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珠海市实验中学 2013 届高三下学期第四次周测 英 语

I 语言知识及应用(共两节,满分 45 分)
第一节 完形填空 (共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 It was a freezing November night

and the stars shone coldly as I walked through the deserted town of Wick with my heavy overnight bag. It was the third time I'd ____1____ the streets looking for somewhere—anywhere—to stay. But there was no sign of ___2____, even the pubs were shut. I ___3___ to wrap my scarf round my neck. "Five more hours before the next train to Thurso," I thought ____4___, picturing a sleepless night on the streets. Then suddenly I heard a ____5___ behind me:"What's up, laddie? Need some help?" It was from an old man called Robert MacDougal who noticed me huddle(卷缩)in the street on his way home. When I ____6___ my situation he ____7___ offered shelter for the night. At first I was___8___. I''d learnt from experience not to trust ___9____, having been robbed once in London. That ___10___ had left its mark, but it soon became clear that Robert sincerely desired to help. Wick was a small town and ____11___ I wasn't a local. It was also obvious that I needed a place to sleep. I ____12____ Robert back to a small cottage where we sat in front of a warm fire and had a little chat about Wick and Robert. Robert was a ___13___. He had three children and several grandchildren, but most of them had moved away. I began to ____14____ why Robert was glad of some company. After a peaceful night on an old sofa, I got up at 4:30 a.m. To catch my ____15____, leaving behind a note of thanks. Today I sometimes think about Wick, and wonder if Robert is still there. I'll always remember with gratitude his simple act of kindness. 1. A.hunted for B.go through C.walked round D.twisted up 2. A.life B.hope C.tourism D.trust 3. A.continued B.attempted C.paused D.managed 4. A.enthusiastically B.desperately C.delightedly D.unbelievably 5. A.voice B.remark C.sound D.speech 6. A.introduced B.explained C.exposed D.mentioned 7. A.unwillingly B.reluctantly C.automatically D.immediately 8. A.considerate B.suspicious C.reasonable D.curious 9. A.strangers B.elders C.adults D.robbers 10. A.accident B.coincident C.evidence D.incident 11. A.strangely B.apparently C.luckily D.naturally 12. A.watched B.attracted C.followed D.directed 13. A.widower B.father C.husband D.survivor 14. A.understand B.acknowledge C.know D.analyze 15.A.dream B.flight C.bus D.train 第二节 语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的

词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在标号为 16~25 的相应位置上。 Why is pink or purple a color for girls and blue or brown for boys? The answer depends largely 16 cultural values as well as personal experiences. To the Egyptians, green was a color 17 represents the hope and joy of spring, while for Muslims, it means heaven. Red is a symbol of good luck in many cultures. During the Spring Festival in China, children 18 (give) money in a red envelope to bring good fortune in the New Year. For many nations, blue is a symbol of protection and religious beliefs. Greek people often wear a blue necklace hoping to protect 19 against evils(灾祸). People?s 20 (choose) of colors is also influenced by their bodies? reactions toward them. Green is said to be 21 most restful color. It has the ability to reduce pain and relax people both mentally 22 physically. People 23 (work) in green environment have been found to have fewer stomach aches. Red can cause a person?s blood pressure to rise and increase people?s appetites 食欲) Many ( . decorators will include different shades of red in the restaurant. 24 (similar), many commercial websites will have a red “Buy Now” button because red is a color that easily catches a person?s eye. Blue is another calming color. Unlike red, blue is believed to cause people to lose appetite. So 25 you want to eat less, some suggest that eating from blue plates can help.

