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Unit 5 完成句子(完整版)

Unit 5 完成句子


1. 野生动物不同于宠物,是生活在野外的动物。Wild animals, unlike pets, are the animals which live in the wild. 2. 如果有危险,有些动物就会疯狂地乱窜。 If there’s danger, some animals will run

wildly. 3. 电脑现在已经被人们广泛使用了。 Now computers are widely used (by people). 4. 15 岁以下的青少年能免费上一门关于 DIY 的课程。 Teenagers under fifteen can take a course in DIY for free. 5. 最后王子和公主过着自由和幸福的生活. At last/ In the end/ Finally, the prince and the princess lived a free and happy life. 6. 这个盒子有多重?重 7 公斤。 (3) How much does the box weigh? What ’s the weight of the box? How heavy is the box? It weighs 7 kilograms. The weight of the box is 7 kilograms. It ’s 7 kilograms (heavy).

8. 你知道大熊猫正面对多大的危险吗? Do you know how much danger giant pandas are facing? 9. 妈妈去上海后, 汤姆甚至更自由了. Tom was even freer after his mother went to Shanghai. 10. 他们随时可能会成为餐桌上的菜肴. They may become dishes on the table any time. 11. 服务员把下一道菜端了上来. The waiter brought up the next dish. 12. 你能不吃他们吗?当然,没问题./恐怕不行/不可能 Could / Would/ Will you please not eat them? Certainly/ Of course/ With pleasure / No problem. I’m afraid not. / No way! 13. 决不要同情(你的)敌人. 否则,你将会使自己处于危险的境地. Never take/ have pity on an enemy. Otherwise, you will make yourself in danger. 14. 她不能和我们一起打羽毛球,真是太遗憾了! It’s a great pity that she can’t play badminton with us. 15. 奶奶去世后,爷爷独自居住在一栋孤零零的房子里,感到很寂寞. After my grandma died, my grandpa lived alone in a lonely house and felt very lonely. 16. 米莉的奶奶已经去世 3 年了。 Millie’s grandma has been dead for three years. 17. 人死不能复生。 A dead man can never come back to life. 18. 一直到死他都很幸福。 He was happy to the day of his death. 19. 小猫的死让他伤心地哭了。 The death of the cat made him cry sadly. 20. 这位医生昨天救了一个奄奄一息的妇女。 The doctor saved a dying woman yesterday. 21. 为了观看海豚表演,他比平时起得早一点。 In order to watch a dolphin show, he got up a little earlier than usual. 22. 你最喜欢/最不喜欢什么野生动物? What wild animal do you like best(most)/ least? 23. 他没有关灯就离开了。He left without turning off the light(s) 24. 她看上去像 50 岁,其实已经 60 多了。She looks fifty but in fact, she is over sixty. 25. 所有车辆都要在斑马线前停下。All cars should stop at the zebra crossing. 26. 这些单词是什么意思? (2) What do these words mean? What are the meanings of these words? 27. 她认为自己的作品很有意义/没有意义。 She thinks her works are meaningful/ meaningless. 28. 汤姆简短而清楚地解释了它的意思。 Tom explained his meaning shortly but clearly. 29. 你坐在那里一言不发是什么意思? What do you mean by sitting there without saying a word? 30. 我们把这只大熊猫叫做什么? What do we call the giant panda? 31. “Xi Wang”用英语怎么说? How do we say “ Xi Wang ” in English? 32. 当这只叫“Xi Wang”的熊猫宝宝出生的时候,她仅仅重 100 克,看起来就像一只白鼠。 (复数) When the baby panda called “ Xi Wang ” was born, she weighed just 100 grams and looked just like a white mouse. (mice) The baby panda called “Xi Wang ” weighed just 100 grams and looked just like a white mouse at birth.

