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人教版选修8unit4 Pygmalion阅读学案

Unit4 Pygmalion

Fateful meeting 阅读学案 姓名

Do what you say, say what you do.做你说过的,说你能做的

皮格马利翁效应(Pygmalion Effect)指人们基于对某种情境的知觉而形成的期望或预言,会 使该情境产生适应这一期望或预言的效应。 你期望

什么,你就会得到什么,你得到的不是你想要的,而是你期待的。只要充满自信的期 待,只要真的相信事情会顺利进行,事情一定会顺利进行,相反的说,如果你相信事情不断地受 到阻力,这些阻力就会产生,成功的人都会培养出充满自信的态度,相信好的事情会一定会发生 的。这就是心理学上所说的皮格马利翁效应。

1. This text is mainly about the first experience of Eliza meeting with ____. A. Professor Higgins B. Colonel Pickering C. Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering D. a gentleman 2. Eliza greeted to the gentleman in order to _______. A. ask him to buy some flowers from her B. talk with him C. ask him to teach her D. beg some money from him 3. Why Eliza began to cry? Because _______. A. she thought Professor Higgins would arrest her B. Pickering beat and scolded her C. the gentleman didn’t give her some money D. there was no reason 4. Professor Higgins believed that he could judge a person by _______. A. his appearance B. his action C. his conversation D. his manners 5. From the text, we can infer that Professor Higgins is a man described below EXCEPT _________. A. he doesn’t care about money B. he is an expert in phonetics C. he is proud D. he is greedy 二、细节理解 Character E: class H: _______ class _______ class Position in society Evidence in the play Behavior: _______ to people of higher class Language: calls gentleman “sir” and ___________ (or captain) which is a compliment Behavior: _____ to lower class; _____ to same or upper class Language: calls Eliza “___________” and Pickering “________________” Behavior: generally confident and ______; but _______ Eliza Language: prepared to begin a __________ with Henry, whom he does not know; generous with praise to him



三、重点句子学习。 1. 1 ) A man is hiding from the rain listening to people’s language and watching their reactions. 2)While watching, he makes notes. 3)Now once taught by me, she’d become an upper class lady. 4)Once educated to speak properly, that girl could pass herself off in three months as a duchess at an ambassador ’s garden party.
分析:此处 1)2)两个句子中,都是现在分词作_________,和句子的主语构成_______关系。 3)4)两个句子中,都是过去分词作_________, 且与句子主语构成______________ 关系。

即学即练 1) __________(bite) twice, the postman refused to deliver letters unless we chained our dog. 2)Unless _________(invite) to speak, you should remain silent at the conference. 2. Will that be of any use to you? 分析:1) be of use = be _____________ be of +抽象名词= be + 该名词的同源形容词, 主要说明主语的性质。明此前常用 great, little, some, any, no much 等, of 不能省略。 有价值____________________ 很重要____________________ 有帮助____________________ 有益______________________ 2)be of +(表示种类、颜色、年龄、形状、价格等)名词,多用来表示主语的特征。 这类结构的主语可以是人,也可以是物,其中的 of 可以省略。常用于该结构的名 词有:kind, age, color, size, height, shape, type, way, price 等。 即学即练:
a) b) c) These two kinds of article are _____ ______ _________ ________.(价格相同) What he said _______ _____ ________ __________________(是很重要的) The two boys are ______ ______ _________ _______(年龄相同) because they are twins.

3. What if I was(if I was born in…)?
分析:what if 可以表示如果……怎么办,也可以表示建议,意为…怎么样。后面常加句子。

即学即练: What if we move the picture over there? Do you think it will look better? 译:_____________________________________________________________. 如果他不来怎么办?_______________________________________________? 关于 what 的短语 那又如何__________________ …怎么样__________________ 四、 练习

为了什么_____________________ what’s up?____________________

1. The popular cartoon Mulan is a(n) _______ of a Chinese poem for children. A. Imagination B. plot C. story D. adaptation 2. –Have you got any particular plans for the coming holiday? -- Yes. ________, I am going to visit some homes for the old in the city. A. If so B. if not C. if necessary D. if possible 3. The doctor did all they could _____ him _____. A. to bring; back to life B. bring; back to life C. bring; to life D. come; to life 4. We finally managed to make the customers ____ of the quality of the vehicle. A. to convince B. convincing C. convince D. convinced 5. While ______ the river, he saw a big crocodile. A. to cross B. crossing C. cross D. crossed 6. While building a tunnel through the mountain, ______. A. a lake was discovered B. there was a lake discovered C. the workers discovered a lake D. a lake discovered 7. If you have a job, _____ yourself to it and finally you will succeed. A. do devote B. don’t devote C. devoting D. not devoting 8. From his _____ look, we can decide that he’s come across ______ problems. A. puzzling; troubled B. puzzling; troubling C. puzzled; troublesome D. puzzled; troubled 9. You will find the map of great _______ especially when you get lost in a strange place. A. price B. cost C. value D. count 10. You are likely to be about Peter. Why not make an apology to him? A. classic B. troublesome C. brilliant D. mistaken 11. –The teacher said that we would take a camping this weekend. --______ it rains then? A. What if B. What for C. What about D. How come 12. His way of life condemned him ____ a hard life. A. living B. to live C. lived D. to be lived 13. Generally speaking, ______according to the directions, the drug has no side effect. A. when taking B. when taken C. when to take D. when to be taken 14. ______ achievement, last week’s ministerial meeting of the WTO here earned a low, though not failing grade. A. In terms of B. In case of C. in favor of D. In face of 15. Their struggle over prices finally ended ______ a satisfactory settlement. A. in B. on C. at D. by


Making the Bet 阅读理解 1. This text is mainly about Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering _________ about teaching Eliza. A. making a conversation B. quarreling C. making a bet D. fighting 2. Eliza came to visit Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering in order to let them _________ A. give her some money B. give her a job as a flower shop’s assistant C. teach her speak well D. have a bath 3. Eliza only offered them ________ if they could teach her. A. 1 shilling B. 2 shillings C. nothing D. 3 shillings 4. Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering finally decided to _______ Eliza. A. throw back B. teach C. only teach her how to speak D. beat 5. Eliza refused to have a bath, from what she said, we can infer that she lived a ________ life. A. miserable B. happy C. good D. dirty 完成句子练习 1. Many people in the West make ______ a rule _____ ______ Christmas presents for their relations and friends. 在西方,许多人把给亲戚朋友买圣诞礼物当成一种习惯。 2.It was wrong for him to think of everything _________ __________ __________ money. 他事事都从钱的角度考虑,这是不对的。 3. It is a great honor for me _______ __________ __________ __________.
结识你真是我三生有幸。 4. He is homeless and ______ __________ __________ __________ _________. (非常需要帮 助). 5. It is raining heavily and Eliza is _________ __________the storm (躲雨). 6. ___________ __________ (一般来说), girls are more careful than boys. 1. it, to buy 2. in terms of 3. to make your acquaintance 4. in great need of help

5. hiding/ sheltering from 6. Generally speaking


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