Ⅱ.阅读(共两节,满分 50 分)
第一节 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 A When I was growing up, I had an old neighbor named Doctor Gibbs. He didn't look like any doctor I'd ever known. He never yelled at us for playing in his yard, but was always very kind. When Doctor Gibbs wasn't saving lives, he was planting trees. He had some interesting theories about planting trees. He believed in the principle: "No pain, no gain". He hardly watered his new trees, an attitude which flew in the face of conventional wisdom. Once I asked why and he told me that watering plants spoiled them because it made them grow weaker. He said you had to make things tough for the trees so that only the strongest could survive. He talked about how watering trees made them develop shallow roots and how, if they were not watered, trees would grow deep roots in search of water. So, instead of watering his trees every morning, he'd beat them with a rolled-up newspaper. I asked him why he did that, and he said it was to get the tree's attention. Doctor Gibbs died a couple of years after I left home. Every now and then, I walked by his house and looked at the trees that I'd watched him plant some 25 years ago. They were tall and strong. I planted a couple of trees myself a few years ago. Two years of attending these trees meant they grew up weak. Whenever a cold wind blew, their branches trembled. Adversity seemed to benefit Doctor Gibb's trees in ways comfort and ease never could. Every night before I go to bed, I check on my two sons. I often pray that their lives will be easy. But lately I've been thinking that it's time to change my prayer. I know my children are going to encounter hardship. There's always a cold wind blowing somewhere. What we need to do is to

pray for deep roots, so when the rains fall and the winds blow, we won't be torn apart. 26. With the trees planted, Doctor Gibbs often______. A. paid little attention to them B. talked to them to get their attention C. kept watering them every morning D. beat them to make them grow deep roots 27. What does the author think of the way Doctor Gibbs planted trees? A. Original and reasonable. B. Strange and harmful. C. Interesting and funny. D. Cruel and unacceptable. 28. What does the underlined word "Adversity" mean in the seventh paragraph? A. Bad weather. B. Lack of moisture. C. Enough care or attention. D. Difficult living conditions. 29. Which prayer does the author wish for his sons? A. Have an easy life, without too much to worry about. B. Meet people like Dr Gibbs in the future. C. Have good luck, encountering less hardship in their life. D. Be able to stand the rain and wind in their lives. 30. Which of the following is the best title for the article? A. Deep roots count B. Prayers for my sons C. Doctor Gibbs and his trees D. Trees need no water B Phil White has just returned from an 18,000-mile, around-the-world bicycle trip. White had two reasons for making this epic journey. First of all, he wanted to use the trip to raise money for charity, which he did. He raised £70,000 for the British charity, Oxfam. White's second reason for making the trip was to break the world record and become the fastest person to cycle around the world. He is still waiting to find out if he has broken the record or not. White set off from Trafalgar Square, in London, on 19th June 2004 and was back 299 days later. He spent more than l,300 hours in the saddle(车座) and destroyed four sets of tyres and three bike chains. He had the adventure of his life crossing Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. Amazingly, he did all of this with absolutely no support team. No jeep carrying food, water and medicine. No doctor. Nothing! Just a bike and a very, very long road. The journey was lonely and desperate at times. He also had to fight his way across deserts, through jungles and over mountains. He cycled through heavy rains and temperatures of up to 45 degrees, all to help people in need. There were other dangers along the road. In Iran, he was chased by armed robbers and was lucky to escape with his life and the little money he had. The worst thing that happened to him was having to cycle into a headwind on a road that crosses the south of Australia. For l,000 kilometres he battled against the wind that was constantly pushing him. This part of the trip was slow, hard work and depressing, but he made it in the end. Now Mr.

White is back and intends to write a book about his adventures. 31. When Phil White returned from his trip, he __________. A. broke the world record B. collected money for Oxfam C. destroyed several bikes D. travelled about l,300 hours 32. What does the underlined word "epic" in Paragraph l most probably mean? A. Very slow but exciting. B. Very long and difficult. C. Very smooth but tiring. D. Very lonely and depressing. 33. During his journey around the world, Phil White __________. A. fought heroically against robbers in Iran B. experienced the extremes of heat and cold C. managed to ride against the wind in Australia D. had a team of people who travelled with him 34. Which of the following words can best describe Phil White? A. Imaginative. B. Patriotic. C. Modest. D. Determined. 35. What actually inspired Phil White to overcome all the difficulties? A. To help people in need. B. To test his new bicycle. C. To prove his potential. D. To show off his ability. C According to a report , more than a million workers will fail to take their full annul leave(年 假) this year in UK. That?s to say, totally, those workers will give up 6.2 million days of vacation, with an average of five days for each worker. For their employers, they feel happy because that is equal to a potential $500 million of ?free? work, which, according to an economist will boost(使增 长) the output of the economy by about two percent. The report also showed that the main reasons employees give up their remaining annul leave are due to pressures at work and their failing to appreciate that taking a break could make them more productive and, in turn, boost the economy in the long term. The research, done by price comparison website Travel Supermarket, found that more than one in four of those who will give up their remaining holidays (28 percent) will do so due to pressures at work. Bob Atkinson, travel expert for Travel Supermarket said: “As the economy is not so satisfying, it?s no surprise that people are cautious to take all their leave, especially if they feel stressed and uncertainty at work.” Nine percent of the 2,020 people surveyed also said they would feel guilty about taking the leave because their work would have to be taken care of by their colleagues. A further three percent said they would be concerned about how taking time off would look to their employer, while the same percentage said they did not want to miss anything interesting or beneficial at work in the time they would be away. Vicky Redwood, chief UK economist at Capital Economics, said: “Suppose that there are about 250 working days in a year, getting an extra five ?free? days of work from their employees could in theory boost the output of the economy by about two percent. On the other hand, if workers are less productive as a result of not getting enough breaks from work, taking all the

