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(5) We may be very__1__(please) with the rapid progress we have made in every field of study, __2__we have almost done nothing to improve our present examination systems__3__focus on testing

the students' memory instead of their__4__(able). As soon as a child begins school, he enters a world of examination which will decide his future of job. In fact, a good examination system should encourage students to think by themselves. But the examination now does nothing but that.__5__forces the students to remember__6__is taught to get high marks. Thus the students who come out first in the examination often many be the__7__(good) in their studies. In addition, such an examination system often__8__(drive) teachers to cram all the time and forces them to train students what to do with the__9__(come) examination. There must be a better way to test a student's true ability__10__well as their knowledge. (6) Many Chinese believe__1__(eat) pig brains will increase their intelligence and some Americans regularly eat__2__(cook) eggs to keep their minds sharp.__3__, doctors don't recommend eating__4__raw eggs or animal brains. Then, what food is good for your brain? Scientists have found a relationship__5__diet and a healthy brain. Generally speaking, fish is a brain food.__6__fish, you should introduce lots of dark green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits into your diet, because most people lack the special vitamins__7__these brain food provide. If you eat brain foods__8__(regular), they can increase brain power — help you pay attention, keep you__9__(motivate), improve your memory and__10__( less) stress from studies. Then you can do much better in your test. (7) In Africa, when the antelope wakes up every morning, the first thing__1__comes into his mind is, ―I must be able to run__2__(fast) than the fastest lion,__3__I will be killed by a lion.‖ And at just the same time, the lion__4__(wake) out of his dream, and the first thing__5__(flash) into his mind is: ―I must be able to catch up with the slowest antelope, otherwise I will starve to__6__(dead).‖ So almost at the same moment__7__the antelope and the lion jump to their feet, and start__8__(run) toward the rising sun. Such is life—__9__you are an antelope or a lion, you ought to dash forward without__10__(hesitate) when the sun rises. (8) You may wonder__1__we have a holiday in summer and winter, but not in spring__2__autumn. There are some reasons__3__ it. Like most people, your intelligence(智 力)changes from season to season. You are properly a lot sharper in the spring__4__you are at any__5__time of the year. Ellsworth Huntington, __6__is well known to us all, __7__(conclude) from other men's work and his own among people in different climates that climate and temperature have a clear effect__8__our intelligence. He found that cool weather is far better for creative thinking than warm weather. This does mean that all people are not as quick at __9__(learn) in the summer as they are during the rest of the year. It tells us, however,__10__intelligence of large numbers of people seems to be lowest in the summer. (9) Last Monday morning, I was__1__(cycle) along a street in the rush hour on my way to an interview__2__an important job. A yellow car passed by me and__3__(sudden) stopped. I had to


brake my bike hard and of course, I__4__(fall). I was so angry that I stopped the driver and kept on __5__(shout) at him rudely. __6__(unfortunate), I was in time for the interview. __7__chance, one of my__8__(interview), the manager of the company, was no other than the driver of the yellow car. Luckily, the manager was not angry with me or my rudeness.__9__, he offered me the job. So I said to everyone jokingly that I could tell my manager__10__I thought of him. (10) __1__you want to improve your English, you'd better listen to BBC English which is part __2__the BBC World Service. It broadcasts all kinds of programmes, such__3__difficult grammar points, life in Britain, differences__4__written and__5__(speak) English and so on. It is easy for you to find out some information__6__the programmes. You just need to write to BBC English and ask for__7__. In China, there are also English programmes__8__Follow Me on TV or on the radio. They are usually easy__9__(receive) and understand and they are very __10__(use) to you. (11) It is known to all__1__the Chinese diet__2__(consider) to be the__3__(healthy) in the world because it__4__(contain) a lot of fruit and green vegetables. It is rich__5__fiber and low in sugar and fat. How__6__the Western food? It has too much fat in the form__7__potato chips, chocolate and so on. It is also rich in sugar in the form of cakes, soft drinks, etc. As__8__result, the westerners usually become very fat and have bad__9__(tooth), and many of them even die at an early age 10 heart illnesses. (12) I attended a birthday party in 1991. My teacher was then 59 years old.__1__her fellow teacher said that we__2__(celebrate) her 9th birthday! We were all__3__(surprise) and puzzled. __4__the party I was told by the fellow teacher that American women have a special saying about__5__(birth). If a woman is over 10, or even if she is 80, her birthday is always the 9th. If she is in her thirties, her birthday will be the 29th. And in her__6__, it's the 19th. They usually have their ―real‖ birthday __7__they are below 20. This shows that American women, __8__(special) elderly women, are very sensitive about their ages. But my teacher always says, ―We want to be__9__(young). ‖ so about the age of Western women, my advice is__10__if you don't know it, don't ask about it; if you really know it, don't mention it. (13) In the days__1__an ice cream cost much less, Tom,__2__8-year-old boy, entered a hotel coffee shop__3__sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in front of him. ―How much is an ice cream?‖ ―Fifty-cents,‖ replied the waitress. The little boy pulled his right hand__4__of the pocket and studied a number__5__ coins in it. ―How much is a dish of plain ice cream?‖ he asked. Some people were now waiting for her service and the waitress grew a bit__6__(patience). ―Thirty-five cents.‖ she said__7 (rude). The little boy carefully counted the coins again.―I will have a plain ice cream,‖ he said. The waitress walked away.The boy finished the ice cream, paid the cashier and left. It was not long__8__the waitress came back and then she began to wipe down the table and suddenly was surprised at__9__she saw. There, __10__(place) neatly beside the empty dish, were two nickels and five pennies — her tip!


