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江苏省常州市2014高考英语 阅读理解、完形填空训练(38)

江苏省常州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空训练(38)含答案

Having left the town, the girl stopped the car at the landing near the entrance of the bay (海湾). She stepped into the to the entrance and 2 to the wild open sea. She had to row across the bay to reach 4 3 side. The 5 1 and rowed out silently. The tide was rushing

waves struck against the side of the boat, difficult to row. If she the 7 . 8 6

and uneven; it became

for a moment, the tide would push the boat back towards

She wasn't even halfway,

she was already tired and her hands 10


from pulling

on the rough wooden oars (船桨). “I'm never going to rested the oars on her knees and 12 11

it”, she thought. She

her head helplessly, then looked up as she

the boat shift (晃动) against the tide. 13 her help

The east wind , which had swung (旋转) around from the south-west, and pushed the boat towards the mountains. It was going to be

14 . Her hands weren't 15 .

so painful. Her chest didn’t feel as if it was about to burst The lights of the town became boat and she 17

16 . one of the oars banged against the side of the 18 ? She looked 19 on the

it with a start. Had she been asleep, or just

over her shoulder. She was almost on the beach. The girl gave one last

oars to ground the boat, and then lay back against the seat. She listened to the waves 20 and knew she had come home. Far across the moonlit bay the lights were no more

than a sparkling chain.

1. A. car 2. A. beside 3. A. another other 4. A. deep 5. A. more

B. boat B. before B. other

C. ship C. behind C. either

D. mail D. beyond D. the

B. calm B. less

C. gentle C. as

D. rough D. least


6. A. slept 7. A. home 8. A. if 9. A. hurt 10. A. get 11. A. mined 12. A. saw 13. A. got to 14. A. difficult certain enough 15. A. any more 16. A. brighter smaller 17. A. destroyed 18. A. dreaming 19. A. blow 20. A. anxiously

B. continued B. mountains B. so B. ruined B. make B. dropped B. made B. came to B. serious

C. rested C. south-west C. but C. troubled C. keep C. cocked C. heard C. sent for C. all right

D. rowed D. entrance D. since D. broke D. take D. raised D. felt D. reached for D.

B. still more B. bigger

C. no more C. closer

D. once more D.

B. threw B. guessing B. hit B. happily

C. repaired C. inventing C. pull C. sadly

D. seized D. expecting D. strike D. carefully

参考答案 1~5 BDDDA 11~15 BDBCA 6~10 CDCAB 16~20 DDACB


(2011 年深圳市高三年级第一次调研考试) Several hundred strangers received "love letters" from a young man on the street. The letter was written and given out by Yang Yang,a student majoring in human resources

at Chongqing University of Science and Technology, hoped to show his disappointment who with job hunting.

Yang’s story has caught media attention perhaps because it is similar to those of millions of recent graduates seeking jobs and struggling for survival in the country’s wealthiest cities. They have diplomas,rather than professional skills, and come to big cities in hopes of better lives. only to find low-paying jobs and poor living conditions.

They are China’s "ant tribe(蚁族) ",a term coined by sociologist Lian Si from Peking University in his 2009 book, Ant Tribe "They’re so similar to ants. They share small and narrow living areas. They’re intelligent and hard-working,yet nameless and underpaid. "The term also speaks to their helplessness in a world governed by the law of the jungle—only the strongest survive. A survey in Lian’s another book published this year, Ant TribeⅡ,found nearly 30 percent of "ants" are graduates of famous universities—almost three times last year’s percentage. Most had degrees in popular majors. In addition,7.2 percent of "ants" have at least a master’s degree compared to 1.6 percent in 2009.

An "ant’s"average monthly salary is l,904 yuan,with about 64 percent of them earning less than 2,000 yuan a month.

Another survey in the 2010 Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Talent found more than 1 million "ants" live in big cities.

"Most ants are from rural families or small towns,and their experiences in universities didn’t arm them well enough to fight with competitors in big cities’ employment markets. " Professor Zhang Ming at Renmin University of China said.


The " ant tribe’s" embarrassing living situations have become a serious social problem,and the government should develop smaller cities to attract more graduates from big cities,Zhang believed.

However,"ants" expect more study and training opportunities in big cities, which keeps them positive despite their situations.

(1)Yang’s story is introduced in order to______.

A. analyze graduates’ difficulties in finding jobs

B. lead to the topic of the article—"ant tribe"

C. tell readers a story about those big cities

D. show a clever way of dealing with pressure

(2)The"ants"fail to find high-paying jobs mainly because______________.

A. they have no diplomas from good universities

B. their majors do not meet the needs of society

C. those from rural areas are not treated equally

D. they do not have necessary professional skills

(3)"Ant tribe "members are similar to ants in the following aspects EXCEPT that______.

A. they live in narrow and small places in groups

B. they work hard but earn little for survival

C. they are in a world judged by the jungle law

D. they are pleased with being nameless and underpaid

(4).Professor Zhang thought "ants" problems could be solved by__________.

A. creating more jobs for graduates in big cities

B. developing smaller cities to attract graduates

C. sending graduates to rural areas and small towns

D. training graduates to improve their ability

(5)By writing this article,the author mainly intends to show __________.

