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unit 1 单词

解释 1.n (1)爆 炸,爆炸引起的气浪,冲击波;an explosion or a powerful movement of air caused by an explosion a bomb blast 炸弹爆炸 (2)突如其来的的强劲气流;a sudden strong movement of air A blast of hot air hit a

ir hit us as we stepped off the plane.我们下飞机时,一股热浪向我们 袭来。 (3)响声, 吹奏声, 轰鸣; sudden loud noise,especially one made by a musical instrument that a you blow,or by a whistle or a car horn three short blasts on the ship’s siren 船上三次短促的汽笛声 (4)严厉的批评,激烈的抨击;strong criticism blast for prison governors in judge’s report 法官报告中对典狱长的猛烈抨击 (5)热闹的聚会,狂欢;a very enjoyable experience that is a lot of fun The party was a blast.聚会非常热闹 2.v (1)(用炸药)炸毁,把...炸成碎片,爆破;to violently destroy or break sth into pieces,using explosives They blasted a huge crater in the runway .他们在飞机跑道上炸了个大坑。 (2)发出刺耳的高声,轰鸣(尤指音乐) ;to make a loud unpleasant noise,especially music Music suddenly blasted out from the speakers.喇叭中突然响起了轰鸣的音乐。 (3)严厉批评,猛烈抨击;to criticize sb/sth severely The movie was blasted by all the critics.这部影片受到了所有批评家的严厉批评。 (4)狠打,猛踢;to hit or kick sb/sth with a lot of force He blasted the ball past the goalie.他飞脚将球踢过了守门员。 (5)向......猛吹,用水猛射;to direct air,water,etc,at sb sth with a lot of force Police blasted the demonstrators with water cannons.警察用高压水泡喷射示威者。 (6)使 植 物 等 毁 于 疾 病 或 寒 冷 、 酷 热 等 ; to destroy sth such as a plant with disease,cold,heat,etc Their whole crop had been blasted by a late frost.一场晚霜把他们的庄稼全毁了。 同根词 blasted(adj)该死的,可恶的 近义词 爆炸:explore,bomb,burst,detonate,explosion,fulmination 奏响声,轰鸣:thunder,growl,rolling,roar 批评:criticize,criticism

解释 1.v (1)消化;when you digest food,or it digests,it is changed into substances that your body can use Humans cannot digest plants such as grass.人不能消化草类植物。 (2)领会,领悟,理解;to think about sth so that you fully understand it He paused,waiting for her to digest the information.他停了一会,等他慢慢领会这一信息。 2.n 摘要,概要,文摘,汇编;a short report containing the most important facts of a longer report or piece of writing,a collection of short reports monthly news digest 每月新闻摘要 同根词 digestible (adj)易消化的,口感好的,易理解的,可领会的 digestif (n)餐后酒 digestion (n)消化能力 digestive (adj)消化的 近义词 领会,领悟,理解:understand,comprehend,grasp

解释 n (1)改善,改进;the act of making sth better ;the process of sth becoming better Sales figures continue to show signs of improvement.销售额持续显示出增加的迹象。 (2)改进处,改善的事物;a change in sth that makes it better,sth that is better than it was before This is a great improvement your previous work.你的工作比先前有很大进步。 同根词 improve (n)改进,改善 近义词 perfection,melioration

解释 1.adj

(1)下面的,下方的(尤指位于同类物品或成对物品中另一个的) ;located below sth else,especially sth of the same type,or other of a pair His lower lip trembled.他的下唇在颤抖。 (2)在底部的,近底部的;at or near the bottom of sth the mountain’s lowe slops 山麓斜坡 (3)朝海岸的, 低洼的, 向南的; located towards the coast,on low ground or towards the south of an area the lower reaches of the Nile 尼罗河下游 2.verb (1)把...放低,使...降下;to let or make sth/sb go down He had to lower his head to get through the door.他得低头才能过这道门。 (2)减少,缩小,降低;to reduce sth or to become less in value,quality,etc He lower his voice to a whisper.他压低了声音悄悄的说。 同根词 low (adj)低的,矮的 近义词 underneath, following,subordinate

