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阅读专题一 猜测词义

阅读专题(猜词悟义) 猜测词悟义的能力, 即掌握一些猜测生词词义的方法,对排除阅读中生词的 干扰、降低生词率、提高阅读速度和理解能力是必不可少的,这种不用词典而通 过上下文来认识生词的能力是每一个考生所必须具备的能力。 这类题主要考查考 生对文中的重点词句的理解,要求考生对文章中的个别难词、关键词、词组或句 子作出解释或推测其义。


>1. The underlined word(phrase)in the passage means ________________. 2. The word "it(them)"in the first paragraph refers to _____________. 3. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph means _____________. 4. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the second paragraph? 5. What does(do)the underlined word(words)refer to? 6. According to the passage, ―…‖ probably means ______________. 7. The author uses the word ―…‖ to mean __________. 8. The underlined word/phrase/sentence ―…‖means ______________. 9. The word ―…‖ in paragraph …refers to __________. 10. What does ―…‖ in the second paragraph stands for? 11. The sentence ―…‖ means _______________. 例如 : Apple trees may grow as tall as 12 meters and they grow best in areas that have cold winters. Although no fruit is yielded during the winter, this cold period is good for the tree. The underlined word ―yielded‖ most probably means__________. A. sold B. bought C. improved D. produced Another source of knowledge is the vast store of traditional practices handed down from father to son, or mother to daughter, of old country customs, of folklore. All this is very difficult for a college student to examine, for much knowledge and personal experience is needed here to separate good plants form wild grass. The college student should learn to realize and remember how much of real value science has found in this wide, confused wilderness and how often scientific discoveries of what had existed in this area long ago. In this paragraph the phrase ―this wide, confused wilderness‖ refers to _________. A. personal experience B. wild weeds among good plants C. the information from the parents D. the vast store of traditional practices


一、针对性解释 针对性解释是作者为了更好地表达思想,在文章中对一些重要的概念、难懂 的术语或词汇等所作的解释。 这些解释提供的信息具有明确的针对性,利用它们 猜词义比较容易。 1、根据定义猜测词义 定义解释形式多样,常由 be, mean, deal with, be considered, to be, refer to, be called, be known as, define, represent, or , that is to say, in other words, be called 等 词汇或破折号来表示。例如: (1) Anthropology is the scientific study of man. (2) In slang the term ―jam‖ constitutes a state of being in which a person finds himself or herself in a difficult situation. (3) A mosquito is a small flying pest that thrust the skin and then drinks blood. (4) A person who skilled at making or repairing wooden objects is called a carpenter. 2、根据复述猜测词义 (1) Semantics, the study of the meaning of words, is necessary if you are to speak and read intelligently.(语义学) (2) His uncle is a zoologist, an expert who does research on animals. (3) The new building, a five-story edifice, was completed last month.(大建筑 物) (4). Capacitance, or the ability to store electric change, is one of the most common characteristics of electronic circuits. ) (5) Some organizations of United Nations prefer to take on Polyglots as their workers---- those who can understand as well as speak many languages. (6) Krabacber suffers from SAD, which is short for seasonal affective disorder, a syndrome characterized by severe seasonal mood swings. 3、根据举例猜测词义 (1) The consequences of epochal events such as wars and great scientific discoveries are not confined to a small geographical area as they were in the past. (2) You can take any of the periodicals: The World of English, Foreign Language Teaching in Schools, or English Learning. 二、内在逻辑关系 1、根据对比关系猜测义 表示对比关系的词汇和短语主要是 while, not, but, however, yet, otherwise, though, despite, in spite of , in contrast 和 while 引导的并列句等。在这些表示转折 意义的连词出现的句子中,其前后的词有明显的对比关系。根据已知的内容,通 过这种对比关系,就很容易猜出生词的词义的。如: (1) Andrew is one of the most supercilious men I know. His brother, in contrast, is quite humble and modest. Supercilious 高傲的 (2) A good supervisor can recognize instantly the adept workers from the unskilled ones.