A. despite better education. "ants" are still struggling

B. despite difficulties,"ants" have a promising future

C. better education,better job opportunities D. Ant Tribe is a good book to help understand today’s China




(1)B 文章结构题。文章用这个年轻人的故事反映出了就业的艰难,从而为下文导入“蚁族” 这个中心话题作铺垫。

(2)D 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句中的内容可知他们拥有文凭,但是没有职业技能,因 而难以找到高报酬的工作。

(3)D 细节理解题。第三段中提到他们像蚂蚁一样住在狭窄的地方,聪明而勤奋,然而却不被 人知而且薪水很低,但并不是说他们喜欢不被人知和低工资,故 D 项内容错误。

(4)B 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段的内容可知张教授认为解决问题的方法是发展比较小的城 市来吸引毕业生。


(5)A 写作意图题。作者写作本文意在告诉我们虽然“蚁族”中有相当一部分人拥有高学历, 但是他们仍然在为生存苦苦挣扎。 **************************************************************结束 高考预练 Ⅰ.单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1.Doctor Nathan is said to have been ________ to researching into wild animals in Africa for more than ten years. A.absorbed 答案:B B. devoted C.concentrated D.engaged

[表示“投身于,全神贯注于??”有如下结构:be absorbed in;be devoted to;

be engaged in;concentrate on。故四个选项中只有 devote 和 to 搭配使用。] 2.The boy is so shy that he can’t ________ very well ________ others. A.communicate;to B. communicate;with C.get along;to 答案:B D.deal;with

[communicate sth.to sb.把某事传达给某人;communicate with sb.与某人交流;

get along well with sb.和某人相处很好;deal with 对付,处理。根据题目结构和形容词 shy 判断“他不善于和别人交流”,所以 B 项正确。D 项不符合本题逻辑。] 3.The project ________ by the end of 2011,will expand the city’s telephone network to cover 2,000,000 users. A.being accomplished B. to be accomplished C.accomplished 答案:B D.having been accomplished

[根据 will expand...判断空格处应该表示一个将来的动作,所以用动词不定式 to

be accomplished。] 4.You may have one of these;in other words,you may have ________ you choose. A. whichever B.wherever C.whenever D.no matter which 答案:A [空格处所填词既要作 have 的宾语,同时又作 choose 的宾语,排除 D 项;根据前

半句意思判断,表示“在一定范围内选择”,因此选 A 项。] 5.Though in his seventies,the old man is still as ________ as a young man and hates sitting around doing nothing all day. A.enthusiastic B. energetic C.talkative D.sensitive




无所事事”,energetic 精力充沛的,充满活力的,有力的,符合题意。] 6.Our failure to ________ work. A.adopt B.apply C. adapt D.appoint 答案:C [adopt 采用,收养;apply 应用,申请;adapt 适应;appoint 约定,任命。根据 ourselves to modern life often causes us trouble in our

句意可知应用 C。] 7.The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle ________. A. to be heard B.to have heard C.hearing D.being heard 答案:A [struggle 要接动词不定式作宾语,排除 C、D;hear 与 I 之间是动宾关系,所以

要用被动语态结构,排除 B。] 8.—Could I use your computer for a few moments,please? —________.I’m not using it myself. A.Come on B.It depends C. Go ahead D.That’s great 答案:C [A 项意思是“赶快,快点”;B 项意思是“视情况而定”;C 项意思是“好吧,可

以”;D 项意思是“太好了”。根据题意选 C,表示“可以”,即同意某人做某事。] 9.—I’m thinking of the test tomorrow.I’m afraid I can’t pass this time. —________ ! I’m sure you’ll make it. A.Go ahead 答案:D B.Good luck C.No problem D. Cheer up

[根据上下文判断空缺处所填词应表示“鼓励某人”的意思,故答案应为 D 项。]

10.Fred is second to none in math in our class,but ________,he hardly passed the final math exam. A.as a matter of fact B.as usual C.right away D. believe it or not 答案:D [句意为“在我们班弗雷德的数学首屈一指,但是信不信由你,他几乎没有通过数

学期末考试”。A 项意为“实际上,事实上”;B 项意为“像往常一样”;C 项意为“立刻, 马上”;D 项意为“信不信由你”。] 11.—Can I have a talk with you at about 4 this afternoon,Mr Black? —All right,I ________ from a conference by then.I will be waiting for you. A. will have come back B.will come back C.have come back D.will be coming back


[根据答语中的“by then”和“I will be waiting for you.”可知,此处表示的

是到将来某个时间之前已经完成的动作,故用将来完成时态。] 12.________,I have to put it away and focus my attention on study this week. A.However the story is amusing B.No matter amusing the story is C. However amusing the story is D.No matter how the story is amusing 答案: [从句子的结构看, C 这里表示的是让步关系, matter how 或 however 应位于 amusing no 之前,故选 C。] 13.The production plan was fulfilled ________. A.head of time B.before time

C. ahead of time D.time ahead 答案:C [句意为“生产计划提前完成了”。表示“时间提前”应使用 ahead of time,它常

在句中作状语。而 head 是名词,before time 是汉语中的说法,故 C 为正确答案。] 14.Mr Smith,________ of the ________ speech,started to read a novel. A. tired;boring B.tiring;bored

C.tired;boring D.tiring;boring 答案:A [形容词短语修饰主语 Mr Smith,故使用 tired;修饰名词 speech,应选 boring,

因此 A 为正确答案。 句意为: 由于讨厌这令人厌烦的演讲, 史密斯先生开始阅读一本小说了。 ] 15.—Could you meet me at the airport? —I’d like to,but I ________ Shanghai when you return. C.will leave D.have left

A. will have left B.was leaving 答案:A

[由句意可知,表示将要完成的动作,故 A 为正确答案。]


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