解释 v (1)抵制,阻挡;to refuse to accept sth and try to stop it from happening They are determined to resist pressure to change the low.他们决心顶住要求改革法律的压 力。 (2)回击,抵抗,反抗;to fight back when attacked,to use force to stop sth from happening He tried to pin me down,but I resisted.他企图制服我,但我奋力反抗。 (3)忍住,抵挡;to stop yourself from having sth you like or doing sth you very much want to do I finished the cake,I can’t resist it.我忍不住把整块蛋糕都吃了。 (4)使不受...的伤害,抗伤害;to not be harmed or damaged by sth A healthy diet should help your body resist infection.健康饮食有助于身体抗感染。 同根词 resistance (n)反对,抵制,反抗 resistant (adj)有抵抗力的,抵制的 resister (n)抵抗者 resistible (adj)可抵制的,可抗拒的 resistive (adj)抗...的,耐...的 近义词

stand up to,oppose,obstruct

解释 n (1)引诱,诱惑;to desire to do or have sth that you know is bad or wrong Don’t put temptation in her way by offering her a cigarette.别递烟来引诱她。 (2)煽诱人的事物;a thing that makes sb want to do or have sth that they know is bad or wrong An expensive bicycle is a temptation to thieves.高档自行车对盗贼是个诱惑。 同根词 tempt (v)引诱,诱惑 tempter (n)引诱者,诱惑者 tempting (adj)吸引人的,诱人的,有吸引力的 近义词 entice,seduce,lure

n 1、a object or a piece of equipment that has been designed to do a particular job 装置;仪器; 器具;设备 例:a water-saving device 节水装置 2、a boom or weapon that will explode 炸弹;爆炸性武器;爆炸装置 例:A powerful device exploded outside the station 一枚威力巨大的炸弹在车站外爆炸了。 3、a method of doing sth that produces a particular result or effect 手段;策略;方法;技巧 例: Sending advertising by email is very successful as a marketing device.邮寄广告作为一种营销 策略是非常成功的。 4、a plan or trick that is used to get sth that sb wants 花招,计谋,诡计 例:The report was a device used to hide rather than reveal problems.这份报告不是揭露问题而 是为掩盖问题而耍的花招。 短语 Device driver [计] 驱动程序 ; [计] 设备驱动程序 ; [计] 设备驱动 ; 驱动程式 interlocking device 联锁装置 ; 联锁机构 ; 闭塞装置 ; 连锁装置 lubrication device 润滑装置 ; 润滑油 ; 润滑装配 bistable device [电子] 双稳态装置 ; [电子] 双稳态器件 ; [电子]

近义词 [机]装置;策略;图案 apparatus , installation , strategy , unit , gear 词语辨析 installation, tool, device, apparatus, implement, equipment, instrument, appliance, facilities 这组词都有“仪器、设备、器械、器具”的意思,其区别是: installation 一般多指安装完成,可供使用或操作的整套装置或设施。 tool 一般指进行特种工作的手工工具,也可指人造使用动力的工具,还可作引申用。 device 多指为某一特殊用途或解决某一特定机械问题而设计或改装的精巧的仪器或装置。 apparatus 既可指某种具体的由许多不同零件构成的复杂的仪器、装置或器械,又可指它们 的总称。 implement 原指史前人类所用的工具,现在多指农用工具,也可指为实现某个任务所需的工 具或器具。 equipment 多指成套的或重型的设备或装备。通常用作不可数名词。 instrument 通常指能使人们完成某一精确动作或测量的一种小型仪器, 尤指电工仪表、 测量 装置,航海或航空用的控制装置。 appliance 侧重指家用机器或设备,尤指家用电器。 facilities 常用复数形式,指可供使用的设备或设施。

解释 1、 [vn][usually passive]~sth(with sth)to use pictures,photographs,diagrams,etc.in a book,etc 加插 图于,给(书等)做图表 例:His lecture was illustrated with slides taken during the expedition.他在演讲中使用了探险时 拍摄的幻灯片。 2、to make the meaning of sth clearer by using examples,pictures,etc(用示例,图片等)解 释,说明 例:to illustrate my point,let me tell you a little story.为了说明我的观点,让我来给你们讲个 小故事。 3、to show that sth is true or that a situation exists 表明。。真实;显示。。存在 。 。 例: The incident illustrates the need for better security measures.这次事件说明了加强安全措施 的必要。 短语 illustrate with 用…来说明;给…加(插图) 近义词 vt. 阐明,举例说明;图解 clarify , elucidate vi. 举例 give an example , cite an example

