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20160727必修三 Unit 2 上课用

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Unit 2 Language A卷
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2016· 泰州第一次调研)You have to make every effort before you achieve satisfying grades and________yourself in society. A.distinguish C.bury B.distribute D.promote

2.(2016· 盐城中学月考)The Diaoyu Islands ________ a group of islands, belonging to China since ancient times. A.make up C.connect with B.consist of D.combine with

The Diaoyu Islands, _________ a group of islands, belong to China. 3.(2016· 南京二模)As we can see, online shopping has made a great ________ to the development of express delivery industry. A.contribution C.invention B.progress D.protection

4.(2016· 镇江高三调研)Mary is a humorous and warmhearted woman and that is ________ she is the most popular person in her community. A.why C.how B.because D.whether

5.(2016· 徐州高三一模)If you find yourself in ________ situation where there is no one to take ________ control of an aggressive dog, you should try to leave the area slowly to avoid being attacked. A.a; the C.the; the B.a; / D.the; /

6. (2016· 台州市高三期末质量评估)If the doctor is ________ this afternoon, I will take my little daughter to him for a thorough checkup. A.accessible C.convenient B.available D.handy

7.(2016· 常州一中高三质检)The expert told all the parents that every child is ________ because they have their own needs, preferences and talents. A.original B.similar

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8.(2016· 南京第十二中学高三模拟)It would be very safe if you ________ the door ________ to the garden. A.fasten; led C.fastened; leading B.will fasten; leads D.fastened; to lead

9.(2016· 苏州高三调研)—How was the journey? —Tiring! All the seats in the train ________. I stood all the way. A.were occupied C.would occupy B.would be occupied D.had occupied

10.(2016· 徐州市教学质量检测)It is difficult for children to change their eating habit later in life. ________, parents should encourage healthy eating from an early age. A.Otherwise C.Besides B.Therefore D.However

11. (2016· 泰州高三质检)Though working outside, he is always ________ about his aging mother at home. A.satisfied C.pleased concern oneself with/ about/ in sth be concerned with concerning 12.(2016· 苏南高三联考)Today I put my foot in my mouth before my teacher, ________ really made me ________. A.who; embarrass C.which; embarrassed B.that; embarrassed D.which; embarrassing B.concerned D.excited

13.(2016· 连云港高三调研)All of a sudden, he stood directly,________ his ideas to the people present at the meeting. A.to represent C.represented The picture represents a hunting scene. He represented himself as an expert. A wage rise of 5% represents an annual increase of 250 yuan for the lowest- paid workers. 14.(2016· 南京高三二模)Failure is not ________ bad. It can teach you valuable lessons and redirect you to the right path. A.potentially C.probably B.obviously D.entirely B.representing D.Represent

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not necessarily 15.(2016· 淮安高三一检)Everyone wants to live in a beautiful, comfortable and livable place, but not ________ know where it is. A.all C.either but all don’t know where it is Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (2016· 南京三校联考)Hong Kong,self?claimed“world city of Asia”, is always proud of its residents’ high English proficiency.But if you expect people in this formerBritish colony to talk in a crisp British accent, then you may be disappointed. Walk into a restaurant or a cafe in the city’s trendy shopping area and 题 2eavesdrop on a nearby table of young professionals or teenage students, you will most likely wonder if you are in California instead of the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong. B.some D.Both

题 1Due to their frequent exposure to US pop culture — not to mention that many of them
were educated in the US or local international schools — many young Hong Kong residents, especially women, speak English with a rising tone at the end of a statement “Hi, my name is Michelle?” Linguistically, this is known as “uptalk” or “highrising intonation”. This accent is also ( ) Americans refer to as “Valley?speak”. But as an English

learner, you may want to think twice before committing yourself to picking up this accent. In the US,“Valleyspeak” is a mocking term originated in the early 1980s. It referred to the tone and speech pattern of “Valley Girls”, rich middleclass and uppermiddleclass young women living in the San Femando Valley in Southern California. Women who speak in this accent are often seen as spoiled, superficial and more interested in material pursuits than their intellectual development. But this stereotype is unfounded. As a recent New York Times story shows, scholars have found that the rising tone is not exclusive (专有的) to young women. According to the researchers, rather than indicating insecurity, uptalk is often used to implicitly ask the listener to confirm that the speaker is being understood. 题 3Uptalk can also serve a strategic purpose in which the speaker, anticipating an interruption by the listener, tries to prevent it by using a rising tone at the end of a statement. We needn’t go into all the technical details. How people speak is influenced by many factors.We can ’ t measure someone ’ s intellectual depth by their accent. But social

stereotypes, though unjustified, are powerful. Many English native speakers find uptalk annoying. Lake Bell, a US actress and director, was a strong voice in 2013 speaking against what she referred to as “sexy baby

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vocal virus”. Bell wrote, directed and starred in In a World last year, a movie about voiceover artists. She told NPR in an interview last July: “I can’t have people around me that speak that way, and mainly because I am a woman, I grew up thinking a female voice should sound sophisticated and elegant, not a 12yearold little girl that is submissive (顺从 的) to the male species.”

