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高三英语公开课-定语从句复习教学课件 (1)


Revision of the Attributive Clause 定语从句复习

基础知识回顾: 关系词及其意义
归 纳 总 结

指代人 who, whom, that, as 指代事物 which, that, as 所属关系 whose 指地点 where 关 指时间 when

系 指原因 why 副 词

关 系 代 词

that/ which/不填 1. Do you remember the day ______________ we spent on the farm? when Do you remember the day ____________ we first arrived here? where 2. The room __________we live is big. that/ which/不填 can see is big. The room _____________we 3. Is this the reason_________he explained at that the meeting for his careless in his work. why Do you know the reason_______he looks unhappy?

分析定语从句是否缺少成分 一、如果从句中成分齐全,用 关系副词。 _________ 二、如果从句缺少宾语,则需确定谓语 动词是及物动词还是不及物动词。 关系代词;是不 是及物动词时要用_________ 关系副词 。 及物动词时要用___________

考 点 难 点

1.that与which 2.对the way的考查 3.介词+关系词 4.as的使用 5.对where的考查 6.综合考查

1. My mother was so proud of all that ___I had done that she rewarded me with a trip to Beijing. 2. You can take any seat __________ is free. that 3. I want to find the very pen _________ Iwrote that the letter with. that 4. The is the first place ________ I want to visit. that 5. This is the most interesting book _________ I have ever read. 6. He talked about the men and the books __________ interested him greatly. that 7. Our school is no longer the place __________ it used to be. that

考点1:that 与 which

当先行词指物时, 只用that的情况:
1. 先行词是不定代词all, everything, anything, nothing, something, much, little, few, none, the one. 2. 先行词被all, everything, anything, nothing, something, much, little, few, none修饰时 3. 先行词被the only, the very, the last修饰时 4.先行词为序数词,或被序数词修饰时 5.先行词是形容词最高级或被形容词最高级修饰时 6. 先行词既有人又有物时 7. 先行词在从句中做表语时

which we went to Beijing. 1. This is the train by _______ which is a very interesting game, 2. Football, _________ is played all over the world. 指事物时只用which的情况:1.介词后。 2. 用于非限制定语从句中 who break the law should be punished. 3. Those _____ who plays with fire gets burnt. 4. He ________ 5. There is a boy downstairs _____waits for you. who 只用who不用that的情况:1.先行词是特定的 人或指人的those,one,people; 2.先行词是I, he , you,they等(常用于谚语中) ;3.先行词指 人,其后有较长修饰语或主句是there be结构.

考点2:the way用做先行词
填上合适的关系词并分析原因: 缺状语 that/in which/不填 1.The way _________________he explained the sentence to us was not difficult to understand. that/ which/不填 2.The way _________________he explained to us was quite simple.



1.缺少主语或宾语: 引导词用that / which / 不填(缺宾语时) 2.主语宾语都不缺: 引导词用that / in which / 不填 练习二T3

the way 做先行词时,先看后面定语从句中是否缺少 主语或宾语:

1. Do you know the boy __ ____ your mother to whom is talking? 2. I still remember the day on ___which ____ I first got to Paris. with which Iwrote 3. I want to find the very pen __________ the letter. which______ / that / 不填I 4. He gave me some novels _____ am not very familiar with. 5. 译:这是我要照顾的小孩。 This is the child who/ whom/ that I will look after.


定语从句句首为介词时,后可接的关系词为: 介词+whom / which / whose
6. I recognized the boss in whose company my sister was working. 7. (06浙江) I was given three books on cooking, the first ______I really enjoyed. A. of that B. of which C. that D. which

“prep.+whose” 的用法: This is Mr.Smith. We work in his company whose This is Mr.Smith, in _______company we work.
We are visiting Mr.Wang. People talk a lot about Mr.Wang's films we are visiting Mr.wang, __________ about whose films people talk a lot.

