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高 二 英 语 试 题
第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节, 满分 50 分)


第一节 语法和词汇知识(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 20 分) 1. What coincidence that none of our teachers are women. A. a;不填 B.不填; the C. a; the D. the;不填 2. Why don’t you bring______ to his attention that you’re too ill to work on? A.that B.it C.this D.him 3. _____ the bad things he has done, we still believe in his essential goodness. A. Instead of B. Because of C. In spite of D. In place of 4. To our delight, we ______ got what we had been looking forward to. A. eventually B. normally C. particularly D. originally 5. —What’s the matter with Della? —Well, her parents wouldn't allow her to go to the party, but she still ______ . A. hopes to go B. hopes so C. hopes not D. hopes to 6. American Thanksgiving Day,______ falls on Nov. 28th this year, takes on an entirely different look in China. A.that B.when C.which D.what 7.Thank you for making my visit so ______. I shall treasure the friendship and kindness you have given me. A. enthusiastic B. precious C. steady D. worthwhile 8. If it had not been for the help of my English teacher, I _____ such great progress. A. would not make B. would not have made C. would make D. would have made 9._____ his letter, I decided to write to him again A. Receiving not B. Not receiving C. Having not receiving D. Not having received 10. A modern city has been set up in _____ was a wasteland ten years ago. A. where B. which C. when D. what 11. Tom and his parents _______ in China for two weeks last year. A. have stayed B. stayed C. had stayed D. have been staying 12.Eating too much fat can_____ heart disease and cause high blood pressure. A. attend to B. cause to C. contribute to D. devote to 13. Most of the people ______ to the party were famous scientists. 高二英语试题 第 1 页(共 12 页)

A. inviting B. to invited C. being invited D. invited 14. John's success has nothing to do with good luck. It is years of hard work ______ has made him what he is. A. why B. that C. which D. when 15. David had prepared carefully for the chemistry exam, as he wanted to be sure of passing it at the first _____. A. experiment B. intention C. attempt D. aim 16.You may catch up with others you work a little harder. A. so long as B. so far as C. however D. unless 17.I’m grateful to Mr. Smith; he went through my paper carefully and ____ every page. A.sponsored B.approved C. polished D. glanced 18. — You've left the light on. — Oh, I have. ________ and turn it off. A. I'll go B. I've gone C. I go D. I'm going 19. Accustomed to _____ in the countryside, Mr. King found it hard to live in the city. A. living B. live C. having live D. have lived 20. —What if I can’t finish my task today? —______.You still have another week left. A. I’m sorry. B. Take it easy. C. Don’t mention it. D. It depends 第二节 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分, 满分 30 分) I am the only person who has reached senior middle school in my family. But I was also the most 21 because I never thought about my manners. As a busy 22 23 , I always come home

from school late. When I get home at

, it is time for my meal. One day, when I was ready to 24 me some time?” he asked, 26 .” 28 how

go to school after lunch as usual, Dad stopped me. “Could you

“just one 25 .” I didn’t have much time left, so I said, “OK, Dad, but please make it “All right, I know you are 27 , so I will just ask you two questions. Could you

many things you have done for our That day, when I was at

29 ? And, how often do you say hello to us at home?” 31

30 , I considered the questions wondering why Dad had 32

asked them. Then, a rich girl classmate, asked me what was “That’s nothing 33

me. After listening, she laughed.

! I never do anything or say hello to anybody at home, either.” Then she have never done these things.” Really? At that moment, I 35

added, “ 90 percent of our 34

高二英语试题 第 2 页(共 12 页)

why my dad had asked me those questions. It is good us don’t know, or even


to say hello to your family,but most of

37 this. How sad we are! I finally realized how I should answer my dad’s 38 my classmates to be aware of their

questions. First, I would become polite. Second, I would

manners. That night I told these things to Dad. “Good,” he said, “Better late than never.” The next afternoon, when I got home and said 21.A. shy 22.A. senior student 23.A. time 24.A. spend 25.A. thing 26.A. easy 27.A. impolite 28.A. look about 29.A. family 30.A. bed 31.A. suddenly 32.A. surprising 33.A. dangerous 34.A. family 35.A. wondered 36.A. way 37.A. think about 38.A. force 39.A. hello 40.A. cake B. impolite B. shop assistant B. night B. take B. hour B. happy B. polite B. make sure B. members B. school B. obviously B. paining B. normal B. class B. understood B. exercise B. care about B. remind B. thanks B. suggestion 39 to my mum, she gave me a big C. angry C. school teacher C. noon C. spare C. question C. quick C. patient C. find out C. house C. table C. clearly C. puzzling C. valuable C. neighbor C. knew C. chance C. call for C. allow C. sorry C. smile 40 .

