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When you consider what subject to study in college, chances are that you and your parents will think about what you can make out of it after graduation. You will likely ask the question: “Can I find a well-paid job or simply a job with a degree in this in the future?” This consideration also influences students when they come to c hoose between studying science or humanities (人文学科) at college. People generally believe that the humanities, which include literature , history, cultural studies and philosophy, do not prepare students for a specific vocation (职业). Science subjects, however, are considered vocational courses that produce scientists, engineers and economists (经济学家). “I've decided to take finance as my college major. My parents and I think this subject will help me get a good job or start a business,” said Huachen Yueru, 17, a science student at Wuxi No. 1 High School. Even those who choose a liberal arts (文科) education often pick the humanities subject which they think will best help them later find a job. “I'm going to study Spanish in college, which I believe will open doors to a high-paying job for me,” said Liu Chao, 18, a Senior 2 student at Dalian No 20 High School. He said few of his classmates show interest in subjects like philosophy and history, which are seen as “less promising” in job markets. The popularity of liberal arts subject s among college students has also been decreasing in the United States. American scholars (学者) and universities are concerned that in the ongoing economic crisis (经济危机) liberal arts subjects will be hit hardest. As money tightens (紧缩), they worry that the humanities may become “a great luxury (奢侈品) that many cannot afford”, according to the New York Times. 44. When you consider what to study in college, what does you and your parents usually think about ? A. whether you are interested in the subject. B. if you can lead a happy life. C. what you can make out of it after graduation. D .How much you can learn in the college. 45.Why do students show little interest in the subjects, like philosophy or history ? A .Because they are not interested in them. B. Because they think these subjects are useless. C. Because they see these subjects as less-promising in job market. D. Because they like the science subjects. 46. What can we infer from the passage ? A. Humanities are becoming less and less popular with the students. B. Studying science subjects is sure to find a well-paid job. C. The humanities in college should be cancelled. D. The writer thinks those who choose the liberal arts education will choose their favorite subjects. 47. What does the underlined word “it” refer to in the first paragraph ? A. the subject you study in college B. science C. humanities D. liberal arts D

An Australian company, Smart Car Technologies, has developed a system that lets drivers know when they’re speeding. When the technology becomes commercially available, it could help lead-footed dr ivers avoid tickets and also save lives. The company that developed the product hopes to convince Australian government agencies to put the technology into use in their automobile fleets. The product, called Speed Alert, links real-time location data and speed obtained with the help of GPS to a database of posted speed limits stored in a driver’s PDA or programmable mobile phone. The setup of the product does not need to be hooked up to a car’s speedometer. In fact, it is entirely portable. It will also work with newer phones and PDAs that have built-in GPS receivers. If a driver exceeds the speed limit, the speed is shown and an alert sounds. Michael Paine, an Australian vehicle design engineer and traffic safety consultant, was hired to analyze the product. He told Live Science that his colleagues in the road safety field are “very enthusiastic” about what they’re now calling “intelligent speed alert.” Other research, according to Paine, shows that 40 percent of all traffic deaths involve speeding. There is also a potentially controversial future use: “Since the system is so portable, it would be easy to make it a requirement for teenage drivers to always use a speed alert device when driving,” Paine said. “The system even has the capability to record speeding violations, so parents can monitor their teenage drivers.” The product will soon go on sale in Sydney. 48. What’s the purpose of the new product? A. To inform us of the new car system. B. To introduce some improvemen t in cars. C. To limit certain drivers to safe driving. D. To popularize the built-in car system. 49. The second paragraph mainly talks about . A. the project of the built-in product B. why the system becomes popular C. the functions of GPS in cars D. how the product is programmed 50. Which of the following is true of Speed Alert according to Michael Paine? A. Most of the traffic deaths can be avoided. B. Speeding violations can be easily fo und out. C. The system will excite some teenage drivers. D. The product will not be available for adults. 51. What can be the best title of the passage? A. Speed Alert and Its Future Use. B. Progress in Car-making Sc ience. C. Warning for Adventurous Drivers. D. New In-Car Device against Speeding. E The financial crisis is reminding Americans of a lesson they first learned in childhood: Share and share alike. They are sharing or swapping tools and books, cars and handbags, time and talent. The renewed desire to share shows up in a variety of examples: A car-sharing service has had a 70 percent membership increase since the crisis occurred. Some companies encouraged his employees to take vanpooling. Governments are putting bikes on the street for public use. How-to-swap Web sites are increasing quickly.

