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Unit4 Body language 单元同步测试
I. 单项选择 1. “Thanks” is a(n) _______ commonly used to express one’s gratitude to someone for something he has done for you. A. word B. idiom C. expression D. phrase

2. I don’t suppose he is ______ to come to our help when we get into trouble. A. maybe B. possible C. likely D. probable

3. Her acting skills are ______ those of the world famous actress,. A. closely to B. approaching C. improving D. getting near

4. Afraid ______ face before his students, the teacher refused ______ that he was in the wrong. A. to lose; to admit B. of losing; admitting C. of losing; to admit D. to lose; admitting

5. _____ English learners, we should not only be able to understand the meanings expressed by the language itself but also ______ expressed by postures, gestures and facial expressions. A. Like; that B. As; those C. Like; those D. As; that

6. He is not the kind of person that ______ in the comedy. In life, he is serious and conserved(保 守). A. expressed B. is expressed C. represents D. is represented

7. _______about the super thin material, she touched it and learned that it ______ like silk. A. Curiously; feels C. Curious; feels B. Being curious; was felt D. Being curious; felt

8. Learning that their only son was sound and safe _____ the family ______. A. put; at ease B. made; easy C. set; easily D. laid; at ease

9. Whether you liked it or not, you shouldn’t have ___ to your mother when she was talking to you. A. turned back C. turned your back B. turned down your back D. turned your back away

10. The power of words lies in _________the ideas and objects in the objective world. A. their connection with C. their joint with B. their relation to D. their association with

11. I really appreciate their _______ to settling personal disputes. A. ways B. means C. methods D. approaches

12. The same gestures, signs and so on, in other words, body language, may express different

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ideas or meanings in different cultures, so don’t use them _______ you are definitely sure of what they mean so as to reduce misunderstanding ______ the smallest number. A. until; with B. unless; to C. until; by D. unless; by

13. People in China don’t often kiss or hug each other goodbyes or hellos, which ______ a common _______ in some European countries. A. are; practice B. is; exercise C. are; exercise D. is; practice

14. China rank ______ in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and more and more countries _______ China as a friendly and powerful country. A. the first; rank B. first; rank C. the first; regard D. first; suppose

15. --- Could you tell me why I am constantly yawning this afternoon? ---Yawning ______ an indication that your body lacks oxygen and needs a rest. A. acts as B. serves as C. functions as D. plays as

16. In order not to miss his flight, he ran ______ the street, jumped______ the fence and dashed into the waiting hall, ______ all about his own safety. A. across; over; forgetting B. through; across; forgot over; forgot 17. People ______ are kind, honest and willing to help, but he is not a man of this kind ______, in my opinion. A. on the whole; in general B. in general; after all C. on the whole; at all D. in general; on the whole 18. The accused woman _______ himself by saying that he killed the man totally out of self-defense and it was completely an accident. A. guarded B. protected C. defended D. prevented C. over; over; forgetting D. across;

19. In the statement that the school sent to all parents, the headmaster _______their complaints about the conditions by saying that the school dormitory, canteen were beautifully decorated with healthy materials, classrooms _______and the playground rubberized. A. replied to; were completely computerized completely C. responded to; completely computerized completely 20. One of his major shortcomings is that he always bases his judgment on ______ opinions, which often ______prejudices (偏见)against something or somebody. B. subjective; results in C. objective; causes D. subjective; D. answered to; computerized B. reacted to; were computerized

A. objective; leads to arise

21. Shaking the fist is a ______ commonly used to express anger by male adults but the ways to

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release one’s anger _______ greatly from person to person. A. gesture; ranges B. sign; varies C. symbol; changes D. posture; alters

22. When the speaker finished his speech, he was affected to see his speech ________ with cheers and applauses from the audience. A. was met B. was welcome C. was popular D. was greeted

23. I am truly sorry for the false information I provided _____ you ______ the quality of the newly developed cassette A. with; with B. for; about C. for; for D. with; about

24. _____ accident happened at _______ not far from the Communication Bank. A. An; a crossroads B. The; crossroads C. A; the crossroads D. X; a crossroads

25. ---“Why not ask your former boyfriend for help?” ---“How could I have ______to ask him again? Remember what happened last time?” ---“But _______brings success” A. cheek; cheek II. 完形填空 In the depths of my memory, many things I did with my father still live. These things have come to represent, in fact, what I call 26 and love. 27 the water. B. face; face C. the cheek; cheek D. the face; face

I don’t remember my father ever getting into a swimming pool. But he did Any kind of 28 along. ride seemed to give pleasure.

