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http://mbaessayguru.com/sample-essays/ Over the long term, I aim to move into a consulting role in the oil and gas industry. Coming from an engineering background with a focus on control systems and instrumentation, I possess a sound quantitative foundation reinforced by extensive experience in modelling and simulations. I am comfortable diving into the details of an assignment and have developed time-management skills with repeated exposure to tight deadlines. These are qualities that have aided me immensely in my role as engineer. However, to move into a management role, I need to acquire skills and capabilities that only an MBA degree can provide. Mba 给我带来什么 The MBA program will provide the rigor and depth of learning to give me extensive exposure to all subject areas of business management. I will learn to work with accounts, financial evaluation and projection, project management and supply chain optimization. The atmosphere of collaboration and student participation will help me develop my team-management skills. Active participation in classroom discussions will enhance my communication and presentation skills. The program will give me insights into strategy development, which I can parley into sound decision-making in optimizing business operations. I have also been in constant contact with Amy Carter (current student) regarding my interest in Tepper. Her support and guidance have been instrumental in my application. She has given me a student’s perspective of life at Tepper – the expertise and teaching passion of faculty, the enhanced peer bonding arising from a small size, the accessibility and helpfulness of career services – which has reinforced my conviction that my time at Tepper will give me the skills and support to achieve my career goals. 刚开始却经验 Citing my lack of physical readiness, I was groomed towards design and regulatory work in the office. But my interest was in engineering execution with a direct role in the plant. I knew I had to rise to the challenge and prove my capability.

Perhaps the single biggest factor that draws me towards chess is the intellectual stimulation. 夸 Every aspect of Chicago Booth, from its flexible curriculum to renowned faculty to its location to its diverse student community will give me a strong foundation of the skills and mindset necessary for me to achieve my goals. 校友好 To successfully pursue my goals, in addition to developing hard business skills, I would also need to develop soft skills such as networking. It is only the full-time MBA program that would help me develop a network of friends, associates and acquaintances. Thanks to the time spent together, the program will give me a sense of camaraderie towards my fellow students.

By giving me the hard and soft skills I require, I believe the full-time MBA program will help me make a significant contribution to education while simultaneously pursuing my passion for teaching. 结束语 It is my belief that one day I will be able to look back upon my career and trace out the steady growth and progress charted. It is my belief that the high-level contributions I make to the world of marketing will help enhance business-consumer synergies and build an ecosystem where each impacts and thrives from the growth of the other.

I will utilize every opportunity to make a contribution – however big or small – to the Duke student community. Inside and outside class, my skills (in mathematics and statistics) will always be at the ready disposal of my fellow students to aid their classroom learning. On the technical side, I will leverage my work experience to bring insights into the world of commercial business operations. Given my background, I have a natural inclination towards agriculture and rural development. In today’s rapidly urbanizing global landscape, I will help my peers understand the economic and business challenges faced by common farmers, and as a group, endeavor to identify solutions that promote sustainable rural growth in developing countries. At Fuqua I hope to be able to find fellow-students equally passionate on the topic of development; together we would set up a student consultancy community offering consulting services to farmers and small businesses in emerging economies. As a practical learning experience it will be unique; as an entrepreneurial initiative it will be impactful. It is my belief that by sharing a piece of my culture, I will be sharing a piece of heritage that is a valued treasure of the world. Who knows what spark of passion it might ignite in my peers? Just as my journeys have taken me through rewarding experiences, I am confident my contributions will take my peers at Duke on their own journeys of exploration and fulfillment 学校课程设置好 To enter the field of FMCG marketing, I need to acquire a strong foundation in business basics coupled with expertise in marketing strategies. Duke’s MBA program gives me the flexibility to seek the combination of general management and marketing depth that I seek. With over 100 electives to choose from, I can customtailor my program for maximum inter-disciplinary exposure. Duke’s unique combination of focus and breadth will allow me to gain domain expertise in marketing while also building up broad based business skills in operations, finance and strategy. 学校培养 leadership Duke’s emphasis on leadership cultivation will equip me with the skills and abilities to take up high-visibility organizational assignments in the future. My dream to take a role in new product development will be made possible by the strategic thinking I develop at school. More than a manager, the Duke program will help

