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江苏省常州市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空训练(51)

江苏省常州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空训练(51)含答案
完形填空 The sound of the rain hitting the windows wakes me up and it sound just exactly as it did 15 years ago, which reminded me of my girlhood. It was my second day of 1 and it was raining heavily. I could not 2 the habit

I had at home , so I fell asleep right at my 3 . I woke up to find myself not in the classroom but carried on Dad’s back. We were 4 home. It was the last time I felt 5 to him.

After that, he never carried me or hugged me as other fathers did to their children. I was not bothered much by this 6 . I was proud of it, for I felt 7 and “grown up.” However, there were times when I felt depressed by not having sought 8 from him. One day, I was writing Chinese characters as homework. I hated doing this more than anything. Dad came and stood behind me for a moment, 9 me scratching (乱吐,勾

抹) the paper. Then he said,“This kind of writing needs 10 .Your writing is not strong enough. Press harder.” I follow his 11 for the next two words, but 12 I could see little improvement, I followed my own method-the 13 way. His advice did not improve my writing but our 14 . As I grew older, I found out that he had finished his 15 in Grade 6, which was the highest grade in town then, so he was considered to be a 6 . People used to ask him to write something to put on the walls, but he never felt very useful. He often said to me, “As you can see, this family is going to count on you. We are 17 to improve you anything for your future .Your have to get 8 to change the life

for yourself.” As a result of his 19 , I have 20 it through high school and through college.

1. A. graduation 2. A. from 3. A. dormitory

B. employment B. resist B. door

C. college C. follow C. desk

D. school D. break D. bed


4 A. at 5. A. close 6. A. gap 7. A. lonely comfortable 8. A. comfort 9. A. helping 10. A. skill 11. A. introduction 12. A. even if 13. A. difficult 14. A. relationship 15. A. schooling 16. A. writer 17. A. tired 18. A. an education writing 19. A. help 20. A. succeeded

B. already B. near B. thought B. depressed

C. beyond C. happy C. action

D. halfway D. relaxed D. accident D.

C. independent

B. help B. directing B. patience B. manner B. while B. slow B. friendship B. life B. scholar B. glad B. a rich boyfriend

C. support C. watching C. time C. spirit C. as C. efficient C. thought C. hope C. scientist C. useless

D. explanation D. blaming D. practice D. advice D. though D. fast D. life D. expectation D. specialist D. ready D. a good

C. a well-paid job

B. expectations B. got

C. examination C. made

D. watch D. found

1~5 DBCDA 11~15 DCDAA

6~10 BCACB 16~20 BCABC

******************************************************结束 完形填空 I know I should have told the headmaster at the time. That was my real He had gone out of the study for some to see 3 was on his desk. In the 5 1 .

2 , leaving me alone. In his absence I looked 4 was a small piece of paper on which were

written the (人物传记)”.

“English Writing Prize 1949. History Is a Serious of Biographies




boy would have avoided looking at the title as soon as he saw the 8

7 .

I did not. The subject of the English Writing Prize was kept a of the exam so I could not When the headmaster 9 reading it.

until the start

10 , I was looking out of the window. 11 then. It would have been so 12 to say:

I should have told him what had “I’m sorry, but I You’ll have to 14 13

the title for the English Writing Prize on your desk.

it.” 15 it. I sat the exam the next day and I won.

The chance passed and I did not I didn’t 16

to cheat, but it was still cheating anyhow. 17 when I was fifteen. I have never told anyone about

That was thirty-eight years it before, 18

have I tried to explain to myself why not. 19 admitting

The obvious explanation is that I could not admit I had seen the title that I had been looking at the things on his desk. 20

there must have been more

behind it. Whatever it was, it has become a good example of how a little mistake can trap (使陷入) you in a more serious moral corner (道德困境).

1. A. plan 2. A. reason 3. A. this 4. A. drawer 5. A. names 6. A. honest 7. A. desk 8. A. question 9. A. help 10. A. disappeared 11. A. existed 12. A. tiring 13. A. saw 14. A. repeat

B. fault B. course B. which B. corner B. words B. handsome B. paper B. key B. consider B. stayed B. remained B. easy B. gave B. defend

C. grade C. example C. that C. middle C. ideas C. friendly C. book C. note C. practise C. returned C. happened C. important C. set C. correct D. made

D. luck D. vacation D. what D. box D. messages D. active D. drawer D. secret D. forget D. went D. continued D. difficult

D. change

15. A. take 16. A. remember 17. A. past 18. A. either 19. A. by 20. A. But

B. have B. learn B. ago B. never B. besides B. Though

C. lose C. mean C. then C. nor C. through C. Otherwise

D. find D. pretend D. before D. so D. without D. Therefore

1~5 BADCB 11~15 CBADA

6~10 ABDAC 16~20 CBCDA


(2009·江西高考) The surprising experiment I am about to describe proves that air is all around you and that it presses down upon you. Air pressure is a powerful force. When you swim underwater, you can feel water pushing on your body. The air all around you does the same. However, your body is so used to it that you do not notice this. The pressure is caused by a layer of air called the atmosphere. This layer surrounds the Earth, extending to about five kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The following experiment is an easy one that you can do at home. But make sure that you are supervised, because you will need to use matches. Now for the experiment! What you need ·A hard-boiled egg without the shell ·A bottle with a neck slightly smaller than the egg ·A piece of paper ·A match Method 1) Check that the egg will sit firmly on the neck of the bottle.

