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一、单项选择题(15 分) 1. Given these conditions, there will not be ______ room left in one's brain for ______ right thought. A a; the B /; a C the; / D /; / 2. I ______ to catch the 2:00 plane, but no such luck. A have hoped B hope C hoped D had hoped 3. The thief ______ the lock of the lady's jewelry case open. A hit B forced C stoic D broke 4. Although he was ill, ______ he went on working. A but B yet C and D while 5. --Who are you going to have this letter ______ for you? --My secretary. A type B typed C been typed D been typing 6. --What about having a rest? -- ______. A Good idea B Help yourself C Go ahead, please D Me, too 7. The new law will come into ______ on the day it is passed. A effect B use C service D existence 8. The new film received ______ from everyone.

A highly praise B high praise C high praises D highly praises 9. He ______ gas a mile from home; therefore he had to wait for someone to take his car to the gas station. A ran out B ran out of C ran into D ran over 10. All ______ is needed is a supply of oil. A the thing B that C what D which 11. Although he has lived with us for years, he ______ us much impression. A hadn't left B didn't leave C doesn't leave D hasn't left 12. Word came ______ I was wanted at the office. A whether B that C why D which 13. They are all ______ little children that you are not able to look after ______ many of them by yourself. A so; so B such; so C such; such D so; such 14. Since you have made up your mind, just go ahead. We will ______ you. A stand for B stand by C stand out D stand off 15. He was fired ______ his carelessness and laziness. A because of B because C thanks to D since

二、完形填空(共 15 分,每小题 1 分) Sleep is something we generally associate with living creatures.

Of course, it is true that a lot of animals sleep, but zoologists are certain that ( 16 ) forms of animal life, ( 17) worms and snails, never really sleep. On the other hand , animals such as bears sleep for 4 ( 18 ) 5 months every year. The ( 19) of sleep a human being needs depends on age, the individual and possible ( 20 ) . For example, doctors think that pre school children need between 10 and 12 hours a night, school children between 9 and 11 hours, and ( 21 ) between 7 and 8 hours. There are exceptional cases of old people ( 22 ) only sleep between 2 and 3 hours a day and ( 23) to be active and healthy. The sleep ( 24 ) of different ( 25 ) also appear to be ( 26 ) . Japanese people for example, sleep ( 27 ) hours than Europeans. ( 28 ) is not known for certain whether mental activity ( 29 ) when a person is asleep. However, it is certainly true that some people can wake ( 30 ) at a specific, pre-determined time. 16 . A original B primitive C preceding D former 17 . A as B such C so D like 18 . A or B after C and D from 19 . A degree B length C amount D number 20 . A kind B sort C race D type

21 . A adults D teachers 22 . A what D which 23 . A continuing D continues 24 . A inquiry D movements 25 . A colors D types 26 . A different D indifferent 27 . A fewer D few 28 . A It D Which 29 . A offers D occurs 30 . A on D up 三、阅读理解(40 分)

B workers B who B continued B requirements B races B alike B little B This B observes B to

C doctors C where C continue C necessity C groups C same C less C That C operates C in

A Long bus rides are like television shows. They have a beginning,a middle,and an end with commercials thrown in every three or four minutes. The commercials are unavoidable. They happen

whether you want them or not. Every couple of minutes a billboard glides by outside the bus window. "Buy Super Clean Toothpaste.""Drink Good Wet Root Beer.""Fill up with Pacific Gas."Only if you sleep,which is equal to turning the television set off,are you spared the unending cry of "You Need It! Buy It Now!" The beginning of the ride is comfortable and somewhat exciting,even if you’ve traveled that way before. Usually some things have changed new houses,new buildings,sometimes even a new road. The bus driver has a style of driving and it’s fun to try to figure it out the first hour or so. If the driver is particularly reckless (鲁莽的) or daring,the ride can be as thrilling as a suspense story. Will the driver pass the truck in time? Will the driver move into the right ? or the left ? hand lane? After a while,of course,the excitement dies down. Sleeping for a while helps pass the middle hours of the ride. Food always makes bus rides more interesting. But you have got to be careful of what kind of food you eat. Too much salty food can make you very thirsty between stops. The end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning. You know it will soon be over and there’ s a kind of expectation and excitement in that. The seat of course,has become harder as the hours have passed. By now you have sat with your legs crossed,with your hands in your lap,with your hands on the armrest seven with your hands crossed behind your head. The end comes just at no more ways to sit. 31.According to the passage,what do the passengers usually see when