(14) __1__is known to all, China is a large country__2__agriculture. Science of farming was first __3__(study) here. Jia Si-xie, living__4__the 6th century AD, was one of the farming pioneers(先驱者). After he finished his work for the government, he spent his time__5__his research into agriculture. He studied__6__to keep seeds, how to improve soil conditions and so on. During the years 533~544, he wrote a book__7__(call) Qi Min Yao Shu,__8__is about both farming and gardening,__9__(include) advice on how to grow green vegetables, how to keep fish in lakes, and so on. It was considered to be__10__important summary of farming knowledge. (15) Walt Disney, a great film-maker, was born in Chicago in 1901__1__died in 1966. __2__a young man, he wanted very much to be an artist. He went to a newspaper office in__3__hope of getting a job there,__4__he had no luck. He didn't lose heart. He kept on drawing lots of pictures. Being poor, he had to sit in the family garage(车库),__5__(draw) pictures. Day__6__day, he worked hard. Several years __7__ he succeeded in__8__(make) his first cartoon character — Mickey Mouse. From then on, he became a __9__(succeed) cartoon maker. Many characters in his cartoons are very popular, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck,__10__are loved by everyone, especially by children. (16) One day, Pierre,__1__worked in a government office, received an__2__(invite) to a palace ball. His wife, Mathilde, had no money__3__jewellery, so she borrowed a beautiful necklace __4__her friend, Jeanne. She looked very beautiful__5__they had a wonderful time that evening. But after the ball, she found the necklace__6__(miss). They had to borrow a lot of money to buy a new__7__for Jeanne. In order to pay back the money, they worked day and night for 10 years. Mathilde became very old, so Jeanne didn't recognize her__8__they met in a park 10 years later. From this story, we know a person shouldn't __9__(affect) by vanity(虚荣心), __9__it will cost him a lot. (17) Villages in __1__(develop) countries often lack many things. Books. Clean water. Electricity. These shortages are easy to see. But a different kind of shortage is not easy to see.__2__is the shortage of experts. Many villages have no doctors, engineers or scientists. They have no one who knows__3__to treat unusual__4__(medicine) problems or design a new energy system. There is a way to ease this problem. You can do it__5__computers. In the__6__few years, computer scientists around the world have developed__7__they call ―expert systems‖. An expert system is a special kind of computer program. In some situations, it can take__8__place of a human expert. For example, an expert medical system can help to take care of a sick person.__9__asking a few questions of the patient, it can tell what medicine or other treatment__10__(need). (18) We must have water to live.__1__the water we use is clean and fresh, it will make us ill. The animals__2__(live) in and around lakes and rivers must also have clean water. Our rivers and lakes supply most of our water. The clear, blue water found by the first American settlers has changed. Many of our water sources are now__3__(pollute). They are filled__4__dirt and waste which cannot be cleaned out. In many places, water is not safe for us to use.