Unit 5 完成句子


33. 熊猫宝宝出生的时候仅仅重 100 克。 A baby panda weighs just 100 grams at birth/ when it is born. 34. 2 岁时他第一次走到户外,开始独自面对危险和严峻的问题。 At 2 years old/ the age of 2, he went outside for the first time and began to face danger and serious problems alone/by himself. 这本书真有趣,我想再看一遍。This book is really interesting. I want to read it a second time. 35. 一个半小时后,这头大象向水源走去。The elephant went towards the water after one and a half hours. One and a half hours later, the elephant went towards the water. 36. 良好的开端是成功的一半。 A good beginning is half done. 37. 起初/最后我们发现数学难学。At first/ In the beginning/at last, we found it difficult to learn maths. 38. 我们能在这个对话的开头/最后找到问题的答案。 We can find the answer to the question at the beginning/end of the dialogue. 39. 他伤心地望着我,这让我更难过了。He looked at me sadly. This made me sadder. 40. 令人遗憾地是,很多猎人为了获取虎皮、虎骨或身体的其他部分而抓捕老虎。 Sadly, many hunters catch tigers for their fur, bones or other parts of the body. 41. 在大熊猫的一生中不会生很多宝宝。Giant pandas don’t have many babies during their lives. 42. 她的内心充满了无尽的悲伤。Her heart is full of endless sadness. 43. 越来越多的汽车已经带来了/导致了严重地空气污染问题。 More and more cars have brought/caused serious problems of air pollution. 44. 羊主要靠吃草维持生命。(2) Sheep live mainly on grass. / Sheep mainly live by eating grass. 45. 猎人靠打猎生存。 Hunters live on hunting. 46. 竹林的数量正在变得越来越少。The number of the bamboo forests is becoming smaller and smaller. 47. 由于人们不断砍伐竹子,竹林正在变得越来越小。结果,大熊猫可能没有住的地方和吃的食物。我们应该采取 什么措施来保护他们免受伤害?/应该采取措施来阻止人们乱扔垃圾。/对我们来说,制定法律保护野生动物 越来越少的生存空间(区域)是必要的。The bamboo forests are becoming smaller and smaller because people keep cutting down bamboos. As a result, Giant pandas may not have a place to live or food to eat. What action should we take to protect them from harm? Action should be taken/Something should be done to stop people (from) dropping litter carelessly. It ’s necessary for us to make laws to protect wild animals’ fewer and fewer living areas/ less and less living space. 48. 由于地震的原因,成千上万的人失去了生命。 As a result of / Because of the earthquake, thousands of people lost their lives. 49. 为了赶上早班车,他起得比平时早一些。In order to catch the early bus, he got up a little earlier than usual. 50. 狼对人类是最危险的。某些种类的狼可能处境危险。它们需要我们的保护. 我们可以尽力帮助它们摆脱险境。 Wolves are the most dangerous to humans. Some kinds of wolves may be in danger. They need our protection. We can try our best to help them out of danger. 51. 谁在房间里?没人。 Who is in the room? No one/ Nobody. 房间里有几个人? 没有。How many people are there in the room? None. 盒子里有什么? 什么都没有。What’s in the box? Nothing. 52. 有面包剩下吗?一点都没有。 Is there any bread left? No, none at all. 报纸上有有趣的新闻吗?没有。Is there anything interesting in the newspaper? No, nothing interesting. 教室里有人吗? 没有人。Is anybody in the classroom? No, nobody. 53. 所有的学生都到达了。 所有的学生都没到达。 所有的建议都没被总统采纳。 All of the students have arrived. None

Unit 5 完成句子
54. 有志者事竟成。Where there is a will, there is a way.


of the students have/has arrived. None of the advice is taken by the president. 55. 我们坚信熊猫在,希望就在。We do believe that where there is Xi Wang, there is hope. 56. 这个宝宝不再哭了。她一点也不怕看见陌生人了。The baby didn’t cry any more./ The baby no more cried. She wasn’t afraid of seeing the stranger at all. 57. 你需要做作业吗?这辆自行车需要修理。Do you need to do your homework? The bike needs repairing./ needs to be repaired. 58. 大熊猫的成长过程让我很惊讶。The growth of the giant panda makes me surprised. 59. ---外面在下大雨,但是我认为我们应该出去。 ---不见得。 --- It’s raining hard. However, I think we should go out. / It ’s raining hard, but I think we should go out. --I don’t think so. 60. 他病得很重。更糟糕的是他的病似乎越来越严重了。/他请了两天假是因为他爷爷病得很重。 He is badly/terribly/ seriously ill. What is worse, his illness seems to be more and more serious. He had two days off because of his grandpa’s serious illness. 61. 这些猴子正在上蹿下跳。他们可能正在互相玩耍。 The monkeys are jumping around. They may be playing with each other. 62. 这匹马正闭着眼站着。它可能正在睡觉。The horse is standing with its eyes closed. It may be sleeping. 63. ---请不要开着窗睡觉, 好吗?很容易生病的。 --好的。 Please don’t sleep with the windows open, will you? It’s easy for you to get sick. OK, I won’t. 64. 大象正在朝水源走去。它可能需要洗澡。The elephant is going towards the water. It may need a bath. 65. 有人在敲门,是谁?可能是米莉。/不可能是米莉。 Someone is knocking at the door. Who can it be? It may be Millie./ It can’t be Millie. 66. 房间的灯还开着,麦克一定在家。The light in the room is on. Mike must be at home. 67. agree _______ ; begin/start _______ ;decide ___________; fail ________ ;forget ________; hope ________ ; learn _________; plan ________; prepare ___________; remember _________ try _________; want ________ 68. 他们能学会解答简单的数学题。They can learn to work out easy maths problems. 69. 蝙蝠看不见,但他们在嘴和耳朵的帮助下能决定正确的方向飞行。 Bats can’t see, but they can decide to fly the right way with the help of their mouth and ears. 70. 你知道蜜蜂从不迷路吗? 是的。蜜蜂总是能记得按它们去时的原路返回。 Did you know that bees never get lost/ lose their way? Yes. Bees always remember to come back the same way as they went. 71. 你犯了和上次一样的错误。You’ve made the same mistake as last time. 72. 有时松鼠会忘记该去哪里找到食物。Sometimes squirrels forget where to find the food. 73. 老虎长什么样? 它们有橙色皮毛,上面有黑色条纹。 What do tigers look like? They have orange fur with dark stripes. 74. 那时,汽车正在缓慢地穿过浓雾。The car was going slowly through the thick fog/mist at that moment. 75. 血浓于水。Blood is thicker than water. 76. 老虎能跑得很快,但只能(持续)很短时间。Tigers can run very fast, but only for a short while/time. 77. 我妈妈在存钱买皮草.My mother is saving money to buy clothes made of animals’ fur. (fur coats)