annual leave, in fact, will perhaps increase the economy.” 36. According to the report, in UK more than a million workers A. will not ask for leave in their working days B. will take five days leave on average C. will work 500 million days freely for their employers D. will not take all their holiday leave this year


37. Which of the following is NOT a reason why employees don?t take all their holiday leave? A. They have a lot of pressures at work. B. They don?t realize that they will be more productive after taking a break. C. They are busy and have no time because they have a lot of work to do. D. They don?t think it proper to have their work taken care of by their colleagues. 38. According to the report above, three percent of the people don?t take all their holiday leave because ________. A. they are worried about their employer?s view on their taking holidays B. they are under great pressure from the work C. they are afraid of being found by their employers while taking holidays D. they worry about losing their jobs after taking holidays 39. From what Vicky Redwood said, we can infer that ________. A. employees? extra five days of work will certainly boost the output of the economy by about two percent. B. not getting enough breaks from work may cause workers less productive C. in order to boost output in the economy, employees should give up some holidays D. the more leave the employees take, the better the economy will become 40. The passage is mainly about ________. A. a report about how the workers in UK take their holidays B. the fact that one million employees in UK don?t take all their annual leave C. how the pressures at work affect the workers in UK D. reasons why employees give up their right to take holidays D Taxi, the underground, driving…in London these means of transport are expensive. As a student on a budget, I couldn't afford the 30 pounds (around 300 yuan) fare for a taxi. Even a bus was one pound and 20 pence (about 12 yuan) for a single ticket. I didn't need to travel this way anyway. I had Mabel-- my London bike. When I moved to Beijing, like every foreigner, I was delighted to discover I could take a cab for cheaper than a single journey on the subway. But something was wrong. I missed Mabel. That was when I met Mandarin Mabel also known as Mandy, my Beijing bike. In many ways, Beijing is made for: It is a flat, easy land compared with hilly London. The cycling city's north/south/east/west square structure is also easier to travel than London's unplanned, twisting streets. However, Beijing comes completely with its own dangers. The rules of the road are flexible. Bikes, cars, passers-by all float up and down ways in both directions. Compared with London's terrible cycle paths, in Beijing, every road has huge, wide cycle ways. But cars, taxis and motorbikes see no reason why they shouldn't use the cycle ways as a shortcut, and why they shouldn't announce you to get out of their way when they do.

Beijing traffic is more good-natured. In London, the road is an active war. People shout, quarrel and beat on each other's windows. In Beijing zone, drivers never get actively angry. In fact, often they ignore cyclists. Obviously that means it's up to the cyclists to see them. Mandy is a tree Beijing bike. It is nearly broken, it makes loud noises every time you ride on it, and I have had to make several emergency repair stops for it. But cycling round Beijing on a sunny day is a joy. It is just me, Mandy and the city. 41. What can we conclude from the first paragraph? A. Bicycles are the most popular means of transport in London. B. To save money, the author used travel around by bus in London. C. The expense of public transport makes some people want to buy a bike. D. The author didn't travel around London because of lacking a bike. 42. What does the author think of cycling around Beijing? A. The city's twisting streets make it hard for the rider to find the way. B. Cars, taxis and motorbikes on the cycle lane pose a threat to cyclists. C. With the flat land and wide cycle lanes, it's safer to cycle in Beijing than in London. D. Cycling in Bejing is safe because of its flexible rules. 43. What can we infer from the article? A. In the author's view, Beijing drivers drive more safely. B. In London, cars, taxis and motorbikes are allowed to use the cycle paths. C. People in London follow the traffic rules more closely than those in Beijing. D. Mandy breaks down so easily that it makes the author miss her London bike Mabel. 44. The reason why drivers in Beijing seldom get angry is that______. A. the cycle ways are fiat B. they care little about cyclists C. they can even drive on the cycle ways D. people in Beijing don't often ride bikes 45. What does the article mainly talk about? A. To tell us what makes the author love cycling. B. To compare cycling in Beijing with that in London. C. To introduce the differences between Mabel and Mandy. D. To explain why Beijing is made for cycling.

