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录音原文 英语听力模拟试题(三十六)
Text 1 W: I just love it when the leaves of the trees change colors like this! M: Yes, and it’s not as hot as it is in summer and not as cold as it is in the winter. Text 2 W: I can hardly hear the singer. Those fans are so crazy. They are so loud. M: Aren’t you excited? W: No! My brother dragged me here. Text 3 W: Excuse me, but is it seven o’clock yet? M: I’m sorry, but I don’t have a watch. Try the lady over there by the bar. She might know. Text 4 M: Phew!! Have you been smoking again? Your breath smells terrible. W: Well, yes, I had a cigarette in the car on the way home. M: You know how I feel about your smoking. Please go and clean up right now! Text 5 W: I’m afraid I didn’t quite hear what you said. M: I said, “There’s no rush, I can take you in the car.” W: Won’t it make you late? M: No. I’m going right past your place. Text 6 M: Do you want to go to sleep, or do you want to stay up and watch a movie? I’m pretty tired, but I’m always up for a horror movie. It is Halloween, after all… W: I’d love to, but not tonight. I ate too much candy, and I’m so exhausted from trick-or-treating all night with the boys from the neighborhood. I need to rest! Text 7 W: Hi, Mark. How was your summer vacation? M: I worked at a restaurant the whole vacation. It was an exciting experience and I also made enough money for the next term. What did you do in your summer vacation? W: I attended some classes because I fell behind the others last term. I wanted to catch up with them. M: You are great. So have you seen David? W: He dropped out of school completely. M: Really? Why? I haven’t seen him for several months. W: He worked at a good company as an assistant and since he did well, they asked him if he wanted to work full time. M: Wow. He’s so lucky. He doesn’t have a degree and he already has a job. W: It sounds good now, but I wouldn’t have done that. I want a degree. Text 8 M: Mom, which day do you think would be the best day for a charity dinner party? W: Well, when will the last examination be held? M: Most of the exams finish this Friday. But there are some music exams that go on until the 23rd.

W: I think you’d better wait until after that. When will this term end? M: On January 26th. W: Well, why don’t you have it on the Saturday after that? M: Yes, that sounds like a good idea. W: How many students do you think will attend the charity dinner party? M: Oh, I think my roommates will all come. W: You mean five other students will come? M: Yes. Do you think I could ask Cousin Mark to make a video of the evening, mom? W: Certainly. I think he would be delighted to do that. I’ll call and ask him whether he is free then. M: Thank you, mom. Text 9 W: Oh, I think Jimmy is coming up next! Jeez, he looks so small out there. M: He is going to need to do some serious praying if he wants to get a hit off that player. That kid is only 12 years old, but he looks like he is already a professional baseball player! W: Yeah… oh, no! Strike three on Marcus! That’s two outs. M: We always seem to strike out against pitchers that throw really fast. We just can’t seem to be able to get the bat on the ball. Maybe the coach isn’t working these kids hard enough in practice. W: Oh, I don’t know about that. I was a little early when I came to pick up Jimmy yesterday, and the coach was throwing really hard to them in batting practice. I think he usually does a great job. We should really have him over for dinner. M: Yeah, let’s look at the calendar when we get home. Oh, look, there he is! Come on, son! Get a hit! W: Woo-hoo, let’s go, Jimmy! M: Oh, strike one… that’s OK, big guy! Be patient up there! W: You got this one… strike two… oh, honey, he was really late on that last one! M: Keep your eye on it, Jimmy! You can do it! Just like we practiced… W: Whoa! What a hit! It’s gone! It’s a home run! All right, Jimmy, way to go! Yee-haw! M: That’s my son down there! Text 10 M: Mary Lou Westin. It’s been a hundred years! I haven’t seen you since we were in high school. W: Randy? Randy Betford? Oh, my goodness, you look exactly the same! Even your hair is the same… curls everywhere! M: Well, you look… a lot different… But I mean that in a good way. W: Well, I got tired of that blond hair, so I decided to become a redhead, and I’ve never looked back! I also lost a lot of weight, and I’m really trying hard to keep it off. I don’t wanna look like I did in high school ever again! M: So, do you live here? What do you do? W: I’m a lawyer in Brookfield, the next town over. I just come out here on weekends to do my shopping. What about you? M: I sell insurance, but I’m actually working in Springfield. We’re looking to open a new office here in Ovington, so that’s why I’m out here. W: Do you like your job? M: Well, I guess I make a nice living, but it’s really boring work. I wish I could just change careers.

