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Grammar focus

Grammar focus My boss asked me to cash a check, but I don’t know how to do it.
The staff just told me to write the account number on the back of the check. The loan officer asked the man to write a check.

Sorry for having kept you waiting.

Read and underline.

I advise you to prepare more food for your party.

2 3

He has taught his dog to perform tricks. I hope to apply for a credit card of my own. He encouraged me to tell a story in public.

3 4


Read and underline.

Please remind me to get ready for the meeting on Friday.
I found him reading when I passed by.

6 3

7 4

Can you imagine having dinner with Chang’e on the moon?

V1 + sb. + to do sth.

(常用动词有:get,ask,force,order,tell, invite,allow,wish,want,like,expect, advise,beg,cause,persuade,teach, warn,hate,permit,remind, forbid, encourage call on, wait for等。)

1. They forbade her to leave the country. 他们禁止她离开国家。 2. Please remind me not to be late for the meeting. 请提醒我开会不要迟到。 3. He asked me to keep my word. 他要我信守承诺。

V2 + sb. + do sth.

五看:see, watch, observe, notice, look at 三使: make, let, have 二听:hear, listen to 二味:taste, smell 一感觉: feel

The boss made her work long hours.

谓语 宾语 宾补
to work
主补 谓语

was made

long hours (by her boss).

某些动词真奇怪,to来to去令人猜; 主动语态to离开,被动语态to回来。

1. Didn’t you see anyone pass by? 你难道没有看到任何人经过吗? 2. I noticed him leave during the meeting. 我注意到他中途离开了会议。 He was noticed to leave during the meeting. 3. His words made me laugh. I was made to laugh by his words.

While watching television,
______. A. the doorbell rang B. the doorbell rings C. we heard the doorbell ring

D. we heard the doorbell rings

The director had her assistant ____

some hot dogs for the meeting.
A. picked up B. picks up C. pick up D. picking up

— Excuse me sir, where is Room 301? — Just a minute. I’ll have Bob ______ you to your room. A. show B. shows C. to show D. showing [点拨] 选A。have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事。 D项表示动作正在进行,不符合句意。

不定式用在介词but,except,besides 后时如果这些介词前有行为动词do的 各种形式,那么介词后的不定式不带 to,相反则带to。e.g. (1) She could do nothing but cry. (2) I have no choice but to go. (3) What do you like to do besides sleep.

to be (be) cheerful and _____ look She told me _____ (look) on the bright side.

to do (do) but _____ watch (watch) We had nothing _____
TV. Tips:当两个不定式and,or,expect,but, than或rather than连接起来时, 第二个不 定式符号省略。

V + sb. + doing sth.

五看: see, watch, notice, observe, look at 二听:hear, listen to 一感觉: feel Find, get, keep, leave, catch, have

① I heard the girl singing in the classroom. ② I noticed a long queue outside the bank waiting for it to open. ③ The baby watched his dad shaving his

face with great interest. ④ We have the fire burning all day.

V-ing形式作宾语补足语置于 宾语之后,表示一个正在进 行的动作(如例1、2、3), 或强调一个过程或一种状态。 (如例4)

V-ing形式作宾语补足语时, 往往同宾语存在逻辑主动 关系。

V-ing形式作宾语补足语的常见动词: make,let,have,keep,leave,see, watch,hear,notice,find,feel 等。

Read and complete.
prepared them to do this persuaded her to do expected them to share

needed somebody to help
invited all her friends to come

practiced singing

had everything done

1 Mr White was going to hold a birthday party for his daughter this weekend. He has invited all her friends to come __________________. 2 Ellen and her sister would dress up and sing a song in public. Their parents ____________________. prepared them to do this 3 At the beginning Ellen’s sister refused to sing at persuaded her to do the party, but their parents ___________________ it at last.

Read and complete.
prepared them to do this needed somebody to help invited all her friends to come persuaded her to do practiced singing expected them to share had everything done

4 Then Ellen and her sister ___________________ practiced singing for two hours every day. 5 Ellen’s mother was very busy preparing for the needed somebody to help her. party. In fact, she ______________________
6 Ellen invited all her friends to his party because she ______________________ her happiness. expected them to share 7 On Friday they ______________________ at last. had everything done

Look and complete.

If you are going to the Halloween party, you’d better dress up.

1 Mary advises me ____________ for to dress up
the Halloween party.

Look and complete.

2 Bob’s father is teaching him _____ to ski.

Look and complete.

Come and enjoy some delicious food.

3 The host told Mr Brown to come and enjoy some delicious food _______________________________.

Look and complete.

You should apply for this job.

4 My friend encouraged me to apply for ___________________ this job.

Look and complete.

Don’t forget to bring your lunch.

5 John’s mother reminded

him___________________. to bring his lunch

Ask and answer.

1. How often do you ask your parents to give you pocket money?

I ___________________________________________________________ ask my parents to give me pocket money once a month. _______
2. What do your parents advise you to do with your pocket money?

My parents advise me to make a plan for using my pocket money. _______

3. Have your parents taught you to make a budget?
__________________________________________________________ ________

Yes. They have taught me to make it.

Ask and answer.

4. Do you try to save some money?
__________________________________________________________ ________

Yes. I try to save money every month.

5. Do your parents encourage you to earn some money in your free time?
______________________________________________________________ Yes. My parents encourage me to earn ____ some money in my free time.

Fill in the blanks with the verb given in its proper form. 1. Sixty million people _____ living (live) in rural areas are moving to the cities every year. 2. The bottle containing _________ (contain) the poison was sent to the laboratory.

3. The man ______ sitting (sit) on the platform is a professor from Wuhan University. 4. The children ________ playing (play) the violin over there will give a performance next week.

5. Our trip was _____________ disappointing
(disappoint). We did not find any

unusual plants.

forcing (force) the door 6. I saw them ______
open with a hammer. quarreling(quarrel) 7. We heard them _________ about money after the concert; they

looked very angry.
8. I heard him ________ dropping (drop) lots of

coins into the collecting tin.

performing (perform) 9. You can see them __________ every night this week at the New Theatre.

shocking (shock). All 10. The news was __________
the three boats had sunk in the storm.

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