第二节 信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 首先,请阅读下列职位招聘广告的信息,然后与下面的信息进行匹配。 A. Production Engineer Requirements: Training workers on all technical procedures and all technical problems for workshop. Graduated from university, and the major is mechanical engineering. Have more than three years? experience for designing and manufacturing. Communication in English and Chinese. B. Project Management Assistant Requirements: College degree or above; Good command of English and computer skills; Related work experience in international organizations; Patient, careful and supportive.

C. Sales Manager Requirements: Minimum (最少) of two-year? s sales experience; University/College degree; Good command of English; Excellent communication skills; Responsible, patient, energetic and enthusiastic(热情的); Basic office computer skills (Excel, Word and E-mail). D. Marketing Assistant Requirements: College degree or above with good English (speaking and writing)skills; With basic ideas of sales and marketing; Working experience is not necessary; Good communication and presentation skills. E. Full-time Secretary Requirements: Applicants should have at least two years of experience and be able to type 60 words a minute. No computer skills required. Apply in person at United Business Ltd, 17 Browning Street. F. Service Engineer Requirements: A communication agency is looking for a junior designer with one year? s experience; Qualification of education: design education background; Computer skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, 3d Max; Languages: fluent in Chinese and English. 请阅读以下有关求职者的信息,然后匹配他们和适合他们的职位: 46. Jack, a Chinese good at English, majored engineering. He graduated from a famous university in America and he has five years? experience in designing and training staff. He is hardworking and good at communicating with others. 47. Peter Hessler, who graduated from a famous university, became the manager of an international company five years ago, and his duty is to sell the products of the company. He speaks fluent English and French and is good at communicating with others. 48. Thomas Wright got a master?s degree. His spoken English is excellent, but he has no working experience. He is good at writing and communication. When in college, he got on well with all his classmates and teachers because he is helpful and enthusiastic. 49. Alice was trained as a secretary and has six years of experience. She is an excellent typist but does not know how to use a computer. She is looking for a full-time position. 50. Harry, a Chinese English teacher from Shenzhen, lives in Canada now. In university, he once learned basic design skills and has more than five years? working experience. As a teacher, he is not only a teacher but also a close friend to his students.

Ⅲ.写作(共两节,满分 40 分)
第一节 基础写作(共 1 小题,满分 15 分) 假设你是李华,你发现部分同学每次碰到重要考试,都会出现一些焦虑症状。请你用英文写

一封信,像某学生英文报编辑反映该问题。信的内容应包括下列要点。 焦虑症 建议 其他建议 头晕,乏力,睡眠不好,食 1. 考前制定好合适的复习 你的建议 欲不振等 计划; 2. 考试期间正常作息; 3. 睡前洗热水澡、 喝热牛奶 等有助于睡眠 参考词汇:头晕 dizzy (adj.) [写作要求] 1. 只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容; 2. 开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入句子总数; 3. 留言中不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。 Dear editor, I?m Li Hua of Senior Three. I?m writing to tell you about some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams.

