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2014高考英语 完形填空精英练习题(10)

2014 高考英语完形填空精英练习题(10)及答案

完形填空练习 When I smoked with my family, I would feel so in the world seemed to 1 and good that nothing else

2 . I thought that smoking weed (烟草) was okay since many 3 ever happened to them.

of my family members and people at my school smoked. 4 5

I started smoking weed a lot more during lunch and after school. I never thought of it just that I wanted to smoke. Not that it was actually 7 8 6 my mind and

body. Then I began to fall behind in school. I would and spend all my baby-sitting money. I would spend never thought 9

classes, come home late 8 to 18 dollars a day. I

that marijuana (大麻) had a bad effect on those things. Maybe

my coming to class high was the reason why I was failing or coming home late. As I continued to smoke marijuana, I began to notice that I would always have the strong desire to smoke and that I would get 11 10 cigarettes if I smoked those, but I don’t. 12 the amount of marijuana that

I have learned more about marijuana, I have

I use. I don’t want drugs to be the most important in my life. I’m not smoking every day, and not spending as much money. Now that I have 13 on my habit, I am 15 14 of

more money. I’m ready to go back to school and do good, so that I can make myself. Everyone is always saying how weed I think it only brings more 16

your mind and how it solves problems.

17 . Marijuana is not good for your body or your brain.

I’m not trying to tell you not to smoke, I’m just letting you know that marijuana can be 18 to your health, and 19 it may cause some long term negative (负

面的) effects. Help yourself now, before it is too late. I don’t want to lecture anyone, just 20 my experience with you. I do still smoke, but not as often.

1. A. worried 2. A. matter 3. A. something 4. A. By the way

B. relaxed B. happen B. Everything B. Now and then

C. disappointed C. appear C. Nothing

D. moved D. work D. Anything D. At one

C. In my opinion


point 5. A. too much 6. A. going over 7. A. give 8. A. at least as 9. A. once 10. A. used to 11. A. although 12. A. reduced B. twice B. paid for B. Even if B. increased C. again C. lost in C. Now that C. bought C. turned off C. making C. something D. further D. ready for D. As long as D. continued D. cut off D. saving D. B. a little B. taking over B. have B. at most C. too often C. coming across C. attend C. no more than D. any more D. making up D. cut D. as little

13. A. broken down B. cut down 14. A. wasting 15. A. somebody everything 16. A. excites 17. A. problems excitements 18. A. helpful 19. A. in future case 20. A. tell B. explain B. useful B. in the distance B. fills B. pleasure B. spending B. everybody

C. repairs C. convenience

D. destroys D.

C. dangerous C. in the long run

D. strange D. in the

C. regret

D. share

完形填空练习(六十六) 1~5 BACDA 6~10 BDABC 11~15 CABDC 16~20 AACCD


完形填空(议论文) .In 1997 the first cloned mammal was born, that’s a landmark in the history of science. But that’s also a dilemma (进退两难) : whether or not to try and save more 1

through human cloning. This controversy (争论) don’t think this controversy will reach a question has its own dual (双重的) nature.

2 for a really long time. But I

3 in a short time 4 I think this

As for my opinion, I do hope cloning can be used in a good 5 so as to save more people’s lives or to find the ways to provide the potential to find 6 and eliminate (消除) diseases. And we also can use cloning to 7 the animals that are in severe danger. When this desirability 8 , I affirm that it will be less and less extinctions of 9 . If it can come true, the world will become more and more But as we know, 11 in the world has two sides. There is no 12 10 . that if the

techniques of cloning fall into the 13 jumbled (混乱的) and

crowds’ hands, the world will become if that

14 . That is not just alarmist talk, we can 15 16 17

happen: The terrorists will use that bombing or the abduction (诱拐) to the

to clone people to do the suicide (自杀) of the nations; the anarchist will use

that to produce their men to go against with the 18 ; the men on horseback—it means the dictators will use that to grow his force to achieve his 19 to conquer the world. At that time the world will cover by terrorism, anarchism and authoritarianism. There will be 20 everywhere.

