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第二部分 时文阅读理解 (1)[1]

第二部分 阅读理解 Passage 1 Kim Soo-hyun (金秀贤) was born on February 16, 1988. He is a South Korean actor, model and singer and best known for his roles in the television dramas Dream High, Moon Embra

cing the Sun, and My Love from the Star, as well as the movies The Thieves and Secretly, Greatly. Kim Soo-hyun was very quiet in middle school and no one expected him to enter the entertainment field (娱乐圈). But he didn’t want to be quiet any more, so he first started acting in high school. When he was working hard at memorizing scripts and practiced for school plays, Kim’s idea to become an actor grew greatly. He started to learn in Chung-Ang University, majoring (专业;主攻) in Theater and Film Studies. His acting is getting better and better. At last, he appeared in the musicals (音乐剧) Grease and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2003. ( ) 1. Kim Soo-hyun is a _______. A. Chinese actor B. English model C. South Korean actor D. America singer ( ) 2. No one thought that he could ________. A. study very well B. eat a lot ( C. help his friends D. enter the entertainment field ) 3. Kim Soo-hyun was majoring in _______. A. Chemistry B. English C. Theater and Film Studies D. vocal music ) 4. Which one is TRUE? A. Kim Soo-hyun was born on February 15, 1988. B. Kim Soo-hyun was very quiet in middle school. C. He started acting in middle school. D. Kim’s goal was to be a doctor. ) 5. What does the underline word “scripts” mean? A. 剧本 B.时间 Passage 2 The “Chinese First Lady”, Peng Liyuan is a very famous C.演出时间 D.句型



Chinese folk singer and performing artist. Peng is the Dean (系主任) of the People’s Liberation Army Art Academy. She became very popular as a woman soprano(女高音) singer, because she appeared on the

CCTV New Year’s Gala (央视春晚) almost every year. Almost everybody in China enjoy watching this television program at the same time during the Chinese New Year. She is quite good at singing the songs. She has won many prizes in singing competitions all over China. Everybody in China likes her songs. Her most famous songs include People from Our Village (父老乡亲), Zhumulangma (珠穆朗玛) and In the Field of Hope. Peng is a member of China’s People’s Liberation Army and holds the rank equivalent to major general (相当于大将军衔). She was the first in China to obtain a Master’s degree (硕士学位) in traditional folk music when the degree was started in the 1980s. ( ) 1. Peng Liyuan is a ___________. A. soprano singer C. university student ( A. university competitions C. acting competitions ( ) 3. Which one is TRUE? A. Peng is the head of the People’s Liberation Army. B. Her most famous singles include In the Field of Sad. C. Peng’s rank of People’s Liberation Army equivalent to Major general. D. She obtained a Singing’s degree. ( ( ) 4. What does the underline word “obtain” mean? A. 拿走 A. Peng Liyuan C. People’s Liberation Army B. 获得 C. 流行 B. Obtain Degrees D. Famous Songs Passage 3 Happy Camp is a Chinese show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System. The series started in July 7, 1997, and has remained in production since then, because it is very popular. The show was hosted (主持) by the Happy Family: He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na, Du Haitao, and Wu Xin. Happy Camp is one of China’s most popular shows, with a viewership of tens of millions. The show is played every Saturdays. Because the show is so popular, it has won many awards (奖项) in Asia. This show has been watched by the Chinese people

B. famous actress D. worker B. singing matches D. speech matches

) 2. Peng Liyuan has won lots of honors in ________.

D. 录取

) 5. What is the best title of this?