D. anxious D. housewife D. spare time D. lend D. minute D. simple D. busy D. take out D. promise D. home D. simply D. delighting D. important D. town D. noticed D. manners D. hunt for D. ask D. congratulations D. chance

高二英语试题 第 3 页(共 12 页)

第二部分 阅读理解(共 25 小题;每小题 2 分, 满分 50 分)
A London Underground The world’s first subway was built in London in 1863. At that time, the government was looking for a way to reduce traffic problems in the city of London. The poor areas of the city were so crowded with people that it was almost impossible for horse carriages to get through. The city officials were interested in trying to make it possible for workers to live outside London and travel easily to work each day. If people had a cheap and convenient way that they could depend on to go to and from work, they would settle down outside the city. This would help ease the pressure of too many people living in the poor parts of London. From these problems, the idea of the London Underground, the first subway system, was born. The plans for building the Underground met with several problems and delays, but the fast track was finally opened in January 1863. A steam train pulled the cars along the fast underground track which was 6 kilometers long. About 30,000 people got on the subway the first day. Riders were treated to comfortable seats (standing up while the train was moving was not allowed), and pleasant decorations inside each of the cars. However, the smoke from the engine soon filled the air in the tunnels with ash and soot, as well as chemical gases. Fans had to be put in the tunnels later to keep the air clean enough for people to breathe. Even with its problems, riding in the Underground did catch on. It carried 9 million riders in the first year. 41. What led the British government to build the London Underground? A. Traffic jams and pollution B. Population and pollution C. Overcrowding and traffic jams D. The poverty and subway problems 42. How did the London Underground solve the smoke problem? A. It made the tunnels larger B. It put fans in the tunnels C. It cleaned the chemical gases in the tunnels D. It reduced the number of passengers riding in the train 高二英语试题 第 4 页(共 12 页)

43. The underlined phrase “catch on” most probably means “_____”. A. be troublesome C. keep up with B. become popular and fashionable D. seize

44. Which of the following is TRUE? A. To locate the workers’ homes outside London, the government built the subway B. There were so many problems and delays that in 18th century the first subway opened C. The subway greatly eased the pressure of traffic D. There were not enough seats for the passengers the first day the subway opened. 45. It seems that the writer is going to talk about _____. A. more problems with subways C. the history and culture of London B I began to grow up that winter night when my parents said that we might soon be leaving for America. I remember I was saying goodbye to my friends and relatives happily, and I thought about all the places I was going to see eagerly—the strange and magical places I had known only from books and pictures. The four years that followed taught me the importance of optimism, but the idea did not come to me at once. For the first two years in New York I was really lost—having to study in three schools as a result of family moves. Mother remarried, and things became even more complex for me. Some time passed before my stepfather and I got used to each other. I was often sad, and saw no end to “the hard times.” My responsibilities in the family increased a lot since I knew English better than everyone else at home. I wrote letters, filled out forms, translated at interviews with immigration officers(移民局 官员), took my grandparents to the doctor and translated there, and even discussed telephone bills with company representatives. From my experiences I have learned one important rule: Almost all common troubles go away at last! Something good is certain to happen in the end when you do not give up, and just wait a little! I believe that my life will turn out all right, even though it will not be that easy. 46. How did the author get to know America? 高二英语试题 第 5 页(共 12 页) B. subways around the world later on D. the Beijing subway

A. From radio programs C. From her mother

B. From her relatives D. From books and pictures

47. Upon leaving for America the author felt __________. A. excited B. confused C. worried D. amazed

48. For the first two years in New York, the author __________. A. often lost her way C. did not think about her future B. studied in three different schools D. got on well with her stepfather

49. What can we learn about the author from Paragraph 4? A. She worked as a translator. B. She attended a lot of job interviews. C. She paid telephone bills for her family. D. She helped her family with her English. 50. The author believes that __________. A. her future will be free from troubles B. it is difficult to learn to become patient C. there are more good things than bad things D. good things will happen if one keeps trying

C Every day, 15-year-old Martha wrote on the Internet about the meal she ate at school. Martha was very honest about the food. She did not just describe the food. She judged the taste and health of the food. Martha also began to use her blog(博客)for an important reason. She began to raise money for the organization Mary’s Meals in the East African country of Malawi. It provides food for children in schools for free. Martha encouraged her readers to send money to Mary’s Meals to help build a kitchen. However, Martha began to have a problem. Many people read her blog. She became big news. The news stories showed that the food at Martha’s school was not always healthy. And that made some people angry. So the school officials decided to stop Martha’s blog. 高二英语试题 第 6 页(共 12 页)

