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北师大Lesson 1-1 Global Warming


refer to in turn lead to beyond one’s control ahead of take action look ahead

指,意即 引起,导致 依次 在……前面 采取行动 展望未来 超出……的控制

What natural phenomenon causes pol

ar bears to lose their home?

Global warming

Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature, which in turn causes changes in climate. A warmer What is global Earth may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide warming? range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans.

1. To summarize the main idea of the passage 2. To learn to talk about global warming 3. To learn the new words and expressions

Words: consensus beyond relevant ray bounce pin agricultural federal coincidence condemn reservation sacrifice advocate recycle substitute threaten pancake hurricane Expressions: refer to in turn lead to beyond one’s control ahead of take action look ahead pump into bounce back to be pinned on

通过略读把握文章大意 略读(skimming)只看文章标题、下标 题以及每个部分或者段落第一行,关注 文章中反复出现的关键词。 略读时,要用充足的时间读懂段落的 第一句和第二句,因为第一句往往是该 段的主题句(topic sentence),而第二句 往往是对前句的延伸(extension)或进一 步的解释(explanation)。

通过扫读寻找特定信息或特定词组 运用扫读(scanning)迅速浏览从第三句开始 的后面部分,搜寻作者对开头两句的支持句 (supporting sentences),并同时注意文章中间 是否有转折词(transition),因为这些词常常 会把文章的思路逆转或加入其它重要的信息。 当读到段落的最后一句时,我们又要使用略 读,这时必须再次放慢速度(slow down your pace)直到完全消化作者对段落的小结 (conclusion),因为该小结有可能与主题句截 然相反或引导读者进入下一个段落。

a general idea

certain information

titles and headings

Scan the text for key words and the first and last sentences of paragraphs phrases, dates, etc. the first and last paragraphs Do not need to read the whole pictures and charts text.

for general ideas

Match the headings.
Para. 1
Para. 2

What causes global warming
What is global warming

Para. 3
Para. 4 Para. 5

The introduction of the topic
Solution Results of global warming

for specific information



III Answer these questions.
1. What is global warming? Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth’s temperature that, in turn, leads to climate change. 2. What human activities are causing global warming? Industry, agriculture, the cutting down of forests, the increase in transport and the burning of fuels are causing global warming.

3. By how much has the global average temperature increased in the last 100 years? By 1? F (One degree Fahrenheit) 4. Are greenhouse gases necessary for life on Earth? Yes, they are. Because they trap heat from the sun in the Earth’s atmosphere. Otherwise the Earth would be cold and unsuitable for life.

5. How can we help solve the problem of global warming? We can make small changes like taking public transport, recycling, using low-flow shower heads, buying light bulbs that use less energy, using recycled paper and switching off the lights when we leave a room.

Careful reading to solve difficult points

介词短语作状语 1. Without these naturally occurring gases,

the sun’s rays would bounce back into
space leaving the Earth cold and impossible to live on. V-ing短语做结果状语 如果没有这些自然产生的气体,太阳的 光线将会被反射回太空中去,地球将处 于寒冷之中,而不适合生命的存在。

when we are given this data

2. Given this data, it seems that the link between human activities and rising

global temperatures is not merely a


根据这一数据推断,人类活动与全球变 暖之间的关系好像不仅仅是一个巧合。

Complete the passage with proper words, which will help you retell the text. In the last few decades, scientists have reached consensus and reported that ________ human beings are causing changes in the Looking ahead Earth’s climate. _____________, scientists believe that global warming could be one of the biggest environmental problems in the 21st century. Global warming _______ refers to an average increase in the Earth’s temperature

leads to climate change. Many which _______ experts insist that the blame for this global pinned on human warming can mostly be __________ activities. If we continue to produce carbon dioxide and other gases in huge quantities, condemning life on Earth. The we are ___________ express USA’s federal government, ____________ reservations about whether global warming is really __________ caused by human activities. Many people believe that they sacrifice the are simply not prepared to __________ amount of money they make from industry

to save the Earth. But why wait around for governments to __________? take action Experts _______ advocatethat each person play their part. They suggest making small changes like taking public transport, _________, recycling using low-flow shower heads, and buying light bulbs. After all, there’s no __________ substitute for our Earth.

What will you do every day to help reduce greenhouse gases?

In some cases, it only takes a little change in lifestyle and behavior to make some big changes in greenhouse gas reductions. When that action is multiplied by the 1.3 billion people in China or the 6 billion people worldwide, the savings are significant.

energy-saving light bulbs

What can we do?

switch off…

recycled paper

low-flow shower head

public transport

注:另附word 文档,点此链 接

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

Now 2 mins to test your spelling. 1. English-Chinese consensus, relevant, ray, agriculture, hurricane, recycle, federal 2. Chinese-English 超出......的控制,展望未来,依次, 导致,采取行动,在......前面, 意即 When finished, exchange your papers to see who does the best.

After the class

It’s time to stop the class for us to look back in silence. Think about what we’ve just learnt today. Study without reflection is a waste of time.

1. Preview the Grammar 1 on P100. 2. Underline the reported sentences of the passage.

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