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2014届高考英语一轮复习自选训练 阅读理解50

2014 届高考英语一轮复习自选训练 阅读理解 50
I Don’t Think I Wrote Wrong Lao Yang was born in a small town. He liked reading when he studied at school. He thought the writers were respected(尊敬) and could get a lot of money. He wrote a lot of stories and posted them to the editorial departments (编辑部) but didn’t receive any answers. Now he works in a factory. He’s busy at work. When he’s free, he always reads something. He always remembers he hoped to be a writer when he was young. One day, Xiao Ping, his ten-year-old daughter, came back. She looked worried and didn’t eat anything. She said Miss GAO, her Chinese teacher, told them to write a solicit article(征文) “My Father” that evening. But she did not know what to write. “That’s easy,” said Lao Yang. “Let me help you.” Then he sat down to write the solicit article at once. He easily finished it on time. He was sure Miss GAO would like it. But one afternoon he asked his daughter if the article had been chosen to post to the editorial department. “My teacher said your article digressed from the subject(离题),” said the girl. “I don’t think so,” Lao Yang shouted angrily. “I described(描写) just my father!” 1. Lao Yang wrote a lot of stories because _______. A. he likes reading B. he learned much at school C. he wanted to be a writer D. he wanted to help others 2. Lao Yang posted the stories to the editorial departments, _______. A. and he got a lot of money B. and he became a famous man C. and he was respected D. but he failed

3. As _______, Lao Yang decided to help his daughter. A. he was a writer B. he was free C. he wanted to realize his ideal(理想) D. he wanted to make his daughter happy

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4. Lao Yang hoped _______. A. his article could surprise the teacher B. his article could be chosen C. the children could like his article D. everyone could soon know him 5. Lao Yang’s solicit article digressed from the subject _______. A. because he couldn’t write it at all B. because he didn’t know his father well C. because it was too bad to be chosen D. just because he described his father 【答案与解析】Lao Yang 是个文学爱好者,但没能实现他的作家梦,他帮他的女儿写 my father,本来他应该描写他自己的,但他却写成了他的父亲。 1. C。细节题。根据 …he thought the writers were respected and could get a lot of money. He wrote a lot of stories and posted them to the editorial departments but didn’t receive any answers 可知答案为 C。 2. D。细节题。根据 He wrote a lot of stories and posted them to the editorial departments but didn’t receive any answers 可知答案为 D。 3. C。推断题。Lao Yang 很早就喜欢写作,多次投稿却没有回音,于是他认为帮他女儿写作 文是个很好的实现理想的机会,因此选 C。 4. B。 细节题。 根据第 4 段最后一句 …he asked his daughter if the article had been chosen to post the editorial department 可知答案为 B。 5. D。细节题。文章中说 I described just my father,但根据老师的要求他应该描写他自己。 因此应该选择 D。 *************************************************************结束

(1) George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill disliked each other. It is said that the playwright(剧 作家) once sent Churchill two tickets for the opening night of one of his plays, together with a card, which said, “Bring a friend (if you have one).”

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Churchill, however, returned the tickets with a note, which said, “I shall be busy that evening. Please send me two tickets for the second night (if there is one).” There is no record of whether Shaw ever sent the tickets. 1. What was Shaw trying to say to Churchill on his card? A. Churchill should not go to the play alone. B. Churchill should not bring too many people. C. Churchill may have to waste the two tickets. D. Churchill did not have any friend. 2. Why didn’t Churchill want the tickets for the first night? A. He didn’t want to take Shaw’s insult(侮辱). B. The theatre would not be as crowded the second night. C. He was busy on the first night of the show. D. He couldn’t find a friend to go with him the first night. (1—2 DA) 【答案与解析】本文讲述了 Shaw 与 Churchill 相互挖苦、讽刺的幽默故事。 1. D。推断题。根据文章的交代,他们两人相互讨厌对方,于是 Shaw 在所送的票上写着 if you have one,言外之意 Churchill 没有朋友,从而可推知此题答案为 D。 2. A。推断题。根据文章的语气 if there is one 可看出:Churchill 不甘 Shaw 的侮辱,于是, 反唇相讥,言外之意,你的戏不会有第 2 场,从而可推知此题答案为 A。 **************************************************************结束

