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英语语法练习题(一) Part I. Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the given word in the brackets. (20%) 1. 2. This pair of trousers ____________ (cost) fifty yuan. All their belongs, together with the remains of torn-up newspapers, _________ (lie) scattered over

the carpets. 3. 4. 5. 6. The class _________ (be) taking notes, their pens scribing quickly over their exercise books. John, rather than his roommates, ___________ (be) to blame. It’s high time that we _________ (have) a rest. When she ___________ (arrive) I ___________ (telephone) Harry. (= She arrived during my

telephone call.) 7. 8. I wouldn’t object to ___________ (ask) some questions. It is recommended that the work ___________ (not start) until all the preparations have been

made. 9. I didn’t mean ___________ (eat) anything but the cakes looked so good that I couldn’t resist

________ (try) one. 10. A President’s power is very strong. He is the most _________ (power) executive in the nation. 11. What _____________ (happen) if they can’t reach an agreement? 12. If we ___________ (catch) the 10 o’clock train, we _________ (get) there by lunch time. 13. What is __________ (funny) joke you have ever heard? 14. It’s _________ (pretty) well impossible to travel over these mountains. 15. Unreliable delivery dates are one of the most important obstacles to ____________ (increase) our exports. 16. Lee __________ (learn) English for several years, and at last he _________ (master) the irregular verbs. 17. It’s the first time I __________ (explain) this particular aspect of grammar. 18. This time tomorrow everyone __________ (read) of your success, and all sorts of people __________ (ring) up to congratulate you.

19. It is highly desirable that every effort __________ (make) to reduce expenditure and that every member of the staff ___________ (economize) wherever possible. 20. The witness denied ___________ (see) the statue on your way to the bank. Part II. Choose the best answer to each of the following sentences. (15%) 21. _______________ your help I should have failed in the project. B. Due to C. Owing to D. Thanks

A. But for 22.

He is senior to me __________ age, but not of service. B. in view of C. with a view to D. with an eye to

A. in point of 23.

___________ rain, the football match will be postponed. B. In defiance of D. In the event of

A. In consequence of C. In danger 24. A. on 25.

Miss Coleman hinted ________ the idea that she was wealthy. B. in C. for D. at

To the dinner party all her _____ were invited. B. relations C. a relation D. the relations

A. relation 26.

That man is not _____________. B. much of a scholar D. enough of scholar

A. enough scholar C. much scholar 27. A. on 28.

His thesis treats ___________ social changes between wars. B. about C. for D. of

He has been staying at home ____________ days. B. these last few all D. these last all few

A. these all last few C. all these last few 29.

___________ recommendation has so far been made by the technicians. B. No such a D. No such

A. Several such C. Such no 30. __________ meat is tainted.

A. That one-third C. Such a 31.

B. One-third that D. Few such

__________ work has to be done before the plant goes into operation. B. A number of C. Neither D. Double

A. Much


He wrote ___________ essays on Victorian novels in his class. B. the other C. the more D. the most

A. the next 33.

He has published __________ short stories in English. B. many a C. a number of D. a great amount of

A. another 34. A. to 35.

Mary is still inseparable ___________ her mother. B. with C. about D. from

Hainan Province has ____________. B. too much summers D. much summer

A. too many summers C. long summer

Part III. There is one error in each of the following sentences. Find and correct them. (15%) 36. Would you like any more tea? 37. I enjoy both kind, the red wine or the white wine. 38. The scholars met once a year to exchange experiences. 39. We have got some new goods on the hand. 40. Her husband’s absence left her completely at loss when the accident happened. 41. Mr. John has had few opportunity to travel. 42. The congregation was not numerous that night, but they seemed to be listening attentively to my lecture. 43. He is as a good worker as John. 44. Dick’s behavior is more courteous than Bob. 45. No one but herself knows Russian. 46. I don’t like you arrive late. 47. You never know whether we’re going to qualify for this test or not. You see the rules are changed every day. 48. Paper tiger is not half fierce as it is painted. 49. It is essential that he will be here tomorrow. 50. The furniture is their’s, but the house if our’s.