同根词 词根: illustrate adj. illustrative 说明的;作例证的;解说的 n. illustration 说明;插图;例证;图解 illustrator 插图画家;说明者;图解者

解释 1.if a situation, event or an activity involves sth, that thing is an important or necessary part or an result of it 包含,需要,使之成为必然部分 例:Any investment involves an element of risk.任何投资都有一定的冒险成分 2、[vn]if a situation ,an event or an activity involves sb they take part in it or are affected by it 牵 涉,牵连,影响 例:there was a serious incident involving a group of youths.有一起严重的事件牵涉一群年轻 人。 3、[vn] ~ sb (in sth )to say or do sth to show that sb took part in sth,especially a crime 表明(某 人参与犯罪等) 例: confession involved a number of other politician in the affair.他的自白供出其他一些政治 his 人物也涉及此事。 4、[vn]~sb(in sth/in doing sth )to make sb take part in sth (使)参加,加入 We want to involve as many people as possible in the celebration.我们希望参加庆典的人越多 越好。 短语 involve in 参与;涉及;卷入,陷入 近义词 包含;牵涉;使陷于;潜心于 contain , comprise 词根 : involve adj. involved 有关的;卷入的;复杂的 n. involvement 牵连;包含;混乱;财政困难 v. involved 涉及;使参与;包含(involve 的过去式和过去分词)

解释 1.N-COUNT A requirement is a quality or qualification that you must have in order to be allowed to do something or to be suitable for something. 必备条件 例: Its products met all legal requirements.

2.N-COUNT Your requirements are the things that you need. 需要; 必需品 [正式] 例: Variations of this programme can be arranged to suit your requirements. 短语 requirement for 需要 design requirement 设计需求 technical requirement 技术要求;技术条件;技巧请求 quality requirement 质量要求 special requirement 特殊要求;特殊需求 近义词 n. 要求;必要条件;必需品 do , necessity , desire , need , demand 词根 : require adj. required 必需的; (美)必修的 v. required 需要(require 的过去式及过去分词形式) ;要求 vt. require 需要;要求;命令

解释 1.V-T You use suspect when you are stating something that you believe is probably true, in order to make it sound less strong or direct. 觉得 [含糊] 例: I suspect they were right. 例: The above complaints are, I suspect, just the tip of the iceberg. 2、V-T If you suspect that something dishonest or unpleasant has been done, you believe that it has probably been done. If you suspect someone of doing an action of this kind, you believe that they probably did it. 怀疑 例: He suspected that the woman staying in the flat above was using heroin. 例: It was perfectly all right, he said, because the police had not suspected him of anything. 3、N-COUNT A suspect is a person who the police or authorities think may be guilty of a crime. 嫌疑犯 例: Police have arrested a suspect in a series of killings and sexual assaults in the city. 4、 Suspect things or people are ones that you think may be dangerous or may be less good or ADJ genuine than they appear. 可疑的 例: Delegates evacuated the building when a suspect package was found. 词组

prime suspect 嫌疑重犯;主要嫌疑犯 suspect of 怀疑 近义词 n. [法]嫌疑犯 sus adj. 可疑的;不可信的 doubtful , questionable vt. 怀疑;猜想 dispute , imagine , wonder , question vi. 怀疑;猜想 wonder , imagine , question , suppose 词根 : suspect adj. suspected 有嫌疑的 suspensive 暂停的;悬而不决的;可疑的;暧昧的 v. suspected 怀疑(suspect 的过去分词和过去式)

解释 n 1.line that marks a limit; dividing line 界限; 分界线 例句 The fence marks the boundary between my land and hers. 这道栅栏是我的地和 她的地的分界线. 2.(in cricket) hit to or over the boundary, scoring 4 or 6 runs (板球)击至或击 过边线(可得 4 分或 6 分) 例句 He scored 26 runs, all in boundaries. 他得了 26 分, 都是打边线球获得的. 同根词 bounded adj. 有界限的; 有界的 bound [ba?nd] n. 边界; 界限, 范围; 领域#跳跃; 弹回 adj. 被缚住的; 装订好的, 装有封面的; 受束缚的; 非做不可的, 有义务的#正在前往的, 打算前去的 v. 接壤; 使跳跃; 使弹回; 跳跃; 弹回; 跳起 近义词 barrier border


