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2013-2014学年高二英语课件: Unit 5 The power of nature-Language points (新人教版选修6)

高二 选修6 Unit 5

Language points

1. Have you ever considered how weak humans are compared with a volcano, hurricane or earthquake ?

你是否想过, 和火山, 飓风或地震

consider 思考, 主要用于:

consider +名词/-ing形式:
He is considering studying


consider + wh-:
We considered how we should help them. 我们仔细考虑应该如何帮助他们。 consider + 副词: Consider carefully before you decide. 要慎重考虑后再作决定。

2. Do you enjoy taking risks? risk n. 风险,危险: He was taking a risk by overtaking on a bend. 他在转弯处超车是在冒风险。 The house is a fire risk.


短语联想: at risk 在危险中: You are at risk if you don’t wear a seat belt. 不系安全带真的会有危险。

at the risk of 冒……危险 At the risk of seeming rude, I must refused your request, I’m afraid. 尽管似乎无理,恐怕我还是必须拒 绝你的要求。

3. Having collected and evaluated the
information, I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. [考点] Having collected and evaluated是动词 -ing形式的完成式, 说明它表示的动作



The storm left, _____ a lot of damage to
this area. A. caused C. to cause (2005全国卷I) B. to have caused D. having caused [点拨] “暴风雨破坏”这个动作发生在left之前, 故用动词-ing形式的完成式。

[考例2] _____ in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home. (北京2004) A. To wait B. Have waited C. Having waited D. To have waited [点拨] 此处强调已等了半个小时,然后才意识到 没带钱包,故用动词-ing形式的完成式。

4.Many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground. 许多房屋被熔岩覆盖或烧毁。 burn to the ground 指楼等被烧毁 He has no place to live in because his

house has been burnt to the ground.

burn away 烧掉 The wood had burnt away to nothing. 木头已烧成灰烬。

burn down (建筑物) 烧毁: The cinema burnt down last year. 电影院去年被烧毁了。 The school was burnt down by vandals.


burn off 烧掉 He was badly injured in the accident, and his hair was burnt off. 他在事故中严重受伤,头发也被烧掉了。 burn out 烧坏 The engine had burnt out. 引擎给烧坏了。

burn up 烧毁,燃得更亮/旺

The rocket burnt up when it
reentered the earth’s atmosphere.

He put more wood in the fire to

make it burn up.

5. Having earlier collected special clothes from the observatory, we put them on before we went any closer. [考点] earlier是副词early的比较级,意为 “早些……”。

[考例] The new group of students is better-behaved than the other group who stayed here _____. (北京2007) A.early C. earliest B. earlier D. the earliest

6. We slowly made our way to the edge of the crater…. 我们慢慢向走火山口的边缘。 make one’s way (向某地)走(去)

She hesitated, but made her way
forward. 她犹豫了一下,但向前走去。 She hastily left the room, and made her way to her bed. 她迅速离开房间,朝她床边走去。


make one’s way 还表示“有出息”
If you want to make your way in the

world, you must learn to work hard
while you are still young. 你若想要有出息,趁年轻的时候要学会 发奋。

make way (for) 让路,让位 All the traffic has to make way for a fire engine. 所有的车辆都得给救火车让道。 I shall make way for a younger man.


7. Today, I am just as enthusiastic about my job as the day I first started. 如今, 我和开始从事这项工作时 一样满怀热情。 enthusiastic (about) 感兴趣的, 热心

She seemed enthusiastic about the idea.

We got an enthusiastic response from our customers. 我们得到了顾客们的热情反应。

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字

母或汉语提示, 写出各单词的正确形式。
1. You should be able to e______ your

own work.


2. It was u_________ that Larry broke his leg on the first day of the holiday. nfortunate

3. “You’re wrong,” she said with a______ bsolute

4. I am very surprised that she has so many f_______ dreams. antastic 5. The parks of this city are famous for their beautiful fountains (喷泉). ________ 6. The ________ (潜在的) side effects of potential the drug are unknown.

II. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. She is especially excited (excite) at the ______
news that her daughter got the first in the competition. 2. His long and ______ (bore) speech boring made everyone sleepy. 3. The rich variety of animal life we found was very __________ (impress). impressive

4. Unfortunately (fortunate), three people ____________

died and a lot of people were injured in
the accident. 5. We need to carry out a proper _________ evaluation (evaluate) of the new system. 6. He believes absolutely (absolute) that a ________ man with preparation will succeed sooner or later.

7. The eruption (erupt) of a volcano _______

makes many people lose their lives.
8. Dad always falls ______ (sleep) in asleep

front of the TV after Sunday lunch.

III. 用适当的介词或副词填空。

1. ___ the distance, he could see the tall In
chimneys of the factory.

2. Use an umbrella to protect yourself
_____ the rain. from 3. The mountain was covered with / by _______ snow all the year round.

4. Enough lava had erupted _____ the from volcano to bury the whole village. 5. Buses were destroyed and a tourist hotel was burned to the ground, __ although no holidaymakers were

6. Mary quickly moved out __ the way, of

and Donald lifted a box down.

7. Students from all over the world come ____ to study at Oxford. 8. It was my first sight __ old Green of dancing with a girl of sixteen. 9. He had put on his best clothes for this __ morning call. 10. All the staff are enthusiastic _____ about the project.

IV. 下列各句均有一处错误,请指出并

1. He was about to leave the room while when
the telephone rang. 2. Help is on the way to the people who in are struck by the flood.

3. He worked late into the night,

preparing a long speech. prepared 4. The girl told us the whole thing in an
exciting voice. excited 5. Even As though he’s 24 now, he’s still like a little child.

V. 用所给短语的适当形式完成句子。

burn to the ground; have a closer look
at; make one’s way; fast asleep; feel

alive; be about to; protect ... from ...;
take notice of; be enthusiastic about; be

amazed at
1. I _________________ the coat and had a closer look at

decided it wasn’t worth £50.

2. After the fire, his house _______________________. (was) burned to the ground 3. On Friday, guys are enthusiastic about __________________ talking about where they are going for the weekend. 4. It was the kind of morning when you wake up and ________. feel alive 5. Though it was dark, we made our way ____________ to the village.

6. As I leave the car, I see that the little boy is fast asleep __________. 7. She was amazed at how quickly Carla ____________
seemed to get over what had happened

to her.
8. The laws are designed to ______ protect consumers ____ unsafe products. from

9. We ____________ leave when Jerry were about to arrived. 10. I hope you’ll take notice of what I’m ____________ going to tell you.

VI. 每空填一词, 使该句与所给句子的 意思相同。 1. The doctors are very excited by the discovery. The discovery excites the doctors very _______________ much.

2. As time goes on, the students in Grade
3 will win the match.

With time going on the students in ____________,
Grade 3 will win the match.

3. I could have been here an hour ago,
but unluckily I missed the train. I could have been here an hour ago, but ____________ I missed the train. unfortunately

4. I was coming along to see you, but at that time I ran into Jack. I was coming along to see you _____ I when ran into Jack. 5. His collection of paintings has a strong impression on us.

His collection of paintings impresses us __________
very much.

6. Many villages were completely ruined
after the big fire. Many villages were ________ burned to __________ the ground after the big fire.

VII. 根据括号内的提示将下列句子翻译
成英语。 1. 我正要出去, 天就开始下雨。(be about to do) I was about to go out when it began to rain.

2. 我爬到山顶, 这样能很清楚地看到远处 的村庄。(in the distance) I climbed up the hill so as to see the village clearly in the distance. 3. 我们很吃惊地看到她有了小孩后的变 化。(be amazed at) We were amazed at her changing after she had a baby.

4. 他尽可能快地跑, 以免被熊攻击。 (as ... as possible) He ran as quickly as possible to avoid being attacked by the bear. 5. 学了一会儿,他向他的床走去。

(make one’s way to) After studying for a while, he made his way to his bed.

1. Finish exercise 1 &2 on P71. 2. Underline sentences in the reading passage that use the – ing form.

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