29 he loved to fish; sometimes he took me

But I never really liked being on the water the way my father did. I liked being water, moving through it, 31 it all around me. I was not a strong



32 , or one who learned to

swim early, for I had my 33

. but I loved being in the swimming pool close to my father’s 35 come by on a break. I needed him

office and 34 those summer days with my father, who

to see what I could do. My father would stand there in his suit, the 36 person not in swimsuit. After swimming, I would go desk, where he let me 37 his office and sit on the wooden chair in front of his big

38 anything I found in his top desk drawer. Sometimes, if I was left

alone at his desk 39 he worked in the lab, an assistant or a student might come in and tell me perhaps I shouldn’t be playing with his no, it’s 42 40 . but my father always 41 and said easily, “Oh,

.” Sometimes he handed me coins and told me to get 43

an ice cream… 44 .” and I think it is not 45 , in that

A poet once said, “We look at life once, in childhood; the rest is

only what we “look at once, in childhood” that determines our memories, but childhood, looks at us. 26. A. desire 27. A. avoid B. joy B. refuse C. anger C. praise D. worry D. love

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28. boat 29. A, But 30. A. On 31. A. having 32. A. swimmer 33. A. hopes 34. A. spending 35. A. should 36. A. next 37. A. away from 38. A. put up 39. A. the moment 40. A. fishing net 41. A. stood up 42. A. fine 43. A. the student 44. A. memory 45. A. which III. 阅读理解

B. bus B. Then B. off B. leaving B. rider B. faiths B. saving B. would B. only B. out of B. break down B. the first time B. office things B. set out B. strange B. the assistant B. wealth B. who

C. train C. And C. by C. making C. walker C. rights C. wasting C. had to C. other C. by C. play with C. while C. wooden chair C. showed up C. terrible C. myself C. experience C. what

D. bike D. Still D. in D. getting D. runner D. fears D. ruining D. ought to D. last D. inside D. work out D. before D. lab equipment D. lab equipment D. funny D. himself D. practice D. whose

A Who are these people rushing by you in the street? More than 215 million people now call America “home”, but most of them can trace their families back to other parts of the world. If you look at the names on shop windows, you will see that Americans come from many different lands. The idea that these people, who once were strangers to the United States, have lost the customs and cultures of their original countries and have become “American” is really not true. In fact, what exists in America is more often a kind of “side-by-side” living in which groups of people from other countries often have kept many of their customs and habits. They join the general American society only in certain areas of their lives—such as in schools, business, and sports—but they keep many of their own native customs and manners socially and at home. This living “side-by-side” has both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it may cause disagreements to develop between groups whose ways of life are very different from one another. however, there are also great advantages that come from the variety of cultures brought by settlers from other lands. There is great freedom of choice among ideas and dress, food, and social customs in America. Everyone can find some part of his or her familiar world in the United States, in churches, music, food, national groups, or newspapers.

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46. More than 215 million people call America “home” because_______. A. they have their houses there B. they settle there now C. they want to make their home there D. they like that land very much 47. “Side-by-side” living style means _______. A. to make friends with native people B. to keep their own customs while sharing American ones in certain areas C. the groups of people who live nearby D. that they get closer to American society 48. according to the passage, people in the USA ________. A. share American customs and culture B. live in a kind of “side-by-side” society C. keep their own customs and habits firmly D. make no choice to accept American customs 49. Which of the following statements is true? A. They always stick to their own customs and habits. B. “Side-by-side” living style is not suitable. C. They face the society they are not familiar with. D. The advantages coming from the variety of cultures make life in America colorful. 50. Which is the best title for this passage? A. Advantages and Disadvantages. B. Different Customs and Habits. C. Home for the People. D. “Side-by-side” Living Style in America. B Toyota Motor Corp, Japan’s biggest carmaker, said on Friday it will recall 1,489 Lexus sedans (高级轿车) sold in China. "It will take us some time to ship the fuel tanks and vent pipes to China to change those in these Lexus sedans for customers free of charge, if problems are found," said Yang Hongjian, a spokes- woman of Toyota’s China representative office. The expected recall will affect Lexus LS430 sedans made in Japan from July 29, 2003 to January 14, 2004, the representative office said in a statement. Toyota has not received complaints from Chinese customers, according to the statement. The move will be part of Toyota’s global recall of 18,200 Lexus LS430s. It will be the third car recall in China in two weeks. Although automobile recall is a common practice in developed markets, it remains new to Chinese

