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《导学案》2015版高中英语(人教版必修4)教师用书 Unit 4 Period 3 Grammar 练习 Word版含答案

Ⅰ.完形填空 I recently attended a going-away party for my friend Kim Ellen, who is leaving Michigan. Her 1 is a good one, as moving stories 4 6 2 . Her children are older, 3 her life is in a place that to 5 her to make a choice like this. After visiting many times , Kim decided she wanted city on the Atlantic coast. Last fall, she decided she would move to 7 without a job, so she 10 11 8 began networking and 9

Wilmington, a

the attractive place within one year. Kim knew she couldnt , and she traveled to Wilmington for 12 14

opportunities. She requested phone interviews when face-to-face interviews when promising an e-mail to supportive friends, 13

needed discussion on the table.One day, she 15

us shed just had a great interview and was invited

the next day for what she thought would be a job offer. It with her clients (客户) in Michigan, said her 16

as expected. Kim finished work 17 a

and drove away. Kims move is

celebration. A goal achieved, a new period of life began. Of course, its not that way for everyone. We all know people who feel they have no choice but to leave the state in pursuit of jobs no longer 18 in Michigan. I was part of the last major Midwest out-migration(迁出者). In 1981, a degree and entry-level enthusiasm(激情) werent professional goals. 【语篇解读】Kim 费尽千辛万苦,终于实现了在 Wilmington 居住的目标。作者由此感叹:实现了目标,新生 活也开始了。 1.A.family B.husband C.job D.story 【答案与解析】D 2.A.go B.tell 【答案与解析】A 3.A.so B.but 【答案与解析】C 4.A.forbids 【答案与解析】B 5.A.live in C.call at D.keep off 【答案与解析】A 【答案与解析】C 7.A.exist B.move 【答案与解析】B 【答案与解析】D 从下文可知,Kim 决定住在那里。 C.beautiful D.busy 从下文 attractive 一词可知,beautiful 符合语境。 D.laugh 分析上文 Kim 要搬到 Wilmington,但她知道没有工作她是不能搬家的。 C.sadly D.actively 为了搬迁,Kim 找工作肯定很积极。 正如许多感人故事那样,Kim 的故事是一个很好的故事。 D.write 正如感人故事中所讲的那样。为固定用法。 D.before 此处表示并列。 C.persuades D.helps Kim 的生活处在一个允许她作出这样选择的境地。 19 to get a job in my home state. Since all my 20 could be packed in my car, moving to Texas was easy. I waitressed and worked for a temporary agency while I pursued




B.go away from

6.A.disappointing B.terrible


8.A.bitterly B.suddenly


9.A.quitting B.losing C.pursuing 【答案与解析】C 10.A.possible 【答案与解析】A 11.A.places 【答案与解析】B 【答案与解析】D 【答案与解析】A 14.A.away B.back 【答案与解析】B 【答案与解析】D 16.A.hello 【答案与解析】C 17.A.quite B.such 【答案与解析】C 18.A.available C.easy


Kim 开始在网上找工作,寻找机会。 C.happy D.afraid 只要可能,Kim 会请求电话面试。 C.persons D.tools 当很有希望的职位需要面对面地讨论时,她会去面试。 C.watched D.sent 分析下文,是 Kim 发出电子邮件,告诉朋友有关面试的事情。 C.asking D.scolding 见上题解析。 D.abroad Kim 被请回去。 C.got out D.worked out 结果正如料想的那样。 C.good-byes D.thanks 告别之后就开车离开。 C.worth D.many Kim 的搬家值得庆祝。



12.A.received B.accepted

13.A.telling B.discussing


15.A.went out B.came out


B.convenient 离开 Michigan 去找工作,在 Michigan 那个工作是找不到的。 D.enough 学位和入门级的激情对于找工作是不够的。 C.books D.shoes 所有财物都可以打包装在车里。


【答案与解析】A 19.A.rare B.low 【答案与解析】D 【答案与解析】B Ⅱ.单项填空


20.A.clothes B.possessions

1.The news shocked the public, A.having led B.led C.leading D.to lead 【答案与解析】C

to great concern about students safety at school.


关注。the news 和 lead 之间是主谓关系,由句意可知,用现在分词的一般式。 2.The retired man donated most of his savings to the school damaged by the earthquake in Yushu, the students to return to their classrooms. A.enabling C.to enable 【答案与解析】A B.having enabled D.to have enabled 考查非谓语动词。句意:这位退休老人把他大部分的积蓄都捐赠给了在玉树地震中被毁 to miss any point.