解释 adj 1.[attrib 作定语] of economics(1), or of an economy 经济学的; 经济的 the government's economic policy 政府的经济政策 2.[attrib 作定语] connected with trade and industry 与贸易和工业有关的 economic geography 经济地理. 3.designed to give a profit 为获取利润的; 有利可图的 例句 It is not always economic for buses to run on Sundays. 公共汽车星期日行驶不 一定准能赚钱. 同根词 economical [,e·co'nom·i·cal || ?'ek?'nɑm?kl /-n?m-] adj. 节俭的, 合算的, 经济的 economics n. 经济学 economist [e·con·o·mist || ?'k?n?m?st] n. 经济学者, 经济家 近义词 economical

解释 adj [attrib 作定语] carried on or situated inside a building; used in or suitable for the inside of a building 在室内进行的或放置的; 使用於或适用於室内的 例句 Mr Freud is an indoor artist. 弗洛伊德先生是位室内艺术家。 同根词 door [d??] n. 门


解释 adj 1.[usu attrib 通常作定语] smaller, less serious, less important, etc 较小的; 程 度轻的; 次要的 2.(Brit dated or joc 旧或谑) (in private schools) second or younger of two brothers or boys with the same surname (esp in the same school) (私立学校中) (兄弟俩或同

姓男生中)年幼的, 小的 3. (music 音) of or based on a scale that has a semitone above its second note 小 调的; 小音阶的 n 1. (law 律) person under the age of full legal responsibility (18 in the UK) 未 成年人(在英国为 18 岁以下). 2. (US) subsidiary subject or course of a student at college or university (大 学中)副修科目. v ~ in sth (US) (of a student) study sth as a subsidiary subject (指学生)副修某 科. 同根词 minority [mi·nor·i·ty || ma?'n?r?t? /-'n?-] n. 少数, 少数民族, 未成年 近义词 immature inferior lesser

解释 n 1.[C] (a) series of marks at regular distances for the purpose of measuring (eg on a ruler or thermometer) 标度; 刻度 例句 This ruler has one scale in centimetres and another in inches. 这把尺上有厘 米的刻度和英寸的刻度. (b) measuring instrument marked in this way 有刻度的量具. 2.[C] system of grading people or things according to how big, important, rich, etc, they are 等级; 级别 例句 The salary scale goes from 8000 to 20000. 薪金级别为 8000 英镑至 20000 英镑. 3.[C] relation between the actual size of sth and the map, diagram, etc which represents it 比例; 比率 例句 Sheet maps use a much larger scale. 单张地图用的比例大得多. * [attrib 作定 语] a scale model, drawing, etc 成比例的模型﹑ 图等. =>illus at map 见 map 插图. 4.[U, C] relative size, extent, etc 规模; 程度; 范围 例句 The scale of his spending 50000 in a year amazed us all. 他开销之大--一年 50000 英镑--把我们都吓了一跳. 同根词 scaled [ske?ld] adj. 有鳞状斑点的; 有鳞的 scalelike adj. 鳞状的

近义词 scope measure

解释 adj 1.(of a person or his actions) morally bad; sinful or evil (指人或人的行为)不 道德的, 缺德的, 邪恶的 例句 That was very wicked of you. 你干的事可真缺德. 2.intended to harm or capable of harming 意欲伤害的; 有伤害能力的 3. mischievous 淘气的; 顽皮的 同根词 wickedness ['wick·ed·ness || 'w?k?dn?s] n. 邪恶; 恶毒; 恶事 wicker [wick·er || 'w?k?(r)] n. 柳条 近义词 bad base difficult evil

