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Ⅰ.单项填空 1. ________ recent conference, experts from different countries agreed that ________ At global financial crisis was likely to last for one or two more years. A. a; a B. a; the C. /; the D. the; a 限时:35 分钟

2.My parents always warn me that there is no such thing as a free lunch because we can't get ________ for nothing. A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing

3.—Are the new machines working? —Yes. Large quantities of coal ________ exploited every year in the city. A.is B.are C.has D.have

4. the reform and opening- areas in China, there is always ________ flow of people In up to enter ________ cities where more jobs can be found. A. the; a B. a; the C. the; the D. a; a

5.—Tom, you see, I'm a bit tight at hand. Lend me some money, will you? —Sorry, I don't have ________ at hand myself. You see, all I had went to the new MP3 player. A. anything B. either C. any D. nothing

6.—What ________ encouragement to see Liu Xiang return to competition and finish first at ________ 11th Chinese National Games. —Yes. I feel very excited and proud of him. A. /; the B. an; the C. the; the D. the; /

7.Since you have abandoned the plan, there is no ________ in thinking about such things again. A. sense B. surprise C. doubt D. wonder

8.—How about ________ National Day celebration? —I should say it was ________ success. A. a; a B. the; a C. a; / D. the; /

9.The president's approval ratings slipped by ________ two points to 36% in April, according to TNS- fres's monthly poll. SoA. any other B. the other C. another D. other

10.—Julia, please ask the guests to help ________ during the dinner. —Yes, I will. 11.Pop A. you B. yourself C. them D. themselves

music, I guess, is ________ tool for relaxation, and therefore is very popular B. a; /

with ________ young. A. the; the

C. a; the

D. /; the

12.There is ________ Mrs. Green to telephone you. She said that she will visit you on ________ Tuesday next month. A. a; / B. a; a C. /; a D. the; / 13 . Today there are more opportunities for disabled people to make ________ contribution to ________ society. A. a; the B. a; / C. /; the D. the; a

14.The great writer and professor ________, who ________ very strict with his students. A.is an old man; is C.is an old man and a young man; is B.are both old men; are D.are two Chinese; are

15.It is said that terrorists will still take action to attack the United States and the UK although ________ attack on an England's airplane this August is ________ failure. A. the; the B. the; a C. an; the D. an; a

16.—Mike, what did our monitor say just now? —Every boy and every girl, as well as teachers who________ to visit the museum ____ asked to be at the school gate before 6? 30 in the morning. A. is; is B. are; are C. is; are D. are; is

17.—Can I ask you a few straightforward questions about yourself? —No problem. I like ________ when people are open and direct. A. that B. this C. it D. them

18.Ding Junhui beat John Higgins 10-8 in ____ UK Championship final on December 14, 2009, becoming ____ most successful Asian player in snooker history. A. the; the B. /; the C. a; the D. /; a

19.With less traffic and fewer factories, the air of the suburbs is much cleaner than ________ of the city. A. those B. that C. one D. it

20. _____ sides of the street are lined with shops of different sizes, ________ of which are decorated with colorful lights. A. Both; all B. Either; both C. Neither; either D. Both; any

22.There are two roads leading to the power station along the river. You can take ________ of the roads. A. either B. both C. neither D. all

23.This kind of ball pens is very common, and you can get one at ________ store around here. A. every B. each C. either D. any

24.My suggestion is that ________ action should be taken to improve ________ situation. A. /; the B. an; the C. /; a D. the; a

25.Considering you have to change ________ trains in Xi'an, it is necessary for you to take ________ fast one. A. the; / B. /; a C. /; / D. /; the


Ⅱ.完形填空 My wife called, “Will you come here and make your darling daughter eat her food?”I rushed to the scene. My only daughter, Sindu, looked __1__. In front of her was a bowl of rice. “Sindu, darling, why don't you take a few mouthfuls of this __2__?Just for Dad's sake, dear?And, if you don't, your Mom will __3__ at me.”I could sense my wife's __4__ behind my back. “OK, Dad. I will eat the whole lots of this. But if I __5__ it, will you give me whatever I ask for?” “Promise.”But I became a bit __6__.“Dear, you shouldn't insist on getting a computer or any such __7__ items. Dad does not have that kind of money right now. OK?” “No, Dad. I just want to have my hair __8__ off this Sunday!” “__9__! ”shouted my wife. “A girl child having her hair shaved off? Impossible! She has been watching too much __10__.” It was time for me to call the shots.“Our promises must be __11__. If we go back on our promises, she will never learn to honor her own. Sindu, your __12__ will be fulfilled.” On Monday morning, I __13__ her at her school. It was a sight to watch my __14__ Sindu walking towards her classroom. Just then, a boy got off a car, and shouted, “Sindu, please wait for me!”What __15__ me was the hairless head of that boy. Maybe, that was the __16__, I thought. “Sir, your daughter is __17__ indeed!”A lady got out of the car and continued. “That boy is my son Harish. He is suffering from leukemia(白血病). He __18__ to come back to school fearing the teasing of the schoolmates. Sindu __19__ him last week and promised him that she would take care of the teasing issue. But, I never imagined she would __20__ her lovely hair for the sake of my son!” I stood surprised and then I wept, “My little angel, you are teaching me how selfless love is!” 1.A. pleased 2.A. soup 3.A. stare 4.A. concern 5.A. eat B. frightened B. chicken B. look B. joy B. smell C. puzzled C. cake C. smile C. anger C. drink C. happy C. pretty