Unit 5 完成句子


78. 狼厚厚的皮毛能使它们不觉得冷。Wolves’thick fur can keep them warm. 79. 狼能连续跑几小时不停。 Wolves can run for hours without stopping. 80. ---这汤闻起来真香。---你的嗅觉比狼还灵敏。-- The soup smells good. – You smell better than a wolf. 81. 昨天我丢了钱包。钱包的丢失让我很不高兴。幸运的是,今天早上我找到了这个丢了的钱包。 I lost my wallet yesterday. The loss of the wallet made me unhappy. Luckily, I found the lost wallet this morning. 82. 当狼群觅食的时候,它们经常团队合作。When wolves hunt for food, they often work as a team. 83. 真遗憾! (3) What a pity! / What a shame!/ It’s a great pity! 84. 人们猎杀动物是为了出售它们的皮毛。People hunt animals (in order) to sell their fur. 85. 我认为每个人应该行动起来阻止人们购买皮草。 I think everyone should act to stop/prevent people from buying fur coats. 86. 这款 MP3 很畅销,在 2 小时之内就卖光了。This kind of MP3 sells well and is sold out within two hours. 87. discuss _________; mean _________; ill _________; sick ______; act _______; collect _______; kind ________; feel ________; celebrate _______ ; begin ______; dark ________; meet _______; invite________; shop _______; happy ________; decide ________; invite _______ 88. 经过进一步讨论后,我们决定接受他们的邀请加入他们。 After the further discussion, we decided to accept their invitation and join them. 89. 讨论过这个问题后, 我们想出了一个好主意.After discussing the problem, we came up with/ thought of a good idea. 90. 一些著名的画家有关于动物的精彩画作。Some famous artists have wonderful paintings of animals. 91. 它们也有快乐和悲伤的感觉。They also have feelings of happiness and sadness. 92. 我们不应该以任何理由杀它们。 We shouldn’t kill them for any reason. 93. 我收到一份礼物,但我不知道是否该接受。I received a present, but I have no idea if I should accept it. 94. 我们准备写一份关于濒危动物的报告。 We prepare to write a report on an animal in danger. 95. 熊有短尾,不但吃肉和鱼,还吃植物和昆虫。 Bears have short tails. They eat not only meat and fish but also plants and insects. 96. 熊喜欢在白天缓慢地四处活动, 还喜欢冬眠。 它们很少伤人, 是吗?Bears like to move around slowly in the daytime. They also like sleeping through the winter. They seldom hurt people, do they? 97. 你做什么谋生? What do you do for a living? 98. 农民们是靠种庄稼谋生度日的. Farmers make a living by growing crops. 99. 餐馆里有充足的菜供你选择。There are plenty of dishes for you to choose from in the restaurant. 100. 这个可怜的卖火柴的小女孩在一个寒冬的早上因为寒冷和饥饿死了。 The poor little match girl died on a cold winter morning because of coldness and hunger. 101. 他需要帮助。 (2)He needs help. He is in need of help. 102. 这两个人从电影开始一直讲到结束。The two men kept talking from the beginning to the end of the film. 103. 我感到羞愧因为我没有马上告诉他真相。I felt a sense of shame because I didn’t tell him the truth at once. 104. 听说它们现在处境危险,我很难过。I’m sorry to hear that they are in danger. 105. 多数房间朝南。 Most of the rooms face south. 106. 物价越来越高了。The prices are getting higher and higher.

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