But an amazing thing happened. Many people began sending messages of support across the Internet. Martha’s story was even bigger than before. Now the officials had to change their minds. A few days later, Martha was again writing her blog. But more than that, people had sent a lot of money for the Malawi school children. Martha had hoped to raise about 10,000 dollars. But the total reached 100,000 dollars and still kept on growing! Martha’s blog also helped to improve meals at her school. No one knows what will happen to Martha’s blog in future. But already this little girl has helped to change the eating experience of many children just by sharing on the Internet pictures of her school meals. 51. Martha wrote about her school meals on her blog to __________. A. invite students to judge the food C. express her opinion about the food 52. The organization Mary’s Meals __________. A. was set up by Martha C. is an international organization B. provides free school meals D. helps poor families build kitchens B. show the terrible taste of the food D. ask the school to improve the food

53. Why did the school officials want to prevent Martha writing her blog? A. It had a bad influence on her study. C. Writing her blog needs a lot of time. 54. According to the text, Martha __________. A. got a lot of support around the world B. helped improve children’s eating habits C. raised $10,000 for the Malawi school children D. has no idea what to write on her blog in future 55. What’s the best title for the text? A. School Meals C. Power of the Internet B. Mary’s Meals D. Martha Shares Her Food D B. Some people were upset by its content. D. Many other students started to copy her.

高二英语试题 第 7 页(共 12 页)

Do you want to visit Warwick Castle in Britain?Warwick is a friendly and a memorable experience with something for all ages. Easily accessible by car,bus,train,cycling or on foot it is surrounded by many attractions. Ticket Prices & Offers Look at our online offers,WarwickCastle.com is the only place to get the Ultimate Castle and The Castle Dungeon Ticket at the best price. Please note that Admission to The Castle Dungeon is NOT included with Standard online or on the day tickets. There are limited Dungeons tickets available(可获得的),and only from WarwickCastle.com. Please book in advance to guarantee your Castle Dungeon experience. One Day Tickets Booking online can save 20% and avoid the ticket queue when you arrive—it couldn’t be easier! If you’re not sure when you want to visit then don’t worry—you can still book a Flexi Ticket—valid(有效的) for any day that the castle is open during 2013. One Day Ticket ( not including the Castle Dungeon) Ticket Type Adult Child (4~6 years old) Disabled Child The Ultimate Family Ticket(2 adults+2 children) Buy tickets online now! Important Notes on Ticketing A £1.50 fee applies to all bookings made online and via telephone—one fee per booking. Groups can book by calling 08704422371 or online. Online bookings must be made 24 hours before you visit. 56.If you hope to visit Castle Dungeon,you should ________. A.buy the ticket in person B.dial 08704422371 高二英语试题 第 8 页(共 12 页) On the day £19.95 £11.95 £5.00 £55.00 Online Price £14.36 £9.56 £4.00 £47.00

C.book the ticket from WarwickCastle.com D.book the ticket two days in advance 57.What is the advantage of booking tickets online? A.You don’t have to wait in queue. B.You can save £20 in total. C.The ticket includes the Castle Dungeon. D.The ticket is available at any time. 58.In order to buy group tickets,________. A.you should dial 08704422375 C.there should be at least 20 people B.bookings can be made by emails D.you should dial 08704422371

59.If you want to book The Ultimate Family Ticket online,you should pay ________. A.£55.00 B.£48.50 C.£47.00 D.£37.60

60.The text probably is taken from ________. A.a newspaper B.a magazine C.a geography book D.a website E America is a mobile society. Friendships between Americans can be close and real, yet disappear soon if situations change. Neither side feels hurt by this. If the same two people meet again by chance, even years later, they pick up the friendship. This can be quite difficult for us Chinese to understand, because friendships between us flower more slowly but then may become lifelong feelings, extending (延伸) sometimes deeply into both families. Americans are ready to receive us foreigners at their homes, share their holidays, and their home life. They will enjoy welcoming us and be pleased if we accept their hospitality (好客) easily. Another difficult point for us Chinese to understand Americans is that although they receive us warmly, they don’t show their politeness to us if it requires much time. However, we may be generous with our time. Sometimes, we, as hosts, will appear at airports even in the middle of the night. The Americans, however, express their welcome usually at homes, but truly can not manage the time to do a great deal with a visitor outside their daily routine. They will probably expect us to get ourselves from the airport to our own hotel by bus. And they expect that we will phone them