through out the world. This show is purposely (专门地) created for young people to watch. Over the years, the happy camp family has produced music albums (专辑) and movies. The main purpose of these productions is to bring happiness to the people. The hosts have been well known by the people. ( ( ) 1.Happy Camp is produced by ______ Broadcasting System. A. Shenzhen A. July 7, 1997 C. June 7, 1997 ( ( ( ) 3.There are ______ hosts. A. nine A. 电视机 B. one B. 电视观众 C. four C. 面试 D. five D.复习 ) 4.The underlined word “viewership” means “__________” in Chinese. ) 5.Which of the following is TRUE? A. This show has been watched by American people. B. Happy Camp always makes people cry. C. Happy Camp is played every Sundays. D. Happy Camp has won many awards in Asia. Passage 4 The UK wants Chinese teachers to try to increase the level of maths in its schools. Chinese students have the highest international test results. There is a huge difference in maths levels between the UK and China. A newspaper said: “The children of cleaners in Shanghai outperform those of UK doctors and lawyers in global maths tests.” The UK will hire (雇佣) 60 of Shanghai's best maths teachers to help improve the ability of one million British students. The UK is far behind many countries in maths. Poor numeracy (数字计算) costs the UK economy $30 billion a year. Britain’s education minister (教育官员) went on a fact-finding mission to China. She said: “We have some brilliant maths teachers … but what I saw in Shanghai… strengthened my belief that we can learn from them.” She added: “They have a can-do attitude (态度) to maths and I want us to match (与……相匹配) that.” Maths qualifications (资格) . ( ) 1. The UK will hire ________ best maths teachers to teach one million British A. sixty of Shanghai’s B. six hundred of Shanghai’s students. B. Fenghuang C. Hunan D. Hebei ) 2.The series started in _________. B. July 10, 2001 D. May 7, 1998


C. six of Shanghai’s ( ( A. a bad attitude B. fears

D. six thousand of Shanghai’s C. difficulty D. a can-do attitude

) 2. Shanghai’s maths teachers have ________ to math. ) 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. The UK wants Canada teachers to try to increase the level of math in its

schools. B. The UK is far behind many countries in maths. C. Britain’s students went on a fact-finding mission to China. D. Maths qualifications cannot equal higher salaries and better jobs. ( ( ) 4. What does the underlined word “outperform” mean? A. 大于 A. Chinese Maths C. Better Jobs B. 胜利 C. 胜过 D. 失败 ) 5. What is the best title of this passage? B. The UK Wants Chinese Math Teacher D. The UK Students Passage 5 Superman and Batman ( 蝙蝠侠 ) will be in the same film together for the first time ever. The movie will be in cinemas in the summer of 2015. Zack Snyder, the director of the latest Superman movie “Man Of Steel,” told reporters the news on Saturday. He said many fans of the two superheroes would be happy that the two characters are going to team up. Henry Cavill, who starred (担当主演) in “Man Of Steel,” will play Superman again in the new film. The producers (出品人) don’t yet know which actor will play Batman. Moviegoers are expecting an action-packed adventure that will be like no other superhero film. Mr Snyder said he could not give away any secrets about the story because the script hasn’t been written yet. The movie company Warner Bros. hopes the Superman-Batman duo (二人组) will be as successful as the 2012 film "The Avengers". That movie made $1.5 billion worldwide and successfully brought together the main characters (角色)owned by Marvel Comics. Warner Bros. and DC Comics (the owners of Superman and Batman) have spent many years trying to agree to the new film. Snyder told reporters just how great he thought the new movie would be, saying: “Let’s face it, it’s a great challenge for us to make a most exciting story, and we’re sure it will be a great success, since they are the greatest superheroes in the world.”

However, some fans are worried about the new movie. They think the movie needs to be a very, very special story to be successful. ( ) 1. The movie will be in ______. A. 2015 (in the summer) C. fall 2015 ( A. Mr. Snyder C. Moviegoers ( ) 3. Which of the following is WRONG? A. The script hasn't been written yet. B. Some fans think the movie needs to be a very, very special story to be successful. C. The man who starred in "Man of Steel," will play Superman again in the new film. D. Marvel Comics is the director of the latest Superman movie "Man of Steel". ( ( ) 4. What does the underlined word “script” mean? A. 画面 A. Man Of Steel B. Superman & Batman to be in the same movie C. An action-packed adventure D. Superman and Batman Passage 6 Britain says it will send ten war ships to Gibraltar(直布罗陀) on Monday. The ships will make a stop there on their way to the Middle East. Many people think the stopover (中途停留) is a bad time because relations between Britain and Spain have become bad recently. Spain got angry after Gibraltar’s government (直布罗陀政 府) put concrete blocks (水泥石块) on the seabed. It said this was to let sea life grow and to stop Spanish boats fishing nearby. Spain then said it might start charging 50 euros (about $67) for people to travel across the border between Gibraltar and Spain. Tensions increased again when Spain started searching people entering Spain as security against terrorism. Motorists had to wait for up to six hours at the border. Spain gave Gibraltar to Britain in 1713 under the Treaty of Utrecht (乌特勒支 条约 ). It became an important base for Britain’s Royal Navy ( 英国皇家海军 ). Gibraltar is a small area of land which covers just 6.8 square kilometers, south of

B. the spring of 2014 D. for Christmas 2014 B. Henry Cavill D. Superman

) 2. _______ want a new action-packed adventure in the film.

