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人教课标版英语复习学案Book 3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-Note

Book III Unit three The Million Pound Bank-Note
崔运昌 平邑一中

I.课文理解:阅读必修 3 第 3 单元课文,然后用合适的单词或短语填空。 Henry was an_________ ________. One day he had an accident in a______. Luckily he was survived by a ship for_______. He arrived in London by earning his _______ without pay. He was _______in the street in_______. To his surprise an ________ thing happened. Two rich brothers gave him a million pound bank-note because they had made a______. One believes that a man cannot survive in the city for a month with only a million pound bank-note. The other believes he can. They asked Henry several questions. They found that Henry had been at sea and landed in England ______ _______, and he worked for a mining company in _____ ______. Now Henry only wanted to get an honest job. The brothers gave Henry a letter with a bank note in it and asked him not to open it until 2 o’clock. II.词汇(Words) 1. scene 1)He is good at drawing a peaceful country ____________ (景色). 2)You'll get a fine _________ (视野)of the town from the top of the hill. 3)The Imperial Palace(故宫)is one of the __________ (风景)of China. 归纳: scene(戏剧中的)一场;(电影、书中的)场景;(某地方或图画中的)景色;(事故或罪行的)发 生地点/现场;情景/景象 view 表示视野、眼界,常指从某一固定位置见到的景象 sight 侧重指旅游观光的风光, 包括城市景色或自然风光景色。 也指人造景物或奇特的景色。 scenery 指一个国家或地区的整体自然风景,是不可数名词。 2. permit 1)The teacher didn't ________ ________ __________ ________(允许我们游泳)in this river. 2)We don't permit _________(吸烟)in the office. 3)Time __________(允许), we'll go camping. 4)Jim’s father didn't _________ him to join the school football team. (2008 烟台模拟) A. 1et B. promise C. permit D. hope 归纳: 1)permit sb. to do sdh.允许某人做某事 2)permit doing sth.允许做某事 3)其后接动名词或不定式的复合结构作宾语,但不能直接跟不定式作宾语。具有该用法的 还有 allow, forbid, advise 等。 3. spot

1)The next morning I’d just about given myself up for lost when I __________ by a ship(课本原 句) 2)I spotted a friend in the crowd.= I _________ a friend in the crowd. 3)I like the white dress material with red spots.(译成汉语) 4)The police were _______ ________ _______ within a few minutes of learning about the crime. 5)The tomato juice left brown _________ on my newly-bought dress. A. spot B. point C. track D. trace 归纳: 1)spot vt.认出;发现;弄脏;点缀;the sky spotted with stars 2)spot n.斑点;污点;地点 on the spot①在现场②立即;当场 3) spotted; spotting 4)spotless adj.干净的;无暇疵 spotted adj.有斑点的 4. patience 1)After waiting for an hour, I was beginning to __________(失去耐心). 2)After some ________ (耐心的询问), I managed to discover the truth. 3)There are many _________ who catch cold in the hospital. A. patience B. patient C. patients D. patiences 归纳: patience 用作名词,耐心,耐性。其形容词形式为 patient,有耐心的,耐性的。patient 还 可用作名词,病人 5. manner 1)It’s bad ___________ to talk with a full month. 2) Do it _________ this manner. 3) What you recommend is of value in a manner. (译成汉语) 4) Though having been told to pay attention to his behavior, he performed bad _______ at the party. A. manner B. way C. manners D. politeness 归纳: 1)manner n.方式;方法;风格;态度; in this manner 用这种方法;in a rude manner 态度粗鲁 2)manners 礼貌;风俗;习惯; good/bad manners 有/没有礼貌 3)in a manner 有点儿;在某种程度上 4)mannerly 有礼貌的;谦恭的