高二英语试题 第 9 页(共 12 页)

from there. Once we arrive at their homes, the welcome will be full, warm and real. We will find ourselves treated hospitably. For the Americans, it is often considered more friendly to invite a friend to their homes than to go to restaurants, except for purely business matters. So accept their hospitality at home! 61. The writer of this passage must be ______. A. an American B. a Chinese C. a professor D. a student

62. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. Friendships between Americans usually extend deeply into their families. B. Friendships between Americans usually last for all their lives. C. Americans always show their warmth even if they are very busy. D. Americans will continue their friendships again even after a long break. 63. From the last two paragraphs we can learn that when we arrive in America to visit an American friend, we will probably be ______. A. warmly welcomed at the airport C. treated hospitably at his home B. offered a ride to his home D. treated to dinner in a restaurant

64. What do the underlined words “generous with our time” in Paragraph 3 probably mean? A. strict with time B. serious with time C. careful with time D. willing to spend time 65. What is probably a suitable title for this passage? A. Friendships between Chinese C. Americans’ hospitality B. Friendships between Americans D. Americans’ and Chinese’s views of friendships

第 II 卷(共 50 分)
第三部分 书面表达(共三节, 满分 50 分)
第一节 阅读表达 (共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面的短文,并根据文章后的要求答题。 (请注意问题后的词数要求) 【1】We're increasingly living in a world where physical activity has stopped being a day-to-day part of our lives. We have washing machines to wash and dry for us and cars to get us around, and with the decrease in manual labour many of us spend our working day sitting at desks. 【2】 In fact, there's a well-accepted theory that the appropriate physical activity is, for most people, the best way to better health. If you start off doing too much too soon, you'll get fed up and stop, get injured or even make yourself ill. So what's the right amount of exercise to get fit? 高二英语试题 第 10 页(共 12 页)

【3】 Only 37 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women take enough exercise to get any benefit from it. __________ obesity, heart disease and other life-limiting conditions, the government's top doctor suggests the following: 【4】 Adults should do a minimum of 30 minutes moderate-intensity physical activity, five days a week.You don't have to do the whole 30 minutes in one go. Your half-hour could be made up of three ten-minute bursts of activity spread through the day. 【5】The activity can be a 'lifestyle activity' (in other words, walking to the shops or taking the dog out) or structured exercise or sport, or a combination of these. 【6】People who are at specific risk from obesity, or who need to manage their weight because of a medical condition, need 45-60 minutes of exercise at least five times a week. 66. What is the purpose of the passage? (within 12 words) __________________________________________________________________ 67. What is the main idea of Paragraph 2?(within 15 words) __________________________________________________________________ 68. Fill in the blank in Paragraph 3 with proper words. (within 5 words) ____________________________________________________________________ 69 List three factors that make people less active based on the passage. (within 8 words) ① _____________________ ②_____________________③ _________________ 70.Explain the lifestyle activity by giving examples. _______________________________________________________ 第二节 单词拼写(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 请根据句意、首字母和汉语提示,写出下列单词的正确形式。 71. Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao attended Mandela's funeral and made a speech on b_______ of the Chinese government . 72. Tell me when you will arrive and I will a________ for a car to pick you up. 73. He did that thing d_________ , not by accident. 74. It is ________(典型的) of him to be late for class in the afternoon. 75. The bridge needs to be _________ (加固,加强). 第三节 写 作(满分 30 分) 随着网络在人们生活中的广泛使用,在生日或其他重大节日时,越来越多的好友或家人 喜欢通过发送电子贺卡来表达他们的祝愿。根据以下提示,简述使用电子贺卡的优点,并谈 谈自己的看法。 高二英语试题 第 11 页(共 12 页)

1. 使用便捷,传递速度快,不受时空限制; 2. 形式多样,生动有趣; 3. 节约资源,利于环保。 文章应包括以上要点,可适当发挥,以使内容充实、行文连贯,字数 120-150 左右。 参考词汇:电子贺卡:e-card (electronic card)

1-5 ABCAD 6-10 CDBDD 11-15 BCDBC 16-20 ACAAB 21-25BACCD 26-30 CDCAB 41-45 CBBCB 46-50 DABDD 31-35 ACDBB 36-40 DBBAC 51-55 CBBAD 56-60 CADBD 61-65 BDCDD

66. To tell us the right amount of exercise to keep fit . 67. The appropriate physical activity is, for most people, the best way to better health. 68. To avoid /In order to avoid . 69. ① . washing machines ② .cars ③ .the decrease in manual labour 70. It refers to the daily life activity, such as walking to the shops or taking the dog out. 71.behalf 72.arrange 73.deliberately 74.typical 75.strengthened

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