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Module 6 Animals in danger 学案 2013-11-8
【学习目标】(目标解读及课堂组织 2 分钟) 1.记住升华案中的重点短语的意思,掌握它们的用法;(重点) 2.通过翻译、观察思考、分析归纳和总结升华案中重点词汇的用法和居住结构。掌握它 们在句子中的应用: (难点) 3.通过完成相关练习,巩固本导学案中涉及的语言知识。 【使用说明】 本导学案需两个课时完成; 基础案中 Task 1and Task 2 第三课时使用,Task 3 第四课时使用;巩固案中 Task 1 and Task 2 第三课时使用,Task 3 案的 Task 4 第四课时使用。 基础案 课前自主学习,课中用 5 分钟展示点评 Task 1 汉译英。 (复习课文中出现的短语。 ) 1.自然保护区 2. 濒临物种 3.在危险中 4.处在生存斗争之中 5.放下 6.献出生命 7.在……之初 8.当场,在现场 9.成为时尚 10.积极参加 11. 对… …采取强硬措施 12.在海拔高的地方 13. 认真关注 14.攻击某人 15. 代表 16.建立 Task 2.单项选择 1.He was badly injured in the car accident, but he struggled ________ his feet and walked to the nearby village to ask for help. A.to B.on C.at D.for 2. There'll be a sports meet in our school next month. How many of you are going to________? A.take up B.take part C.join D.take part in 解题指导: 3.The police told the public to keep an eye________ the suspected person. 注意各动词 A.on B.for C.about D.at 与不同介词 4. —What does your pet feed________? 的搭配。 —I feed it________ fish. A.on; to B.to; with C.to; on D.on; with 5.The new law will come into________ on the day when it is passed. A.effect B.use C.being D.existence 6.I like________ in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright. A.this B.that C.it D.one 7. You’re _____ your time trying to persuade him, he will never help you.

a. wasting b. spending c. losing d. Missing keys: 1-3 ABA 4-7 DACA Task 3 根据句意,用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空。 at a time take an active part in keep an eye on set up as a result introduce include be concerned about sth. in danger be home to 1.All flights have had to be cancelled ____________ of the pilots' strike. 2.Mary offered to __________________ the baby while I went out. 3.The army has _____________ road blocks round the city. 4.Our tour party _____________ several retired couples. 5.How can you expect me not to ____________________ my own son? 6.We had to see the nurse one ___________________. 7.A large sum of fund has been ______________ to the company. 8.At college I ____________________ student politics. 9.Joseph is doing what he can to save animals _________________. 10.It _____________ the Chinese Academy of science and more than ten famous universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University. Keys: 1.as a result 2.keep an eye on 3. set up 4. included 5. be concerned about 6. at a time 7. introduced 8. take an active part in 9. in danger 10.is home to 重点词汇探究: (第 3 课时) 1.struggle n.& v.挣扎,斗争,拼搏,努力 ①She is struggling to bring up a family on a very low income. 她靠着非常微薄的收入艰难地供养一家人。 ②After a short struggle I got the knife off him. 经过短暂的搏斗,我从他手里夺过了刀 子。 ③Reading is a struggle for Tim. 阅读对蒂姆来说是件费劲的事。 精讲拓展: ① struggle against 与??斗争 ② ②struggle for 为??而斗争 ③struggle with 和??斗争;和??并肩奋斗 ④carry on a struggle 进行斗争 ⑤a life-and-death struggle 你死我活的斗争 ⑥struggle to one' s feet 挣扎着站起来 ⑦struggle to do sth. 挣扎着干某事 活学巧练:汉译英 (1)他们得和各种各样的困难作斗争。 Key: They had to struggle with/against all kinds of difficulties. (2)他们积极参加工人争取改善生活状况的斗争。

温馨提示: 认真阅读例子, 根据解读完成对 应的练习。

Key: They took an active part in the workers' struggles for better living conditions. (3)The two leaders are struggling ________ power. A. with B. against C. for D. on Key: C 2.spot n.(某事发生)的准确地点;现场 v.发现,认出 This is the spot where he was murdered. 精讲拓展: ①on the spot 当场, 在现场 ③spot sb. doing sth.发现某人做某事 ⑤be spotted with sth.满是??斑点 ⑦a scenic spot 风景胜地