W: I agree. I actually have the opposite problem. I work for an environmental law firm, so the work is exciting, and I feel like I’m really making a difference. The only problem is that the pay is quite low, so I’m basically living hand to mouth every month. M: That sounds like a fair trade, though. I’d switch places with you in a second. Say, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? I know a great seafood place. W: That would be fantastic!


Text 1 W: The construction in front of our building has been going on for about two months now, and it’s driving me crazy! Plus, there’s no reason they need to start at seven o’clock in the morning. M: True enough. Let’s see what we can do about it. I’ll talk to them first thing in the morning. Text 2 W: John, you’ve been to Asia before, right? M: Sure, lots of times. Are you thinking of taking a trip there? W: Maybe. What places would you recommend? Text 3 W: How is your book coming, Jason? M: Uh, it’s okay. I talked to some soldiers about their experiences in the war. Now, I just have to organize my information and expand on their stories. Text 4 W: Did you hear that John passed the Step One United States Medical Licensing Examination? M: Finally! It’s about time! W: Yeah, he’s really happy. He invited us out for drinks tonight. Text 5 M: Could you get onto the couch and lie on your back, please? Now, I am going to take your left leg and see how far you can raise it. Keep the knee straight. Does that hurt at all? W: Yes, just a little. M: Let me just call Dr. Bronson. Text 6 W: Are you going to vote on whether or not to close the cafeteria? M: Yeah. I was going to vote this afternoon after my history class. W: Which option are you going to vote for? M: I’m going to vote to close the cafeteria and open a barbecue grill on campus. W: You think those kinds of places are better than the cafeteria in the Student Center? M: Sure. I like variety. So, the more food choices to select from, the better! I don’t like the food in the cafeteria. It’s too much like the food in my high school cafeteria. W: I don’t think the cafeteria food is that bad. M: Another reason I don’t like the cafeteria is that it’s always so crowded. I can never find a place to park my bike during lunch. Text 7 W: Excuse me, is this the baggage claim area from AM 231? M: Yes, can I help you? W: Well, this is my baggage claim tag. But I still can’t find my checked baggage. M: Don’t worry. I am sure it will come in a minute. The baggage checked in the first would come out later, for the porters put it in the airplane earlier than others. W: Thank you, but I am a little worried. M: How many pieces of luggage do you have? Can you describe them? W: I have two suitcases and one bag. One is a large dark blue leather suitcase. Another one is a medium gray leather suitcase. Also, I have a light brown small bag. All of them have my

name tag on them. Text 8 W: Hello, can I speak to Sam? M: This is Sam speaking. W: Sam, this is Jane. Could you review the results of the survey on sporting activities again? We need to plan out our proposal for this Friday’s business meeting. M: Sure, Jane. I’ve summarized the results, broken down by consumer age groups and sporting activities. The survey was carried out among 550 men and women between the ages of 18 and 55, and the results have been organized in terms of the following age groups: 18 to 26, 27 to 35, 36 to 45, and 46 to 55. According to the results, the most active group is the 18-to-26 group, followed by people 36 to 45 years old. W: Okay. M: As far as particular sports are concerned, people in these two groups reported jogging as their favorite recreational sport, followed by skiing, tennis, swimming, and cycling. W: And what about these groups broken down by sex? M: Oh, Jane, thanks for bringing that up. Men appear to be slightly more active than women in the 18-to-26-year-old age group, but women seem more active in the other three groups. W: Hmm. Based on what you have said, I think we should consider targeting the 18-to-26-year-old age group in the future. M: I agree with you. Text 9 M: I heard from my friend that you have a lot of classic guitars here. I love guitars, and I am a big music fan. Do you think that you could show me some of your more special pieces? W: Sure! We have a large number of old guitars. Most of them are Fenders, and almost all of them were guitars that the great guitar players liked to use. For example, we have the guitar that Jimi Hendrix played in the 1970s. M: Jimi Hendrix was okay, but I’m really more of a Jimmy Page fan. Do you have any of his old guitars? W: Yes, we do. We have the Fender that he played at his famous 1975 show in Chicago. It’s priced a little higher than our other guitars, though, because he signed the back of it. M: Wow. That is absolutely amazing. There’s no price you can put on something like that. A real fan would pay anything just to have that. W: Well, would you like to take it home, sir? M: Not this time, thank you. I came by your shop because I was curious about your classic guitars. But now that I am here, I think I will buy a small guitar for my nephew to learn to play. Do you have anything like that here? W: Certainly, I’ll be happy to show you that now, if you’d like. If you ever have any other questions about our collection of classic guitars, please feel free to visit our website or come by the shop any time. Text 10 W: Dr. Wallace, could you tell me something about health insurance in America, please? M: Certainly. Most universities and colleges in the United States have a health insurance plan for international students. It generally costs around $300 a year now. You may think it is a waste of money, but if you have even a small medical problem, the insurance will help you to pay the bills. So, you should take out a medical insurance policy when you arrive at the university. I am sure the International Students Office will help you with that. Private doctors are the standard form of medical care in America, but there are also college clinics,