题 4As fond of US TV dramas as you may be, uptalk is probably the least desirable accent
you want to pick up as an English learner. 1.You may be disappointed when people in Hong Kong don’t talk in a crisp English accent in that ________. A.Hong Kong is selfclaimed “world city of Asia” B.people’s frequent exposure to US pop culture C.Hong Kong is not British colony any longer D.people in Hong Kong are fond of US TV dramas 2.What does the underlined word “eavesdrop” mean in Paragraph Two? A.To listen secretly to a private conversation. B.To greet people and ask for information. C.To understand and remember information. D.To join and enjoy a private conversation. 3.Which of the following is TRUE? A.How people speak is influenced by their intellectual depth. B.Lake Bell believes that uptalk sounds like a female voice. C.Uptalk can be used for a strategic purpose according to the researchers. D.Uptalk is only used by young women in Hong Kong and the US. 4.What’s the writer’s attitude towards English learners who want to pick up uptalk? A.Supportive. C.Neutral. B.Negative. D.Objective. B (2016· 扬州中学高三检测)Rice wine has a history of more than 2,000 years as China’s favorite liquor and has been credited with having enhanced the health. But now native rice wine finds itself competing for market share with Western style fruit wine. Both foreign traders and local producers have in recent months observed a remarkable rise in the popularity of wine in China, at least in the country’ s more prosperous cities and coastal regions. There are several reasons for this. One has been a sustained effort by the Chinese government to limit the use of staple grains (主

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食) for things as 题 6frivolous as spirits or beer. Another has been a lot of reports filtering out
(过滤) via Hong Kong and Taiwan, citing scientific findings about red wine’s good effects on health in general and manliness in particular. 题 7Mr St. Pierre, who imports Western wines to China, says that his red wines outsell his whites by 20 to 1, leading him to conclude that Chinese drinkers are indeed choosing their beverages with good health in mind. Mr St. Pierre is toasting increases in sales of 25% a month. Carl Crook, another importer, recalls that, when he began selling wine in China four years ago, his clients were mainly “wellheeled and desperate expatriates (侨民)”. His company, Montrose, now sells more than 1,000 cases a month and expects sales to double this year, despite taxes and duties which add 121% to the price of imported wines. Its catalogue ranges from cheap Californian wines selling wholesale for 69 yuan per bottle, to Chateau Lafitte Rothschild. Domestic producers are also cottoning on to the joys of the grape. A few Chinese wineries are increasingly successful, in both international competitions and the domestic market. China’s largest wine producer, Dynasty, has overcome quality control problems to produce a wellreceived 1995 Chardonnay. The Huadong Winery in Qingdao (a city still more famous for its beer) has also yielded a successful Chardonnay. Local bottling of foreign wines, local production, and if they materialize, long rumored cuts in tariff duties (关税) may soon help bring the joys of wine to greater numbers of Chinese. For the country’ s growing class of the newly rich, however, a ridiculously high price tag is all part of the package. 题 5 题 8In recent years, China’s conspicuous (引人注目的) consumers have made the purchase of overpriced wines, which is one of their favorite ways of showing off wealth, in some cases buying bottles priced at several hundred dollars only to smash them on the floor. There is now a new trend that may strike the world’s wine merchants as an even greater outrage. Some Chinese wine drinkers have decided that a good claret (干红) or Chardonnay goes down more smoothly when mixed with Sprite. 5.Grape wines become more popular than the traditional rice wine in China for all the following reasons EXCEPT that________. A.rice wine consumes so many grains that its production has been discouraged B.it is believed that grape wine does more good to health than rice wine C.drinking grape wine is a symbol of wealth and therefore is a fashion for some people D.grape wines are often less expensive and so more people can afford them 6.The underlined word “frivolous” in Paragraph 2 probably means “________”. A.significant C.authentic B.precious D.unimportant