2) Tear the paper into strips and put the strips into the bottle. 3) Light the paper by dropping a burning match into the bottle. 4) Quickly sit the egg on the neck of the bottle. Result Astonishingly, the egg will be sucked into the bottle. Your friends will be amazed when you show them the experiment. But be careful when you handle matches. Why it happened As the paper burns, it needs oxygen and uses up the oxygen (air) in the bottle. The egg acts as a seal in the neck of the bottle, so no more air can get inside. This reduces the air pressure inside the bottle. The air pressure must equalize, so more air from outside must enter the bottle. The outside air presses against the egg and then the egg is pushed into the bottle! This proves that air is all around and that it is pressing down on us. 1. Why is there the need to take care when you are doing the experiment? A. The bottle could break. B. You need to light the paper with a match. C. The egg needs to be shelled. D. The egg has to be perfectly placed on the neck of the bottle. 2. In the experiment, the burning inside the bottle can______. A. equalize the air pressure inside and outside B. make a seal in the neck of the bottle C. finish up the oxygen inside the bottle D. produce more oxygen inside the bottle 3. How did the egg get into the bottle? A. The oxygen inside the bottle sucked the egg in. B. It became soft without the shell. C. The neck of the bottle was wide enough. D. The outside air pressure forced it into the bottle. 4. The experiment is carried out to prove________ . A. water pushes on your body when you swim underwater

B. the earth is surrounded by a layer of air called the atmosphere C. the pressure of air around us has a powerful force D. the air pressure is not equalized around us 参考答案 7、 【文章大意】 本文通过一个小实验向我们证明周围空气的气压是非常强大的。 1.【解析】选 B。细节理解题。根据第二段第二句 But make sure that you are supervised, because you will need to use matches. 可知。 【思路点拨】做事实细节题时,先浏览一遍题目,把题目的要求储存在大脑中,带着疑问快 速去阅读,然后找出与题目相关的信息词句加以理解分析,去伪存真。 这样可以有效避免细 节理解题的失误,不轻易陷入高考题所设下的“陷阱”。要注意排除干扰项,因为有些干扰 项在文中也能找到依据,但关键是弄清楚这些干扰项是否符合题目的要求。例如,此题的题 干是问在做实验时为什么需要有人照顾,先找出题干是针对原文第二段中的 But make sure that you are supervised, 确找到答案了。 2.【解析】选 C。细节理解题。根据最后一段第一句 As the paper burns, it needs oxygen and uses up the oxygen(air)in the bottle. 可知。 3.【解析】选 D。细节理解题。根据最后一段倒数第二句可知。 4.【解析】选 C。细节理解题。根据文章第一句与最后一句可知:这个实验的目的就是证明空 气就在我们周围,对我们施加压力,并且这种气压是非常强大的。 because you’ll need to use matches. 进行提问,这样就准


时态和语态 (2011全国卷I) 23. Planning so far ahead _____ no sense—so many things will have changed by next year.. A. made B. is making C. makes D. has made

(2011全国卷I) 24. I wasn’t sure if he was really interested or if he ______ polite. A. was just being B. will just be C. had just been D.

would just be (2011全国卷I) 29. When Alice came to, she did not know how long she _____ there. A. had been lying C. was lying B. has been lying D. has lain

(2011北京卷)21. Experiments of this kind __________ in both the U.S. and Europe well before the Second World War. A. have conducted had been conducted (2011北京卷)23. Tom __________ in the library every night over the last three months. A. works B. worked C. has been working D. had been working B. have been conducted C. had conducted D.

(2011北京卷)32. - Bob has gone to California. - Oh, can you tell me when he _________? A. has left B. left C. is leaving D. would leaving

(2011北京卷)27. - That must have been a long trip. - Yeah, it __________ us a whole week to get there. A. takes B. has taken C. took D. was taking

(2011上海卷) 31. After getting lost in a storm, a member of the navy team _____ four days later. A. rescued rescued (2011 上 海 卷 ) 34. Did you predict that many students ______ up for the dance competition? A. would sign B. signed C. have signed D. had signed B. was rescued C. has rescued D. had been

(2011山东卷)31.When I got on the bus, I _____ I had left my wallet at home. A. was realizing realize ( 2011 山 东 卷 ) 35. She was surprised to find the fridge empty; the child _____ everything! A. had been eating eating

B. realized

C. have realized



B. had eaten

C. have eaten

D. have been

(2011江西卷)30. We arrived at work in the morning and found that somebody ______ into the office during the night. A. broke breaking (2011江苏卷)21. —I hear you ______ in a pub. What’s it like? —Well, it’s very hard work and I’m always tired, but I don’t mind. A. are working B. will work C. were working D. will be working B. had broken C. has broken D. was

(2011江苏卷)22. The fact that so many people still smoke in public places ______ that we may need a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the risks of smoking. A. suggest B. suggests C. suggested D. suggesting

(2011江苏卷)23. -Tommy is planning to buy a car. -I know. By next month, he ______enough for a used one. A. saves B. saved C. will save D. will have saved



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