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--- 1 Excuse me.^对不起。 Is this seat taken?^这里有人坐吗? Go ahead.^你请便吧。 Feel free.^不用客气。 Have you got the time?^请问你知道现在几点吗? Could you help me?^可以请你帮个忙吗? Do you need help?^需要帮忙吗? Are you new here?^你

是新来的吗? Nice to meet you.^很高兴认识你。 Happy to know you.^很高兴认识你。 Take care.^保重。 --- 2 Oh,it's getting late.^喔,很晚了。 I have another appointment.^我还有其他的事。 I've got to run.^我得走了。 I'd better go.^我得走了。 Nice talking to you.^很高兴跟你谈话。 Nice meeting you.^很高兴认识你。 Take it easy.^保重。 So long!^再见。 See you later.^改天见。 Keep in touch.^保持联络。 --- 3 What's up!^怎么样? It's been a long time.^好久不见。 How have you been?^近来还好吗? How are you doing?^一切都好吗? Great!^好的很! It couldn't be better.^再好不过了。 Fine.^好。 Not bad.^不错。 Not so good.^不太好。 It's fun.^很有乐趣。 --- 4 Got it.^我知道了。 Okay.^好。 Right.^喔,好。 That's it!^就这样。 You're done.^你完成了! You're all set.^你完成了!/你准备妥当了。 I see what you mean.^我知道你的意思。 I see.^我知道了。 I get you.^我知道了。 That was easy.^还蛮容易的。 --- 5 Did you hear about...?^你有没有听说……的事? I didn't hear anything.^我什么也没听说。 You know...^你知道的嘛,…… Sorry,I don't quite follow you.^对不起,我不懂你的意思。

Sorry,I'm not with you.^对不起,我不懂你的意思。 Sorry,I'm not sure I understand.^对不起,我不懂你的意思。 Sorry,I don't know what you mean.^对不起,我不懂你的意思。 --- 6 Are you sure?^你确定吗? Really?^真的吗? Are you serious?^你是认真的吗? Is that right?^真的吗? Do you really think so?^你真的这么觉得吗? He's quite young,isn't he?^他还很年轻,不是吗? It's beautiful day,isn't it?^今天天气真好,不是吗? He looks so young!^他看起来这么年轻! --- 7 I'm sorry. I didn't get you.^对不起,我没听懂。 Excuse me?^对不起,我没听懂。 I beg your pardon?^我没听清楚,请你再说一遍好吗? Pardon?^我没听清楚,请你再说一遍好吗? I didn't follow you.^我没听清楚你说的话。 What was that?^你说什么? Could you repeat it,please?^可以请你再说一遍吗? Can you say that again?^可以再说一遍吗? Could you slow down,please?^可以请你说慢一点吗? Could you speak up a bit?^可以说大声点吗? --- 8 Excuse me,you look lost.^抱歉,你看起来好像迷路了。 Can I help you?^需要帮忙吗? I'm looking for...^我在找…… Let me see.^让我想想。 Let me think.^让我想一下。 Are you with me?^你懂我的意思吗? Do you follow me?^你懂我的意思吗? Got it?^懂吗? Am I making sense?^我说的清楚吗? --- 9 Really?^真的吗? Yeah?^是啊? So?^所以呢? Wow!^哇! That's interesting!^真有趣! How funny!^真好笑 Is that so!^真有这回事! What makes you say that?^你为什么这么说? What happened then?^然后发生了什么事? Are you?^是吗? Do you?^是吗? Did you?^是吗? --- 10 Oh,by the way.^啊,对了。 Oh,before l forget,...^啊,趁我还没忘记…… I need to ask you something.^我有件事情要问你。

Can l ask you something?^我可以问你一个问题吗? What's that?^什么事? Oh,that reminds me.^啊,那倒提醒了我。 Speaking of...^说到…… While we are on the subject...^既然说到这个,…… --- 11 Can I ask you something?^我可以问你一个问题吗? Good question.^问得好。 I'd have to think about it.^我得想一想。 That's an interesting question.^这是个有趣的问题。 Well,let's see.^嗯,让我想想。 I'm not sure.^我不确定。 I'll have to check.^我得查查看。 I have no idea.^我一点儿也不知道。 You got me there!^你问倒我了。 How can l put this?^这该怎么说呢? --- 12 Do you have a pen?^请问你有笔吗? Could you lend me a pen?^可以借支笔吗? Yes,of course.^是的,当然有。 Here you go.^当然,拿去吧。 I wonder if you could do me a favor?^不知可否帮个忙吗? Sure,there you go.^当然,拿去吧。 Sure,here you are.^当然,拿去吧。 I don't have one with me.^我没有。 I don't have any actually.^事实上我没有。 I owe you one.^我欠你一份情。 --- 13 Excuse me.^对不起。 Excuse me,are you Sarah Wilson?^对不起,请问你是 Sarah Wilson 吗? Excuse me. Could l have some water,please?^对不起,可以要杯冰开水吗? Be careful. Those are heavy.^小心,那些蛮重的。 Hello! Can you help me?^嘿!可以请你帮个忙吗? Could you give us a hand,please?^可以请你帮个忙吗? Could you do me a favor?^可以请你帮个忙吗? --- 14 Sorry to interrupt.^对不起,我插个话。 Can l interrupt for just a moment?^可以打断一下子吗? Do you mind if l cut in?^介意我插个话吗? Don't keep interrupting our conversation.^别老打岔。 I couldn't help overhearing you.^我不小心听到你的话。 --- 15 Flying is as safe as ever,don't you think?^坐飞机还是一样那么安全,你不觉得吗? Well,maybe.^嗯,也许吧 What do you think?^你觉得呢? Wouldn't you say?^你不认为吗? Wouldn't you agree?^你不同意吗? How do you feel about this?^你觉得怎么样? What do you think?^你觉得呢? You've been very quiet.^你一直闷不吭声。