D. surprised D. rice D. shout D. pride D. cook D. content D. expensive

6.A. comfortable B. anxious 7.A. cheap B. technical

8.A. curled 9.A. Mad

B. weaved B. Great

C. shaved C. Wonderful C. film C. broken C. level C. fetched C. hairless C. satisfied C. order C. smart C. refused C. invited C. comb

D. dyed D. Good D. game D. kept D. task D. met D. brave D. encouraged D. fashion D. lovely D. asked D. visited D. tie

10.A. television B. book 11.A. delivered B. made 12.A. design 13.A. sent 14.A. naughty B. wish B. dropped B. intelligent

15.A. surprised B. comforted 16.A. regulation B. event 17.A. generous 18.A. expected 19.A. advised 20.A. sacrifice B. great B. hoped B. persuaded B. wash



Ⅰ.单项填空 1:B 第一空指“在最近的一次会议上”,应用不定冠词 a;第二空特指“目前的这

场经济危机”,因此填 the。 2. A 句意:父母经常告诫我天下没有免费的午餐,因为人不能不劳而获。 get

something for nothing 是固 定短语,意为“免费得到东西”。 3.B “Large quantities of+名词”作主语时,谓语动词要用复数形式。同时 cool 与 动词 exploit 之间为动宾关系,所以要用被动语态。 4.B 句意:在中国实行改革开放的地区,总有一些人涌入那些可以提供大量就业岗

位的城市。 flow of 是固定搭配, a 在这里表示“(人、 车等的)川流不息”; 第二空后是 where 引导的定语从句修饰 cities,故用定冠词 the,表特指。 5.C 该空所在句是否定句,用 any 表示 any money,意为“我手头没钱了”。 6.B 第一空处的名词 encouragement 表示“让人鼓舞的一件事”,用作可数名词, 前面用不定冠词 an;第二空处专有名词前有修饰语,要加定冠词 the。句意:看见刘翔在第 11 届中国全运会上回到赛场并且夺冠,这是一件多么让人鼓舞的事啊! 7.A 句意:既然你已经放弃了这个计划,再考虑这些事就没有意义了。sense 感觉, 意义;surprise 吃惊;doubt 怀疑,疑惑;wonder 奇迹,惊奇。 8. B 句意: ——国庆节庆祝活动怎么样了?——是一次成功的活动。 National Day the celebration“国庆节”庆祝活动,表特指,用定冠词;a success 指“成功的人或事”,是抽 象名词具体化,用不定冠词。 9.C 句意:TNS索福莱斯月度民意调查显示,这位总统的支持率在四月份再次下滑 两个百分点,降至 36%。another 意为“再一,另一个”。 10.D help oneself 意为“随便吃;随便用”,这里指前面的 guests,故用 themselves。 11.C 第一空后 tool 是可数名词,表示泛指,故用不定冠词 a;第二空后 young 是形 容词,形容词前加定冠词 the 表示一类人或物,the young“年轻人”,故答案选 C。 12.B 不定冠词 a/an 用于姓氏前,表示说话者不认识此人,这里表示“一位格林夫 人”;不定冠词用于表示星期的名词前,表示“某一个不太确定的星期几”。 13. B make a contribution to 意为“对??做出贡献”,为固定搭配;society 泛指

“社会”时前面通常不用冠词。 14.A 由 and 连接的两个名词,当两个名词同被一个冠词修饰限定时,表示一个人, 谓语动词应用单数形式;根据句子结构可知,定语从句中的关系代词 who 指代的先行词就 是其前的单数名词,故从句的谓语动词要用单数形式。 15.B 句意:尽管今年 8 月对英国飞机的袭击失败了,但据说恐怖分子仍然会采取行 动袭击美国和英国。 this August 可知第一个空格处表特指; 由 第二个空格处 failure 意为“一 件失败的事情”,是可数名词。故选 B 项。