(2) A crowd gathered outside a hotel where a very famous millionaire had just been knocked down and killed. One young man in the crowd seemed particularly upset. “I understand how you feel,” said a rather sympathetic(同情) old man, “I suppose he was a relative of yours?” “That’s just the problem,” replied the young man, “he wasn’t.” 51. The famous millionaire died probably because _______. A. he was too old C. he was shot down B. he had too much money D. he met an accident

52. Which of the following best describes the young man’s feeling?
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A. He was sympathetic to the millionaire’s death. B. He was really sorry about the millionaire’s death. C. He wished he were the millionaire’s relative. D. He wished the millionaire had lost all his money. 【答案与解析】 一个年轻人在看到一位被车撞死的富翁时表现出很不安的样子, 一位老人同 情地问他死的富翁是不是他的亲人,年轻人却回答说:“问题是他不是!” 1. D。细节题。根据 …had just been knocked down and killed (knock down:被车撞倒)可 知答案为 D。 2. C。推断题。从原文最后两句话可知年轻人希望自己是那个出车祸而死的富翁的亲人,这 样他可以继承一大笔遗产,所以此题答案为 C。 *************************************************************结束

(3) A: I once heard someone shout, “Look out.” I put my heard out of the window and a bucketful water fell on me. It seems that “Look out” may mean “Don’t look out”. B: I was once on a ship and heard the captain shout, “All hands on deck(甲板).” I put my hands on the deck and someone walked on them. C: I once called early on an English friend and the servant who came to the door said, “He’s not up yet. Come back in half an hour.” When I went again for him, she said, “He’s not down yet.” I said, “If he’s neither up nor down. Where is he?” 1. In the dialogue the phrase “Look out” actually means “______”. A. Don’t look out C. Be careful B. Look out for the water D. Look everywhere

2. The underlined word “them” in the dialogue means _______. A. my feet B. my hands C. the ship D. the deck _______.

3. “He is not up” and “He is not down” in the dialogue actually means A. He doesn’t stand up and doesn’t lie down B. He doesn’t come up and doesn’t go down C. He hasn't turned up and hasn't turned down D. He hasn't got up and he hasn't come downstairs
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4. The best title for the dialogue may be _______. A. Look Out C. How Strange B. All Hands On Deck D. What A Language

5. The writer writes the dialogue to tell us that ______. A. English is very interesting if you like it and keep on using it B. it is impossible to learn English very well in a short time C. languages keeps on developing and changing all the time D. words and phrases may have different meanings in different situations. 【答案与解析】本文讲的是 A、B、C 三人由于不明白英语中的一些习语的意思而闹出的笑 话。 1. C。词义推断题。根据 A 听到有人喊 “Look out.”,就把头伸出窗外,结果是一桶水泼 了下来, 由此推出泼水的人喊 “look out” 是在提醒别人当心一下, 他要泼水了, 因此 “look out” 是注意、当心的意思,所以此题答案为 C。 2. B。细节判断题。“all hands on deck” 是“全体船员到甲板上集合”的意思,B 却误解了这 句话的含义,把双手放在了甲板上。因为船员要到甲板上集合,就有人踩到了他的双手,由 此可知 “them”是 “my hands” 的意思,所以答案为 B。 3. D。词义推断题。根据 C 讲述的第 1 句中 “early” 的和仆人说的话 He’s not up yet. Come back in half an hour 可推出 He’s not up 是 He hasn’t got up 之意;根据 When I went again for him, she said, “He’s not down yet.” 可推知 He’s not down 是 He hasn’t come downstairs 之意。所以答案为 D。 4. C。语义理解题。通读全文可知,A、B、C 三人因为没有理解这些习语的真正含义,所 以他们对别人的做法和说的话感到迷惑不解。由此可知 How strange 作为这篇文章的标题 最合适,所以答案为 C。 5. D。 主旨题。 通读全文可知 “look out” “ all hands on deck” “ up” “down” 在特殊的语境里都 不再是字面的意思了, 由此可知作者是想告诉读者有些词或短语在不同的语境里有不同的含 义,所以答案为 D。 *********************************************************结束

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