--- 16 Let me get the door for you.^我来帮你开门吧。 Allow me.^请让我来 Can l get you something to drink?^我可以替你拿杯饮料吗? Do you need a hand?^需要帮忙吗? Can l help you?^需要帮忙吗? I could use some help.^我需要帮手。 I need some help.^我需要帮手。 Don't worry about it.^不用客气。 No problem at all.^没有问题。 --- 17 Do you mind?^你介意吗? No. I don't mind.^我不介意。 Yes. I do mind.^我介意 I'd prefer you not to.^我不希望你那么做。 No,please don't.^请不要那么做。 You'd better not.^你最好不要那么做。 That's fine with me.^我不介意。 Is that okay?^可以吗? No problem.^没问题。 Sure, go ahead.^当然。 --- 18 How about some ice cream?^来点冰淇淋如何? That's a good idea.^那是个好主意。 That sounds good.^听起来不错。 Why don't you take a rest?^你何不休息一下? Why not give it a try?^你何不试试? Why don't you have a look?^你何不看看? Why not check out the newspaper?^你何不查一下报纸? Could you check out the newspaper?^你可以看看报纸有没有吗? You'd better see what is on.^你最好先看看有什么(电影)上演。 --- music --- 19 What do you think about her?^你对她有什么看法? How do you feel about if?^你的感觉如何? Personally,I'm not for it.^我个人并不特别喜欢。 To be honest,I don't like it.^老实说,我不喜欢。 I'm not in favor of it.^我不喜欢。 I feel it's bad.^我觉得不好。 It's just for fun.^只是好玩而己嘛! If you ask me,...^如果你问我的话,…… I'd have to disagree.^我会说我不同意。 --- 20 I am expecting a pay raise this month.^我认为这个月会加薪。 Your guess is as good as mine.^我猜得又不会比你准。 You tell me.^你告诉我。 I've no idea.^我不知道。 Beats me.^我被打败了。 It'd better be.^最好是这样。 You'd better be early.^你最好早一点。

He'd better work hard.^他最好努力工作。 Wait and see.^等着瞧吧! We'll see.^看看吧! Let's see.^看看吧! --- 21 Are we all behind this?^大家都支持吗? We're all for it.^我们都支持。 I'm in favor.^我同意。 Count me in.^我同意。 Ditto.^我也是。 It looks good.^(情况)看起来很好。 You look sad.^你看起来很悲伤。 Give it a try.^就放手一搏吧! Have a go.^就放手一搏吧! Try it out.^就放手一搏吧! Give it a shot.^就放手一搏吧! --- 22 I don't feel like eating.^我不想吃东西。 It's been a long day.^我今天忙了一整天。 I could use a drink.^我想去喝一杯。 Great idea!^好主意! Why not?^有何不可? That's fine with me.^我可以。 Excellent!^好极了! Fantastic!^好极了! Wonderful!^好极了! That sounds like a plan.^听起来真是个好主意。 What is your plan?^你有什么打算? --- 23 I'm afraid we can't.^恐怕我们不能。 I got a raise last month.^我上个月加薪。 I'm not sure I can agree.^我恐怕不能同意。 I'm not sure about that.^我不确定那样是不是好。 There must be some other ways?^一定有其他的方法吧? Surely you remember him?^你一定记得他吧? What are you talking about?^你在说什么啊? Are you crazy?^你疯了吗? You are joking!^你开玩笑! You must be kidding.^你一定是在开玩笑! --- 24 Hmm...^嗯;这个嘛。 I wasn't too impressed.^我觉得不怎么样。 I'm impressed.^了不起。 I found her a little stuck up.^我觉得她太自以为是了一点。 I found him annoying.^我觉得他蛮惹人厌的。 She never says hello to me.^她从来不跟我打招呼。 I have never even met her.^我甚至从来也没见过她。 I don't even watch TV.^我甚至不看电视的。 Say hello to Mary for me.^请替我向玛莉问好。 --- 25

I'm not sure about that.^我想不大可行吧? I wouldn't say that.^我不赞同。 I'm not sure that's the case.^我不确定是否是那样。 Why not?^为什么不? It may not be that simple.^问题可能没那么简单。 I don't often use them.^我很少使用。 I wouldn't really know.^我不知道。 I'm not really sure.^我不大确定。 I wouldn't know anything about that.^我不知道。 There's nothing wrong with it.^那个没有什么不好。 --- 26 I plan to go bowling tonight.^今天晚上我打算去打保龄球。 I am hoping to see a movie.^我希望可以去看电影。 I'll see how it goes.^看情况吧! You are supposed to go.^你应该要去的。 I want to go camping.^我要去露营。 I need to get away.^我需要离开一阵子。 I'll see how it goes.^看情况吧! --- 27 I've got some bad news.^我有坏消息。 I can't make it.^我没办法做到。 You will make it.^你做得到的。 What's up?^为什么呢? The thing is,the timing is awful.^事情是这样的,时机很不恰当。 You see,it's my wife's birthday today.^你知道,今天是我太太的生日。 It's kind of complicated.^有一点复杂。 It's a long story.^说来话长。 It's difficult to explain.^很难解释。 --- 28 Amazing!^棒呆了! It's quite big.^蛮大的。 She's really pretty.^她真漂亮。 He's very kind.^他非常好心。 It's a bit small.^这个小了一点。 One thing,though,it's expensive.^不过,有一点不太好的是,它挺贵的。 She is kind of stupid.^她其实挺笨的。 I am kind of tired.^我是有些疲倦。 He was sort of angry.^他是有点生气。 Would you take me for a drive^载我去兜兜风好吗? You get what you pay for.^物有所值。 --- 29 That's a lovely dress!^你这套衣服真好看! What a lovely baby!^多漂亮的婴儿啊! You like it?^你喜欢啊? Oh,really,you think so?^喔,你真的这么觉得吗? That's very nice of you to say.^你这么说真好。 Oh,I'm glad you like it.^喔,我真高兴你喜欢。 Thanks for saying so.^谢谢你这么说。 I'm so glad to hear that.^听到你这么说我真高兴。 You have an eye for fashion.^你真会挑选流行服饰。