they are on a long bus trip? A.Buses on the road. B.Films on television. C.Advertisements on the billboards. D.Gas stations. 32.What is the purpose of this passage? A.To give the writer’s opinion about long bus trips. B.To persuade you to take a long bus trip. C.To explain how bus trips and television shows differ. D.To describe the billboards along the road. 33.The writer of this passage would probably favor . A.bus drivers who are not reckless B.driving alone C.a television set on the bus D.no billboards along the road 34.The writer feels long bus rides are like TV shows because . A.the commercials both on TV shows and on billboards along the road are fun B.they both have a beginning,a middle,and an end,with commercials in between C.the drivers are always reckless on TV shows just as they are on buses D.both traveling and watching TV are not exciting. 35.The writer thinks that the end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning because both are . A.exciting B.comfortable C.tiring D.boring B James Cleveland Owens was the son of a farmer and the grandson of black slaves. His family moved to Cleveland when he was 9.There,

a school teacher asked the youth his name. "J.C., "he replied. She thought he had said "Jesse", and he had a new name. Owens ran his first race at age 13.After high school, he went to Ohio State University.He had to work part time so as to pay for his education.As a second ? year student, in the Big Ten games in 1935, he set even more records than he would in the Olympic Games a year later. A week before the Big Ten meet, Owens accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. His back hurt so much that he could not exercise all week, and he had to be helped in and out of the car that drove him to the meet. He refused to listen to the suggestions that he give up and said he would try, event by event. He did try, and the results are in the record book. The stage was set for Owens ? victory at the Olympic Games in Berlin the next year, and his success would come to be regarded as not only athletic but also political.Hitler did not congratulate any of the African ? American winners. "It was all right with me, "he said years later."I didn ? t go to Berlin to shake hands with him, anyway." Having returned from Berlin, he received no telephone calls from the president of his own country, either.In fact, he was not honored by the United States until 1976, four years before his death. Owens ? Olympic victories made little difference to him. He earned his living by looking after a school playground, and accepted

money to race against cars, trucks, motorcycles and dogs. "Sure, it bothered me, "he said later."But at least it was an honest living. I had to eat." In time, however, his gold medals changed his life."They have kept me alive over the years, "he once said."Time has stood still for me.That golden moment dies hard." 36. Owens got his other name "Jesse" when. A. he went to Ohio State University B. his teacher made fun of him C. his teacher took "J. C."for "Jesse" D. he won gold medals in the Big Ten meet 37. In the Big Ten meet,Owens. A. hurt himself in the back B. succeeded in setting many records C. tried every sports event but failed D. had to give up some events 38. We can infer from the text that Owens was treated unfairly in the US at that time because. A. he was not of the right race B. he was the son of a poor farmer C. he didnˊt shake hands with Hitler D. he didnˊt talk to the US president on the phone 39. When Owens says "They have kept me alive over the years ",he means that the medals. A. have been changed for money to help him live on B. have made him famous in the US

C. have encouraged him to overcome difficulties in life D. have kept him busy with all kinds of jobs 40. What would be the best title for the text? A. Jesse Owens, A Great American Athlete B. Golden Moment — A Life ? time Struggle C. Making A Living As A Sportsman D. How To Be A Successful Athlete C "Motherhood may make women smarter and may help prevent dementia( 痴 呆 ) in old age by bathing the brain in protective hormones," US researchers reported on Thursday. Tests on rats show that those who raise two or more litters of pups do considerably better in tests of memory and skills than rats who have no babies, and their brains show changes that suggest they may be protected against diseases such as Alzheimer's dementia (早 老 痴 呆 症 ). University of Richmond psychology professor Craig Kinsley believes his findings will translate into humans. "Our research shows that the hormones of pregnancy (怀孕) are protecting the brain, including estrogen (雌激素), which we know has many neuron protective (保护神经的) effects," Kinsley said. "It's rat data but humans are mammals just like these animals are mammals," he added in a telephone interview. "They go through pregnancy and hormonal changes." Kinsley said he hoped public health officials and researchers would look to see if having had children protected a woman from Alzheimer's dementia and other forms of age-related brain decline.