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customers. The Chinese government published long-awaited automobile recall rules on March 15, which will be officially carried out at the beginning of October. China’s auto market is forecast to reach 10 million units by 2010. Automakers, especially Chinese producers, will face greater pressure from automobile recalls, which could be very costly sometimes, and should be in full preparations, according to the expert. The Japanese carmaker sold 1, 549 Lexus vehicles on the Chinese mainland during the first five months of this year, according to Yang. Lexus sales on the mainland reached 4,000 units last year, up from 1,600 units in 2002. (China Daily July 3, 2004) 51. What can we learn from the text? A. Chinese customers are not satisfied with Toyota Lexus LS430 sedans. B. Chinese car market has seen car recalls three times so far. C. Toyota will have a worldwide recall of Lexus LS430 sedans. D. Toyota Motor start to recall Lexus Sedans due to the problems with fuel tanks. 52. The carmakers were unwilling to recall their cars in the past mainly because ______. A. they were not fully prepared B. they couldn’t afford the cost for their car recalls C. their products could not meet the required standard D. there were no related rules and little pressure 53. It is implied in the passage that ______. A. sales of homemade automobiles will grow even faster B. automobile recalls will take place in China more frequently C. China’s car market is forecast to be the biggest by 2010 in the world D. Toyota is likely to sell the most Lexus Sedans in China in the future 54. Which of the following is the best tide of this passage? A. Toyota to Recall Its Lexus Sedans Sold in China B. China Prepares to Recall Cars C. The Problems in China’s Car Market D. Costly Japanese Car Recalls


_55_ One of the best things you can possibly do is to start your own club. It’s great fun especially if you are the sort of person who feels there’s never anything to do during the school holidays. The first thing you need to come up with is an idea for your club. _56_ Pets, clothes, pop music

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or dancing groups, sports, making things? The list is endless. Next you need some friends to be in your club with you. _57_ All you need is three or four other people who are interested in the same thing as you. _58 You should all sit down somewhere together with lots of pieces of paper and write down every name you can think up. That’ll keep you busy for ages. At your first meeting you should make up a rule book. And the first rule should be no grown-ups or little/big brothers or sisters! The best clubs are always secret! Now you have just about everything you need, except membership cards. These are very important and again you can speed a lot of time making them. 59 Why not leave some space for a photo of yourself? That will make the membership card really look like it. So there you are, get clubbing! Once you get started you’ll think of loads of more interesting things to do!

A. That’s easy. B. Enjoy your own club! C. Invite a designer to join you. D. What are you interest in? E. Some vacation is just around the corner. F. Then you need to pick a name for your club. G. Use a bright thick pen to make a special design.

IV 短文改错 文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词作斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 Dear Robert, Thank for your letter of May 12th . How glad I was when I get it. I’d be very happy to be your pen friends. Now allow me introduce myself to you. I’m a boy student aged seventeen, study in Senior Three of Hongqi High School. I’m a monitor of my class. I am about to take the National Matriculation Entrance Test after twenty days, that is, between June 7 and 8.You know, I want very much to be a doctor working for poor
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peasants that I try to make fully use of every hour and study far into the night every day. Best wishes! Yours truly, Li Hua V.书面表达 目前,街头出现了越来越多的猫与狗,对此“中学生英语报”组织了一场讨论:城市内是否可 以饲养宠物。请你根据下表所提供的信息,介绍讨论情况,并说明自己的观点和建议。 支持饲养宠物 1. 安慰孤寡老人 反对饲养宠物 1. 造成环境污染 你的观点 ……

2. 人与动物和谐相处,增添生活情趣 2. 吵闹声,甚至伤人

注意:1.词数 100 左右。2.可以适当增减细节,以使行文连贯。3.开头语已为你写好 Recently we have had a heated discussion on whether people should keep pets at home in cities. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____

