文章,能顺利完成各板块中的练习,达到提高阅读能力和信息处理能力。

① Train the students reading and writing ability ② Enable the students to talk about the stages in scientific research.
C 类:能理解文章中作者的思想,情感及价值观,达到提高语言的综合应用能力。(努力工作, 为自己、社会成就梦想)

第一板块:(5 分钟内完成) Match the following headings(标题) to each paragraph. Para1 A. Copernicus’ theory replaced the Christan idea and proved correct. Para2 B. the background of Copernicus’ theory . Para3 C. the cause of Copernicus’ theory. Para4 D. the procedure tof Copernicus’ theory. Para5 E. the result of Copernicus’ theory. 第二板块:(仔细阅读文章,10 分钟内完成下面的问题)

要求全体学 生认真、 快速 阅读课文, 并 在规定的时 间内完成练 习。

① Stimulate the students’ interest of finding and solving problems. ② Inspire the students to learn the great scientist’s scientific methods of doing research and sacrifice spirit.
大家要在课前 5 分钟完成下列作业,全班齐读单词部分。同学们!一定要快哦!

1. 回 顾 前 面 所学文章, 回 Read the passage and try to answer the following questions. Q1:In the first reading passage ,we’ve learned how John Snow defeats ‘ King 答 Q1。 Cholera ’.And we’ve also known the seven stages in setting out a new 2. 全 体 学 生 scientific idea. What are they ? 认真阅读本 _________________________________________________________________ 篇课文, 回答 _________________________________________________________________ Q2 , Q3 , Q2:What did Copernicus think was the center of the solar system ? Q4, Q5。

重 点 词 语 预 习 作 业 翻 译 句 子 重 点 句 子

1.revolutionary____________, 2.enthusiastic____________ , 3.make sense_____________ , 4.lead to____________, 5.backward____________ ,

6.cautious____________ , 7.movement____________ 8.spin______________ 9.reject_____________.

Q3:Why couldn’t Copernicus tell anyone about his theory?

Q4:When was his theory complete and when did he publish it?

1.Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense.(第一段第三行) 翻译:__________________________________________________________________ 2.The problem arose because astronomers had noticed that some planets in the sky seemed to stop, move backward and then go forward in a loop. (第二段第一行) 翻译:__________________________________________________________________ 3.Yet Copernicus ’theory is now the basis on which all our ideas of the universe are built.(第五段第二行) 翻译:__________________________________________________________________

Q5:What is his theory?
_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

学生课堂练习 单(假想的学 教学板块(各板块解决目标及所用时间) 生在课堂上的 Copernicus’Revolutionary Theory------Reading and Writing 部分将分五大 所有学习行 板块逐步学习 为)

第三板块:Discussion(小组讨论,15 分钟内完成) 1. What personality and quality will be needed as a scientist?(选用下面的某一 个词来形容) (cautious, intelligent, patient, creative, hard-working, determinded, confident, brave, persistent, positive…………..) 例如:As a scientist,I think he should be persistent. 2. If you were Nicolaus Copernicus , would you have hidden your theory for so many years? Give your reasons.(下面三句可为参考) ① Yes. Because if I had published my theory, I would have been killed by the Christian Church. ② As a scientist, I must publish my findings and let the world know the truth earlier. ③ I think I will be cautious at that time, Because I must protect myself first.

学生在规定 的时间进行 讨论, 讨论完 后 6 个学生 展示。

2012 赣县中学南校区公开课一案三单 第 1 页

第四板块:完形填空(仔细阅读文章,10 分钟内完成下面的问题)

学生在规定 Who designed (设计) the first helicopter (直升飞机)? Who __1__ of the 的 时 间 内 选 most famous pictures in the world? Who knew more about the human body than 出答案,由 1 个学生展示 most __2__? There is an answer __3__ all these questions --- Leonardo de Vinci 答案。 (达芬奇). Leonardo may have been the greatest genius (天才) __4__ have ever known. He lived in Italy around the year 1500, but many of his inventions seem modern to us today. For example, one of his notebooks has drawings of a helicopter. Of course, he couldn’t __5__ a helicopter with the things he had. But scientists say his idea would have worked. But Leonardo __6__ an inventor. He was one of the greatest artists of his day. By the time he was twenty years old, he was called a master ( 大师) painter, and as he got older he became __7__ more famous. Sometimes he drew a hand ten different ways __8__ he was ready to paint. Many of Leonardo’s wonderful paintings are still with __9__ today. You may know one of his most famous works the __10__ woman known as the Mona Lisa. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. took )2. A. artists )3. A. to )4. A. the scientists )5. A. draw )6. A. was just )7. A. less )8. A. before )9. A. him )10. A. interesting B. made B. doctors B. of B. the artists B. paint B. wasn’t just B. no B. after B. us B. crying C. painted C. painters C. for C. the world C. work C. wasn’t C. even C. because C. them C. smiling D. invented D. people D. from D. people D. build D. was no longer D. very D. when D. you D. surprising

第五板块:Homework(写作) them. 1. Here are some reasons why he should publish his theory.For example: ① there are problems with the present theory. ② he has done many years of observations to prove his new theory is true. ③ science cannot develop unless people publish their ideas. 2. Make a plan .For example: Paragraph 1:Tell Copernicus who you are and why you want him to publish his ideas. Paragraph 2: The first reason.( eg problems with the present theory) Paragraph3: The second reason.(eg: science cannot develop unless people publish their ideas) Conclusion: Ask him again to reconsider publishing his ideas. 3 Pay attention to the letter format.(注意写信格式) Dear Nicolaus Copernicus,
______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, X X X

下节课由 1 板展示其所 写内容。

Write a short letter asking Copernicus to publish his ideas so everyone can read 个 学 生 到 黑

课后反思: 1.我的预习怎样? 2.我的课堂参与度怎样? 3.我对这篇文章了解多少? 4.这堂课我学到了什么?

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