public and private clinics, etc. The quality of medical care can be very different at these different places, so it would be better if you ask an American friend for advice before going to see a doctor. Before you leave China, I suggest you have a check-up. If there is something wrong, you can have it taken care of in your own country. Don’t forget to take your personal and family health records abroad with you. They provide important and useful information if you need to go to the hospital. But remember to take good care of yourself. Don’t work too hard...


Text 1 M: May I speak to Mary, please? W: She’s not here right now. This is her sister speaking. Can I take a message? M: Could you ask her to call Max Peterson at 465-878-4931… W: Hold on one second, Mr. Peterson. Let me just get a pen. Text 2 W: I’m going to spend the next year studying in London. Someone told me that you once lived there. M: Oh, but I was just a kid at that time. Text 3 M: Lydia, I haven’t seen you for ages! How have you been doing? W: Um, do I know you? M: Oh, dear, I’m terribly sorry! You look like one of my old friends. Text 4 M: Could I have three pounds of apples, please? W: Sure. They are one dollar a pound. M: OK, let me just get my wallet… here we are… Uh-oh. I’m so sorry about this, but could I have just two pounds instead of three? W: No problem, sir. Text 5 M: As we all know, shopping plays a very important role in people’s lives, and it is many people’s favorite activity, especially for women. W: I couldn’t agree with you more. In order to promote sales, both sellers and producers place a variety of shopping ads in newspapers, magazines, and on the radio and television. Text 6 M: Is everything ready for Billy’s birthday party? W: Yes. I finished making the birthday cake and I put everything on the table. Did you find the party hats? M: Yes, I did. I put one for each child on the table. I put up the big “Happy Birthday” sign, too. W: Thanks, honey. Do you think we have enough for the kids to eat and drink? M: I’m sure we do. Here’s enough food to feed an army. W: That birthday cake looks beautiful, but you haven’t put any candles on it yet. M: Thanks for reminding me. I’ve prepared some party games for the children, too. W: Great. I bought a tape with a lot of children’s songs on it. M: Hopefully, that will keep everyone happy. Text 7 M: What a nice garden! Look at these flowers! W: That would be a good shot. Can you take my picture here, dear? Please try to get the garden in the frame as well. M: All right. Would you please stand closer to the flowers? Good. Smile. Say cheese. OK, got it. That’s terrific. W: Thanks. Could you take one more from this angle? M: No problem… Got it. W: Now let’s take one together. M: Do you know how to set it to take a picture of the two of us?