在非限制性定从中,表部分与整体的关系 不定代词/数词/百分数/最高级/名词 +of. +. which /whom
e.g. 1.In the basket there are many apples, some of which have gone bad (有些已经坏了)。(go) 2.China has a lot of famous writers, one of whom is Lu Xun (其中一个是鲁迅)。(one) 3.Please pass me the book, the cover of which is blue (书的封面是蓝色的)。(which) 4.China has hundreds of islands, the largest of which (其中最大的是) is Taiwan。(large) 练习二T2、T5、T7

1. ______ As is known to all, he is the best student. 2. Jim passed the driving test, which _____ surprised everybody in the office.
归纳: as 与which引导非限制性定语从句都能指代整句内 容,但定语从句位于句首时,只能用 as, 意为“正如、 恰如”。



as\that\which as 1. It is such a big stone _____ nobody can lift. It is such a big stone _____ that nobody can lift it. 2. This is the same pen ___I as lost yesterday.(一样) This is the same pen that ____I lost yesterday. (同一支)

归纳:as引导限制性定语从句先行词前常被such, the same, so, as 修饰,即构成such…as , the same …as, so…as, 结构, 做题时容易忽略。as在定语从句中应充当成分如:主语、 宾语或表语。当主句中出现such 或so 时,看后面从句

是否缺主语或宾语: (1)缺主语或宾语,从句前用as (2)不缺主语和宾语,从句前用that (3)当主句中出现the same时, 从句缺主语或宾语时 与as搭配表同一类事物,与that搭配表同一个事物

模拟训练 :
1. He is such a lazy man_____ nobody wants to work with______. A. as; him B. that; / C. as; / D. whom; him 2. Mrs. Black took the police back to____ place ____ she witnessed the robbery. A. the same; as B. the same; where C. the same ; that D. as the same; as

1. I’ve come to the point where I can’t stand him. 我已经到了无法容忍他的地步了。 2. The country is in the situation where a war will break out at any time.
解析:如果定语从句分别修饰point, situation, part, stage, condition,position和case等表示抽象意义的词, 常用where 引导,意思是“到了某种地步,在某种境 况中” 。 where引导的定语从句先行词大多数情况下是 表示地点的名词,但也有特殊情况。

1.We are trying to reach a point ____ both sides
will sit down together and talk. (06山东)

A. which B. that C. where

D. when

2. ---Do you have anything to say for yourself?

---Yes, there’s one point __we must insist on .
A. why B. where C. how D. /

做题要灵活:要分析句子成分,选择 恰当的关系词。

近年来,高考对定语从句和其它从 句如:强调句、名词性从句和状语从 句等的综合考查越来越多,这就要求 考生有扎实的基础知识和较强的综合 分析能力。


B (1)It was in this house ______ he was born.


It was this house ______ he was born. 定语从句 A A. where B. that C. which D. there (2)It was in the house where they got married that they quarrelled bitterly..

判断是否是强调结构的方法是去掉it is/was …that, 若整个句子结构和意义不受影响,则为强调结构, 否则为定语从句。

---Where did you last see Mr. Smith? ---It was in the hotel____ I lived. A. that B. which C. where D. when

1.The news that our volleyball team won the match made us excited. (同位语从句) 2.The news he told me yesterday is that/which exciting. (定语从句)


(1)She is such a kind girl that we all like her. (结果状语从句 She is such a kind girl as we all like. (定语从句) ( 2 ) You’d better make a mark (在你有问题的地 where you have problems (where)(状语从句) 方)_______________________. You’d better make a mark at the place where you have problems. (定语从句)


1. We should go to the place_____ we are most needed. C 2. We should go to the place_____ needs us most. A. it B. where C. that D. what


C 1. It was October_____we met in Damiao for the first time. A 2. It was in October_____we met in Damiao for the first time. A. that B. which C. when D. while

B 1. He is such a good teacher_____ we all like him. C 2. He is such a good teacher_____ we all like. A. whom B. that C. as D. which

The news came__1__ the British Queen’s mother celebrated her 101th birthday in good health, __2__ isn’t surprising, because she lives an easy life and gets the best medical care. A. that; which B. which; which C. that; that D. when; as

It’s time that you digested what you have learnt!

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