Adept =skilled 精于。 。 。的;巧妙的 (3) Though Tom‘s face has been washed quite clean, his neck still remains grubby. Grubby 肮脏的;不洁净的 (4)John usually wastes a lot of money on such useless things; his wife, however, is very thrifty. Thrifty 节约的;节俭的 2、根据比较关系猜测词义 同对比关系相反,比较关系表示意义上的相似关系,例: Green loves to talk, and his brothers are similarly loquacious. (爱讲话的) 3、根据因果关系猜测词义 (1) Tom is considered an autocratic administrator because he makes decisions without seeking the opinions of others. (独裁的;专制的) (2) There were so many demonstrators in the Red Square that he had to elbow his way through the crowd.(用肘挤) (3) She wanted the hairdresser to trim her hair a bit because it was too long. (修 剪) (4) The river is so turbid that it is impossible to see the bottom even when it is shallow. (浑浊的) 4、 根据同义词的替代关系猜测词义 在句子或段落中,我们可以利用熟悉的词语,根据语言环境推断生词词义。 (1) Although he often had the opportunity, Mr. Tritt was never able to steal money from a customer. This would have endangered his position at the bank, and he did not want to jeopardize his future.(危机;损坏) (2) Doctors believe that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your health, They also regard drinking as harmful. (有害的;不利的) 三、外部相关因素 外部相关因素是指篇章(句子或段落)以外的其他知识。有时仅靠分析篇章 内在逻辑关系无法猜出词义。这时,就需要运用生活经验和普通常识确定词义。 例如: (1) Husband: it‘s really cold out tonight. Wife: Sure it is. My hands are practically numb.(How about lighting the furnace?)(麻木的;失去知觉的) (2) The snake slithered through the grass.(摇晃不稳地滑动) 1、根据前缀猜测词义 例如: (1)He fell into a ditch and lay here, semiconscious, for a few minutes.(半意识 的;conscious 意识清醒的) (2) I‘m illiterate about such things.(目不识丁的;literate 有文化修养的) 2、根据后缀猜测词义 (1) Insecticide is applied where it is needed.(杀虫剂) (2) Then the vapor may change into droplets.(水滴) 3、 根据复合词的各部分猜测词义 (1) Growing economic problems were highlighted by a slowdown in oil output.

(突出,显现出) (2) Bullfight is very popular in Spain.(斗牛) 综上所述,利用各种已知信息推测、判断词义是一项重要的阅读技巧。在实 践中, 我们可以灵活运用, 综合运用上面提到的几种猜测技巧, 排除生词的障碍, 顺利理解文章的思想内容,提高阅读速度。

The 2012 London Olympics had enough problems to worry about. But one more has just been added a communications blackout caused by solar storms. After a period of calm within the Sun, scientists have detected the signs of a flesh cycle of sunspots that could peak in 2012, just in time for the arrival of the Olympic torch in London. Now scientists believe that this peak could result in vast solar explosions that could throw billions of tons of charged matter towards the Earth, causing strong solar storms that could jam the telecommunications satellites and interact links sending five Olympic broadcast from London. The phrase "communications blackout" in paragraph 1 most probably refers to during the 2012 Olympics. A. the extinguishing of the Olympic torch B. the collapse of broadcasting systems C. the transportation breakdown in London D. the destruction of weather satellites

You can perhaps help with this. The collection of contributions towards gifts for employees‘ personal-life events is becoming a little troubling. Certainly, the group sending of a gift is reasonable now and then. In the past month, however, there have been collections for two baby shower gifts, one wedding shower gift, two wedding gifts, one funeral(葬礼)remembrance, four birthday gifts, and three graduation gifts. The underlined word “contributions” probably means ______. A. money B. suggestions C. reports D. understanding Often we got ―lost‖ and had to climb a tree to find out where we were. If you read a story in which someone does that successfully, be skeptical: the topmost branches are usually too skinny to hold weight, and we could never climb high enough to see anything except other trees. There were four or five trees that we visited regularly— —tall beeches, easy to climb and comfortable to sit in. The underlined word “skeptical” in Paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______. A. calm B. doubtful C. serious D. optimistic Time is something from which we can‘t escape. Even if we ignore it, it‘s still going by, ticking away, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. So the main issue in using your time well is, ―Who‘s in charge?‖ We can allow time to slip by and let it be our enemy. Or we can take control of it and make it our ally.