Unit four Body language I. 单项选择 1—5 CCBCB 6—10 DCACD 11—15 DBDBC 16—20 ADCCB 21—25 BDBAC
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II. 完形填空 26-30BDACD III 阅读理解 46—50 BBBDD 51—54 CDBA 55—59 .E D A F G IV 短文改错: Dear Robert, Thank?thanks for your letter of May 12th . How glad I was when I get?got it. I’d be very happy to be your pen friends?friend . Now allow me ∧?+ the introduce myself to you. I’m a boy student aged seventeen, study?studying in Senior Three of Hongqi High School. I’m a—>去掉 monitor of my class. I am about? 去掉 to take the National Matriculation Entrance Examination after—>in twenty days, that is, between June 7 and 8.You know. I want very?so much to be a doctor working for poor peasants that I try to make fully?full use of every hour and study far into the night every day. Best wishes! Yours truly, V. 书面表达 One possible version: Recently we have had a heated discussion on whether people should keep pets at home in cities. Some students think it’s a good idea to keep pets because old people who live alone at home can get some comfort from pets. Besides, getting along well with animals will make our life interesting. On the contrary, the other students are against the idea. In their opinion, if too many people keep pets at home, it is bad for the environment. What is worse, pets may make too much noise and even attack people. I like animals, so I don’t think it is bad to keep pets at home. But we must take some measures to prevent them from polluting our environment. 必修四第四单元练习题 1.短语填空 31-35AADAB 36-40BDCCB 41-45CACAB

defend against; in general; at ease; lose face; on the contrary; in most cases; at a distance; put up; in defence of; reach out 1.It was getting dark. We had to________ in the forest for the night. 2.Animals are________ fond of eating and moving in company. 3.When he failed to beat his opponent, he felt he had ________with his friends. 4.It is a timid animal but will fight like a tiger________ its young. 5.The risk of affection hasn't decreased—________ ,it has increased. 6.________,food poisoning happens during summer. 7.I was wondering why you seemed to want to keep everybody________. 8.One of the men suddenly ________ a hand and grabbed my arm.
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9.Steps are being taken to ________the city______attack. 10.The mother felt________after being informed that her children were safe. 11.单词拼写 1.We shall________(保卫)our motherland, whatever the cost may be. 2.The museum had several paintings ________(代表) the artist's early style. 3.The boy looked at me ________(好奇地), as if I were a complete stranger. 4.He is fluent in________(口语的) English,but is not good at written English. 5.Your heart will not ________(发挥功能) properly if you don't rest regularly. 6.The police took down the witness's________ (陈述). 7.Jim came up and gave me a big ________(拥抱) as soon as he saw me. 8.Try to avoid being ________(主观的) and onesided when looking at problems. 9.At the airport,he kissed me goodbye on the________ (面颊). 10.Speak clearly,or you?ll make yourself________(误解). 111 单项选择 1.The hostess ________ all the guests warmly as they arrived. A.greeted B.defended C.eased D.skimmed 2.Don't be too ________ about things you are not supposed to know. A.direct B.bored C.curious D.modest 3.At the meeting they discussed three different ________ to the solution to pollution. A.approaches B.means C.methods D.ways 4 As winter ______, weather became cold. A. approachs B. approaching C. to approach D. approached 5 people are encouraged to speak openly, but careless words are ________ to hurt others? feelings. A. possible B. probable C. likely D. Sure 6 Finding her car stolen, _______. A. a policeman was asked to help B. the area was searched thoroughly C. it was looked for everywhere D. she hurried to a policeman for help 7.When first _____ into the market, these products enjoyed great success. A. introducing B. Introduced C. introduce D. being introduced 8.. It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood ___ to her mother. A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing 9--The last one __ pays the meal. --Agreed! A. arrived B. arrives C. to arrive D. arriving 10.He joined the army in 2006,and quickly rose to the ______ of captain. A.flight B.rank C.adult D.budget 11 ___ his key, he couldn’t enter the room. A. Having lost B. Losing C. To loss D. Lost
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12. ___riding a bike he fell down to the ground. A. As B. While C. As soon as D. Immediately 13. _____ from his clothes, he is not so poor. A. Judged B. Judging C. To judge D.Judge 14_____ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean the river. A. Having suffered B. Suffering C. To suffer D. Suffered 15The moon ___ , we came to the foot of the mountain. A. appeared B. appears C. appearing D. appear 1v 单句改错 1. Having not seen the film, I can?t tell you what I think of it. 2. The men worked for extra hours got an extra pay. 3. Seen from the top of the hill, we find the city more beautiful. 4. Generally speak, facial expressions are helpful communications, too. 5. “ Can?t you read?” the man said, angrily pointed to the notice on the wall. 6. Knocking at the door before entering, please. 7. European football is played in 80 countries, made it the most popular sport in the world.

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