The color really suits you!^这个颜色很适合你! That dress looks good on you.^你穿那件洋装真好看。 --- 30 Great job!^做得好极了! You have done a great job.^做得好极了! Superb!^好极了! Well done!^做得好极了! Excellent!^好极了! Your English is as good as mine!^你的英文跟我的一样好啊! That's kind of you to say.^你这么说真好。 It's very kind of you to say so.^你这么说真好。 You are just being polite.^你太客气了。 Oh,not at all.^没那回事。 --- 31 I have some big news.^我有大消息要宣布。 Fantastic!^太棒了! Wonderful!^太棒了! Great!^太棒了! That's great news!^真是好消息! I'm so happy for you.^我真为你高兴。 That's very flattering.^真给面子。 I'm so flattered.^我真有面子。 It would be my pleasure.^荣幸之至。 I'd be happy to.^荣幸之至。 I would be honored.^荣幸之至。 --- 32 Wow!^哇! What happened to you?^你怎么了? What's wrong with you?^你怎么了? What's the matter with you?^你怎么了? You look sad.^你看起来很伤心的样子。 That's unbelievable!^真令人不敢相信! I can't believe it!^我真不敢相信! That's incredible!^真令人不敢相信! Why did this happen?^为什么会发生这样的事情? I don't understand it myself.^我自己也不懂。 --- 33 You're driving me crazy!^我快被你搞疯了! This computer is annoying me.^这电脑让我生气。 I'm fed up with the music.^我受够这音乐了。 What's wrong?^怎么了? What's the matter?^怎么了? What's up?^怎么了? I've had enough!^我真是受够了! I can't take this anymore.^我没办法再忍受了。 I can't stand it anymore.^我没办法再忍受了。 Don't take it out on me!^可别把气出在我身上。 --- 34 Any news?^有消息了吗? I didn't get it in the end.^结果我没有得到。

What a pity!^真可惜! That's a shame!^真可惜! What a shame!^真可惜! That's too bad.^真可惜! That's life.^人生不如意事十之八九。 It's no big deal.^没什么大不了的。 Nothing we can do about it.^我们也没办法。 That's the way it goes.^事情就是这样,也只能接受了。 --- 35 Why the long face?^怎么啦?拉着个臭脸? It's difficult to explain.^很难解释。 Try me.^试着告诉我吧。 Take it easy!^放轻松! Relax!^放轻松! Don't think too much.^不要想太多。 It's not as bad as you think.^事情没你想得那么糟。 Maybe tomorrow will be different.^也许明天你的想法又不一样了。 Cheer up.^开心点。 I hope you'll feel better soon.^希望你快点开心起来。 Good luck!^祝你好运!? --- 36 I wonder if you could help me.^我可以请你帮个忙吗? I need to ask a favor.^我可以请你帮个忙吗? I hate to complain,but...^我实在很不愿意抱怨,但…… What can I do for you?^有什么我可以帮忙的? I hate to say this,but...^我实在很不愿意这么说……但 I'm not happy with my room.^我不满意我的房间。 Are you happy with your new car?^你满意你的新车吗? I'll see what I can do.^我会帮你处理这个问题。 I'll get right on it.^我会马上处理。 I'll look into it right away.^我会马上处理。 --- 37 I'm sorry to keep you waiting.^对不起让您久等了。 Sorry for being late.^对不起,我迟到了。 Forgive me for being rude.^请原谅我不礼貌。 That's quite all right.^没关系。 That's no problem.^没关系。 Oh,dear!I forgot all about it.^喔,天哪!我忘的一干二净。 Not to worry.^不用担心。 Don't worry about it.^不用担心。 Never mind.^不用担心。 No big deal.^没什么大不了。 --- 38 Thanks for having me over.^谢谢你请我来你家吃饭。 What are friends for?^朋友是做什么用的? Thanks for the dinner.I enjoyed it a lot.^谢谢你这顿美味的晚餐!我很喜欢。 You're welcome.^不客气。 Any time,Amy.^随时欢迎,Amy。 It's our pleasure.^这是我们的荣幸。 Not a problem at all.^没问题。