By taking control of how you spend your time, you‘ll increase your chances of becoming a more successful student. Perhaps more importantly, the better you are at managing the time you devote to your studies, the more time you‘ll have to spend on your outside interests. The underlined word “ally” in Para. 3 more likely means somebody or something that is ______. A. your slave and serves you B. your supporter and helps you C. under your control and obeys youD. under your influence and follows you A Brown University sleep researcher has some advice for people who run high schools: Don‘t start classes so early in the morning. It may not be that the students who nod off at their desks are lazy. And it may not be that their parents have failed to enforce (确保) bedtime. Instead, it may be that biologically these sleepyhead students aren‘t used to the early hour. ―Maybe these kids are being asked to rise at the wrong time for their bodies,‖ says Mary Carskadon, a professor looking at problem of adolescent (青春期的) sleep at Brown‘s School of Medicine. The underlined phrase “nod off” most probably means ― ______‖. A. turn around B. agree with others C. fall asleep D. refuse to work 情景体验 猜测各句中划线生词词义 1. Archaeology is the study of the buried remains of ancient times, such as houses. Pots, tools and weapons. A、地理学 B、生态学 C、心理学 D、 考古学 2. This strict officers is a martinet, a person who demands total obedience(服从) to rules. Discipline and orders. A、专制的人 B、软弱的人 C、强硬的 D、要求严格服从纪律和命令的人 3. Though Mr. Smith has been general manager for just 3 months, he has already made much greater achievements than his predecessors. A、上级 B、前任 C、同事 D、下级 4. The football game was getting more and more exciting; however, the old lady was still as dozy as she usually was. A、昏昏欲睡的 B、亢奋的 C、欣喜若狂的 D、麻木的 5. All his attempts to unlock the door was futile, because he was using the wrong key. A、成功的 B、徒劳的 C、有效的 D、仓促的 6. She did not hear what you said because she was completely engrossed in her reading. A、心不在焉的 B、紧张的 C、全神贯注的 D、睡意浓的 7. One of symptoms caused by the peculiar illness is a high fever. A、症状 B、疾病 C、恐惧 D、威胁 8. In the strong wind, the beggar shivered with the terrible cold. A、流泪 B、乞讨 C、呻吟 D、颤抖

9. The hot tropical weather created a feeling of lassitude and encouraged laziness. A、兴奋 B、厌恶 C、清醒 D、疲倦 10. To quite a great many people, money is an irresistible temptation. A、不可抗拒的 B、可抗拒的 C、接受的 D、不可接受的 11. This fishing village of 1480 people is a bleak and lonely place, even in a country located at the top of the world. A、偏远的 B、平静的 C、海边的 D、荒凉的 12. If and when these new measures are rolled out. They will be welcomed. A、试验 B、推行 C、滚出 D、起草 13. Boys think of school as purgatory on the way to a future of finding riches at sea; for girls, it‘s their ticket out of school.(炼狱) A、受罪 B、关键 C、阻碍 D、帮助 14. Educations say they watch many bright girls suddenly recoil in the face of head-to-head competition with boys. A、盘旋 B、退缩 C、胜出 D、反弹 15. The vocabulary of dress that learn includes not only items of clothing but also hairstyles. Jewelry, and other body decoration. A、形状 B、状况 C、装饰 D、奖章 16.Jack went to school in spite of the cold weather. a. It being cold, Jack did not go to school b. Jack went to school because the weather was cold. c. Although the weather was cold, Jack still went to school d. Jack went to school because of the cold weather. 17.John: Do you mind my asking you some questions about your family? Paul: Certainly not. a. Paul is willing to answer John’s questions b. Paul is not willing to answer John’s questions c. Paul is not interested in answering John’s questions. d. Paul refused to answer John’s questions. 18.John thought Mary was no more virtuous than intelligent. According to John, Mary was_ a. less virtuous than intelligent. b. intelligent, but not virtuous c. virtuous, but not intelligent d. neither virtuous nor intelligent 19.Paul spared nothing to entertain or treat his guests. a. Paul provided little entertainment for his guests. b. Paul”s guests were not well entertained. c. Nothing was prepared by Paul to entertain his guests. d. Everything Paul could get was offered for the pleasure of his guests. 20.I am pressed for money at the moment myself. Sorry, I can’t posibly lend you any money. a. I don’t want to lend you any money. b. I can offer to lend you some, but I don’t think I will