B. 景色

C. 剧本

D. 事件

) 5. What is the best title of this passage?

Cadiz. The 430-meter-tall Rock of Gibraltar stands in the center. The population is around 30,000 and most of them are very happy for being a part of British. Many parts of Gibraltar look like a piece of mainland Britain. Spain has argued for many years that Gibraltar should be returned to Spain. Britain's government said that could only happen if the people of Gibraltar vote for (投票) it. The British prime minister ( 首相 ) told his Spanish partner: “This problem should not break our relations. However there was a real risk of this happening.” ( ( ) 1. Spain got angry because Gibraltar put _______ on the seabed. A. blocks B. rods C. nets B. Reinsurance Treaty D. the Treaty of Brest-Litovsh D. mines ) 2. Spain gave Gibraltar to Britain in 1713 under ________. A. the Treaty of Versailles C. the Treaty of Utrecht ( ) 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Spain became an important base for Britain's Royal Navy. B. British warships will stay in Gibraltar to protect the people there. C. Gibraltar is a small area of land measuring just 8.6 square kilometers, south of Cadiz. D. The population of Gibraltar is around 30,000. ( ) 4. The “risk” that the British leader talked about was ______. A. the people of Gibratar won’t vote for it B. there will be no more fish near Gibraltar C. there will be no war D. their relations will be broken ( ) 5. What does the underlined word terrorism mean? A. 恐怖主义 B. 安全防范 Passage 7 Being attacked by killer bees usually only happens in thriller movies or nightmares (噩梦). For a couple in Texas, the nightmare turned into reality ( 现实) on Wednesday night. Kristen Beauregard, 44, and her boyfriend were in their garden exercising their two ponies (小马). Ms Beauregard told reporters that everything was normal until one of the ponies started kicking and jumping. The animal was very frightened about something. Suddenly she saw a dark cloud in the sky and she realized it was a large group of bees. She said: “It got all dark, like it was night time, there were so many bees.” The bees attacked the couple and their horses.

C. 糟糕

D. 犯罪分子

Luckily they had a swimming pool, so the couple jumped in. Ms Beauregard was stung over 200 times by the bees. Her boyfriend counted over 50 stings on his arms, neck and head. The pool probably saved their lives because the bees could not attack them under the water. Kristen explained how terrifying (令人恐惧的) it was. She said: “We were trying to stand up in the water but every time we stuck our heads out for air, they would cover us and start stinging us. We were trying to breathe and they were stinging us on the face and on the nose.” Unluckily, the two ponies could not escape (逃离) from the bees. They got stung thousands of times. One died on the farm, the other passed away at the vet's clinic (兽医门诊) later that evening. ( ) 1. ________ usually only happens in horror movies or nightmares. A. Killing bees C. Being attacked by killer bees ( A. exercising C. jumping ( ) 3. The second pony died _______. A. in the field C. in an ambulance ( A. A pony attacked the bees. B. The woman saw something that she thought was a bright, white cloud. C. It is likely that a swimming pool saved the couple from death. D. The man had 250 stings on his arms, neck and head. ( ) 5. What does the underlined word “stung” mean? A. 划破 B. 蜇 Passage 8 Robots aren’t only in the movies or on TV. One “real” robot recently married a couple at a wedding ceremony in Tokyo, Japan. Fifty guests stood as the music played and the bride(新娘)walked down towards the groom (新郎). Only one guest stayed seated - the minister(牧师), who happened to be a robot. For this special ceremony, the four-foot tall robot named I-Fairy wore flowers around her head. I-Fairy’s eyes flashed colored lights as she pronounced the couple man-and-wife and asked the groom to kiss the bride. The wedding was the first time a marriage had been led by a robot, according to the company that built I-Fairy.