W: Let me see... We just push this button… OK, come here! M: OK, here I come! W: Cheese! M: Did it come out? W: Yes, but it’s a little dark. M: Never mind. Let’s go to the falls and try again. W: OK, let’s go. Text 8 M: We still have one more day to go before we return home. What do you want to see tomorrow? W: No idea. We’ve enjoyed both the natural scenery and the city sights. What else is there to see? M: How about a factory tour? W: You mean visit a factory? M: Yes. I heard there’s a large car company nearby that is open to the public every weekend. We can go there to see how a car is made and learn more about the car industry. W: Good idea! I’ve always been interested in that. How much is the entrance fee? M: I’m not sure, but as far as I know, most factory tours are free. They are sponsored by the car company providing the tour. W: Really? What do the companies do that for? M: I believe most of them think of it as good public relations. They can promote their products and make their company better known. W: Oh, I see. So, factory tours are good for companies as well as visitors. M: Exactly. W: Do we need to make an appointment in advance? M: I’ll call the tourist information center to check. Text 9 M: Excuse me. How much is this suit? W: It’s on sale today for $750. It’s normally $900. M: Wow, that is pretty expensive! I was thinking that it might be four or five hundred. W: This material is imported from Italy. It’s the finest in the world, and if you bought a suit made of this material at many department stores, you would pay about two thousand dollars. M: Uh-huh… but isn’t that the point of coming to a market like this, to get a discount compared to the expensive department stores? Besides, I saw a suit just like this one a few stalls down, and they were selling it for $600. I still thought that was too expensive. W: It’s possible that the suit you saw was the same color as this one but made of a different material. Unfortunately, our prices are final, and we think they’re the lowest anywhere in the city. M: Could I try it on first? W: Of course, sir. The dressing room is down there to your left. M: Yes, I see it. Could I also take a tie to try on? I’m not actually looking to buy one, but I do want to see how the suit looks on me if I wear a tie. W: No problem. I’ll have my assistant bring you a few ties that we give our customers for this exact purpose. M: Great. I’ll be back in a minute… So, how do I look? W: You look very handsome, sir. This suit is made for you!

M: Thank you. I like it very much. It fits perfectly, and the style will never go out of fashion. The only thing is that I still think it is a bit too expensive. Couldn’t you lower the price by just a little? W: I’m not the owner of the shop, sir. Otherwise, I might be able to reduce the price. Text 10 Good evening to you, and a good evening it is! In fact, it’s absolutely beautiful outside. Of course, it’s all due to the winds of March! Yes, if you were outside around 2:00 p.m., you were probably blown right off your feet. We had wind this afternoon that was blowing at 50 mph! You could see large umbrellas from food carts rolling down the sidewalks — a few of them blew right into traffic and caused a few accidents. Fortunately, though, the wind died down to a more reasonable 15 mph by 4:30 p.m. Now, the forecast for tonight is for the temperature to stay around 60 degrees Fahrenheit with a light breeze — just enough for a light sweater. It should be a clear night, great for all you astronomers and star gazers. Enjoy it while you can because the clouds will begin to roll in again tomorrow, and they will be staying for a while. Yes, for the next three days, you can expect clouds, the daytime temperature to drop to around 50, and a 90 percent chance of light rain on and off throughout the day. The temperature at night will be about 36-40 degrees, so you should expect some frost in the early mornings. Well, that’s all. Go out there and enjoy a lovely, warm, star-filled evening tonight. Tomorrow, take your raincoat and umbrella as you head out the door!


Text 1 W: Thanks for coming over to help. First, could you peel and chop some vegetables? I’ve put them all in the sink. M: OK… W: Wow! You can chop vegetables really quickly, just like the professional chefs on TV. Text 2 M: Tomorrow I’m going to buy some new paint for the living room. W: I thought you loved the yellow color. M: I liked it when I had a purple sofa, but now my furniture is brown and it makes the wall look ugly. Text 3 M: There are some people who have to keep totally up to date with the latest and most expensive fashions. W: I wish I could be one of those people, but I can’t earn that much. I have to limit the amount of money I spend on clothes. Text 4 W: You! Roger, what have you been getting into? You smell terrible! M: I saw him coming out of the neighbor’s rubbish can earlier today. W: Bad kitty! They should really learn to put the top on their rubbish can, though. Text 5 M: Excuse me, madam. Could I ask you a couple of questions about your job? W: I’m sorry, but I’m actually late for work. That’s my office building right there. Text 6 M: I can’t believe we lost. We were up by fifteen points in the fourth quarter! I tell you, it’s really hard to be a fan sometimes. W: I know what you mean. I was at the game last night, and it was even worse. At least it was close this time. I’m going to change the channel now, if you don’t mind. It’s depressing after a loss. Text 7 W: Wow, I haven’t seen you in a few weeks. M: Yes, I’ve been really busy lately, but then I decided to just leave it all behind and take a trip to the Bahamas. I spent about a week just sunning myself on the beach. W: Wow, that’s a great idea. I wish I could do something like that, but I’ve just booked a project with a huge company, so now isn’t really a good time to go anywhere. M: Congratulations. Last I heard, your company was just starting up, and now you’re booking big clients. That’s very exciting. W: Yeah, I’ve been really blessed lately. Things are going quite well. And not only that, but there’s going to be a new addition to our family in the fall. M: Congratulations again! I can’t believe that you’re pregnant again. It seems like you just had little Judy. W: She’s almost four years old now! Time flies, doesn’t it? Text 8 W: Excuse me. Do you have the new iPhone 5? M: Well, we do, but I’m afraid I can’t sell you one today. W: What do you mean?