②spot a mistake 发现错误 ④a weak spot 弱点 ⑥a historic spot 古迹

词汇派生: spotted adj.有斑点的 spotless adj.没有污点的,一尘不染的 词语辨析:spot,site,position,location 与 place spot, site, position, location 和 place 这五个单词都有“场所”的意思,但侧重点不一样。 ①spot 原意为“小点,斑点” ,引申为地点,场地,因而带有从宏观看来只是一小点的意 思,如:a spot for a picnic 野餐地;an interesting spot 风景点。 ②site 专指现场,还可指建筑物的地址,地基,如:the site of an accident 事故现场; the construction site 建筑工地。 ③position 可表示方位,位置,此时与 location 同义;还可表示被放置的状态,姿势;职 位,如 in an upright position 以坐直的姿势;in the manager's position 在经理的职位上。 ④location 用作可数名词, 为方位、 地点, 有很强的方向感; 用作不可数名词, 为找出?? 的位置,如:a proper location for a new train station 适合建筑新车站的地点。 ⑤place 的用法最广,表示地方、场所,可泛指也可指具体的事物。 活学巧练: (1)He was ___________ (发现)leaving the building soon afterwards. (2)The police were __________________(在现场)within a few minutes of hearing about the crime. (3)I was happy that he paid me _______________ (立即). Keys: 1. spotted 2.on the spot 3.on the spot 3.reserve n.储备,贮藏,保护区 vt.保留;留下备用;预定;预约 ①Do you have to reserve tickets in advance? 你需要预先订票吗? ②These seats are reserved for the elderly and disabled. 这些座位是留给老人和残疾人 坐的。 ③We always keep some money in reserve, just in case. 我们总是存起一些钱以防万一。


精讲拓展: ①in reserve 备用的 ②without reserve 无保留地;无条件地 ③be reserved for 留作专供??之用 ④keep/have in reserve 留作预备 ⑤reserved adj.保留的;包租的 ⑥reservation n.保留;(旅馆房间等)预定;预约 活学巧练: The front row is reserved ________ the family of the bride. A.of B.in C.to D.for Key: D 4.involve vt. 包括;笼罩;潜心于;使陷于;牵涉;拖累 involved adj.棘手的;有关的 involvement n.连累;包含 误区警示:include 与 involve 都含有“包括” “包含”的意思。 ①include 强调“包括作为整体的一部分” 。 The list included his name. 这个名单上包括他的名字。 ②involve 指“由于和主要的有联系而必须含有” 。 Housework involves cooking, washing and cleaning. 家务包括烹饪、洗衣和清扫。 精讲拓展: ① be involved with 和??混在一起;和??有密切联系 ② become involved in 卷入;陷入 ③ get involved with 给??缠住 ④ be involved in 包含在??;与??有关;被卷入;专心地(做) 活学巧练: (1) All the children were __________ (参加) in the school play. (2) This lesson ______________ (需要) a lot of work. (3) Clouds _______________ (笼罩) the mountain top. (4) He _____________________ (专心于)working out a plan. Keys: (1) involved (2) involves (3) involved (4) was involved in 5.be concerned about 关心?? My brother is concerned about your health. 我哥哥非常担心你的健康。 温馨提示: 常用短语须记 住,尤其是短 语中的介词。

精讲拓展: ①be concerned in 和??有关/牵连 ②be concerned about/for/over 为??而担心 ③be concerned that 担心,忧虑?? ④so/as far as... be concerned 关于,就??而言 ⑤as concerns 关于 ⑥be concerned with 关于,与??有关