Lake Erie was once a beautiful lake. Now it has been called ―a__5__(die) lake‖. Waste from nearby homes and factories has been dumped into__6__. Fish can no longer live in much of its polluted water. George Washington once called the Potomac ―__7__finest river in the world‖. Now its water is no longer blue. __8__, it is soupy green. Suds(肥皂泡沫), from detergents(洗涤 剂;洗衣粉) used to wash clothes, often cover the water of our rivers. Water cannot__9__(make) in a factory. Once water is polluted, it is difficult to make it clean and safe again. We must learn to take care of the water__10__we now have. (19) In order to know a foreign language thoroughly, four things are necessary. Firstly, we must understand the language when we hear__1__spoken. Secondly, we must be able to speak it ourselves correctly with confidence and__2__hesitation. Thirdly, we must be able to read the language, and fourthly, we must be able to write it. We must be able to make sentences that are grammatically correct. There is no easy way to succeed__3__language learning.__4__good memory is a great help, but it is not enough only__5__(memorize) rules from a grammar book. It is not much use__6__(learn) by heart long lists of words and__7__meanings, studying the dictionary and so on. We must learn by using the language. __8__we are satisfied with only a few rules we have memorized, we are not really learning the language. ―Learn through use‖ is a good piece of advice for those__9__are studying a new language. Practice is important. We must practise speaking and__10__(write) the language whenever we can. (20) I was always told that the three Ps, patience, positive thinking and perseverance(毅力),were a sure path__1__success. But this advice does not always work as planned. My high school maths exam is one example. The exam,__2__was originally to be held in our classroom,__3__(change) to the library at the last minute. This,__4__,didn't bother me because maths had always been my strongest subject. I patiently walked to the library, took my seat and did some deep breathing to help relax__5__.But my mood quickly changed when I saw__6__first question. I had no idea how to do it. I tried to stay positive and persevered__7__I finally found the solution. With the problem__8__(solve), I felt proud of my achievement.__9__(fortunate), I then noticed that I had just 10 minutes left__10__(complete) the rest! (21) In America they have a saying much laughed__1__by the English:―Have a nice day‖ they speak slowly and seriously in their shops, hotels and sandwich bars. I think it is a wonderful phrase,__2__(remind) us, in effect, to enjoy the moment: to value this very day. When I first became a reporter I knew a man who gave up a very well paid respectable job __3__the Daily Telegraph to go and edit a small__4__(week) newspaper. At the time I was astonished by__5__appeared to me to be his completely abnormal mental state.__6__could anyone turn his back on Fleet Street in__7__(centre) London for a small local area?I wanted to know. Now I am a little older and possibly wiser, I see the sense in it. In Fleet Street the man was __8__continual pressure. He lived in__9__unattractive London suburb and he__10__(spend) much of his life sitting on Southern Region trains. (22) Bassanio fell in love__1__Portia, but he couldn't ask her to marry him__2__he was poor. He had to borrow some money__3__his friend Antonio, a merchant of Venice. Antonio had no money


then. He went to Shylock, a cruel and__4__(greed) money-lender. Shylock agreed to lend him the money on condition__5__he would cut a pound of his flesh__6__he couldn't repay him within three months. Unfortunately Antonio's ships were lost__7__sea. __8__(know) that Antonio probably had to die, Portia asked Bassanio to go to see his friend at once. She dressed herself__9__as a lawyer and turned up at the court. She let Shylock cut just one pound of Antonio's flesh, no more, no less, no drop of blood, __10__he would lose all his money and his life. Her clever idea saved Antonio and made Shylock give half of his money to Venice. (23) Dear Lifeline, I shall be getting married__1__August. My mother wants me to have a white wedding in church, because I am__2__only daughter, and she wants me to have the kind of wedding__3__she had. I, on the__4__hand, should like to have a simple wedding__5__a small party afterwards for immediate family and close friends. I don't want my parents to go to a lot of expense just__6__one day; I'd rather they spent the money__7__things that my husband and I will need; that will last us for many years. Do you agree__8__me that this is a__9__(reason) point of view ? Can you think of a way in __10__I might persuade my parents to think as I do? Yours, Money-Conscious (24) In 1605 some Englishmen planned to kill their king, James, __1__they thought that he was a bad man. They knew that on November 5th the King would go to the House of Lords to talk with his nobles. The men rented a__2__(build) next to the House of Lords. They__3__(dig) through a wall and put many barrels of gunpowder in an underground room of the House of Lords. They chose a man__4__(call) Guy Fakes to set fire__5__the gunpowder, but something went wrong__6__their plan.__7__of the men had a relative__8__was coming to the House of Lords to meet the King. He warned his relative to stay at home. The relative told__9__nobles and soon the King heard about the danger. Soldiers searched__10__underground rooms and found the gunpowder on November 4th, so Guy Fakes was caught and killed. (25) 32 people watched Kitty Genovese__1__(kill) right below their windows. She was__2__neighbor. Yet__3__of the 32 helped her. Not one even called the police. John Barley and Bib Fatane went beyond the headlines to research into the reasons__4__people didn't act. They found that a person has to go through two steps__5__he can help. First he has to notice that it is__6__emergency(紧急情况). Is the smoke coming into the room__7__a leak in the air conditioning? Is it ―steam pipes‖? Or is it really smoke from a fire? It 's not always easy to tell if you are faced with a real emergency. Second, and__8__important, the person faced with an emergency must feel personally__9__(responsibility). He must feel that he must help,__10__the person won't get the help he needs. (26) Experiments have proved that children can__1__(instruct) in swimming at a very early age. At a special swimming pool in Los Angeles, children become expert at__2__(hold) their breath