"When people think about pregnancy, they think about what happens to the baby and the mother from the neck down," said Kinsley, who presented his findings to the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience in Orlando, Florida. "They do not realize that hormones are washing on the brain. If you look at female animals who have never gone through pregnancy, they act differently to the young. But if she goes through pregnancy, she will sacrifice her life for her infant--that is a great change in her behavior that shows the genetic alterations(改 变) to the brain. " 41. How do scientists know "Motherhood may make women smarter"? A Some researchers have told the B Many women say s C They know it by experimenting on rat D They know it through their own experience 42. What does the phrase "litters of pups" mean in the second paragraph? A Baby rat B Animal C Old rat D Grown-up rat 43. What may protect the brain of a woman according to what Kinsley said in the passage? A Estrogen B The hormones of pregnance C More exercise

D Taking care of children 44. "It's rat data but humans are mammals just like these animals are mammals." What does the sentence suggest? A The experiments on the rats have nothing to do with human B The experiments on the rats are very important for animal C The experiments on the rats are much the same on human D The experiments on the rats are much the same on other animal 45. Which title is the best for this passage? A Do You Want to Be Smarter? B Motherhood Makes Women Smarter C Mysterious Hormones D An Important Study D One hundred new bookstalls that will sell newspapers as well as books have been making their debut on city streets since Saturday morning. The newsstands are part of the city's efforts to improve the appearance of streets and neighborhoods. The newsstands' design, featuring large glass window, will help the customers to see what is on sale at a glance. An electrical screen on the newsstands will announce immediately the arrival of the latest papers. There will be 1 000 newsstands by the end of the year. The newly formed company will manage the stalls. According to sources from the company, over 80 percent of the people hired to operate the stands will be recruited

from laid-off workers. This means file project will help ease the city's unemployment pressure, sources said. All recruited will undergo a training program and be dressed in green uniform. Municipal Vice part Secretary Gong Xueping said the installation of the 100 stands was just the first step towards the objective of setting up 1 000 stands in the city by the end of the year. He said the creation of the stalls would be of particular significance to the enhancement of the city's spiritual civilization. He also made some suggestions regarding the location, design and construction of the new stands and the renovation of the existing newsstands. 46. One hundred new bookstalls are set up to ______. A classify the bookstores B beautify the streets and neighborhoods C enrich people's minds with knowledge D increase people's purchasing power 47. The newsstands are made of large glass windows to ______. A beautify the streets B differ from other shops C let the customers browse through and find what they want D reduce the expenses of the construction 48. Which sentence is NOT true? ______ A The newsstands also help gather together other public service charge B The newsstands will make known the arrival of the current

issue of pape C These kinds of newsstands will be widely set u D The newsstands just sell newspapers and magazine 49. What is the other purpose of building these newsstands? Give the laid-off workers a chance to ______. A make a living B take up hobbies C ease their pressure D enrich their minds 50. Why the creation of the stalls will be of particular importance to the enhancement of the city's spiritual civilization? ______ A It will help people enrich their minds with knowledge by reading B It will beautify the appearance of the cit C It will attract buyers with its new design D It will ease the city's unemployment pressure 四、 英汉互译(共 20 分,汉译英每小题 3 分,英译汉每小题 2 分) 51. 这里的学生有许多时间做研究工作。 52.我没有读过这本书,我的弟弟们也没有。 53.我哥哥喜欢足球,我也喜欢。 54.我哥哥不喜欢跳舞,我也不喜欢。

55.My father bought a new bike for me last week. 56.He is too young to go shopping by himself. 57.She called us as soon as she arrived Beijing. 58.It seems that he cannot come today. 五、 写作(10分) 每个人都喜爱自己的家乡。 有的山水秀丽, 风景优美。 有的历史悠久, 美食繁多。请以my hometown-a place you will mever forget!为题写一 篇文章介绍自己的家乡。 内容包括:1.where is your hometown? 2.what’s the weather /people/food like in your hometown . 3.what places are famous?

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