5)ill-mannered 无礼的;well-mannered 有礼貌的 II.短语(Phrases) 1. go ahead 1)---Do you mind if I use your tape recorder? ---____________. A. Certainly’ please do B. No, you can’t use it C. Yes, of course not D. No, go ahead 2)---I’m afraid I have to trouble you with a question. ----__________. I’m free now. A. Go ahead B. sorry C. Help yourself D. Sure 3)—Could I use your computer for a few moments, please? ---___________. I’m not using it myself. (2007 陕西) A. Come on B. It depends C. Go ahead D. That’s great 归纳 go ahead 是一个固定搭配,表示“前进” 、 “毫不犹豫地去做” 。根据场合通常译为“用吧、 说吧、请吧、开始干吧”等等。 2. account for 1)He can never __________ _________(解释)his sudden and mysterious death. 2) As can be seen in the picture, you are puzzled at what ________ happiness or wealth, love or health? 3)The Japanese market _________ 35%of the company’s profit. 4) I want you to __________ every cent you spent. A. count on B. account for C. make for D. go for 归纳: account for① 做某事的解释 ② 解释某事物的原因 ③ (在数学,比例上)占 on account of 由于,因为 3. as for 1)____________(至于)housekeeping,a home economies teacher had told Bob that a room always looks clean if the bed is made. 2)I wanted to put it down simply for my own joy , not for my composition teacher. ____________, I would write something else. (2004 全国Ⅱ完形) A. However B. Therefore C. As for him D. Except for that 归纳: as for 至于,就??方面来说.是一个起承上启下作用的短语,往往被用来开始一个新的 话题。 4.even if/though 1)I won’t give up the chance _________ _________ I may fail.

2)It looks _______ ________ it’s going to rain. 3)If only she had known about it! (译成汉语) 4)________ ________ it rains tomorrow? 5)Child _________ he is, he knows a lot. A. even though B. although C. as though D. though 归纳: 1)even if/though“尽管” “即使” ,引导让步状语从句,语气要比 though/although 强,而且 侧重表示一种对将来情况的假设。though/although 侧重表示一种事实。注意 as 引导让步状 语从句必须用倒装语序。although 不倒装。 2)as if/though“好像” ,引导方式状语从句。 3)if only“要是??就好了” 。常表示愿望或未实现的虚拟的条件,多用于感叹句中。 4)what if“要是??怎么办?” III.句型(Patterns) 1. find sb./sth.+doing/done/adj. 1)Towards nightfall I found _________ out to sea by a strong wind. (课本原句) 傍晚时分我发现我被一阵大风刮到海上去了。 2)She finds the price of vegetables _________recently. (上涨) 3)The old was found __________ (死亡)in the forest. 4)I smell something ______ in the kitchen. Can I call you back in a minute?(2007 全国 I) A.burning B.burnt C.being burnt D.t0 be burnt 5)I feel greatly honored __________ into their society. (2008 北京) A. to welcome B. welcoming C. to be welcomed D. welcomed 归纳: find sb./sth.+doing/done/adj.常指“本人并非需要??或发现自己不知不觉地在做某 事/处于某种状态/处于某种境况中”。如若用动词充当宾语补足语,动词形式的选择根 据其与中间宾语的主动或者被动关系来确定。

第二课时 Book III Unit three The Million Pound Bank-Note 单元检测
I. 翻译下面单词和短语 1.关于;至于__________________ 3.冒险_______________________ 2.衣衫褴褛________________ 4.餐后甜点_________________