That's quite all right.^没问题。 --- music --- 39 You're a friend of Janet's,right^你是 Janet 的朋友,对吧? Didn't I see you before?^我好像见过你? You look familiar.Have we met?^你很面熟,我好像见过你? Nice outfit!^衣服真好看! Can I offer you a drink?^可以请你喝杯酒吗? May I introduce myself?^容我自我介绍。 I didn't quite catch that.^我没听清楚。 It's a Chinese name!^是中文名字。 --- 40 May I present Miss Marks?^请容我介绍 Marks 小姐。 Nice to meet you,Mr. Sherman.^很高兴认识你,Sherman 先生。 How do you do?^你好。 I am glad to meet you.^很高兴认识你。 Glad to meet you,too.^我也很高兴认识你。 Call me Tim,please.^请叫我 Tim。 Should I call you Elizabeth,or...^我应该怎么称呼你?Elizabeth 还是…… How is everything so far?^到目前一切还好吗? Is everything okay?^一切都好吗? Very well!^喔,非常好! --- 41 Can I introduce you to my colleague?^我可以介绍你给我同事认识吗? I'd like to introduce you to Mark.^我想介绍 Mark 给你认识。 Have you guys met?^你们见过了吗? Let me introduce my freind,Mr. Johnson.^Mr. Johnson.让我介绍我朋友给你认识。 Karen,this is Maggie.^Karen,这是 Maggie. I've heard a lot about you!^我听说了很多你的事! Nothing bad I hope!^希望不是坏事! Can I get you a drink?^我可以替你拿杯饮料吗? --- 42 Do you know him?^你认识他吗? The tall one?^那个高个子吗? The one in black?^那个穿黑衣服的吗? The one with long hair?^那个长头发的吗? He's cute!^他好可爱! He works with Lyn.^他是 Lyn 的同事。 What does he do?^他是做什么的? He's a manager I think.^我想他是经理吧。 He's already taken.^【他已经...了。 】 He's married.^他已经结婚了。 --- 43 I'm having a party.^我要办个舞会。 Will you come to the party?^请来参加我的舞会好吗? I invited them to the party.^我邀请他们来参加我的舞会。 I am not invited.^我没有被邀请。 I have something on.^我有事。 I'm afraid I can't make it.^我恐怕不行。 Thanks for inviting me.^谢谢你邀请我。

Drop by if you can.^如果方便就过来看看。 Want me to bring anything?^需要我带点什么过去吗? Just bring yourself.^带你的人就好!/带上你自己就好!? --- 44 You must come around sometime.^你一定要找个时间过来。 When is good for you?^你什么时候方便? Can you make it?^你可以吗? Any time after six.^六点以后都可以。 Any day next week.^下星期任何一天都可以。 That would be fine.^可以。 Any time after six would be fine.^六点以后都可以。 It's a date.^就这么约定了。 --- 45 First time in TaiWan?^第一次来台湾吗? First visit here?^第一次来此地? I first came here in 1995.^我第一次来是在 1995。 You're from the States,right?^你是美国人,对吧? I'm from Canada.^我是加拿大人。 Where are you from?^你是哪里人? --- 46 How was your day?^你今天过得如何? How are things?^今天还好吗?/一切还好吗? How's it going?^今天还好吗?/过得还好吗? How's everything going with you?^你过得如何? Any news?^有什么新闻吗? Not bad.^还不错。 Pretty good.^很好。 Terrible.^糟透了。 How did it go?^结果呢?顺利吗? What happens now?^那现在呢? --- 47 What is the weather like here?^这里的天气如何? Do you like the weather here?^你喜欢这里的天气吗? What's the weather forecast for tonight?^今晚的天气预报如何? Summer is hot and humid in Taiwan.^台湾夏天又热又湿。 It must be below zero out there.^那里一定有零度以下吧。 It's much warmer now.^暖和多了。 You're not used to cold weather?^你不习惯冷天气吗? This is my first real winter.^这是我第一次经历真正的冬天。 What's the temperature today?^今天是几度? I'd say it's about 8 degrees.^我想大约 8 度吧。 --- 48 How long have you been here?^你来这里多久了? About three years.^大约三年了。 Where did you grow up?^你在哪里长大的? I was brought up on a farm.^我在农场长大的。 What about you?^那你呢? I was born in Kaohsiung.^我在高雄出生的。 I was born in 1974.^我是 1974 年出生的。 I moved to Taipei two years ago.^我两年前搬到台北。

--- 49 What do you do for a living?^你是做什么的? 【What is your job?】^你是做什么的? She is out of a job.^她失业了。 Teaching is an interesting job.^教书是个有趣的工作。 He's looking for work.^他在找事(工作) 。 He's looking for a job.^他在找工作。 I'm an assistant sales manager.^我是业务助理。 I work for a language school.^我在一家语言补习班(学校)工作。 That sounds challenging.^听起来蛮有挑战性的。 How long have you worked there?^你在那里工作多久了。 --- 50 What do you do in your free time?^你平时都做些什么消遣? What do you usually do on the weekend?^你周末都做些什么消遣? Do you have any hobbies?^你有些什么嗜好? I like to play the piano.^我喜欢弹钢琴。 I like going dancing.^我喜欢跳舞。 I collect stamps as a hobby.^我的嗜好是收集邮票。 --- 51 How was your weekend?^你周末过得如何啊? I went hiking.^我去爬山。 I went for a picnic.^我去野餐。 I did some housework.^我做了点家务。 How was that?^那你觉得如何呢? How did you like it?^那你觉得如何呢? You should try it sometime.^哪天有机会你也应该试试。 Oh,nothing much.^喔,没什么。 I went to bed early.^我蛮早睡的。 I was still tired from Saturday.^我星期六玩太凶了,到昨天还很累。 --- 52 Do you do any sports?^你有从事任何体育活动吗? Do you play any ball games?^你打球吗? She exercises every morning.^她每天早上运动。 I exercise before I go to work everyday.^我每天上班以前都会运动。 I go to the gym a lot.^我常去健身房. How often do you go?^你多久去一次? Do you do that a lot?^你常从事那项活动吗? I'd like to try golf.^我想尝试打打高尔夫球。 --- 53 Did you catch the game?^没错过球赛吧? Did you watch TV last night?^昨晚看电视了吗? No,I was out.^没有,我不在家. Was it worth watching?^我有错过什么精彩的吗? Was it good?^好(看)吗? You didn't hear?^你没听说吗? Spain won 2-0.^西班牙二比零赢了比赛。 The final is next week.^下星期是总决赛。 You have to watch it!^你非看不可!? --- 54 What kind of movies do you like?^你喜欢哪一类的电影?