1. A. moneyB. spaceC. timeD. lives 2. A. lastedB. brokeC. happenedD. went 3. A. pointB. conclusionC. topD. place 4. A. butB. soC. becauseD. and 5. A. timeB. situationC. wayD. day 6. A. curesB. toolsC. medicineD. organs 7. A. feedB. protectC. stopD. help 8. A. comes uponB. comes offC. comes inD. comes true 9. A. plantsB. speciesC. diseasesD. life 10. A. greenB. richC. perfectD. interesting 11. A. everythingB. anythingC. somethingD. nothing 12. A. wonderB. importanceC. necessityD. doubt 13. A. rightB. wrongC. scientificD. excited

14. A. terribleB. funnyC. crowdedD. mixed 15. A. imagineB. suspectC. affirmD. worry 16. A. wayB. animalC. technologyD. weapon 17. A. peopleB. friendsC. leadersD. safety 18. A. governmentsB. natureC. willD. world 19. A. positionB. dreamC. powerD. right 20. A. peaceB. darknessC. warsD. sunlight


完形填空(议论文) We convince ourselves that life will be better once we are married, have a baby, then another. Then we get 1 because our children are not old enough, and that 2 will be well when they are older. Then we are frustrated 3 they reach adolescence

and we must deal with them. Surely we’ll be 4 when they grow out of the teen years. We tell ourselves our 5 will be better when our spouse (配偶) gets his/her act together, when we have a nicer car, when we can take a 6 , when we finally retire. The 7 is that there is no better time to be happy than 8 . If not, then when? Your life will always be full of 9 . It is better to admit as much and to decide to be happy 10 it all.

For the longest time, it seemed that life was about to start—real life. But there were always some obstacles (挫折) along the way, an ordeal (苦难) to 11 , some work to be finished, some time to be given, a bill to be 12 . Then life would 13 . It finally dawned on me that those 14 were part of life. Little by little, that point of 15 also helped me see that there isn’t any road to happiness. Happiness is the road. So, no one. So stop 18 16 every moment. And bear in mind that 17 waits for

school to end, for a return to school, to lose ten pounds, to

19 ten pounds, for work to begin, to get married, . . . before deciding to be happy.

Happiness is a voyage, not a destination. There is no 20 time to be happy than. . . NOW! Live and enjoy the moment. 1. A. pleasedB. happyC. frustratedD. frightened 2. A. weB. theyC. allD. nothing 3. A. becauseB. butC. soD. and 4. A. luckierB. happierC. olderD. healthier 5. A. lifeB. studyC. childrenD. condition 6. A. restB. bathC. breathD. vacation 7. A. ideaB. opinionC. truthD. thought 8. A. beforeB. everC. just thenD. right now 9. A. challengesB. troublesC. awardsD. chances 10. A. instead ofB. in addition to C. in spite ofD. up to

11. A. meet withB. go aheadC. turn toD. get through 12. A. paidB. gotC. askedD. printed 13. A. endB. startC. rewardD. appear 14. A. achievementsB. obstacles C. dutiesD. opinions

15. A. viewB. lifeC. positionD. condition 16. A. workB. studyC. enjoyD. wait 17. A. happinessB. timeC. ageD. road 18. A. asking forB. supposingC. waiting forD. hoping for 19. A. gainB. reduceC. weighD. enjoy 20. A. worseB. betterC. moreD. less



(山西省康杰中学 2009 届高三 6 月模拟) My ears are recently full of joyous remarks from my friends such as, “Oh, Beckham is so handsome, so cool, that I can’t help falling in love with him!” or “What perfect skills he has!” Yeah, I _36_ to some degree, though I sometimes do want to _37_ them how much they know about Beckham, apart from his _38_ and how much they know about football apart from _39_ goals. It seems funny that we are _40_ for things, with which we are unfamiliar or about which we are _41_, but we all, my friends as well as I, consider this one of life’s _42_ . We need these pleasures to _43_ our lives. But that doesn't _44_ to craziness or nonsense. As an old saying goes: “Don't judge a book by its cover.” We _45_ not judge anything from its appearance. We should all know, it is one’s good _46_ and great contribution that make one a star and unforgettable. Therefore we’d better say _47_ about Beckham’s good looks. If we close our eyes, falling in deep _48_, we can find that the things that move us to be really happy or sad have a _49_ meaning. If we don't go deeper and are just satisfied with _50_ things, sooner or later we will find that we have not really gained anything because our first _51_ has blinded and misled (误导) us, and we’ll remain ignorant _52_ we realize that and make some changes. It is believed that thinking and going deeper than before is a _53_ of great progress. If one day we are willing to go deeper into everything, no matter how much it _54_ us, we will finally prove how much we have _55_ up, how much more sensible, mature, and intelligent we have become. 36. A. like 37. A. ask 38. A. skills 39. A. kicking 40. A. thankful 41. A. uncertain 42. A. aims 43. A. keep up B. agree B. tell B. fame B. hitting B. crazy B. unhappy B. qualities B. brighten up C. hope C. teach C. team C. scoring D. think D. doubt D. appearance D. controlling D. anxious D. careful D. truths

