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必修 1 Module 1
1. amazing adj. 令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的 课文原句 The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 归纳拓展 amaze vt. 使吃惊 Dave amazed his friend by suddenly getting married. amazed adj. 使人感到吃惊的 Visitors are often amazed to discover how little the town has changed . amazementn. 惊讶 to one’s amazement in amazement be amazed by/at be amazed to do sth. be amazed that? 2. enthusiastic a. 热情的 [+about (doing) sth.] enthusiasm n. 热情 3. instruction n. (1) U 讲授;教育;指导 (2) C usu. pl. 指示;说明书 课文原句 经典例句 Follow the instructions printed on the back of the box. 归纳拓展 (1)follow instructions 服从指示 under one’s instruction 在某人的指导下 (2)instruct vt. 指导;教导;命令 instruct sb. to do sth. instruct sb. in sth. 教授某人某方面的内容 例句:You will receive basic instructions in navigation. 4. attitude n. 态度;看法;姿态 课文原句 Describe your attitude to studying English. 经典例句 He has a bad attitude towards his schoolwork. As soon as they found out I was a doctor their whole attitude changed. 归纳拓展 attitude to/toward(s) sb./sth. 对?的看法/态度 have a positive/ negative attitude to/ towards sb./ sth. take/ adopt a/an ? attitude 采取?的态度

5. impress vt. 使留下?深刻印象;使?铭记,让?明白?(的重要性) ; 盖(印)于 原句 Li Kang is very impressed with the teachers and the technology in his new school. 例句 What impressed us most about the book was its vivid language. Father impressed on me the valu e of hard work. =Father impressed me with the value of hard work. The speech by the mayor of Shanghai before the final voting for EXPO 2010 is strongly impressed on me. 拓展 (1) impress sb. (with sth.) (某事)给某人留下印象 impress sth. on/ upon sb. 使某人铭记某事 sb. be impressed by/ at ? 为?所感动;对?有印象 I was deeply impressed by his sense of humor. (2) impression n. leave/ have/ make a(n) ?impression on sb. (3) impressive a. 给人印象深刻的;感人的 6. disappointed a. 失望的 disappointing 令人失望的 课文原句 They were both disappointed with their lessons. 归纳拓展 disappoint vt./vi. 使?失望 be disappointed at/ about sth. be disappointed in/with sb./ sth. be disappointed to do sth. be disappointed that? disappointment n. C 令人失望的人;令人扫兴的事; U 失望;扫兴;沮丧 to one’s appointment 例 句 : I ’ m sorry to disappoint you, but I can s really disappointed about not being about to go.

t come after all. Nathan

7. cover vt. 盖;掩盖;行走(路程) ; (记者)采访、报道;占用(一段 时间或空间) ;包含;涉及; (钱)够?用 n. 封面;盖子 原句 Secondary school in the US usually covers seven years, grades six to twelve. 例句 The city covers 25 square miles. Tom was sent to Switzerland to cover the Winter Olympics.

拓展 (1)cover?with? be covered with? 覆盖着(强调状态) be covered by? 覆盖着(强调动作) cover an area of ? 占地面积? cover sth. up 遮盖;隐瞒 (2)discover vt. 发现 uncover vt. 揭发,揭露 recover vt. 追回;收复 vi.恢复健康(from) ? She is so shy that she covered her face with her hands. ? The government is trying to cover up the scandal. ? recover stolen goods/ lost property ? Six bodies were recovered from the wreck. ? recover one’s sight, hearing, the strength ? recover from the shock/ surprise ? Trade soon recovered from the effects of the war. 8. in other words 换句话说,也就是说 原句 In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 拓展 in a/one word 简言之,总之 in words 用语言 word for word 逐字的 keep one’s words/ promise 遵守诺言 break one’s words/ promise have a word with sb. 与某人交谈。 have words with sb. about sth. 与某人吵架 get in a word 插话 word comes that? 有消息传来? (word 意为消息时,为 U) 9. look forward to 期望,盼望 原句 I’m looking forward to doing it. (it refers to homework) 拓展 v. + to (prep.) pay attention to? get down to (doing) sth. 开始认真做某事。 be/ get used to 习惯于 devote ? to? 奉献,献身于 turn to 求助于 refer to 参考;涉及;指的是 stick to 坚持 object to 反对 add to 增加