What kind of books do you read?^你看哪一类的书? I like all kinds of stuff.^我什么种类的都喜欢。 I love romance.^我爱极文艺爱情片了。 I'm a big fan of comedies.^我爱极(太喜欢)喜剧片了。 I'm a sucker for jazz.^我爱极(太喜欢)爵士乐了。 Who's your favorite writer?^你最喜欢的作家是谁? It's my favorite movie of all time.^那是有史以来的电影,我最喜欢的一部。 I'd have to say Pretty Woman.^我会说是“麻雀变凤凰"。 I prefer action movies.^我个人比较喜欢动作片。 --- music --- 55 I have an appointment with Mr. Wilson.^我跟 Wilson 先生有约。 He'll be with you in a minute.^他马上就可以见你。 Is this aboutthe sales assistant position?^要是应聘业务助理吗? Mr.Wilson is on the line right now.^Wilson 先生在电话中。 Please have a seat.^请坐。 He'll be right with you.^他马上就可以见你。 Can I get you something?^需不需要喝点什么? That would be great. Thank you.^好啊,谢谢。 I'm fine.^不用了,我还好。 I am all set.^不用了,我还好。 --- 56 You must be Vicky.It's nice to meet you.^你一定就是 Vicky 了,很高兴认识你。 You can call me Tim.^请叫我 Tim。 Please call me Tim.^请叫我 Tim。 Please be seated.^请坐。 Ready for a change?^准备好接受改变了吗? You've been with IBM for two years.^你在 IBM 工作两年了。 I'm ready for new challenges.^我准备好要接受新的挑战了。 It's a dull job.^这工作很乏味。 This job is a real challenge for me.^这工作对我来说,颇富挑战性。 --- 57 Before that I was at university.^在那之前我在念大学。 How do you like working for IBM?^你觉得在 IBM 工作怎么样? What strengths do you bring to the job?^在工作上你有哪些长处? I get along well with people.^我善于与人相处。 I enjoy working with others.^我很喜欢跟人(大家)一起工作。 We work like a team here.^我们像团队一样地工作。 --- 58 Excuse me,could I ask a favor?^对不起,可以请你帮个忙吗? Excuse me,could you do me a favor?^对不起,可以请你帮个忙吗? Could you tell me where it is?^可以告诉我这是哪儿吗? I don't want to trouble you.^我不想麻烦你。 I was heading there anyway.^我本来就要往那个方向去。 --- 59 Are you okay there?^你那里还好吗? Is everything okay?^一切还好吗? Are you alright?^你还好吗? My computer is down.^我的电脑当(死)机了。 The fax is not working.^传真机又出故障了。

This printer's jammed again.^打印机又卡纸了。 Can I help?^需要我帮忙吗? I could use some help.^我需要人帮忙。 --- 60 Do you have a minute?^你现在有空吗? Can you spare me a few seconds?^可以给我几秒钟吗? I'm rushing to a meeting.^我正赶着要去开会。 I'm in the middle of something.^我正在忙。 I'm in such a rush.^我正在赶时间。 Can we fix a time to talk later?^我们可以订个时间谈谈吗? This week is crazy for me.^这个星期我忙翻了。 I have a heavy schedule this week.^这个星期我很忙。 Can we make it some other time?^可以再订个时间吗。 --- 61 I'm very busy these days.^我最近很忙。 I'm very busy with work.^我最近工作很忙。 I can never finish my work.^总有做不完的工作。 Don't let it get on top of you.^不要让它左右了你的情绪。 I'm under a lot of pressure right now.^我现在的压力真的很大。 I'm really stressed right now.^我现在的压力真的很大。 Why don't you take a few days off?^你何不请几天假呢? I'm behind in my work.^我工作进度落后很多。 --- 62 Hello?^喂?? Could I speak to Mr.Lin please? ?^请找 Lin 先生? Is Sharon Lim there, please?^请问 Sharon Lim 在吗? One moment, please.^请等一下。 Hold on a second.^等一下。 Who's calling??^哪里找? This is Sue, from work.^我是 Sue。公司同事 I'll get her for you.^我帮你去叫她。 Speaking.^我就是。 This is she.^我就是。 --- 63 Good morning. SRC Limited,can I help you?^早安,SRC 公司,我可以为您服务吗? I'd like to speak to Peter Chen, please.^请找 Peter Chen。 Could you put me through to Peter Chen?^请帮我接 Peter Chen? This is Tim Hunter,from Hunter Industries.^我是 Hunter Industries 的 Tim Hunter。 What is this regarding, please?^请问您找他有什么事呢? He will know why I'm calling.^他知道我打电话的原因。 He knows what this is about.^他知道原因。 Mr. Chen is expecting my call.^他(陈先生)在等我的电话。 --- 64 Mr. Li is in a meeting.^李先生在开会。 He's not available.^他在忙。 He is on another line.^他现在在讲电话。 He's not in right now.^他现在不在办公室。 He's out for lunch.^他外出午餐了。 Can I take your message?^请问您要留言吗? Could you ask him to call me back?^可以请他回电吗?