shape me into a business leader. The highly respected faculty will enable me to gain insights on the latest evolutions and practices in business management. 这个职业所需要的(好!!!) I see M&A as a field that is as challenging as it is rewarding. To be successful, one must have a flair for business analysis, and an inclination for thoroughness and detail. Strength and expertise in corporate finance is absolutely essential. M&A requires a deep understanding of business, and its interaction with the wider economic and competitive environment. An M&A expert must able to analyze an organization from multiple business perspectives, and be able to anticipate its growth and earnings potential well into the future. All of this requires the inculcation of a holistic view of all aspects of business management – which only an MBA degree can provide. But more than any MBA, it is only the Ross MBA that will help me achieve my goal. I will be able to leverage Ross’ renowned faculty prowess to gain a thorough understanding of corporate finance and the latest industry practices in firm diligence. The flexible course framework will allow me to dig deep into the realm of M&A. The Ross MBA’s experiential learning program will give me hands-on exposure to evaluating companies in the face of business uncertainty. From Ross’ extensive alumni network, I would gain the opportunity to learn about what it takes for success in M&A as well as to develop networks that I can lean on for job openings and career growth. But my time at Ross will not be a one-way street. I intend to be fully engaged in the Ross community and be a significant contributor to the learning experience of my peers. I will bring in insights from the business consulting industry to help my classmates in the nuances of reviewing and analyzing businesses and identifying improvement areas. I will leverage my exposure to various industry verticals, and share insights on trends and developments regarding each. Finally, my natural inclination for collaborative growth makes me confident that I will leave a lasting impact on the Ross community.我的合作精神给 caery 留下很深的影响

I bring an open mind to my interactions and constructively welcome feedback. My natural ability to work with almost anyone has been instrumental in winning allies and helped me achieve consistent results.合作精 神 投资的重要性 has shown me how critically important it is to make right investment decisions. I have realized that the right investment strategies can help organizations wisely set aside their money in surplus years, building a reserve that they can tap into for future growth and expansion in lean years. Having developed a fascination for this subject, I am now keen on playing a part in institutional-level investment management. 投行的工作 Following my MBA degree, I wish to enter the investment banking industry in a role that gives me exposure to corporate fund management. My aim is take up a position with a top global investment banking firm in

their institutional investment division. Here, I would get the opportunity devise and recommend investment strategies to institutional clients. I would be able to leverage my consulting experience to bring in insights into specific industries. My work would help these organizations adopt intelligent investment strategies, helping them build reliable financial reserves. 长期目标开自己的公司帮助小企业 Over the long term, I wish to leverage both my consulting and investment-management backgrounds to establish my own investment consulting venture. My target would be medium-size businesses which are looking for their first investment opportunities. I would help design and deliver custom-made investment vehicles based on the client’s business model. By helping these organizations invest and harvest a promising financial return, I would be able to contribute to their business growth. 为什么研究生 Certainly my experience in consulting will play an important role in helping me achieve these ambitions. However, there are skills and capabilities I need that are beyond what I presently possess. I need extensive exposure to advanced financial management, including corporate finance and governance and investment analysis and management. I also need to thoroughly understand the interplay between finance and other business functions, such as commercial finance and operational finance. Furthermore, I also need general management and leadership skills in order to take on increasing responsibilities in my career. The MBA is the only degree that will help me acquire all of these. 总结话 I am now at an inflexion point in my career. I have built up a strong foundation of experience in consulting and now seek a move into the world beyond. I am ready for the excitement and the challenges that the MBA degree will provide, and ready to power my career into its next wave of growth. I believe that the old adage, “There is no time better than now”, is certainly true in my case. IT 咨询 Following the MBA, my aim is to take up a role in business process consulting in the IT industry. In this role, I would work with clients to understand their business needs, identify technology solutions that address those needs and interface with technical teams that deliver those solutions. I would be involved in anticipating IT needs of a client business and mapping IT solutions to bottomline business results. In this position I would be able to leverage my technical background to deliver visible business impact.

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