lead to 导致 refer to 谈到,涉及,参阅 see to 处理,料理 agree to 同意 come to 共计,苏醒 contribute to 捐款;投稿;做贡献;促成 10. take part in 参加 原句 I take part in all kinds of after-school activities. 近义辨析 take part in/ join/ join in/ attend (1) take part in 指参加会议或群众性活动等,着重说明句子主语参加该项活 动并在活动中发挥作用。 We’ll take part in social practice during the summer vacation. (2) join 两种用法: ①指加入某个党派、团体、组织等,成为其成员之一,意为“参军,入团,入党”等。 When did your brother join the army? ②和他人一道做某事,其结构为 join sb. in (doing) sth. Will you join us in the discussion? (3) join in 多指参加小规模的活动,如球赛、游戏等,常用于口语中。 Come along, and join in the ball game. Why didn’t you join in the talk last night? (4) attend 是正式用语,为 vt., 指参加会议、婚礼、葬礼、典礼,去上课、上学、听报告等。句子的主语指示去听、去 看,自己不一定起积极作用。 He’ll attend an important meeting tomorrow. I attended his lecture yesterday. 即使应用 原句: We are using a new textbook and Ms. Shen ’ s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. ◆(informal) 完全不像,一点也不像 She’s nothing like her mother. ◆ 没有什么能赶得上 There’s nothing like a holiday to make one feel rested. ◆ 没有;不到 Nothing like enough was done to improve the working conditions. 改善劳动条件的工作做的很不够。 句型 In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 拓展 11.表示倍数的句型: (1) A + be + 倍数 + as + adj./ adv.原级 + as + B (2) A + be + 倍数 + adj.比较级/ adv.比较级 + than +B (3) A + be + 倍数 + the size/ length/ height/ depth/ width + of + B This square is three times as big as that one. =This square is three times bigger than that one. =This square is three times the size of that one.

12. Oh, really? So have I. (1) “So + be/助动词/情态动词 + 主语” “?也一样” “So + 主语+ be/助动词/情态动词” “ 的确如此” Jennifer likes to listen to music. So do I. ---You’ve left the light on. ---Oh, so I have. I will go and turn it off. (2) “neither/ nor + be/助动词/情态动词+ 主语” He didn’t finish his homework, and neither did I. (3) So it is with?或 It is the same with?表示 “?的情况也是如此”. She doesn’t play the piano, but she likes singing. So it is with her sister. Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and __B___. (2008 辽宁) A. I was neither B. neither was I C. I was either D. either was I


Module 1
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 与…相似 对…的态度 写下,记下 对…热心的,热情的 一点都不像 玩的高兴 用一种有趣的方式 嘲笑 开玩笑地 把……介绍给…… 某人独自地 换句话说 总而言之 期盼,盼望 使某人铭记 对...印象深刻 被划分成…… 在…开始的时候 在…结束的时候 对……感到厌烦的 对……感到失望的 对……感到兴奋的 上大学 参加 ……的方法 ……用这种方法 鼓励某人做某事 被……覆盖

? be similar to… ? attitude to/towards… ? write down ? be enthusiastic about/over/at… ? nothing like ? have fun ? in a fun way ? make fun of… ? for/in fun ? introduce…to… ? by oneself ? in other words ? in a word ? look forward to doing ? impress sth on/upon sb ? be impressed with/by/at… ? be divided into… ? at the start/beginning of… ? at the end of… ? be bored with… ? be disappointed with… ? be excited about… ? go to college ? take part in… ? a/the method of… ? …with this method ? encourage sb to do ? be covered with

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