B. seeing bees as big as horses D. Feeding bees B. looking for bees D. exercising their horses B. at the vet’s clinic D. in the swimming pool

) 2. The couple was _______ in their garden at that time.

) 4. Which of the following is TRUE?

C. 疼痛

D. 讽刺

A robot might seem like an unusual choice(选择)to lead a wedding, but if you knew the couple you would think I-Fairy was the perfect choice. That’s because the groom teaches robotics at a university and the bride works for the company that built I-Fairy. The newly married couple hopes their wedding will encourage more uses for robots. They hope their wedding will give people ideas about ways in which they might use robots to do “everyday things” in their lives in the near future. ( ( )1. The “real” robot is the ________ at the wedding ceremony. A. bride B. groom C. reporter D. minister )2. Which is TRUE about the robot? A. It wore flowers around the neck for the ceremony B. Its eyes flashed colored lights while it was speaking. C. It was built by the I-fairy company. D. It kissed the newly married couple. ( )3. In paragraph(段落)3, “robotics” must be the ________ on how robots are A. science ( B. book C. magazine D. cartoon made and used. )4. We can learn from the last paragraph that________· A. it is very usual for robots to lead weddings B. a robot is the perfect choice for everybody’s wedding C. the wedding is expected to encourage people to use robots more D. people get ideas on how to do everything with robots in the near future ( )5. This passage is a(n) ________. A. novel B. news report C. folk story D. advertisement

Passage 9 Reading or writing text messages (文本信息) while you are walking is dangerous. A new study says it is more dangerous than texting while driving. The study is from the University of Buffalo (布法罗) in the USA. Researchers found that there are more injuries per kilometer to texting pedestrians than there are to texting motorists (开车人). Their report says walking is not as easy as we think it is. We need to focus on many things at the same time to walk safely in a straight line. The research team said that people forget

how to walk properly (恰当地), so dangerous things happen to them. They bump into walls and other people, walk into cars, fall over things in the street, and even fall into holes or down stairs. A University of Buffalo professor said walking is a complex (复杂的) action. He said there are several reasons why texting stops people from walking properly. One reason is that they cannot see the path ahead of them. Another is that they are focused on their fingers on their mobile phone keyboard instead of their feet on the street. A final reason is that their minds are somewhere else and not on thinking about walking from A to B safely. The professor said over 6,000 people visited his hospital last year because they were injured while texting. He said the worst cases are head injuries (受伤). When a pedestrian is thrown into the air after being hit by a car, he/she has nothing to protect the head, and the damage can be serious. ( ) 1. Texting while walking is more dangerous than texting ________. A. while running C. while driving ( ) 2. Walking is _____________ . A. a good action C. a waste of time ( B. an easy action D. a complex action B. when you are laughing D. when you are studying

) 3. Which of the following is WRONG? A. The study is from the University of Buffalo in the USA. B. Dangerous things happen because people forget how to walk properly. C. walking is not as easy as we think it is. D. The professor said over 6,00 people visited his hospital last year because of

texting while walking. ( ( ) 4. What does the underlined word “pedestrian” mean? A. 斑马线 B.步行者 C. 缺乏想象力的 D. 火车 ) 5. What is the best title of this passage? A. It is Dangerous Texting while Driving B. No Texting C. Walking Alone D. Think about Walking

Passage 10 The British Museum in London had its most successful year ever in 2013. More than 6.7 million visitors passed through its doors. The previous record of