7.Mr St. Pierre and Mr Carl Crook are cited as examples to show ________. A.market share of importing grape wines is increasing in China

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B.wellheeled and desperate expatriates like to drink grape wines C.Chinese drinkers choose their company’s wine because of their boast D.domestic producers also realize the joys of the grape wines 8.The author sounds ________ in the last paragraph. A.tolerant C.impatient B.angry D.conspicuous

Ⅰ.完形填空 (2016· 南京高三学情调研)Years ago, I had the opportunity to conduct a seminar. This was a motivational one basically designed to __1__ people in changing their lives, __2__ their personal barriers in life. It was always __3__ to meet the seminar attendees. Some of them couldn’t wait to get started, others were __4__ about what they would get for their money, and others attended __5__ often being forced by pressure. This last group was always the most __6__ to work with. They sit there with __7__ crossed, rarely participating in any of the specific exercises meant to help them build positive behavior to __8__ old habits and thoughts. In the end, I started to look through the evaluations paying particular attention to find the form submitted by one of the attendees who had seemingly __9__ less attentiveness. To my disappointment, in this __10__, there was no form. I left that day thinking that I had __11__ this person. As I __12__ my preparation for the next seminar afterwards, one day I received a phone call — it was the __13__ attendee who had not submitted the evaluation form! My immediate __14__ was to prepare for a request for a total refund (退款). It was not the case, __15__. He took his time to tell me how much the seminar had already helped him change his ways, and how much more comfortable he was with himself now that he knew how to overcome his own personal barriers __16__ success both personally and professionally. I was surprised and glad to be __17__ to him. Actually we all have power to affect the __18__ of others, but this power can also be negative if you use it wrongly or improperly. Power — you all have it — use it __19__ because you never know what impact you have on other people even when you think __20__. 1.A.rescue C.sponsor B.assist D.treat

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2.A.breaking down C.breaking through 3.A.fascinating C.incredible 4.A.conscious C.roundabout 5.A.willingly C.voluntarily 6.A.inspiring C.challenging 7.A.hands C.smiles 8.A.impress C.twist 9.A.displayed C.clarified 10.A.court C.guilt 11.A.succeeded C.anticipated 12.A.went about C.put away 13.A.arbitrary C.very 14.A.reaction C.effort 15.A.but C.though 16.A.to C.opposite 17.A.hopeful C.handy 18.A.gesture C.emotion

B.working against D.working out B.frightening D.mysterious B.explicit D.skeptical B.reluctantly D.naturally B.daring D.shocking B.wrinkles D.arms B.conquer D.spin B.paid D.requested B.case D.generation B.managed D.failed (sb) B.turned over D.set off B.bored D.suspected B.feeling D.mind B.although D.while B.beyond D.against B.helpful D.holy B.function D.behavior

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19.A.wisely C.regularly 20.A.additionally C.otherwise Ⅱ.阅读理解

B.foolishly D.constantly B.alike D.overall

(2016· 扬州中学质检)The phone ID flashed, “Emergency Vet”. “Oh no” I whispered. I could not lose Merlin now. Ron and I had tried to have children for a long time with depressing results. I threw myself into my work. Any maternal feelings I had were spent on Merlin.

题 1I couldn’t wait to get home from work each night. I wanted to pick up that warm
bundle of loving fur and nestle him. I wanted to sing RockaBye Merlin, as I did every night as he would put his paws around my neck. Merlin was my comfort especially at times when I wondered if God was listening. But last night something had changed. Not only did I sing RockaBye Merlin, but I asked, “What will I do after you’re gone?” Although Merlin was 19 years old, a senior in the age of a cat, he didn’ t look or act that way. I didn’t want to accept the fact that he was nearing the end of his lifetime. My job at the law firm was so demanding and stressful that I couldn’ t imagine getting through the day without Merlin waiting to greet me at home. I dialed the vet’s number. I asked for my husband but he already left. Then I took a breath and asked the question that no one wants to ask, “Is my Merlin still alive?” The nurse said, “Yes.” Ron came home and said that Merlin had almost no red blood cells left. White blood cells were replacing them. Merlin would need expensive transfusions most likely on a monthly basis. We both knew Merlin was running out of time. I asked Ron to drive me to the vet so I could say goodbye to my little boy cat but he was tired and it was late. 题 3Ron said if Merlin was still alive the next morning then he would take me to the vet. The_next_morning_I_called_the_vet. Merlin had survived the night. After driving to the vet, I went into the examining room. The nurse brought Merlin and placed him on an examining table on his side. His eyes were tightly shut. I thought he died already. I carefully edged my hand to reach his body. His body felt warm, but when I spoke his name there was no response. No response to his name or that I was there and that I loved him. I was extremely sad. In that examining room I felt helpless. I wondered how many people in an examining room felt as helpless as I did.