5.肉块;鱼排;牛排_____________ 6.难以置信的______________ 7.与此相反;正相反____________ 8.大使馆;大使及其官员____________ 9.导致;做出解释_____________ 10.斑点;污点______________ 11.盯着看;凝视______________ 12.偶然;无意中_____________ 13.前进;可以;往下说_________ 14.人行道__________ 15.抚养;培养;教育;提出________________ II.用所给单词或短语的正确形式填空(有多余选项) in rags, permit, patience, by accident, account for, manner, spot, on the contrary, go ahead, take a chance, bring up, adventure, novel, scene, wander, scream, as for, indeed 1. The man _______________ may be a beggar. 2. I only found it _______________ not on purpose. 3. The boy is so naughty that I begin to run out of my ________________. 4. As a child, you are not _______________ to smoke. 5. We might _________________. There may still be some tickets left. 6. The police examined the cars and then allowed them to 7. An effective teacher can _______________ a child's potential. 8. Customers should be treated in a friendly ________________. 9. The man couldn't ____________________ the fact. 10. A friend in need is a friend _________________. 11. Mark Twain was ________________ in Hannibal. 12. The author was busy writing the _____________________. 13. She was ________________ aimlessly up and down the road. 14. The __________________ in the hospital was very moving. 15. ________________ the hotel, it was very uncomfortable and miles from the sea. III.英译汉 1. The next morning I'd just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 2. I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance. 3. What's there to wait for? 4. I did hear that the Bank of England had issued two notes in this amount. 5. As a matter of fact, I landed in Britain by accident. IV.汉译英 1.事实上,当他进入办公室时是偶然被保安发现的。(spot;by accident) 2.小女孩盯着桌上的菠萝甜点,她很想吃。(stare;pineapple;dessert) 3. 他把大量的时间和金钱花在世界各地的旅游上, 因为他酷爱冒险。 (amount; adventure)

4.你如何解释这次考试的失利?(account for) 5.开商店之前,你必须申请营业执照。(permit)
V.单项填空 1. Women have won equal rights as man. ___________ racial discrimination, much progress has been made, but there is still much to do. (2009 年成都质检) A. As long as B. As to C. But for D. As for 2.---Could I use your computer for few moments, please? ----__________, I’m not using it myself. (2007 年高考陕西卷) A. Come on B. It depends C. Go ahead D. That’s great 3. ----What do you think of the five doll mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games? ----_________, they are cute, but we can’t figure out what they mean easily. (2007 年北京智 达) A. To tell the truth B. I’m afraid C. Unfortunately D. As a matter of fact 4. He is a new man in this field and often find himself ____________. A. to get into trouble B. in troubles C. have trouble D. in trouble 5.----I’ve studied growing plants as one of my interests. Could I make some suggestions? ----____________. (2007 年高考重庆卷) A. You will make it B. Go right ahead C. Don’t mention it D. Take it easy 6. A Cook will be immediately fired if he is found _________ in the kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked 7. The tomato juice left a brown _________ on the front of my jacket. A. spot B. point C. trace D. site 8. If they appear to be under 12, the doorman is not allowed to_________ them entry to the cinema. A. purse B. permit C. encourage D. pull VI.阅读理解 A(原创,选编自 VOA) Roads, railways and air traffic are slowly returning to normal in China, where the worst snowstorms in 50 years have stranded millions of travelers trying to get home for this week's Lunar New Year holiday. As VOA’s Stephanie Ho reports from Bejing, The severe weather also affected the shipment (n.装货;装载的货物) of fresh vegetables throughout the country. China's main north-south freeway reopened Monday after weeks of snow and ice storms cut off transport and seriously disrupted supplies of food and fuel during the country's peak holiday

season. More than 10,000 vehicles had been backed up along a 75-kilometer-long section of the Zhuhai-Beijing freeway, while soldiers worked to remove ice. Chinese authorities are forecasting more snow and cold temperatures in the coming days. The weather announcer announced that Chinese airlines have begun flying several additional daily flights from the snow-hit regions to other parts of the country, where transportation may be easier. This way travelers may still be able to return home in time for the Lunar New Year holiday, which starts Wednesday evening. The harsh (a.粗糙的;严厉的) winter weather has ripped down power lines and disrupted road and rail transport, stranding millions of people. Authorities say at least 60 people have been killed. Initial estimates measure weather damages will cost at least $7.5 billion. At the Jian supermarket in Beijing, business was brisk as people completed their last minute Lunar New Year shopping. Like most Beijing residents, one of the women working to repackage fresh vegetables in the supermarket says the storms farther south have not had a noticeable impact on the Chinese capital. Despite the increased demand for fruits and vegetables around the Lunar New Year, Beijing planned in advance and so has what it needs. 1. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. The worst snowstorms in fifty years hit the south of China. B. More than ten thousand vehicles had been stuck along the Zhuhai-Beijing freeway C. At a supermarket in Bejing, business was busy as usual. D. The storms farther south didn’t have an effect on the Chinese capital. 2. What does the underlined word “stranded” in paragraph 1 mean? A. stuck B. trapped C. caught D. escaped 3. What would be the best title for the passage? A. China’s Snow Disaster In Fifty Years B. How Chinese Fight the Snow Disaster C. China Begins Slow Recovering From Snow Disaster D. Why There Is Snow Disaster 4. From the passage we can conclude that ___________. A. the Lunar New Year’s Eve is Wednesday B. the Lunar New Year’s Eve is Tuesday C. the Lunar New Year’s Eve is Thursday D. the Lunar New Year’s Eve is Wednesday evening 5. The passage most probably comes from __________. A. a newspaper B. a magazine C. a book D. a radio station B(原创,选编自网站 p://www.romance-fire.com/2008/03/13/my-wedding-story-continues-committment/) My wedding story