解释 n.(名词) [C]预算; 政府预算案 a plan of how to spend money; an official statement made usually once a year that gives details of what a government plans to spend and how it intends to collect the money needed [C]预算额,经费 the account of money stated in either type of plan Congress has approved the new educational budget. 国会通过了新的教育预算。 Our budget needs drastic revision. 我们的预算需作重大修改。 v.(动词) vt. & vi. 编制预算,安排开支 arrange or plan (money, time, etc.) If we budget carefully, we'll be able to afford a new house. 如果我们精打细算就能买一座新房子了。 You can buy high-quality goods at budget prices there. 你可以在那买到物美价廉的商品。

近义词 schedule 时间表,日程... ration 定额 allowance 零用钱 enlarge budgets 增加预算 exceed a budget 超出预算 同根词 形 容 词 : budgetary 名 词 : budgeter 过 去 式 : budgeted 过 去 分 词 : budgeted 现 在 分 词 : budgeting 第三人称单数: budgets

解释 v.(动词) vt. 生成,产生 produce especially heat or electricity This hatred was generated by racial prejudice. 这种仇恨是由种族偏见引起的。 vt. 引起,导致 cause to exist or occur Water power can be used to generate electricity. 水力可以用来发电。 近义词 produce 生产 create 创造 cause 引起 generate electricity 发电 generate heat 产生热量 同根词 过去式: generated 过去分词: generated 现在分词: generating 第三人称单数: generates

解释 n.(名词) [U]保险 agreement by contract to pay money especially in case of misfortune [U]保险业 business of providing such contracts [U]保险费 payment made by or to such a company, etc. His insurance is $ 300 a year. 他的保险费是每年三百美元。 He's applying for two other jobs as an insurance against not passing the interview for this one. 他还申请了另外两份工作,以防这份工作面试不合格。 同义词 assurance



同根词 名词:insurant 保险契约者;被保险人 buy〔cancel, provide, sell〕 insurance 买〔取消,提供,卖〕保险 carry insurance 投保 take out 〔underwrite〕 insurance 办理保险

解释 n.(名词) [C][U]利润,收益,盈利 money gained by trade or business [U]益处,得益 advantage gained from some action There is very little profit in selling newspapers at present. 现在卖报纸利润很少。 It is well known that fake and inferior commodities do harm to the profit of consumers. 众所周知,假冒伪劣商品损害了消费者的利益。 v.(动词) vt. & vi. 获利; 得益于 gain profit from〔by〕 Knowing what you know and profit from it. 知道自己知道什么,并从中获利。 All his wealth did not profit him. 他所有的财富于他无益。 同义词 n.(名词)advantage




同根词 形容词: profitless 过去式: profited 过去分词: profited 现在分词: profiting 第三人称单数: profits 词组 profit by〔from〕 (v.+prep.) 得益于 benefit from or be helped by sth

解释 v.(动词) vt. & vi. 堆积 make into a neat pile; arrange in a stack The grain has gone mouldy in the stack. 垛里的谷子发霉了。 He placed his books in a neat stack.

他把书整整齐齐放成一堆。 n.堆;一大堆; 【计】存储栈;迭式存储器,栈式存储器;存储栈数据 Please stack the materials up here. 请把材料堆在这里。 同义词 amass 同根词 形容词: stackable 名词: stacker 过去式: stacked 过去分词: stacked 现在分词: stacking 第三 人称单数: stacks 词组 stack the cards〔chances,odds〕 against (v.+n.+prep.) 阻止某人成功,对某人不利 prevent sb from succeeding; put sb in a position of disadvantage stack the cards〔chances,odds〕 against sb stack up (v.+adv.)

V 1----(sth)(with sth)/--A and B 结合,组合,联合,混合; 例句:hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.(氢和氧化合成水) Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water .(氢和氧化合成水) 2---A and /with B 兼有;兼备;使融合(或并存) The hotel combines comfort with convenience.(这家旅馆既便宜又舒适) We are still looking for someone who combines all the necessary qualities.(我们仍在寻找兼有所 有必要才能的人选) 3--A and /with B 兼做;兼办 This trip will combine business with pleasure.(此次旅行将把出差和娱乐结合起来) 4 合并;协力 The gangs combined against a common enemy.(这几个帮派联起手来对付共同的敌人) It took the combined efforts of both the press and the public to bring about a change in the law.(这项法律的变更来自媒体和公众的通力合作) N 1 联合收割机 英文解释:a large farm machine which cuts a crop and separates the grains from the rest of the plant 2 集团,联合企业 英文解释:a group of people or organizations acting together in business.