Could you ask him to return my call?^可以请他回电吗? I'll pass the message to him.^我会把留言交给他。 I'll get him to return your call.^我会请他回电。 --- 65 Would you mind holding?^可以请你稍候吗? Could I put you on hold?^可以请你稍候吗? Sure,no problem.^可以,没问题。 Could I call you back later?^我可以等一下再给你回电吗? I'll get back to you soon.^我等一下再给你回复。 Do you have my number?^你有我的电话吗? Can I have your number?^可以请问你的电话吗? --- 66 I can't hear you clearly.^我听不太清楚。 I can hardly hear you.^我听不太见。/我几乎听不见。 Say that again,please?^请再说一次。 Could you speak up a little,please?^可以请你说大声一点吗? Does Mark Wyatt work there?^Mark Wyatt 在这里上班吗? This line is terrible.^电话线路很差。 The line is dead.^电话线路坏了。 Could you spell that for me please?^可以请你拼给我听吗? Have I got it right?^我说的对吗? Got it?^好了吗?(听懂了吗?) --- 67 You've got the wrong number.^你打错了。 You've got the wrong extension.^你打错分机了。 This is a private number.^这里是私人住家(电话) 。 There's no Frank Smith here.^这里没有 Frank Smith 这个人。 Is this 23941666?^这里是 23941666 吗? Let me put you through.^我帮你接过去。 --- 68 I am calling to complain.^我是打电话来抱怨的。 I'm sorry to hear that.^(听到这个,)真是抱歉。 It doesn't work!^不能用。 It doesn't even start properly.^连开机都有问题。 I was overcharged.^我被宰了。 I cannot start my car.^我车子不能发动。 I'll see what I can do.^我会帮你处理。 I'll do whatever I can.^我会尽量帮你处理。 I'll look into this right away.^我会马上请人处理。 Oh,dear.^天哪。 --- music --- 69 I'd like to do some sightseeing.^我想去看一些景点。 Can you recommend anywhere?^你推荐去哪里好呢? Have you seen the Grand Hotel?^你去过圆山大饭店了吗? Have you ever been to Tainan?^你去过台南了吗? I was thinking of somewhere more outdoors.^我想去比较户外的地方。 Can you think of anything?^你想得到什么好点子吗? I'd suggest you try Alishan.^我大概会建议你去阿里山。 That's more like it!^这才是嘛!/ 这才像样嘛!

There are some high mountains there.^那里有高山。 --- 70 About the dinner tonight...^关于今天的晚餐…… I bet you're nervous about that!^我敢赌你一定很紧张! She gave him a nervous smile.^她给了他一个紧张的笑容 I was wondering,should I take something?^我在想,我该带什么去呢? I wouldn't take wine.^如果是我,我不会带红酒 People here don't do that.^这里的人不这么做。 You could take some fruit instead.^你可以带一些水果。 Should I call him by his first name?^我应该直接称呼他的名字吗? He'll expect to be called Mr. Wang.^他会希望人家叫他王先生。--- 71 How come there's no fourth floor?^这里怎么没四楼? Four is an unlucky number.^四是不吉利的数字。 Hotels here often have no fourth floor.^这里的饭店常常没有四楼。 I know what I wanted to ask.^我想起来我要问你的问题了。 How much should I tip this guy?^我应该给这位老兄多少小费? People don't usually tip here.^这里大家不习惯给小费。 $50 should be more than enough.^50 块应该绰绰有余了。 $50 should be fine.^50 块应该可以。 $50 would do.^50 块就可以了。 --- 72 How do you find Taiwan prices?^你觉得台湾的物价怎么样? Back home,things are more expensive.^我们那里东西很贵。 I don't find it too bad.^我觉得这里还不差。 I find it interesting.^我觉得很有趣。 It just goes to show.^真是活到老学到老。 You live and learn.^活到老学到老。 --- 73 Have you seen much of Taiwan?^台湾你去过不少地方了吗? You should get out of the city.^你应该(走出城市)到乡下看看。 Taipei is densely populated.^台北人口太拥挤了。 Where would you recommend?^你推荐哪里呢? You could try the east coast.^你可以试试东海岸。 It's very peaceful out there.^那里蛮宁静的。 What's the weather like down there?^你们南部的天气如何? My family lives out there.^我老家远在那里。 --- 74 How do you think Taiwan's economy is doing?^你认为台湾现在的经济怎么样? Not too good.^不是很好。 Pretty bad.^蛮差的。 Terrible.^非常不好。 People are not spending as much as before.^大家现在花钱比以前节省。 Lots of reasons,I guess.^我想有很多原因吧。 Unemployment rate is pretty high these days.^失业率最近蛮高的。 --- 75 What have you got in mind?^你有什么想法? Anything special you would recommend?^有什么你特别推荐的吗? Have you ever tried squid eyes?^你(曾经)试过章鱼眼睛吗? I once had squid.^我曾经吃过章鱼。 I'll give anything a try.^我什么都能试。