M: Well, you see that line over there? All those people already paid for their phones on our website, and they are just waiting to pick them up. W: There must be a hundred people in that line! M: Well, the new iPhone is a popular product. W: So, what is the best way for me to get one? M: You have three options. You can go to our website like these folks, pay for your phone, and then come back when your phone is ready to be picked up. I should warn you that it can take up to one month for your phone to be ready because of such high demand. W: Argh! What’s option two? M: You can try to buy it from an online retailer, but it’s more expensive and it might take just as long to get it delivered. W: Well, that’s not much better. What’s option three? M: Wait six months, and maybe by then, the iPhone 6 will have come out. Text 9 M: Oh, look at the sky, Mary! It’s starting to get cloudy. W: I see that. I hope it doesn’t rain. I thought it was going to be a fine day today. M: That’s certainly what the department was hoping for when they chose today as the date for the annual picnic. W: You can’t have a picnic without good weather. You need sunshine for all the eating and games and entertainment. M: Yeah, but not too much sunshine! Don’t you remember last year? W: I sure do. It was so hot that all we did was look for shade to escape from the sun. M: And no one wanted to participate in any of the planned activities. All we wanted was cold drinks. And then we all dozed off. W: If there had just been the tiniest breeze to cool us off... M: But there wasn’t. Just that burning sun, without a cloud in the sky. The temperature just seemed to climb higher and higher. W: Well, we don’t have that problem this year, apparently. Alan, did you hear the weather forecast? Is it supposed to rain? M: I don’t know. I didn’t catch the weather report. But maybe if it rains, it will only be a short shower, which should cool things off a little. That might not be so bad. Text 10 M: Your study room has become one of the most popular meeting places for university students. How did this all start? W: It all started a year ago when I was preparing for my final examinations. I was looking for a place to study and write my papers. I couldn’t stand the dark, unfriendly feeling of the library. I wanted a comfortable and sunny study room, so I rented the top floor of an old house near the university and spent my afternoons there reading books and working on my papers. Then, word spread and my friends started turning up. It was a great place to relax, talk, and compare ideas. They even started leaving their books behind and leaving some money for the things they used, like coffee and pens. M: Is that what made you think of turning it into a book café ? W: Maybe, yeah. I also don’t want a stressful nine-to-five job. I’m trying to find a lifestyle that suits me. And I think there’s a need for relaxing places like this for people — especially students — to eat, talk, and have fun without spending too much money. If the feeling of the place is right, people will come to the café Anyway, it’s more than just a business decision. . It’s also a decision about the lifestyle I want to have and about trying to create something

new and different.


Text 1 M: Mary, how’s your report coming along? W: Oh, my report… I finished a draft one month ago. But my advisor said I should use more references if I want to meet his expectations. Text 2 W: How many people turned up at the charity party? M: Fewer people came than we had expected. It was disappointing. We still need more money for our organization. W: Sorry that I wasn’t able to attend. I had intended to make it, but something came up with my son. Text 3 M: Now, I am going to take a shot of your face. Say cheese! Good! W: Let me take a look. Hmm, shall we take another shot? Text 4 W: Let’s call it a day. We’ve been at this for hours. M: I’m beat, too. Let’s get something to eat. W: Sounds good. We’ll feel better with a little nutrition. Text 5 M: You should take a look at this car. It’s a real beauty. W: This car looks like it has a lot of problems. You must think I was born yesterday if you expect me to buy it. Text 6 M: Hey, can I ask you a favor? Could I get a ride to soccer practice? I have to be there at 3 o’clock. W: I don’t think I can. I have a class at 3:15, but I was planning on going to the library after lunch to get some studying done. I won’t have any other time to prepare for my test tomorrow morning because I’m working from 5 o’clock until midnight tonight. Text 7 W: Could I see the manager, please? I have a complaint to make. M: Yes, I’m the manager here. What can I do for you, madam? W: Did you have the room checked before we moved in? M: Which room are you in, madam? W: 1808. The toilet doesn’t work properly, the water doesn’t work in the shower, and the tap was leaking the whole night, so there’s water all over the bathroom floor. M: I’m awfully sorry to hear that. The housekeeper usually checks every room before new guests move in. We have been extremely busy with a large conference these past few days. We’ll change your room to 2002. It has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. And we’d like to offer you an extra night’s stay in our hotel free of charge. W: Not bad. Thanks. M: It’s my pleasure, madam. Text 8 M: Please feel free to sample any of our masks. W: Excuse me, what is this used for? M: You can mix it with different treatments such as lemon for relaxation, cucumber for sunburns. These masks are designed so that you can mix your own combinations.