c. I never believe in borrowing money from others. d. I am short of money myself. 短文阅读理解 : (A) … Yet, shopkeepers may have to spend extra hours to deal with problems, such as shoplifters, who always take away things from the shop without paying for them. What does the underlined word ―shoplifter‖ mean? A. 商店里的小偷 B. 商店里的推销员 C 商店里的老顾客 D 商店里的搬运工 ( B) He was one of 80 middle school students from China attending a month--- long ― Youth Summit‖. The summit was to mark the 25th anniversary of President Nixon‘s journey to China, which was the turning point in China----- U.S. relation. The Youth Summit was aimed at increasing understanding and friendship between young students of the two countries through visits and discussions. The words ―Youth Summit ‖ refer to __________. A. visit to the Nixon Library B. the Chinese students visit to the U.S C. a meeting discussing relations between China and U.S. D. activities to strengthen the ties between the Chinese and American students. (C) You should see words as part of a whole sentence or paragraph, not just in isolation. The underlined phrase probably means ______________.. A. in a word B. separately C. one word D. slowly (D) The largest player ---- Shanghai Bashi Tourism Car Rental Center offers a wide variety of choices--- deluxe sedans, minivans, station wagons, coaches, Santana sedans are the big favorite. The word ―deluxe sedans‖, ―minivans‖ and ―station wagons‖ used in the text refer to ___________. A. cars in the making B. car rental firms C. cars for rent D. car makers (E) The Great Fire of London started in the very early hours of 2 September 1666. In four days it destroyed more than three quarters of the old city, where most of the houses were wooden and close together. One hundred thousand people became homeless, but only a few lost their lives. The fire started on Sunday morning in the house of the King‘s baker(面包师) in Pudding Lane. The baker, with his wife and family, was able to get out through a window in the roof. A strong wind blew the fire from the bakery(面包房) into a small hotel next door. Then it spread quickly into Thames Street. That was the beginning. The underlined word ―family‖ in the second paragraph means ________. A. home B. children C. wife and husband D. wife and children


Ryan is a great inventor. However, I don‘t think that his latest invention, edible socks, is likely to be too successful. Not many people want to eat socks. There are some things in life that should remain inedible. 1. Which word in the passage means ―fit to be eaten‖? 2. Which word in the passage means ―not fit to be eaten‖?

Marsha is really an introvert. When I took her to Jason‘s party, she sat in a corner without speaking to anyone. All she did was eat most of the snacks. The only reason she hangs out with me is because I never try to force her to be sociable. She would never forgive me if I introduced her to anyone. 3. An introvert is usually _____. a. friendly b. hungry c. unclean d. shy The United States has a new president. Americans are hopeful that George W. Bush will succeed in dealing with some of the major problems that our nation faces. Some feel that the task will be made extremely difficult by the controversial way that the election ended. Others are very confident that our new leader is a man who will bring people together to get things done. President Bush‘s top priority will be to improve education in our country. He is determined to see that no child will ever fail. He believes that local school districts should decide how to meet national standards. The president insists that parents should have greater choices about which schools their kids attend. He will work hard to find areas of agreement between the opposing parties so that important education reforms will become law. 4. Which word in the selection is a synonym of ―important‖? 5. Which word in the selection is an antonym of ―succeed‖? 6. Which word in the selection means to make better? 7. Use a word from the selection to complete the following sentence. The Giants and the Ravens will be the ___________ teams in the Super Bowl. 8. Which word in the selection is a synonym of ―nation‖? 9. Which word in the selection means the rank (place in order) of importance? 10. Which word in the selection means having a lot of disagreement. Both sides in the election contest are throwing accusations at each other. The Gore supporters claim that Governor Bush is trying to thwart the will of the people. The Bush supporters say that Mr. Gore is trying to create votes or assign choices to people who did not really cast votes for president. 11.What does ―thwart‖ mean? a. help b. figure out c. block d. Tickle There is a legal battle raging and the judges are concerned that time is running out. Lawyers are being asked to expedite the matter by getting their paperwork in early. 12.What does ―expedite‖ mean?

a. quicken

b. agree on

c. sue

d. discuss

The Florida legislature believes that it has the power to choose the winner of the election if the courts haven‘t finished their work by December 12. Both houses are controlled by Republicans and they would surely resolve the matter in Bush‘s favor. 13.What does ―resolve‖ mean? a. cancel b. consider c. debate d. settle

The election could actually end up being decided in the U.S. Congress. Al Gore‘s vice presidential running mate, Joe Lieberman, and perhaps Mr. Gore himself, would be able to vote on the matter. Some would argue that they should recuse themselves, but they would probably exercise their right to vote. 14.What does ―recuse‖ mean? a. step aside and not be involved b. admit that you are wrong c. leave the country d. insist on being heard