5.9 million was set in 2008. Over a million more people visited the museum last year than in 2012. The biggest attractions were two big exhibitions. One was Life and Death in Pompeii (庞培), the other was Herculaneum. The director of the museum said he was very happy that so many people came. He told reporters that many things happened last year. Many exhibits were carried to the museum. He also said online access (网上购票) meant more people decided to visit. He added: “This is truly a dynamic collection that belongs to and is used by a global citizenship.” The British Museum has many exhibitions about human history and culture. It has about 13 million exhibits from all over the world. Some countries want the museum to return some of them. Greece wants the Elgin Marbles back. They were originally from the Parthenon in Athens (雅典). China wants the museum to return many things the British took from China in the 19th century, and Egypt wants the Rosetta Stone. The museum first opened to the public in 1759. Back then, only about 75 people a day visited it. They could look at 71,000 objects, including 40,000 printed books, 7,000 manuscripts (手稿), and many stuffed animals (内部填充的动物), birds and insects (昆虫) . There were also very old objects from Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East, the Far East, and North and South America. ( ) 1. _______ people visited the British Museum in 2013. A. 13 million C. 71,000 ( A. last week C. in the 19th century ( A. wonderful C. surprised ( B. More than 6.7 million D. 5.9 million B. in 1849 D. at the beginning of the last century B. happy D. bored

) 2. Britain take many things from China ________.

) 3. The museum's director feel _______ that so many people came.

) 4. Which of the following is WRONG? A. The biggest attractions in 2013 were on Pompeii and Herculaneum. B. The museum's director said the Internet meant fewer visitors. C. The British Museum has around 13 million exhibits. D. The museum contained about 40,000 books when it first opened.


) 5. What does the underlined word “exhibits” mean? A.陈列品 B.假货 Passage 11 A new report from the American Heart Association says fitness (健康; 身材适



中) levels in children are lower today than they were 30 years ago. The researchers (研究员) looked at the result from the past 46 years. The surveys were on more than 25 million children in 28 countries. The research team found that on average, today’s children run one kilometre about one minute slower than their parents did thirty years ago. The results were almost the same for boys and girls. The distance (距离) a child can run is becoming a bit shorter by about 0.5% every year. One of the biggest reasons for the slowdown in children's running ability is obesity. Kids are overweight because they are eating too much and not exercising enough. The researchers say their report is worrying. If children are becoming fatter and less fit, they will be unhealthier in the future. The researcher Dr Grant Tomkinson said: “If a young person is unfit now, then they are more likely to get illness, like heart disease later in life.” Dr Tomkinson said: “We need to help to make children and young people to develop fitness habits that will keep them healthy now and into the future. They need to choose a few physical activities they like or think they might like to try, and they need to get moving.” He added: “Young people can be fit in different ways. They can be strong like a weightlifter (举重的人), or flexible (灵活) like a gymnast (体操运动员), or skillful like a tennis player.” ( ) 1. A doctor said kids who are unfit now could get _________ in the future. A. liver disease C. heart disease ( A. fitness habits C. study habits ( B. lung disease D. kidney disease B. bad habits D. relaxation habits

) 2. The doctor said kids need to develop ________.

) 3. Which of the following is WRONG? A. The researchers said their report is worrying. B. Kids are running more slowly because they have shorter legs. C. Researches looked at the surveys on over 25 million kids worldwide. D. A doctor said we need to help to make children to start exercising.

( (

) 4. What does the underlined word obesity mean? A. 不爱吃饭 B. 瘦弱 C. 懒惰 D. 肥胖 B. Physical activities D. American Heart Disease Passage 12 A new report says less than ten per cent of Britain's engineers are women. This

) 5. What is the best title of this passage? A. Children are Becoming Fatter C. Running races

shows that Britain has the fewest women engineers of all European countries. Vince Cable, the UK Business Secretary (秘书), told reporters that this would be a “very big problem for years to come”. He said one of the biggest areas work that needed more women was in computer science. Many women graduate from university with degrees in computer science, so Mr Cable did not understand why there were so few women computer engineers. He said that many companies had a “psychological barrier (心理 障碍)” against women becoming engineers. He said: “Half of all state schools don’t have a single girl doing physics. That’s the problem.” The British government has started a new activity to get more women into engineering. It is called “Tomorrow’s Engineers Week” and started on November the 4th. Mr Cable said at the meeting: “Engineering will play a very important role in the future of UK industry (工业). It is important that we act now to make sure that the students are learning good skills, so that our businesses will grow with them.” A spokesman for Siemens (西门子) UK said Britain needed to “help young people understand how an engineering (training programme) can be a rewarding (报酬丰厚 的) career”. The website of the activity said it would “show all the exciting busi nesses and industries…that rely on (依赖于……) the work of creative engineers.” ( ) 1. __________ of UK engineers are women. A. 10% 10% ( ) 2. Many companies have _______ against women engineers. A. language barrier C. psychological barrier ( ) 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Half of the girls in state schools study physics. B. Britain has the smallest number of women engineers in Europe countries. C. A spokesman said a career in engineering isn’t that rewarding. D. The UK launched a new campaign called “Next Week’s Engineers”. ( ( ) 4. What does the underlined word “career” mean? A.交易 B. 职业 C. 名利 D. 命令 ) 5. What is the best title of this passage? A. An Enormous Problem C. Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Engineers Passage 13