Yours, Li Hua [评分标准]句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。

第二节 读写任务(共 1 小题,满分 25 分) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 BEIJING -- a 50-city quarterly survey conducted by the People's Bank of China (PBOC) found that in the first quarter, 49.2 percent of the 20,000 respondents said prices had become intolerable. While 47.5 percent of the respondents felt prices were rather high but still tolerable. Mr. Dou Lanqing, one respondent, said, “The goods in supermarket are apparently more expensive than before. In the meanwhile, I have to pay a bigger bill if my family go out for dinner now.” The report also found that many families began to take different measures to reduce the stress from the increasing prices. It shows that 35.4 percent of those surveyed generally put their money into banks, and that 27.6 percent tended to invest in stocks and mutual funds, down 8.2 percentage points quarter-on-quarter. Besides, most people prefer to work out a family budget. Mr. Dou said, “with a reasonable budget, i can save more than 20% of my money every month, which used to be spent on unnecessary things. As long as we manage our money properly, the increasing prices, I think, should be not that terrible.” [写作内容] 1. 以约 30 个词概括短文的要点; 2. 然后以约 120 个词就“物价上涨及中学生节省开支”这一话题写一篇发言稿,发表看法, 并包括如下要点: (1)你在日常生活中对物价上涨的体会; (2)中学生在日常生活中应如何精打细算,节省开支; (3)呼吁同学们从小事做起,发扬节约的中华美德。

[写作要求] 1. 可以使用实例或其它论述方法支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接 引用原文中的句子; 2.发言稿中不能现出真实姓名和学校名称。 3. 标题自定。 Dear boys and girls, It?s my great honor to make a speech here. Recently, the People?s Bank of China conducted a quarterly survey on prices in 50 cities.


完形填空: 1. C 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.A 6. B 11.B 12.C 13.A 14.A 15.D 语法填空 16. on 17. that/ which 18. are given 21. the 22. and 23. working 阅读理解 26-30 AADDA 31-35 BBCDA 36-40 DCABD(40 大家多思考下) 41-45 CBCBB 46-50 ACDEF 7.D 8.B 9.A 10.D

19. themselves 24. Similarly

20. choice 25. if

Dear editor, I?m Peng Ming of Senior Three. I?m writing to tell you about some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams. Most of us feel nervous whenever we?re taking an important exam, such as feeling dizzy or tired, suffering from lack of sleep, or losing their appetite. In fact, all these symptoms have terrible effects on our exams and we are all eager to get rid of them. First of all, studying hard every day and making careful plans for every exam can help us avoid suffering from the pressure of exams. Besides, during the period of exams, we should avoid staying up too late and try a warm bath or a cup of warm milk before going to bed, which might help us to have a sound sleep. In my opinion, we?d better go out for a walk or do some outdoor exercises before and during an exam so that we can keep ourselves relaxed and then concentrate ourselves on exams.

Dear editor, I?m Peng Ming of Senior Three. I?m writing to tell you about some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams. Most of us feel nervous whenever we?re taking an important exam, such as feeling dizzy or tired, suffering from lack of sleep, or losing their appetite. In fact, all these symptoms have terrible effects on our exams and we are all eager to get rid of them. First of all, in my opinion, it?s important for us to have a proper attitude towards exams because they are only a means of checking how we are getting along with our studies, so there is no need to worry too much about the results. Studying hard every day and making careful plans for every exam can help us avoid suffering from the pressure of exams. Besides, enough sleep can make us energetic and enable us to perform well in an exam. Therefore, during the period of exams, we should avoid staying up too late and try a warm bath or a cup of warm milk before going to bed, which might help us to have a sound sleep. We?d better go out for a walk or do some outdoor exercises before and during an exam so that we can keep ourselves relaxed and then concentrate ourselves on exams.


Dear boys and girls, It?s my great honour to make a speech here. Recently, the People?s Bank of China conducted a quarterly survey on prices in 50 cities. Nearly half of the respondents said they couldn?t tolerate the increasing prices, while some others considered it ok although they acknowledged the truth. As a result, many families began to seek various ways to save money. The survey does draw my attention to the rapidly increasing prices in my daily life. Take food as an example, the prices of pork, beaf, fish, chicken, as well as various vegetables, have risen at least 20%. It seems that money is flowing out of our pockets more quickly, but silently. Although we middle school students feel less stress than our parents do, we should also have a proper budget for our pocket money. For example, we can make the most of each exercise book and reuse some waste paper. Or we can also try to cut down our expenses on unnecessary magazines, cds and so on. In a word, we can save money in many aspects in our daily life. All in all, saving money is a great chinese virtue and it is especially needed in this period. thank you!


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