16.D 该题为一个带有定语从句的复合句。句中定语从句的关系代词 who 指代先行 词 teachers, 为复数, 故谓语动词应用 are; as well as 前面的部分为主句的主语, every, no, 由 each 等限定并由 and 连接的两个并列名词作主语时, 谓语动词要用单数形式。 D 项正确。 故 17.C I like it when...是固定句式,表示“我喜欢??”,it 无实义。 18.A 第一空填定冠词 the, the UK Championship final 英国锦标赛的决赛; 第二空形 容词最高级之前应用定冠词 the。 19.B 句中的 that 指代前面的 the air。代词 that 通常用来指代前文中出现过的名词 的同类,但不是同一个,而 it 则与前文中所指名词为同一个。 20. A 第一空叙述街道的两边,用 both sides 与复数谓语保持一致;第二空用 all 与 后面的谓语保持一致。句意:街道两边排列着大小不等的商店,所有商店都用彩灯装饰。 21.B 句意:商务部长陈德铭在 2009 年 12 月 1 日说,中国始终坚持人民币汇率的稳 定性,这对世界经济的恢复是有益的。the stability of its Renminbi 特指(中国)人民币汇率的 稳定性,the world economic recovery 特指世界经济的恢复。 22.A 句意: 沿着河有两条路通向发电站。 你可以走两条路中的任何一条。 根据句意, 这里应该是“两者选一”,故选 A 项,指“两者中的任意一个”。 23.D 根据句意可知是在附近的任何一家商店都能买到这种笔,故用 any。 24.A 第一空处的 take action 是固定短语,不用冠词;第二空特指双方都知道的

situation,故加 the。 25.B 句意:考虑到你还要在西安换车,搭个快车还是有必要的。change trains(换车) 中的 trains 为复数,属于泛指,故前面不用冠词;第二空处的 one 也属于泛指,但为单数, 应加不定冠词 a,a fast one 指“快车”。

1.B 作者的女儿不愿意吃饭,妻子不高兴,所以当他跑来看她的时候,发现她面对 着米饭,一副“受惊的”(frightened)样子。 2.D 根据第一段的最后一句话“In front of her was a bowl of rice”可知选 rice。 3.D 根据下文可知,作者对妻子的评价不好,所以此处使用 shout 符合语境。这是 哄小孩的一种方法。 4.C 结合前面可知,作者认为孩子不吃饭的话,妻子会冲着他大声叫嚷,所以妻子

听了这话很“生气”(anger)。 5.A 从前面的 I will eat the whole lots of this 可知。 6.B 根据下文的“Dear, you shouldn't insist on getting a computer or any such __7__ items”可知,作者担心女儿的要求超出自己的经济承受能力,所以此处表示有点“担 心”(anxious)。 7.D 根据下文的“Dad does not have that kind of money right now”可知,作者告诉

女儿不能要那些比较“昂贵的”(expensive)东西。 8.C 结合下文的“A girl child having her hair shaved off?”可知应选 shaved。curl 表示“把头发烫成卷”;weave“编织”;dye“把头发染色”。 9. 结合下文 Impossible 可知, A 作者的妻子听见女儿要剃掉自己的头发, 认为她“疯 了”(mad)。 10.A 结合前面可知,作者的妻子认为女儿看“电视”(television)看得太多了,受到 的影响比较大。 11.D 短语 keep one's promise“遵守诺言”,符合句子的意思。 12.B 此处表示父亲认为能满足孩子的“愿望”(wish)。design“图案”;level“水

平”;task“任务”。 13.B 结合上下文可知,周一早上作者把女儿送到学校,应用 drop。 14.C 从上文可知此处应该是 hairless。 15.A 从下文的 the hairless head of that boy 可知,作者对于男孩也没有头发感到惊 讶,故选 surprise。comfort“安慰”;satisfy“使满足”;encourage“鼓励,激励”。 16.D 作者认为可能学生剃掉自己的头发是一种“时尚”(fashion)。 17. 从下文的“I never imagined she would __20__ her lovely hair for the sake of my B son!”可知,作者的女儿为了同学剃掉了自己的头发,所以这个同学的母亲认为作者的女 儿“伟大”。generous“慷慨的”;smart“聪明的”;lovely“可爱的”。 18.C 从下文的“...fearing the teasing of the schoolmates”可知,这个男孩害怕被同 学讥笑,所以“拒绝”去上学。 19. 作者女儿去看望了这个害怕被同学讥笑的同学, D 所以 visit 符合语境。 advise“建 议”;persuade“说服”;invite“邀请”。 20.A 根据上文女儿剃掉自己的头发可知,sacrifice(牺牲)符合语境。