I remember a friend told me that getting married is easy. But making your marriage work is even harder. He is a proud father of 3 daughters, age 10, 12 and 16 and he has a lovely wife. Many times, I am wondering how many children do we have in our new family. Having planned our wedding and our nice honeymoon, we are now in debt. I think in Singapore, many couples are. Maybe 8 out of 10. There are different types of debts, be it you loan your money from the bank or from your parents or from friends.There are the lucky few who got their weddings fully sponsored by their parents. Are they really lucky? I doubt so. Throughout these 1 year plus in my newly married life, I am driven by another type of hunger. Hunger to provide more for my family. My wife and I learnt to save every bit of money we have and throughout this planning, we learn to understand and support each other more. We are humans after all and we have various money values. And I didn’t realise till we have some scuffles and disagreement when we come to talk about money. Money is a really sensitive issue when both our pockets are really tight. Donald Trump once said, “Money cannot solve everything but life is certainly better with some money around.” I think it is very true. And I want to add on that wedding couples can really start off with little money and learn to build their love on solid foundation called pure love and support for each other. Then, they learn to be financial savvy and they learn every bit of financial information they have to know to grow their savings for their family planning. In summary, they make do with whatever little they have and make the most out of it. 6. According to the passage, which of the following is true? A. eight out of ten couples are in debt in Singapore B. The writer is driven by real hunger C. The writer always agrees with his wife in money D. The writer and his wife save the money they have 7. The passage mainly tells us _________. A. keeping up the marriage is not easy B. money plays the most important role in marriage C. those who got their weddings sponsored are lucky D. couples will be in debt after their wedding 8. The underlined word “”scuffles” in the fourth paragraph can be best replaced by ________. A. wars B. quarrels C. discussions D. talks 9. By introducing Donald Trump’s words, the writer means _________. A. our life won’t work without money B. money will help us settle problems C. we can solve a lot of problems if we have some money D. we are sure to live easier if we have some money 10. The writer and his wife are now in debt, they borrowed their money from_______. A. the bank B. their parents C. their friends D. the passage doesn’t tell us

V.话题作文填空(作家作品介绍) 假设你是英语课代表,将要对全班同学作一个关于马克· 吐温及其代表作的简要介 绍。请用英文写一个口头报告。 Boys and girls, Please ____________ me to introduce an American famous ____________ , Mark Twain to you. Mark Twain was born in Florida on November 30th, 1835. He was_________ in Missouri, along the Mississippi River. He is best known for his _____________ set in his boyhood world on the river, such as The __________ of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Hucklebery. "The Million Pound Bank Note" tells us a story as follows: Henry, a San Francisco businessman landed in Britain _________ because of his own ____________ Hungry and alone, he was ______________ on the ___________ when the two rich brothers made a secret ____________ on him. Now let's discover what is the bet and who will win the bet.