题 4Feeling driven to prayer I yelled, “God, this isn’t good enough. I need to see my

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Merlin the way I remember him, I need a miracle and I need it now!” At that moment, God granted a miracle. Merlin’s favorite compliment entered my mind. I said, “Merlin, you are beautiful and you are gorgeous, do you hear me?” One eye opened. I said “Gotcha”. I kept repeating those words. Merlin opened the other eye and, one limb at a time, got up. He was waiting for that phrase. He wanted to hear that he was beautiful and gorgeous again. Then I experienced another miracle. There was no sound in that examining room until Merlin started walking to me. From out of nowhere, or maybe from heaven, I clearly heard a song we sung in church often: It Is Well With My Soul. I remembered thinking, “Yes, it is well with my soul. I got to see my little boy cat one more time.” Merlin walked to me. He put his face in mine, which he had never done before. He rubbed a circle around my face twice. Merlin said goodbye with his face and marked me for life. Ron appeared shocked that Merlin was up and had walked to me. I said to Merlin, “Tell God you are a good boy and how much we love you” and then handed him back to the nurse. Tears of gratitude poured forth in memory of a miracle. 题 5、6You see for nineteen years God spoke to me through a special cat named Merlin. On Merlin’s last day, God proved he heard me when he granted a miracle. That miracle gave me time to say goodbye. 1.Ron’s wife couldn’t lose Merlin because ________. A.Merlin was her adopted child for nineteen years B.Merlin could supply her with comfort and warmth C.she failed to give birth to her own biological child D.she would sing her usual song to no one later in life 2.What did Ron’s wife think of Merlin? ①comfortable ②demanding A.①②⑥ C.④⑤⑥ ③long life ④full of devotion ⑤lovely ⑥religious B.①②③ D.③④⑤

3.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 8 imply? A.The writer turned to the vet because Merlin was in desperate condition. B.The writer was so hopeless as to ask a favor of the vet. C.Ron would accompany her wife to the vet to live up to his promise. D.Ron did not care about Merlin so that the writer called the vet. 4.When Merlin reached the examining room, ________. A.he shut his eyes tightly and was obviously dead

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B.his body felt warm because the writer rubbed him hard C.the writer chanted prayers to him trying to waking him up D.the writer felt helpless to have no timely surgical operation 5.We can infer from the passage that ________. A.we have to have faith in the church to get miracles in future life B.God will not disappoint us if we are devoted to our loved ones C.couples should have a child or something to fill in their free time D.doctors may not always be reliable when our loved ones need their help 6.Which of the following can be the proper title? A.The Miracle Granted B.A Dying Cat C.God Accompanying Us D.Gratitude Out of Miracle Ⅲ.书面表达 (2016· 无锡高三模拟)请阅读下面短文,并按照要求用英语写一篇 150 词左右的文章。 We often hear people complain about lack of opportunity. In fact, this world does not lack opportunity. But it does make a difference if we are able to grasp it. For example, let’s suppose that Harvard University is recruiting (招收) students in China, and the requirement is that students must score above 640 for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and 2,200 for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission to the university. Have you scored those scores? If you haven’t, you may feel regret, “I would have worked harder if I had known the requirements.” When opportunity knocks, make sure your door isn’t locked. An able man will find opportunity everywhere, while a weak one will be left with only one opportunity, and that is to complain of having to prove what he is worth in this world.

参考范文: The author seems to believe we don’t lack opportunity in our lives. He informs us through an example that what we need most is the courage and ability to grasp opportunity. Needless to say, opportunity plays a very important part in our lives when it comes to achieving success. To some extent, almost every success involves an element of opportunity. Just as the ancient Chinese put it, it takes the correct time, favorable place and united people to achieve something. But opportunity doesn’t often come our way. From my point of view, all that it takes is good preparation. As a popular saying goes, “Opportunity favors those who are prepared.” Hard work and good preparation can equip

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us with enough knowledge and skills to deal with the coming challenges, which are golden opportunities. However, if we don’t work hard, we can do nothing but regretfully let opportunity slip off our fingers.