W: Wow, I’m also looking for a good fall color for my nails. Do you sell nail polish here? M: Yes, we do. However, it’s a little early in the year to have our fall colors out. Usually, we will put them out more toward September, not July. W: Okay, that’s too bad. Thanks for your help, anyway. M: My pleasure. Here. Please take this relaxing face wash! W: Excellent! Thanks! Text 9 M: Hi, darling! I have a one-month vacation saved up. How about a trip to Europe? W: I could go for that. But I’m afraid our budget is a little tight this year. M: Oh, but I really need to leave this town for a change. Working day after day has worn me out. Do you have any other suggestions? W: We should probably think about going somewhere that isn’t too far away. How about the countryside? There are many interesting places we could go, and we could enjoy the fresh air and the delicious local food. M: Wonderful! I think that’s a great idea. How long until we can make this happen? I can’t wait! W: Tomorrow I have an appointment with my dentist. What about next Monday? M: Perfect. I’ll start making the arrangements tomorrow. If we’re going to drive, I’ll need to fill up the tank. W: No need. I think it’s still plenty full. Even so, I’d rather travel by bus or train. It would cost much less than driving. Gas prices are very high nowadays, you know. M: We can take the train. It will be faster. I’ll book the tickets tomorrow morning. W: Great! Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to check the weather forecast before we go. I’d hate to get caught in the rain. M: No problem. I’m really looking forward to the coming week. W: Me, too. I’ll make a list of what we need to take with us. Text 10 W: Something smells good! M: Hey, there you are! Sit down and I’ll open the wine. W: Um, okay. What’s the occasion? M: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me stay at your house for the last few days. I know it hasn’t been easy with me here. W: Oh, it’s been great! I know this place is small, but it hasn’t been a big deal at all. To tell you the truth, living with you has been much easier than with my last roommate! Melanie was just terrible. M: Oh, she couldn’t have been that bad… W: Uh, she never paid her share of the rent or bills on time. She always left a huge mess in the kitchen. She would always wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me for advice about her crazy boyfriend, and she broke about five things of mine and never offered to replace them. M: So that’s the reason you decided to live alone! W: Bingo! So, what are you making over there? M: We’ve got fish, potatoes, and steak. And the dessert is in the freezer. W: Let me guess… ice cream? M: No, it’s a cake, actually. But it needs to be kept in the freezer until right before we’re ready to eat it. It’s supposed to be delicious. W: Did you make that yourself, too? M: Heavens, no! I bought it from the bakery down the street.

W: Well, I guess a three-course dinner is still pretty amazing. I didn’t know you could cook. The whole time we’ve known each other, you’ve never once mentioned anything about cooking. M: Well, I cook a lot for myself… at least I did before I got kicked out of my apartment. Now, where is that wine?


(三十六) (三十七) (三十八) (三十九) (四十) 1—5 BBABB 1—5 CBBBA 1—5 BCBAA 1—5 ACBBA 1—5 BAABC 6—10 CAABA 6—10 BBABC 6—10 BCBCC 6—10 CBBAC 6—10 BCACC 11—15 CABAC 11—15 BCAAB 11—15 BABBA 11—15 BCCCB 11—15 CCCAC 16—20 ABCAB 16—20 ACACA 16—20 BBABB 16—20 AACCC 16—20 CACAB