The economy reflects the way Americans have cut back, especially on daily items: Department store sales dropped 1.3 percent in June. People are not buying cars, and as a result, auto sales dropped 27.7 percent last month. They are not paying others to do what they can do themselves — Home Depot reports increased attendance at in-store do-it-yourself clinics. And although paint sales are down in general, according to Sherwin-Williams, individual consumers are still buying. When Tom Burdett needed to cut some tiles at his home outside Annapolis, he refused to buy expensive tools. So he asked his neighbors and friends for help. Sure enough, someone had just what he needed. And when that friend needed help fixing a satellite dish, Burdett volunteered to help. The sharing mind-set is not new to the American culture, but many Americans give it up when the nation changed from an agricultural society to an industrial one, said Rosemary Hornak, a psychology professor at Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C. They moved farther from their families and did not have time to connect with new neighbors because they worked so much, she said. Neighborhood conversations tell more of the story as the movement grows organically (持续 地) in communities across the Washington region and the nation. On one street in Arlington, for example, neighbors are collecting their separate money for mulch (覆盖料) and dividing it among themselves. 52. What is the text mainly about? A. Introducing a new way of life. B. Sharing in the financial crisis. C. How to reduce the living expense. D. How to handle the financial crisis. 53. Why do people in modern times give up the sharing mind-set? A. Because they don’t need it at all. B. Because they aren’t interested in it. C. Because they are busy with work. D. Becau se they hate being disturbed. 54. The underlined phrase “cut back” in Para. 3 probably means ________. A. shared B. helped C. abandoned D. reduced 55. It can be inferred from the passage that _________________________. A. more and more Americans solve problems in their daily life by helping each other . B. if the prices of service goes down, individual consumers won’t do something themselves. C. the sharing-mind set is a strange to many Americans. D. when the crisis ends, Americans will abandon the sharing-mind set. 体裁:说明文 词数:326 难度系数:☆☆☆☆ 建议用时:8 分钟 类别:细节理解+推理判断题+词义猜测题 本文标题 :…Arts in crisis … 【文章大意】:文章主要向人们介绍了在大学里面的人文科学的科目正在受到人们的冷落, 并解释了该种现象产生的原因。 44.【考点分析】细节理解题。 【参考答案】C。 【解题思路】文中第一段提到 you and your parents will think about what you can make out of it after graduation,可知你和父母首先考虑的是毕业后的问题。 45.【考点分析】事实细节题。 【参考答案】C。 【解题思路】文中第五段中提到 which are seen as "less promising" in job markets,可知人们 把哲学和历史这样的人文学科看成是没有工作市场的学科,故 C 项正确。. 46.【考点分析】推理判断题。

【参考答案】A。 【解题思路】 文中提到在大学里人文科学已经越来越不受学生和家长的欢迎, 为了毕业后的 就业,人们更多的是选择具有很好的就业形势的理科类。因此 A 项符合题意,其余选项说 法不恰当。. 47.【考点分析】词义猜测题。 【参考答案】A。 【解题思路】 文中第一段提到的是家长和学生在选择专业时考虑的是毕业后的形式,因此 可推知此处的 it 代指前面的 the subject to study in college,故 A 项正确。 D 体裁:科普文章 词数:265 难度系数:☆☆☆ 建议用时:7 分钟 类别:推理判断题+主旨大意题+词义猜测题+细节理解题 本文标题: …An alert device against speeding… 【文章大意】:文章 主要 向人们讲述了一种现代科学技术下的汽车超速提示系统。 48.【考点分析】推理判断题。 【参考答案】C。 【解题思路】 文中第一段提到这个系统能够帮助驾驶员降低速度减少收到罚单的几率并能 够保证司机的驾驶安全。根据这些分析我们可以发现 C 项正确。其余几项说明的不是这个 新产品的目的。而是这个文章的目的。 49.【考点分析】主旨大意题。 【参考答案】D。 【解题思路】 通读第二段我们可知该段主要讲述了这种产品的运行程序。 50.【考点分析】细节理解题。 【参考答案】B。 【解题思路】文章最后一段提到的 Michael Paine 的看法。A 项的说法是错误的。C 项没有 根据, 文中仅提到了这个产品对 Teenagers 的限制。 项说法错误。 D 故文中提到 teenagers 的 超速驾驶将会被记录下来,B 项正确。 51.【考点分析】主旨大意题。 【参考答案】D。 【解题思路】本文介绍限制汽车超速的装置,因此选 D。A 项指代不清,没有明确指出是汽 车。B、C 项过于片面。
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E 体裁:记述文 词数:320 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:7 分钟 类别: 主旨大意+细节理解+词义猜测+推理判断 本文标题:…Sharing… 【文章大意】本文主要讲了在经济危机之下,美国人又重新拾起了分享这一生活方式,以便 共同度过难关。 52.【考点分析】主旨大意题。 【参考答案】B。 【解题思路】根据文章第一段第一句中出现的“sharing and sharing alike”以及下面所举的例 子,可知本文主要是讲述了经济危机中人们之间的互相分享。 53.【考点分析】细节理解题。 【参考答案】C。 【解题思路】根据倒数第二段中的最后一句话“…they worked so much”推知人们都忙于自己 的工作,故参考答案为 C。 54.【考点分析】词义猜测题。
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【参考答案】D。 【解题思路】根据划线部分后举的例子,指人们在一些方面减少了开支,可推知 cut back 的 意思是“减少”,故参考答案为 D。 55.【考点分析】推理判断题。 【参考答案】A。 【解题思路】根据文章的中心思想是 sharing 以及文中所举的例子可以看出,更多的美国人 倾向于互相分享、帮助解决问题。

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