I'll try anything.^我什么都能试。 --- 76 Have you sampled the night life here?^你试过这里的夜生活了吗? I'm sure there is more to see.^我相信一定还有我没试过的。 I'll have to take you out.^我非得带你出去玩不可。 I'll take you out for dinner tonight.^我今天晚上请你出去吃饭。 It depends on what you like.^那要看你喜欢什么了。 What are you into?^你喜欢什么样的活动? --- 77 I'd like to book a flight to Sydney.^我要订到悉尼的机票。 When would you like to fly?^您希望什么时候出发? What's your flight number?^你的航次是什么? What about the return flight?^回程呢? He usually flies first class.^他通常搭头等舱。 Do you prefer any particular airline?^你有没有偏好哪一家航空公司? I'd rather not fly an American airline.^我不想搭美籍航空公司的飞机。 The flight transits in Bangkok.^这航班在曼谷转机。 How long is the stopover?^转机停留多久? --- 78 Passport and ticket,please.^请给我您的护照和机票。 Could I get an emergency exit seat,please?^我可以要逃生门旁的位子吗? Could I get a window seat,please?^我可以要靠窗旁的位子吗? Do you prefer a window or an aisle seat?^你要靠窗还是走道? Smoking or non smoking?^吸烟区还是非吸烟区? Boarding time,11a.m.,Gate 7.^登机时间早上十一点,七号登机门。 --- 79 Could you put your seat upright?^可以请您将椅背竖直吗? Would you mind fastening your seatbelt?^可以请您系上安全带吗? Could you put your luggage in the locker?^您可以把行李放在柜子里吗? Do you prefer beef or fish?^您要牛肉还是鱼肉? --- 80 I'm not feeling (very) well.^我觉得不大舒服。 How are you feeling,exactly?^您感觉怎么样呢? What seems to be the trouble?^您感觉像是什么问题呢? Is there anything I can do?^有什么我能帮忙的吗? I have a cough and a runny nose.^我咳嗽,又流鼻涕。 Do you have any medicine I can take?^你们有没有我可以吃的药? I don't travel very well.^我旅行时一向不大舒服。 --- 81 Is this your first time to the States?^这是您第一次来美国吗? Is this your first visit here?^这是您第一次来这儿吗? How long will you be staying?^您会停留多久? What's the purpose of your visit?^来这里的目的是什么? Are you here for business or pleasure?^来这里的目的是商务还是旅游? Do you have a visa?^你有签证吗? What kind of business are you in?^你从事哪一行? Enjoy your stay.^祝您旅程愉快。 --- 82 Where can I get a cab?^哪里可以叫计程车? Where can I catch a bus?^哪里可以搭公交车?

See that line of cabs,there?^那里有排班的计程车,看到了吗? How do I get to the city from here?^到市区怎么去? How much is it to the Conrad?^坐到 Conrad 要多少钱? That's a fixed price. No bargaining.^公订价格,不讲价。 Is there any other way to get there?^有其他方式可以到那里吗? Can I get there some other way?^有其他方式可以到那里吗? --- 83 I have a booking for Diana Wang.^我有订房,Diana 王。 I have a reservation for Diana Wang.^我有订 Diana 王的房。 Would you prefer a double or single room?^您要双人房还是单人房? I'd like a room with a view.^请给我有景观的房间。 The room has a view of the mountains.^这间房可以观赏山景。 Enjoy your stay.^祝您<住房>愉快。 --- 84 I'd like to go dancing somewhere.^我想找个地方跳舞。 We'd like to buy some souvenirs.^我们想买纪念品。 We'd like to have some local food.^我们想品尝地方小吃。 Can you recommend anywhere?^你可以推荐哪里吗? Can you think of anywhere I could go?^你可以推荐哪里吗? Have you ever been to a casino?^你去过赌场了吗? It's a great place to have fun!^那是狂欢的好地方! It takes about two hours each way.^来回大约各两个小时。 --- 85 What time would you like to depart?^您要几点出发的? What time would you like to arrive?^你要几点到达? What time does the next train leave?^下一班火车是几点? What time does the train arrive at Tainan?^火车几点会到台南? How long does it take?^到目的地要坐多久? The bus just left ten minutes ago.^十分钟前才走了一班。 --- 86 I'd like to report a missing passport.^我的护照遗失,我要报案。 What exactly happened?^实际发生经过是怎样的? I think it was stolen from my bag.^我想是有人从我袋子里偷走的。 Is anything else of value missing?^还有遗失任何其他贵重物品吗? You'd better report this to the Embassy.^你最好去领事馆做个登记。 I'll give you the contact details.^我会给你领事馆的联络方式。 Please put your contact number here.^请在这里写下你的联络电话。 --- 87 I'd like to check out,please.^我要退房,谢谢。 How would you like to pay?^您要怎么付? How are you going to settle the bill?^您要怎么付? By American Express,if that's okay.^美国运通卡,如果可以的话。 I expect Sally to show up at 6.^我认为 Sally 六点会到。 Can you give me a lift to the train station?^你可以载我到火车站吗? --- music --- 88 Let's eat out tonight.^今天晚上出去吃吧。 I feel like a beer.^我想喝一杯啤酒。 I don't feel like cooking tonight.^我今晚不想做饭。 Would you like to join us for dinner?^你要跟我们一起吃饭吗?