If you count all the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate A, and only some of the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate B, you‘ll skew the results in favor of candidate A. 15.What does ―skew‖ mean? a. roast b. ignore c. slant d. ask The home team made sure that the officials were on their side. They won a close game and the championship with many questionable decisions from the officials. However, no one from any other town would accept the winners as legitimate champions. 16.What does ―legitimate‖ mean? a. real b. talented c. sneaky d. good looking

Both sides battled for years. They were very far apart and could find no way to make a lasting peace. When the fighting finally came to an end, everyone was exhausted and embittered. 17.What does ―embittered‖ mean? a. very angry, resentful b. sour tasting c. humorous d. annoyed The signal from the cable is too strong for our television. We‘ll have to use a filter to attenuate it. 18.When you attenuate something, you _______________. a. watch it carefully b. take good care of it c. make it be less d. get past it


Her cardinal rule is this: Be kind to others! She believes that everything else in life will fall properly into place if one follows that rule. 19.What does ―cardinal‖ mean in this context? a. main, or most important b. red c. like a bird d. not worth remembering The owner of the restaurant wouldn‘t allow Samantha to walk through the door. ―I‘m sorry,‖ she said, ―but you started a food fight the last time you were here. You may not have ingress to my restaurant!‖ 20.What does ―ingress‖ mean in this selection? a. a kind of bird that lives by the sea b. any food that can be thrown c. a good price for a meal d. the right to enter Prunella and Paula are sisters, but they‘re very different. Just look at how they dress. Prunella doesn‘t care what she wears. Paula, on the other hand, is quite chic . a. intelligent b. stylish c. full of feathers d. dressed in old clothes I looked at the plans for your new house. This is earthquake country. You need to fortify the frame or you‘ll have a disaster with the first tremor. a. shake b. build c. strengthen d. destroy Helen‘s attitude toward dealing with criminals has changed over the years. She used to believe that everyone can change and deserves a second chance. She now believes that some crimes are so heinous that those responsible should be shown no mercy. a. guilty b. terrible c. accidental d. unimportant There may be some parts of my plan to arrest the thieves that should be changed. But I feel very strongly that renting the apartment over their headquarters is the linchpin of the scheme. We must do that immediately! a. part that everything else depends on b. piece of metal used to connect things c. place where people live d. a computer designed for police work Amy was feeling low. Every business she tried lost money or made only pennies a day. Her newest idea was selling chocolate covered baby shoes. She was convinced that it would be a lucrative business. Her friends tried to warn her that it was not a certain road to riches. a. tasting great with vanilla ice cream b. helping young feet to grow correctly c. showing no careful thought d. bringing in a lot of money, or profit Connie is never happy when everyone is getting along. She always instigates fights and then acts like little Miss Innocent. 21.When you instigate something, you __________. a. check it out b. protect it c. get it started d. ignore it


Homework Montreal(Reuters)---Crossing the US-Canada border to go to church on a Sunday cost a US citizen $10,000 for breaking Washington‘s strict new security(安全)rules. The expensive trip to church was a surprise for Richard Albert, who lives right on the Canadian border. Like the other half-dozen people of Township 15, crossing the border is a daily occurrence for Albert. The nearby Quebec village of St. Pamphile is where they shop, eat and go to church. There are many such situations in these areas along the largely unguarded 5,530-mile border between Canada and the US—which in some cases actually runs down the middle of streets or through buildings. As a result, Albert says he did not expect any problems three weeks ago when he returned home to the US after attending church in Canada, as usual. The US customs station in this area is closed on Sundays, so he just drove around the locked gate, as he had done every weekend since the gate appeared last May, following a tightening of border security. Two days later, Albert was told to go to the customs office, where an officer told him he had been caught on camera crossing the border illegally. Ottawa has given out special passes to some 300 US citizens in that area so they can enter the country when Canadian customs stations are closed, but the US stopped a similar program last May. That forces the people to a 200-mile detour along hilly roads to get home through another border checkpoint. Albert has requested that the customs office change their decisions on the fine, but he has not attended a Sunday church since,. ―I feel like I‘m living in a prison,‖ he said. The underlined word ―detour‖ in paragraph 5 means _______________. A. a drive through the town B. a race across the fields C. a roundabout way of traveling D. a journey in the mountain area As any homemaker who has tried to keep order at the dinner table knows, there is far more to a family meal than food. Sociologist Michael Lewis has been studying 50 families to find out just how much more. Lewis and his co-workers carried out their study by videotaping(录像)the families while they ate ordinary meals in their own homes. They fond that parents with small families talk actively with each other and their children. But as the number of children gets larger, conversation gives way to the parents‘ efforts to control the loud noise they make. That can have an important effect on the children. ―In general the more question-asking the parents do, the higher the children‘s IQ scores,‖ Lewis says, ―And the more children there are, the less question-asking there is.‖ The study also provides an explanation for why middle children often seem to have a harder time in life than their siblings (兄弟姐妹). Lewis found that in families with three or four children, dinner conversation is likely to center on the oldest child. Who has the most to talk about. And the youngest,who needs the most attention. ―Middle children are invisible,‖ says Lewis. ―When you see someone get up from the table and walk around during dinner, chances are it‘s the middle child,‖ There is, however, one thing that stops all conversation and prevents anyone from having