Word family: Combination : 1 结合体:his treatment was a combination of surgery,radiation and drugs.(对他的治疗是把手 术。放射和药物治疗结合为一体。 ) 2 结合,联合,混合:the firm is working on a new product in combination with several overseas partners.(这家公司与几家海外公司合伙人在联合开发新产品。 ) 3 数码组合。 字码组合: can not remember the combination.(我记不得密码锁的字母组合了) i 4 连裤内衣 Combination lock 密码锁;暗码锁;转字锁 近义词: 联合 unite alliance union ally

v 1 拖,拉,拽 To pull sth/sb with a lot of effort 例句:the wagons were hauled by horses.(那些货物是马拉的) 2 用力慢慢挪到某处 例句:she hauled herself out of bed.(她费劲的下了床) 3 强迫某人去某处 A number of suspects have been hauled in for questioning.(一批疑犯被拘捕接受讯问) 4 把某人提交法庭审判(---sb (up)before sb/sth 例句: was hauled up before the local magistrates for dangerous driving.(他因危险驾驶而被移 he 交地方法庭审判) 5haul sb over the coals :严厉训斥某人 n 1 大批赃物;大量非法物品 A drugs haul(一大批毒品) 2 很高的得分; His haul of 40 goals in a season is a record.(它在一个赛季里得了 40 分,创下了记录) 3 旅行的距离;旅程 They began the long slow haul to the summit.(他们踏上了攀登顶峰的漫长的漫长行程) 4 一次捕获的鱼;一网鱼 同义词 拖拉: drag dilatory procrastinate

同根词 Haulage:货运;货运费

n 1--(sth)(in sth) 投资 To buy property,shares in a company .etc .in the hope of making a profit. Now is a good time to invest in the property.(现在是对房地产市场投资的好时机) 2--(sth)(in/on sth)把资金投入 The government has invested the heavily in public transport.(政府已对公共交通投入了大量资 金) 3 投入(时间;精力) She had invest all her adult life in the relationship.(她把成年后的时间全用于维护那一程关系) 4 授予给予 The new position invested her with a good deal of responsibility.(新职位赋予她重大的责任) 同根词 Investigate:1 调查,侦查 2 研究调查 Investigation1 调查,侦查 2 科学研究;学术研究 近义词 投资:lay out

v 1 追求,致力于,执行,贯彻 to pursue a goal/an aim/an objective(追求目标,贯彻宗旨) 2 继续探讨 to continue to discuss,find about or be involved in sth We decided not to pursue the matter.(我们决定不再追究这件事) 3 追逐,跟踪,追赶 She left the theatre ,hotly pursued by the press.(她离开剧场,被记者穷追不舍) 同根词 Pursuer:追寻者;追赶者;追捕者 Pursuit:1 追求,寻找 2 事业,消遣,爱好 同义词 追求:chase

go after

n 1 (to sth)thing added to sth else to improve or complete it 增补的事物; 补充: The money I get from teaching the piano is a useful supplement to my ordinary income. 我教钢 琴挣的钱是一笔很管用的外快. 2 (to sth)book, section of a book, etc that gives further information, treats a special subject, etc (书等的)补编, 补遗, 附录: the supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary 《牛津英语大辞典》 补编. (b) additional section added to a newspaper (报纸的) 增刊: the colour supplements of the Sunday newspapers 星期 日报纸的彩色增刊. 3 extra amount of money paid for an additional service, item, etc (为增加的服务﹑ 项目等支 付的)额外费用, 附加费: a 10 supplement for a single room with a shower 带淋浴间的单人房间需付 10 英镑附加费. supplement / ?s ment; ˋs?pl?? ?pl? m?nt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth)add to or complete sth with sth else 增加或补充某事物: I supplement my grant by working in the evenings. 我除享受助学金外还打夜工以增加收入. * She supplements her diet with vitamin tablets. 她服用维生素片剂以补充规定食谱中的营养. 同根词 Supplier:供应者;供货商;供货方 Supply:1 供给量;供应量,贮存 2 补给;补给品 同义词 供应 provision

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