B. 10.01%

C. less than 10%

D. just over

B. money barrier D. physiological barrier

B. A "Psychological Barrier" D. Britain Need More Women

Fast-food workers in 58 cities in the USA did not go to work on Thursday. They went on strike because they want more money. The workers these years get paid the lowest wage (工资). This was set at $7.25 in 2009 and has not changed since then. Many workers say they cannot afford to live on that. The price of everything has gone up but their wages have stayed the same for five years. The workers want $15 an hour, which is double their wage. Julio Wilson, a cashier at a pizza restaurant, told the BBC he earns $9 an hour. He said that wasn’t enough to support himself and his five-year-old daughter. He said: “I know I may lose my job by doing so, but it’s my right to fight for what I deserve (应得的).” McDonald's and Burger King both spoke about the strike. They said they did not make decisions about how much to pay workers in most of their restaurants. They said each restaurant is independent and the manager decides how much to pay the workers. McDonald’s profits were over $5.5 billion in 2011. The burger giants (巨人) did say that an increase in wages would mean more expensive hamburgers. America’s National Restaurant Association (协会) said the wages were low because the staff are young and have little work experience. It said: “Only five per cent of restaurant employees earn the lowest wage and they are mainly working part-time and half are teenagers.” ( ) 1. Workers strike because __________. A. They didn’t like fast food. C. They got new jobs. ( ( A. $7.35 B. $7.25 B. They wanted more money. D. They wanted more food. C. $7.55 D. $7.95

) 2. How much is the minimum wage in the USA? ) 3. Which of the following is WRONG? A. The fast-food workers want a 50% pay increase. B. McDonald's said it didn't decide how much to pay its workers. C. A restaurant association said wages were low because workers are young. D. Only 5% of all restaurant workers get the minimum wage.

( (

) 4. What does the underlined word “profits” mean? A. 销售价 B. 亏损 C. 盈利 D. 成果 ) 5. What is the best title of this passage? A. U.S. fast-food workers stop working B. Having little work experience. C. Workers and their restaurants. D. Teenagers should earn more money Passage 14

A new report says Christmas in the USA is becoming less religious. Nine out of ten Americans celebrate Christmas, but only about half think it is a religious holiday. The report is from the Pew Research Center. It asked 2,001 adults about their opinions on Christmas. Just over half of those questioned people thought Christmas was a religious celebration, while 32 per cent said it was, “more of a cultural holiday”. Greg Smith from Pew Research said: “Younger adults are less likely than older adults to see Christmas as a religious rather than cultural holiday. They’re less likely to say they will attend church at Christmas…and they are less likely to believe in the virgin birth .” People are also changing what they say to each other at Christmas and what they write in cards. More and more people are choosing to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. This is because there are also non-Christian holidays happening around the same time as Christmas. Many people want to include all holidays in their holiday wishes. The research also found that 79 per cent of Americans will watch a Christmas movie, but only 59 per cent will go to church. Just 36 per cent will read the Christmas story in the Bible. The average amount ( 平均数量) of money people spend on Christmas is $914. Ten percent of Americans spend over $2,000. People most look forward to spending time with their family. ( ) 1. _______ Americans celebrate Christmas. A. Ten out of ten B. Nine out of ten C. Nine into ten D. Ten out of nine ( ) 2. Why are more and more people choosing to say “happy holidays”? A. Because they like going shopping. B. Because they have good holiday wishes. C. Because there are also non-christian holidays happening around the same time. D. They want to make fun. ( ) 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. More than 90% of those questioned thought Christmas was a religious celebration. B. Older adults are more likely than younger adults to see Christmas as a religious rather than cultural holiday. C. Ten per cent of Americans spend over $2, 0000. D. More and more people are choosing to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”.