Yes. I'd love to.^好啊,乐意之至。 We'd better make a booking.^我们最好先订个位子。 It's quite busy this time of day.^这个时间他们生意都很好。 --- 89 Let's get something to eat.^去吃点东西吧。 Can we go to a restaurant nearby?^我们可以在附近的餐厅吃吃就好了吗? There is a Korean restaurant on the corner.^路口就有一家韩国餐厅。 What kind of food do you like?^那你喜欢吃什么菜? I'm crazy about French food.^我爱死法国菜了。 Sweet and sour pork is my favorite dish.^糖醋排骨是我的最爱。 --- 90 Table for three,please.^三个人用餐的桌位。 Can we get a table for three?^请给我们三个人用餐的桌位。 Do you have a reservation?^请问您有订位吗? I have a reservation for a table for three.^我订三个人的桌位。 Smoking or non smoking?^吸烟吗? This way,please.^这边请。 --- 91 Are you ready to order?^可以点菜了吗? What would you like for a main course?^请问主菜要什么? I'd like the sirloin steak.^我要一份沙朗牛排。 How would you like it done?^牛排要几分熟呢? Well done,please.^全熟。 Anything to drink?^要喝点什么吗? Can I see your wine list?^请给我看酒单好吗? Would you like anything else?^这需要什么吗? No,that's all for now,thanks.^目前这样就可以了。 --- 92 What is good today?^今天什么好吃? What are your specials today?^今天的特餐是什么? How is it done?^这道菜是怎么做的? The meal includes soup and salad.^本餐附汤和沙拉。 What's the soup of the day,please?^请问今天的浓汤是什么? What dressing for your salad?^您沙拉要哪种酱? --- 93 Can I bring you anything else?^还需要些什么吗? Can we get the check,please?^我要买单。 I'll pay for this.^我来买单。 Let me settle the bill.^我来买单。 It's my treat.^我请客。 If you insist.^如果你坚持非付不可,你就付吧。 Drinks are on the house.^酒水店家免费招待。 It's on me.^我请客。 Let's go Dutch.^各付各的。 --- 94 Should we tip?^我们是不是应该给点小费? We left a tip for the waiter.^我们留给服务生小费。 You don't need to tip here.^(在这儿)不需要给小费。 A service charge is included in the bill.^服务费已经包含在帐单里了。 The service was excellent.^服务挺好的。

--- 95 Can I get a burger and large fries?^一个汉堡和一份大薯条。 Eating here or to go?^内用还是外带? For here or to go?^内用还是外带? It is a take out restaurant.^这是外带餐厅。 You can get free refills for your Coke.^您的可乐可以免费续杯。 Would you like a refill?^要不要再来一杯? --- 96 Could you tell me how to get to the station?^你可以告诉我该怎么去车站吗? You go straight ahead.^你向前直走下去。 Turn right at the intersection.^路口右转。 You're heading the wrong way.^你走错方向了。 Take the next left.^下一条左转。 It's on the corner of the next block.^就在下个街角。 It's opposite the supermarket.^在超级市场对面。 It's the third building on your right.^就在你右手边第三栋。 You can't miss it.^你不可能错过的。 It's enormous!^那栋建筑物很大! --- 97 Is there a post office around here?^这附近有邮局吗? I'm looking for a post office.^我在找邮局。 How do I get there?^从这里要怎么走? How far is that?^离这里有多远? Is it far from here?^离这里远吗? About five minutes'walk.^大概走五分钟就到了。 It'll take you ten minutes by car.^坐车大约十分钟。 It's about ten minutes by cab.^坐计程车大约十分钟。 It's walking distance.^走路去就可以。 --- 98 I wonder if you can help me.^不知道可不可以请你帮个忙? I am lost. Could you help me.^我迷路了,可以请你帮个忙吗? I think I got lost.^我想我迷路了! I'm a bit confused.^我被搞糊涂了。 I have problem with this map.^我地图看不懂。 You'll see it as you get out.^你一出地铁站就会看到! --- 99 Do you have a pharmacy here?^你们这里有药局吗? Do you have a drugstore here?^你们这里有药局吗? We have one on the second floor.^二楼有一间。 The second floor is one level up.^二楼要再上去一层。 The parking lot is on Level 5.^停车场在五楼。 Which floor are we on now?^这里是几楼? Where is the elevator?^电梯在哪里? --- 100 Can I help you?^需要帮忙吗? I'm looking for a Sharp DVD player.^我在找声宝的 DVD 放映机。 Any particular model?^有指定哪一个型号吗? We've sold out of those.^那些我们这里已经缺货了。 They were really popular.^它们真的很受欢迎。 Will you be getting more in?^你们还会进货吗?

Not for about two weeks.^要两个星期以后。 --- 101 Do you have this in blue?^你们这件有蓝色的吗? That comes in green,blue and red.^那件有绿色,蓝色和红色。 How much is it?^这件多少钱? How much does this cost?^这件多少钱? It's on sale at the moment.^现在正在打折。 Do you have a size 8?^你们有八号的吗? Do you have it in smaller sizes?^你们有小一点的吗? We're having a sale at the moment.^我们正在特卖中。 --- 102 Do you mind if I try this on?^你介意我试穿这件吗? The changing rooms are over there.^试衣间在那边。 It's a little tight.^有一点紧。 It's not such a good fit.^不是很合身。 Can I try the next size up?^我可以试大一号的吗? I'm not so sure about the color.^我不确定我是不是喜欢这个颜色。 It doesn't go with your skirt.^这个跟你的裙子不配。 I think the color itself is fine.^我觉得这颜色本身是不错的。 --- 103 Can you break a hundred dollar bill?^一百美元找得开吗? Can you change a dollar bill?^我一块钱可以换零钱吗? Do you have anything smaller^你没有面额小一点的吗? Do you take credit card?^你们收不收信用卡? Do you accept checks?^你们收支票吗? Credit card is fine.^信用卡可以。 --- 104 How much for one of these?^这个一个多少钱? Say I was to buy four,what can you offer?^那假如我买四个,你能给什么优惠? Could I get a discount?^可以打折吗? I could offer you 10% off.^我可以给你打九折。 That's my best offer.^那是我可以给的最好条件。 I was hoping to get one free.^我本来是希望有一个可以免费的。 --- 105 The CD player doesn't play.^这个 CD 没办法听。 I'll get you a replacement.^我帮你换一片新的。 Maybe I can offer you a credit note?^那也许我可以给你一张取货证明? That's not much use to me.^那对我没什么用处。 To be honest,I am not happy at all.^老实说,我很不满意。 I'm afraid that's no use to me.^恐怕那对我没什么用处。 I'd really prefer a refund.^我真的希望你能退钱。 Could I please have a refund?^我可以退钱吗? --- music