attention: ―When the TV is on,‖ Lewis says, ―dinner is a non-event.‖ By saying ―Middle children are invisible,‖ in paragraph 3, Lewis means that middle children_________________. A. have to help their parents to serve dinner B. get the least attention from the family C. are often kept away from the dinner table D. find it hard to keep up with other children

They days of elderly women doing nothing but cooking huge meals on holidays are gone. Enter the Red Hat Society-a group holding the belief that old ladies should have fun. ―My grandmothers didn‘t do anything but keep house and serve everybody. They were programmed to do that.‖ said Emily Comette, head of a chapter of the 7-year-old Red Hat society. While men have long spent their time fishing and playing golf, women have sometimes seemed to become unnoticed as they age. But the penetration now turning 50 is the baby boomers(生育高峰期出生的人), and the same people who refused their parents‘ way of being young are now trying a new way of growing old. If you take into consideration feminism(女权主义), a bit of spare money, and better health for most elderly, the Red Hat Society looks almost inevitable(必然的). In this society, women over 50 wear red hats and purple clothes, while the women under 50 wear pink hats and light purple clothing. ―The organization took the idea from a poem by Jenny Joseph that begins; ?When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple. With a red hat which doesn‘t go,‘‖ said Ellen Cooper, who founded the Red Hat Society in 1998. When the ladies started to wear the red hats, they attracted lots of attention. ―The point of this is that we need a rest from always doing something for someone else,‖ Cooper said. ―Women feel so ashamed and sorry when they do something for themselves.‖ This is why chapters are discouraged from raising money or doing anything useful. ―We‘re a ladies‘ play group. It couldn‘t be more simple,‖ added Cooper ‘s assistant Joe Heywood. The underlined word ―chapter ‖in paragraph 2 means _________. A. one branch of an organization B. a written agreement of a club C. one part of a collection of poems D. a period in a society‘s history Collections were the inspiration for a project at Thomas Tallis School, which formed part of the Imagine Children‘s Literature Festival last autumn. Each child(aged 12-13) beautified a box and wrote a story on the subject of collections to throw inside it. The boxes were spread within the Royal Festival Hall‘s Ballroom. Some were left empty to encourage visitors to wrote own stories. The subject chosen by Lauren was an imaginative one. ―It‘s a sort of Cinderella story,‖ she told me, inspired by a collection of letters from her cousin. In the story these become love letters, burned by a cruel stepmother. Lauren‘s best friend