A great many people are concerned about the health of Liu Xiang. 许多人都关心刘翔的健康问题。 He is fit for teaching, as far as I am concerned. 就我而言,他适合教书。 He was truly concerned for her happiness. 他真心在乎她的幸福。 活学巧练: ________ the right decisions ________ the future is probably the most important thing we'll ever do in our lives. A. Making; concerned B. Make; concerning C. To make; concerned D. Making; concerning Key: D 6.feed on (动物)以??为食 误区警示:feed 的过去式,过去分词形式都是 fed。 精讲拓展: ①feed well 吃得好 ②feed off 从??取食 ③feed oneself 自己进食 ④feed up 供给食物/营养;养肥;使吃饱 ⑤feed...on/with sth.用某物喂养?? ⑥feed sth. to...用某物喂养?? ①Most people feed parrots on nuts. 大多数人用干果喂鹦鹉。 ②You can't feed a family of five on $100 a week. 你无法靠每周 100 美元的收入来养活一家五口。 ③US intelligence had been feeding false information to a KGB agent. 美国情报机构过去一直在给一名克格勃间谍提供假情报。 活学巧练:介/副词填空 (1) Prejudice feeds ________ mistrust and ignorance. (2) The pigeons feed ________ our neighbour's crops. (3) Feed the food ________ the baby in small pieces. (4) Good food has fed him ________ these years. Keys: (1) off (2) on (3) to (4) up

命题方向:feed 和不同介词搭配 所表达的不同意 义。

重点词汇探究: (第 4 课时) 7.stand for 代表,表示;意味着 词语辨析:stand for 与 represent ①stand for“代表,表示某种意义、意思、含义” 。 What does BBC stand for?BBC 代表什么意思? ②represent“代表某些人的利益、身份、作用” 。 We chose a committee to represent us. 我们选出一个委员会来代表我们。 These stones represent armies.这些石头代表部队。 例句:①—My name is Dean E.Beller. —我的名字是迪恩·E·贝勒。 —What does the E stand for? —E 代表的是什么?

②We will not stand for this sort of behavior, young man! 小伙子,我们不会容忍这种行 为。 ③I won't stand for being treated like a child. 我不会容忍被别人当孩子一样对待。 精讲拓展: ①stand out a crisis 挨过危机 ②stand aside 站开;袖手旁观 ③stand at 犹豫不决;踌躇 ④stand away 不接近;离开 ⑤stand back 退后;靠后站 ⑥stand by 在场;靠近;袖手旁观;支持 ⑦stand by one's promise 遵守诺言 ⑧stand up 起立;耐久;耐用 ⑨ stand up for 维护;拥护;支持 ⑩stand out 明显;突出;坚持;抵抗;支撑 活学巧练: (1) I won't ____________ (容忍) this insolence. 命题方向: (2) Her work _____________ (突出)from the rest as easily the best. stand 和不同的介词 (3) She still ________________ (信守)every word she said. 构成的搭配及 stand Keys: (1) stand (2) stood out (3) stood by for 的用法。 8.It's a pity I didn't have my own gun! 真遗憾我没有自己的枪。 精讲拓展: ①It's a pity/strange/necessary that(从句中可用陈述语气也可用虚假语气) ②in pity of 因为可怜?? 温馨提示: ③out of pity 出于哀怜 常用句型, 要注意其从句 ④feel pity for sb.同情某人 中动词的时态和语态。 ⑤have/take pity on sb.同情某人 ⑥The pity is that...可惜的是?? ⑦What a pity!真可惜!真是遗憾! 活学巧练:汉译英 (1) 我们今天出去游玩天气不很好,真遗憾。 Key: It's a pity the weather isn't better for our outing today. (2) 你今晚不能和我们一起去看戏,真可惜。 Key: What a pity that you can't come to the theatre with us tonight. 9.But today the government seems to win the battle.但今天政府似乎将会赢得这场战争。 精讲拓展: 温馨提示: ①seem+adj. n. 重点句型,理 ②It seems(ed) that... 解并会应用。 ③It seems(ed) as if/though... ④sb. seems to do sth. ⑤There seems to be... 注意:seem 的后面跟不定式的三种形式:一般式 to do,进行式 to be doing,完成式 to have done。有类似用法的还有:appear, happen, pretend, be said, be known 等。