Part IV. Translation (40%) 51. What would you do about the problem if you were in my shoes? 52. I have written no less than five papers this semester. 53. It wasn’t so much that I disliked her as that I just wasn’t interested. 54. How dare you say that in the presence of the principal? 55. If it should rain tomorrow, the football match would be put off. 56. A lion will attack only when hungry. 57. He’ll stay in the laboratory for days and nights until the experiment is finished. 58. The book should appeal to all lovers of poetry. 59. But for your help, I couldn’t have achieved anything. 60. To look at him, you would think him a young man. 61. 董事会决定任命约翰逊(Johnson)为总经理。 62. 他似乎已经变成一个完全自私自利的人了。 63. 不可能有人来访问我;至于我去拜访别人,那是做梦也想不到的。 64. 你本应该帮她一把。 65. 据悉,地震后许多人无家可归。 66. 有人建议另外开一次会来讨论通货膨胀问题。 67. 要是你不听我的忠告,那就算了。 68. 外长们原定于五月十四日开会讨论缓和危机的建议,可战争爆发了。 69. 如果你明天一早动身,就得在睡觉前把行李打好。 70. 使人人遭殃的风才是恶风。 Part V. Sentence restructuring (10%) (a) Rephrase the following, using the alternative words given in brackets: 71. He did all his work. He went to bed. (by the time)

72. When I met George, he had not yet heard the news. (before) 73. I explained. Then he understood. (until) (b) Rewrite the following sentences using “adjective + infinitive” constructions: 74. It is easy to remember this rule. 75. They would be very surprised if they were to receive an invitation. 76. Bob was pleased when he heard he had been promoted. (c) Combine each group of sentences into a single sentence, suing coordination, subordination or both: 77. The town folk envied Horace. Horace had come into a small fortune. With the fortune he bought a big house. With the fortune he also obtained a partnership in the biggest grocery in town. 78. The story is written in plain language. It consists of three parts. It has an interesting plot. The plot centers round an old aristocratic family. The family lived in 17th-century France. 79. Mr. Jacob was Tony’s former employer. He had promised Tony a half-day job. The job would give Tony 30 dollars a week. It was necessary to break this news to his family, Tony thought. 80. He might have wronged his friend. His friend had rendered him good services on many occasions. This thought troubled his mind. His mind had already been overburdened with worries and cares.

《英语语法》练习题参考答案 Part I. (20%) 1. costs 2. lie 3. are 4. is 5. had 6. arrived; was telephoning 7. being asked 8. not be started 9. to eat; trying 10. powerful 11. will happen 12. had caught; would have got 13. the funniest 14. pretty 15. increasing

16. has been learning; has mastered 17. have explained 18. will be reading; will ring 19. be made; economize 20. having seen Part II. (15%) 21. A 22. A 23. D 24. D 25. B 26. B 27. D 28. C 29. D 30. B 31. A 32. C 33. C 34. D 35. D Part III. (15%) 36. any --- some 37. both --- either 38. experiences --- experience 39. the hand --- hand 40. at loss --- at a loss 41. few --- little 42. was --- were 43. a good --- good a 44. Bob --- Bob’s 45. herself --- she 46. you arrive --- your arriving 47. we --- you 48. half fierce --- half so fierce 49. will be --- be 50. their’s --- theirs, our’s --- ours Part IV. (40%) 51. 如果你处在我这种地位,你会怎么样处理这个问题? 52. 本学期我写的报告不少于五篇。 53. 与其说我不喜欢她,不如说我对她不感兴趣。 54. 你怎么竟敢在校长面前说那种话? 55. 假如明天下雨,足球赛将延期举行。 56. 狮子饿了就会攻击人。 57. 他常在实验室一待就是几天几夜直到试验完成。 58. 这本书一定会吸引所有的诗歌爱好者。 59. 要不是你大力相助,我不可能有所成就。 60. 你如果看到他,还会以为他是年轻人。 61. The board decided that Johnson be appointed general manager. 62. He has become, as it were, an utterly (/ a completely / a totally / a thoroughly) selfish / self-centered person / man. 63. There is not the remotest possibility of anyone’s calling upon me, and that I should call upon anyone else is a thing undreamt of.

64. You should have helped her. / You should have lent her a hand. 65. It is know that many people are homeless after the earthquake. / Many people re know to be homeless after the earthquake. 66. It was suggested that another session be held to discuss the problem of inflation. 67. If you don’t follow / listen to my advice, so be it. 68. The foreign ministers were to have met on May 14 to discuss the proposals for easing the crisis, but the war broke out. 69. If you are leaving early tomorrow morning, you’ll have to finish packing before bedtime. 70. It is an evil mind that blows nobody good. Part V. (10%) 71. By the time he went to bed, he had done all his work. 72. I met George before he had heard the news. 73. I explained until he understood. 74. This rule is easy to remember. 75. They would be very surprised to receive an invitation. 76. Bob was pleased to hear he had been promoted. 77. The town folk envied Horace who had come into a small fortune with which he bought a big house and obtained a partnership in the biggest grocery in town. 78. Written in plain language, the story consists of three parts with an interesting plot centering round an aristocratic family living in 17th-century France. 79. Tony thought it was necessary to break to his family. the news that his former employer, Mr. Jacob, had promised him a half-day job which would give him 30 dollars a week 80. The thought that he might have wronged his friend who had rendered him good services on many occasions troubled his mind that had already been overburdened with worries and cares.

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