C. curious C. displeased C. pleasures C. find out

D. bring about

44. A. come 45. A. dared 46. A. thinking 47. A. more 48. A. love 49. A. clear 50. A. material 51. A. conclusion 52. A. since 53. A. sign willingness 54. A. worries 55. A.given

B. increase B. would B. character B. something B. sleep B. puzzling B. deep B. experience B. although B. cause

C. amount C. could C. looks C. less C. sence C. moving C. surface C. lesson C. unless C. value

D. rise D.should D. ability D. nothing D. thought D. valuable D. pleasant D. impression D. before D.

B. pains B. sent

C. satisfies C. built

D. offers D. grown




38.D 39.C 40.B 41.A 42.C 43.B

44.C 45.D

46.B 47.C 48.D 49.A 50.C 51.D

52.C 53.A 54.B 55.D

完形填空------议论类 (陕西省师大附中 2009 届高三第四次模拟考试) When we read books we seem to enter a new world. This new world can be similar to the one we are living in, or it can be very __2 1__. Some stories are told __22__ they were true. Real people who live in a __23__ world do real things;

in other words, the stories are about people just like us doing what we do. Other stories, such as the Harry Potter books, are not __24__ . They are characters and creatures that are very different from us and do things that would be __25__ for


us. But there is more to books and writing than this. If we think about it, even realistic writing is only __26__. How can we tell the difference between what is __27__

real and what is not real? For example, when we read about Harry Potter ,we

seem to learn something about the real world. And when Harry studies magic at Hogwarts, he also learns more about his real life than __28__. Reading, like writing, is an

action. It is a way of __ 29__. When we read or write something ,we do much more than simple look at words on a page. We use our __30__--which is real—and our imagination—which is real in a different way --- to make the words come to life in our minds. Both realism and fantasy(幻想) __ 31__ the imagination and the “magic” of reading and writing to make us think. When we read __32__ realistic, we have to imagine that the people we are reading about are just like us, even though we __33__ that we are real and they are __34__. It sounds __35__ , but it works. When we read, we fill in missing information and __36__ about the causes and effects of what a character does. We help the writer by __37__ that what we read is like real life. In a way, we are writing the book, too. Most of us probably don’t think about what is going on in our __38__ when we are reading. We pick up a book and lose __39__ in a good story, eager to find out what will happen next. Knowing how we feel __40__ we read can help us become better readers, and it will help us discover more about the real magic of books. 21. A. different 22. A. as if 23. A. common 24. A. instructive 25. A. necessary 26. A. planned 27. A. are 28. A. magic 29. A. understanding B. possible B. that B. usual B. realistic B. difficult B. thinkable B. do B. lessons B. working C. easy C. what C. normal C. reasonable C. impossible C. designed C. make C. dreams C. thinking D. new D. whether D. certain D. moral D. important D. imagined D. have D. experience D. living

30. A. grammar 31. A. have 32. A. a story 33. A. hope 34. A. so 35. A. terrible 36. A. think 37. A. guessing 38. A. society 39. A. ourselves 40. A. why 答案

B. knowledge B. make B. a newspaper B. find B. too B. dangerous B. talk B. telling B. mind B. heart B. what

C. skill C. get D. use

D. words

C. something C. learn C. not C. serious C. learn C. pretending C. life C. time C. how D. when

D. everything D. know D. all D. strange D. read D. promising D. world D. money

21.A 22.A 23.C 24.B 25.C 26.D 31.D 32.C 33.D 34.C 35.D 36.A

27.B 28.A 29.C 30.B 37.C 38.B 39.A 40.D


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