Charlotte is the stepmother. ―I‘m in Charlotte‘s story too,‖ says Lauren, ―and I get run over.‖ Charlotte‘s tale was inspired by the girls‘ coin collection. ―We‘ve collected foreign coins for years--- since our families went on holiday to Tenerife,‖ she explains. ―That was before the Euro, so we put pesetas in.‖ Lauren continues: ―I find a coin in the road, go to get it and get run over. I‘m in hospital and then I die.‖ Charlotte adds: ―Or she might not die. I haven‘t decided yet.‖ Millie Murray, who is a teen-novel author, thinks that setting the subject of collections was a useful inspiration to their creativity rather than a restriction. ―In the beginning I though, ?Will the children be able to do it?‘‖ she says, ―But it‘s been fruitful. Some have their own collection, some have parents who do, and some have written complete stories. It‘s made them think about something they wouldn‘t have otherwise, which can only be a good thing.‖ The underlined word ―pesetas‖ in Paragraph 2 is a kind of ________. A. story B. collection C. inspiration D. foreign coin Everyone should visit a lighthouse at least once. The most important reason for such a visit is to realize how our ancestors battled nature with the basic tools they had. They had only basic ways of creating light, and yet they found a way of using this simple technology in isolated(孤零零的) places to save ships from hitting rocks. Secondly, visiting lighthouses will help us to understand the lives of lighthouse keepers. By their \very nature, lighthouses were built on some rocks or cliffs. Thus, the lighthouse keepers often lived lonely lives. To walk around their small home and imagine the angry storm outside beating against the walls is to take a step towards understanding the lives they had. The reasons for a visit to a lighthouse are not all so backward-looking in time. It is true that lighthouses were built in out-of-the-way places. But on a pleasant sunny summer day, this very isolation has a natural beauty that many people will love to experience. Therefore, with the gentle waves touching all round the lighthouse, the visitor is likely to think it is a world preferable to the busy and noisy modern life. Another reason for considering a visit is that the lighthouses themselves can be very attractive buildings. Mankind could often not be content just to put up a basic structure, but felt the need, even in such an isolated place, to build with an artistic touch. The result is a view for tired eyes to enjoy. Finally, lighthouses have a romantic attraction, summed up by the image of the oil-skin coaled keeper climbing his winding stairs to take care of the light to warn ships and save lives. The underlined phrase ―out-of-the-way‖ in paragraph 4 means __________. A. far-away B. dangerous C. ancient D. secret


Special Bridges Help Animals Cross the Road ----- Reported by Sheila Carrick Why did the chicken cross the roads? To get to the other side. Most people know this joke. But recently, some people have been much more worried about how the grizzly bear and mountain lion can cross the road. ―Millions of animals die each year on U.S. roads,‖ the Federal Highway Administration reports. In fact, only about 80 ocelots, an endangered wild cat, exist in the U.S. today. The main reason? Roadkill. ―Ecopassages‖ may help animals cross the road without being hit by cars. They are paths both over and under roads. ―These ecopassges can be extremely useful, so that wildlife can avoid road accidents,‖ said Jodi Hilty of the Wildlife Conservation Society. But do animals actually use the ecopassages? The answer is yes. Paul Beier of Northern Arizona University found foot marks left by mountain lions on an ecopassage that went under a highway. This showed that the lion used the passage. Builders of ecopassages try to make them look like a natural part of an area by planting trees on and around them. Animals seem to be catching on.. Animals as different as salamanders and grizzly bears are using the bridges and underpasses. The next time you visit a park or drive through an area with a lot of wildlife, look around. You might see an animal overpass! When the writer says that animals seem ―to be catching on‖, he means ________. A. animals begin to realize the dangers on the road. B. animals begin to learn to use ecopassages C. animals are crossing the road in groups D. animals are increasing in number Eight Days from just £299 Departs May--- October 2005 Includes: Return flights from 8 UK airports to Naples Return airport to hotel transport Seven nights‘ accommodation at the 3 Hotel Nice The services of guides Government taxes Join us for a wonderful holiday in one of Europe‘s most wonderful corners. Long a favorite with holidaymakers—indeed the ancient Romans called the area ―happy land‖ – this simply attractive coast-line of colorful towns, splendid views and the warm Mediterranean Sea is a perfect choice for a truly memorable holiday! Choose between the peaceful traditional village of Sant‘Agata, set on a hillside six miles from Sorrento, or the more lively and well-known international resort(旅游 胜地) town of Sorrento, with wonderful views over the Bay of Naples. Breathtaking scenery and famous sights everywhere. From the legendary Isle of Capri to the haunting ruins of Pompeii, and from the unforgettable ―Amalfi Drive‖ to the delightful resorts of Positano, Sorrento and Ravello, the area is a feast for the

eyes! Should you choose to join us, we know that you will not be disappointed! With a choice of hotels, and optional excursions(可选择的线路) including Capri, Pompeii and the ―Amalfi Driver‖, this is a truly unmissable holiday. Price based on two tourists sharing a twin/double room at the Hotel Nice. Like to know more? Then telephone Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd on: 0845-226-7766 (all calls charged at local rates). The underlined part ―the area is a feast for the eyes!‖ in the passage means _____________. A. the area is pleasing to the eye B. the area is really unforgettable C. the area catches the tourists‘ eye D. the area is crowded with tourists


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