Book III Unit three The Million Pound Bank-Note 答案
第一课时 I.课文理解 American, businessman, bay, London, passage, lost, rags, unbelievable, bet, by accident, San Fransisco II.词汇(Words) 1.1)scene 2)view 3)sights 2.1)permit us to swim 2)smoking 3)permitting 4)C 3.1)was spotted 2)recognized 3)我喜欢这块带红色斑点的白色衣料 4)on the spot 5)A 4)1)run out of patience 2)patient questioning 3)C 5.1)manners 2)in 3)你的提议在某种程度上是有价值的 4)C II.短语(Phrases) 1.1)D 2)A 3)C 2.1)account for 2) accounts for 3) accounts for 3.1)As for 2)C 4.1)even if 2)as if 3)她那时要是知道这件事就好了。4)What if 5)D III.句型(Patterns) 1.1)课文 myself, carried 2)rising 3)dead 4)A 5)C

I. 翻译下面单词和短语 1.as for 2.in rags 3.take a chance 4.dessert 5.steak 6.unbelievable 7.on the contrary 8. embassy 9. account for 10. spot 11. stare at 12. by accident 13. go ahead 14.pavement 15.bring up II.用所给单词或短语的正确形式填空(有多余选项) 1. in rags 2. by accident 3. patience 4. permitted 5. take a chance 6. go ahead 7. spot 8. manner 9. account for 10. indeed 11. brought up 12. novel 13. wandering 14. scene 15.As for III.英译汉 1.第二天早上,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘船发现了我。 2.我靠做义工来顶替船费:这就是我为什么衣冠不整的原因了。 3.有什么可等的? 4.我确实听说英格兰银行发行了两张这样面值的钞票。 5.事实上,我在英国上岸是偶然的。 IV.汉译英 1.As a matter 0f fact,he was spotted by accident by the guard as he entered the office. 2.The little girl stared at the pineapple dessert on the table and wanted to eat it very much. 3.He has spent a large amount of time and money travelling around the world,as he enjoys adventures. 4. How could you account for the failure in the exams? 5. You must apply for a permit before opening a shop. V.单项填空 1—5:DCAAB 6—8:BAB VI.阅读理解 1.D 细节理解题。从最后一段第一句…the storms farther south have not had a noticeable impact on the Chinese capital 可以看出,这场雪灾对首都北京没有明显大的影响,但 不是没有一点影响。从文章的第二段第二句可知 1000 多辆机动车被堵在京珠高速公 路上,所以 B 项正确;从文章的倒数第二段可知 C 项正确。 2.B 词义猜测题。中国发生 50 年来罕见的大降雪,导致千百万旅客被困。stick 卡住,陷 住,动不了,是不及物动词;trap 使陷入困境,是及物动词;catch 突然遭受;escape 逃脱。学生最易误选 A 项 stuck 和 C 项 caught。 3.C 题目选择题。文章的第一段往往是文章的主题,从第一句话可以得知主题应该是“中 国铁公路交通运输逐渐恢复正常”。 学生容易误选 A 项和 B 项, 通读全文可以看出, 主要是讲雪灾后交通运输逐渐的恢复正常。 4.B 推理判断题。从第三段最后一句 which starts Wednesday evening.可以看出:春节是星 期三,那么除夕就是星期二。如果不注意推理,学生容易误选 D 项。

5.D 从第一段 As VOA’s Stephanie Ho reports from Bejing 可以看出,本篇文章选编自美国 之音(电台广播)。容易误选 A 项。 6.D 细节理解题。考生容易误选 A 项。但是从第二段第四句中的 Maybe 可以看出 A 项不 正确。从文章第三段第一句得知应该选 D 项。 7.A 主旨大意题。第一段往往是文章的主题,从第一段第一、第二句可以看出。 8.B 词义猜测题。从下半句的 disagreement when we come to talk about money 可以推测 scuffles 的意思应该是“争吵,吵闹”。 9.D 句义理解题。从文章倒数第二段一、二句得知应该选 D。 10.D 细节理解题。通读全文得知,作者夫妇因结婚而欠债,但没有告诉他们是从那儿借 的钱。 VII.话题作文填空 permit, author, brought up, novels, Adventures, by accident, fault, wandering, pavement, bet


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