坏的那所学校,使学生们得以重返教室。此处用现在分词的一般式作状语表结果。 3.The lawyer listened with full attention, A.not trying C.to try not 【答案与解析】 B B.trying not D.not to try 考查非谓语动词。 句中现在分词作伴随状语。 not trying 表示“不努力做??”,trying

not 表示“努力不??”,两者意义不同。句意:律师专注地倾听着,努力不错过任何要点。



that he was in great danger, Eric walked deeper into the forest. A.Not realized B.Not to realize C.Not realizing 【答案与解析】C D.Not to have realized 考查非谓语动词。句意:由于没有意识到自己正处于极大的危险中,艾瑞克向森林更深

处走去。 realize 与主语 Eric 在逻辑上是主谓关系,故用现在分词作状语;现在分词的否定形式是在现在分词前 加 not。 5. that she was going off to sleep, I asked if shed like that little doll on her bed. A.Seeing B.To see C.See 【答案与解析】A 6. A.Throw D.Seen 考查非谓语动词。seeing that 意为“鉴于??;由于??;因为??”。

their hats into the air, the fans of the winning team let out loud shouts of victory. B.Thrown D.Being thrown 考查非谓语动词。句意:获胜队的支持者把帽子扔到空中,发出胜利的欢呼声。throw C.Throwing

【答案与解析】C 7.

与其逻辑主语 the fans 之间是主谓关系,故用现在分词作伴随状语。 from media reports, the result has been unclear. A.Judge B.Having judged 考查非谓语动词。judging from 表示“从??来看”,在句中作状语,是固定用法。 , what is to be done now is how to carry it out. B.being made 考查非谓语动词。注意逗号前缺少状语,从题干前后整体看,空白处不可能为句子,the a small red cap. C.Judging D.Judged 【答案与解析】C 8.The decision A.to be made

C.having been made D.having made 【答案与解析】C decision 与 make 之间是被动关系,“The decision having been made”为独立主格结构作状语。 9.The schoolboys and schoolgirls are walking along the street, A.each of them has B.they each have C.every wear 【答案与解析】 D 10. D.each wearing 考查非谓语动词。 each wearing 相当于现在分词作伴随状语,意同“and they each wear

a small red cap”。A、B 两项均是句子,与前句构成并列句时中间应加连词 and;every 不能作主语。 his age, he is a remarkably fast learner. A.To give B.Giving C.Given 【答案与解析】C Ⅲ.阅读理解 I was doing a year of voluntary service in a residential home for people with learning disabilities. It was set in an English village , deep in the countryside, quite different from my home in Sweden. One of my fellow volunteers, a girl from Tanzania, seemed a bit disappointed. She told me she had a friend back home who was really struggling with her university studies. It seemed that financial difficulties would make it impossible for her to complete her course. So this friend of mine had done something unbelievable : she had sent all her pocket money for the month to support her friend! This meant that she didnt have much food to eat, no money to go anywhere outside the village, no money to buy any clothes, and so on. I was so touched that she did this for her friend and I felt I had to do something. So , during my next trip to one of the nearby towns I walked into the fair trade shop to buy some food. I didnt D.Give 考查非谓语动词。given...“考虑到??;就??而论”,为独立成分作状语。


have much money left but I thought Id buy her an extra box of breakfast. I started talking to the woman working in the shop and eventually told her about my friend. The woman looked at me, amazed. “Does she eat pasta?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. She immediately started loading a bag with pasta , cookies, more food, sweets and other things until the bag was full. “Give her this for me. Its my treat!” I couldnt believe it but cried with happiness. Imagine my friends face when I arranged the gifts on my kitchen table and fetched her from her room to see! I have never seen her so happy! A few weeks later she found Gloria in the shop and thanked her in person. These two extraordinary women really showed me what true kindness and compassion are, and the impression will stay with me for the rest of my life ! 【语篇解读】作者在一个康复中心为有学习障碍的人提供志愿服务。在这里她的同事因毫无保留的爱心 而让自己受困,这时有更多的人站出来奉献自己的一份爱心。 1.Which of the following is the best title for the passage ? A.Small act of kindness doubled by another B.Regain confidence by helping others C.Many girls suffer financial problems D.Government should help the poor students 【答案与解析】A 举也影响着其他人。 2.From the passage we can know that . A.the author was born in an English village B.the author was a volunteer in a village C.Sweden is much richer than England D.girls in Tanzania dont like studying 【答案与解析】B 细节题。根据文章第 1 段可知,作者来自瑞典,到英国的一个小村庄做志愿者工作。 3.Which of the following is TRUE about the girl from Tanzania ? A.She begged others to help her friend in difficulty. B.She reported the serious problem to her leader. C.She took a part time job to earn money. D.She devoted all her money to helping her friend. 【答案与解析】D 细节题。根据文章第 3 段第 1 句可知,这位女孩把自己所有的钱都给了朋友。 4.Who does the author buy breakfast for? A.The girls friend. B.The girl from Tanzania. C.Herself. D.Her classmate. 【答案与解析】B 推断题。第 3 段讲这位来自坦桑尼亚的女孩为帮助朋友用完了自己的钱,以至于没有钱 买衣服、足够的食物,因此作者在帮助这位好心的女孩。 主旨题。文章中心大意是作者通过讲述自己的经历告诉我们应该帮助别人,并且这一善


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