( (

) 4. What does the underlined word “religious” mean? A.严谨的 C.地域的 B. 诚恳的 D.宗教的 ) 5. What is the best title of this passage? A. Merry Christmas B. A cultural holiday C. Christmas becoming less religious in U.S D. Christmas Card

Passage 15 A new report from the United Nations says more than 250 million children of primary school age cannot read or write. It said they could also not do basic mathematics. The report said that 120 million children have spent little or no time in school. The report also said children not going to school means countries lose money. Each year, governments lose up to $130 billion. Vibeke Jensen, a U.N. spokeswoman (发言人), said there was a global “learning crisis (危机)”. She said this was because there were not enough well-trained teachers in poor areas. She said that in one third of countries, 75 per cent of primary school teachers do not have enough training. She added: “The important thing now is to pay more attention to quality (质量).” The report said that most of those not going to school were girls. It said it was important that developing countries educate girls. Sending girls to school can increase a country's wealth (财富) by 25 per cent over 40 years. The report said that almost two-thirds (66%) of girls in Arab countries and sub-Saharan Africa would never go to school. In Yemen (也门), just 36 per cent of young women are literate. The Reuters news agency said: “If things go on like this, the poorest part of the girls and young ladies in developing countries won’t get education until the year 2072” There was some good news. In Laos, Rwanda and Vietnam, the number of children not going to school fell by 85 per cent in the last five years. ( ) 1. The children could not______ besides read and write. A. speak English B. do maths C. cook D. sew ( ) 2. What proportion of girls in Arab countries and sub-Saharan African countries may go to school? A. four-fifths B. nine-tenths C. one-third D. two-thirds ( ) 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. 120 million primary-school-age children have never been to school. B. Countries lose $13 million a year when children do not go to school. C. The U.N. says there are not enough well-trained teachers. D. The article says it will take some nations 100 years to achieve literacy. ( ) 4. What does the underlined word literate mean? A. 受过教育的 B. 不上学的 C.没有工作的 D. 吃不饱的


) 5. What is the best title of this passage? A. Poor Students C. The Education of Developing Countries B. No School Today D. Learning Crisis

Passage 16 A publishing company plans to print (印刷) all of the articles (文章) from the Wikipedia website (维基百科全书网 站 ) . Pedia Press ( 维 基 出 版 社 ) hopes to print all the information of Wikipedia in 1,000 books, each including 1,200 pages. Wikipedia has over 4.3 million articles and 2.6 billion words. Over 20 million volunteers have helped to write it. The project will see the physical version of Wikipedia on nearly 1.2 million pages of print. The page numbers will continue from book to book and the final page will be number 1,193,014. Pedia Press needs $50,000 to start the project. It wants people to donate money so it can go ahead with the first copy. The company has already printed number one of the thousand books. It includes the articles from "A" to "A76 motorway". Many people are questioning why Pedia Press wants to print out such a huge website. They say it will be out of date (过时的) as soon as it starts printing. A spokesperson (发言人) from Pedia Press said the company wants to show the world just how big Wikipedia really is. He said: “We think that the best way to know the size of Wikipedia is by transforming it into the physical medium (物质媒介) of books.” He added: “Including the most books and written by the largest number of volunteers, the printed books will be a work of record-breaking.” The company may take the books on a world tour. After that, it will donate them to a big public library. ( ) 1. ________ pages will each book have. A. 2.6 billion B. 4.3 million C. 1,000 D. 1,200 ( ) 2. PediaPress want to show the world that ______. A. its new factory B. its new printing methods C. how big Wikipedia is D. its logo ( ) 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Wikipedia end its website and become a book instead. B. There are around 4.3 billion words on the Wikipedia website. C. Many people think the book is a great idea. D. The book will break many publishing records. ) 4. What does the underlined word “transforming” mean? A. 运输 B. 转换 C. 运用 D. 翻译 ) 5. What is the best title of this passage? A. Print the Wikipedia B. How Wonderful Wikipedia is C. We Need More Money D. PediaPress

( (

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