under water even before they can walk.__3__(baby) of two months old do not appear to be reluctant to enter the water. It is not long__4__they are so accustomed to swimming__5__they can pick up weights from the floor of the pool. A game that is very popular with these young__6__(swim) is the underwater tricycle race. Tricycles are lined up on the floor of the pool seven feet under water. The children compete against each other to reach the other end of the pool. Many pedal their tricycles,__7__most of them prefer to push or drag them. Some children can cover the whole__8__(long)of the pool__9__coming up for breath even once. Whether they will ever become future Olympic champions, only time will tell. Meanwhile, they should encourage__10__among us who cannot swim five yards before they are gasping for air. (27) Soon after Dave left college, one of his uncles,__1__was rich and had no children of his own, died, __2__(leave) Dave a lot of money, so he decided to set up his own real estate agency(地产 公司). He found a nice office,__3__(buy) some new furniture and moved in. He had only been there for a few hours when he heard someone__4__(come) towards the door of his office. ―It's my first customer!‖ he thought. He quickly picked up__5__telephone and pretended to be very busy__6__(answer)an important call from__7__in New York who wanted to buy a big and expensive house in the country. The man knocked at the door__8__this was going on, came in and waited__9__(polite) for the agent to finish his conversation. Then he said to him, ―I'm from the telephone company, and I__10__(send) here to connect your telephone.‖ (28) I'm__1__only daughter of my parents. So they are worried__2__everything I do. For example,__3__I ride my bike, my parents won't let me__4__(ride) by myself. They are afraid I might fall off my bike and hurt__5__. They are taking great trouble to support the bike, with my mother even__6__(carry) a first-aid box. I'm not free to ride and I often say__7__(angry), ―Why not let me ride alone?‖ Now, most families have one child. Parents want to do everything for__8__children. This does no good to them. Too much love from parents may prevent children from__9__independent. In my opinion, parents should let their children do__10__they should do alone. (29) We decide to give a gift to our school for her birthday before__1__(graduate),. We had a heated discussion__2__what gift to give. We think we should do__3__we can to help our school. Some advise__4__(plant) more trees on the coming Tree-Planting Day to make our campus more beautiful,__5__others hold the view__6__we should introduce the history of our school to friends, schoolmates or relatives. Besides, we can show__7__around our school to make her better __8__(know). As far as I am concerned, I'd like to study even__9__(hard) for a better university. In this way, our school will be proud of us and thus we can make an even greater __10__(contribute) to her. (30) Once upon a time, a poor boy together with his mother lived in a mountainous village. In his childhood the boy often cheated__1__boys out of money and things, but his mother quickly saw through his deception and criticized him. __1__his mother's education, he also felt a sense of


injustice about his deeds and made an__3__(apologize) to others. His mother did everything in her power to change his faulty. She sent him to a school,__4__he worked very hard. Five years later, he stood out among his classmates and was always thought highly of by all his teachers. He became__5__(interest) in literature and enjoyed__6__(read)many famous literature works, such as Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre,__7__which he was able to improve his writing skills. __8__he graduated from school, he became a journalist in a newspaper of the city. He hailed (呼吁) the__9__(equal)of man in his articles. In the end, many people would like to read his articles as soon as they__10__(publish). (31) Do you feel__1__difficult to be happy all the time? Now I'll give you some tips__2__how to make yourself happy. One way is being__3__(self) because unselfishness is the key factor__4__(require) if you want to get along well with others. By__5__(say) being unselfish we mean we should not want everything our own way__6__demand the best share of everything. Another way is to look for good points in__7__people. You'll find most people pleasant to get along with and it will surely make you happy. Third, you cannot expect to be too perfect,__8__don't be too unhappy when you make a mistake. Everything will be OK if you try to make things right. Finally, it is important to remember that while you are not__9__(bad) than others, chances you have may not be much better. In this case, __10__surest way to be happy is to think yourself above other people. (32) In the small towns of the United States in the__1__(nineteen) century, the general store was__2__everyone bought the things he couldn't make__3__grow at home. What the stores sold__4__(tell) a great deal about__5__life at that time. People bought tools that they needed for farm work; salt, sugar and__6__foods that the farm didn't produce; articles of clothing that they couldn't make__7__; shirts for the men; or clothes for the children. Life was simple then. One feels that people were__8__(thank) for what they had and that they looked__9__with courage to whatever the future brought. It would be interesting to know how they would feel about the life today. Would it seem to them that life is too complex? Would they enjoy__10__(live) a life as w