活学巧练:汉译英 (1)当我进来的时候,他好像在吃东西。 Key: When I came in, he seemed to be eating something. (2)那个衫衣褴褛的人好像是个乞丐。 Key: The man in rags seems to be a beggar. (3)我母亲好像已经知道了真相。 Key: My mother seems to have known the truth. 10.Although surprised, the poachers had an advantage—there were more of them. 尽管很吃惊,偷猎者有一个优势——他们人多。 ①Although surprised= Although they were surprised 是让步状语从句的省略。 状语从句 的主语同主句主语一致,同时从句的谓语动词含助动词 be,可将从句的主语和动词 be 一起省略。 ②用了引导让步状语从句的从属连词后,不能同时用并列连词 but,但可用 still, yet 等词 加强语气。 他虽然疲劳,但仍继续工作。 误:Though he was tired, but he went on working. 正:Though he was tired, yet/ still he went on working. 词语辨析:although,though 与 as 三者都可引导让步状语从句。 ① although 较正式,多置于句首。它引导的状语从句只用自然语序。 ② though 引导的让步状语从句, 除了用于自然语序外, 也可用于倒装语序。 另外 though 还可用作副词置于句末,意为“然而” 。 ③ as 引导让步状语从句,从句必须用倒装语序。其中表语名词提前时不加冠词。谓语动 词前置时, 从句要加 may, might, can, could, will, would 等情态动词或助动词 do, does, did 等;如是及物动词,宾语也要随着提前。Eg. ①Proud though/ as these two nobles are, they are afraid to see me. =Though/ Although these two nobles are proud, they are afraid to see me. =These two nobles are proud, they are afraid to see me, though. 尽管这两个贵族很高傲,但他们都害怕见到我。 ②Hero as/ though he is, he has some shortcomings. 虽然他是一个英雄,但也有一些缺 点。 =Although/ Though he is a hero, he has some shortcomings. ③Though/ Although worn out, she kept on working. 尽管她已筋疲力尽,但仍然继续工 作。 温馨提示: 巩固案(30 mins) 注 意 时态 、 独立作答,限时完成,分层达标 语 态 和 形 式。 Task 1 重点句型:根据句意填空 (A 级--5 mins) 1. Although surprised, th e poachers had an advantage—there were more of them.

尽管很吃惊,偷猎者有一个优势——他们人多。 2.By the 1990s the number of Tibetan Antelope had fallen to about 50,000. 截止到 20 世纪 90 年代,藏羚羊的数目下降到了大约 5 万只。 3.But today the government seems to be winning he battle. 但是现在政府好像正要赢得这场战斗。 4.Often working at night, the poachers shoot whole herds of antelope at a time,leaving only the babies, whose wool is not worth so much (只留下那些毛不那么值钱的幼崽). 5.The hunted Tibetan Antelopes are skinned on the spot (当场被剥下皮来) and the wool is taken to India,where it is made into (在那里这羊毛被制成)the shawls. Task 2. Make sentences with the following phrase.(C 级—10 mins) 1. in danger 2. give life to 3. take an active part in 4. be concerned about / with 5.feed on 6. fight with sb for sth. 7. be involved in Task 3 .单项填空 (C 级--3 mins) 1 .One lost in forests will be________because there are ________ animals and other________. A.danger; dangerous; in danger B.dangerous; danger; dangers C.in danger; dangerous; dangers D.dangerous; dangerous; in danger 2.While watching television,_______. A.the doorbell rang B.the doorbell rangs C.we heard the doorbell ring D.we heard the doorbell rings 温 馨 提示 : 3. Do you think there is someone________ the honour in our class? 注 意 综合 应 A.worth B.worthy C.worthy of D.worthwhile 用 , 尤其 是 4. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds________his 短 语 变形 的 arguments in favour of the new theory. 应用。 A.on which to base B.which to base on C.to base on D.to be based on 5. He recommended that a special committee________ to look into the matter. A.were set up B.was set up C.be set up D.set up Keys: CCCAC

1.struggle n.& v.挣扎,斗争,拼搏,努力 2.spot n.(某事发生)的准确地点;现场 v.发现,认出 3.reserve n.储备,贮藏,保护区 vt.保留;留下备用;预定;预约 4.involve vt. 包括;笼罩;潜心于;使陷于;牵涉;拖累 5.be concerned about 关心?? 6.feed on (动物)以??为食 7.stand for 代表,表示;意味着 8.It's a pity I didn't have my own gun! 真遗憾我没有自己的枪。 9.But today the government seems to win the battle.但今天政府似乎将会赢得这场战争。 10.Although surprised, the poachers had an advantage—there were more of them. 尽管很吃惊,偷猎者有一个优势——他们人多。

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