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语法填空及选词填空 I

语法填空 I
A lot of animals are afraid of the eclipse(日蚀). Birds stop 1 (sing). Sometimes people are afraid , too. Astronomers know the dates of eclipses 2 they are not afraid. The old astronomers of Babylon and Egypt had no telescopes, but the sky in 3 is usually clear, and so they could watch the stars easily. They studied 4 in the sky and they also noticed both total and partial eclipses. Because they knew 5 dates of eclipses, they had great power. People believed that the sky was important. They believed that an eclipse could kill a man. About 2500 years ago, there was a very long war. One battle 6 (follow) another, and the end never came. During 7 of the battles, there was a partial eclipse of the sun. The day got very dark, and the soldiers on both sides were filled 8 fear. They believed that the gods were angry. So they stopped fighting, and ended their long war. The sun is a star. It appears to be 9 (big) than any other star. That is because it is near us, and the others are far away. The sun shines because it is very hot, but the moon shines because it reflects the sun’s light. It is like a big mirror. If we visited the moon, we 10 (see) the earth. It is also like a mirror and it reflects the light of the sun.

1.singing stop doing sth.,意为“停止做某事” 。 2.and 根据句意可知此处表示动作的先后关系,故用 and。 3.those 此处 those 指代 Babylon and Egypt。 4.everything 此处 everything 代替天空上的每件事。 5.the 根据句意可知日期是特指的,特指日蚀的日期,故用定冠词。 6.followed 因为有表示过去的时间状语 about 2500 years ago,所以这里填动词 follow 的一 般过去式。 7.one 此处 one 指代 battle。 8.with be filled with ,意为“充满着” 。 9.bigger 因为句中有 than,可以知道应填比较级,故用 bigger。 10.should see 根据句意应是“我们应该能看见地球” ,故用 should+动词原形。


语法填空 II
Many scientists today are convinced that life exists elsewhere in the universe—life probably much like that on our own planet. 1 reason in the following way. As far as astronomers can determine, the entire universe is built of 2 same matter. They have no reason to doubt that matter obeys the same laws 3 every part of the universe. Therefore, it is 4 (reason) to guess that other stars, and with their own planets, 5 (be) born in the same way as our own solar system. 6 we know of life on earth suggests that life will arise wherever the proper conditions exist. Life requires the right amount 7 kind of atmosphere. This avoids all those planets in the universe that are not about the same size and weight as the earth. A smaller planet would lose its atmosphere; a larger one would hold too much of it. Life also requires a constant supply of heat and light. 8 avoids s double stars, or stars that flare up(突然发怒) suddenly. Only single stars that are constant sources of heat and light like our sun would qualify. Finally, life 9 (develop) only if the planet is just the right distance from the sun. With a __10_ (weak) sun than our own, the planet would have to be closer to it. With a stronger sun, it would have to be farther away.

1.They 由句子结构知,本句缺少主语,填 they 代替上文的 many scientists。 2.the 根据题意可知 matter 是特指的,特指那个相同的物质,故用定冠词。 3.in 此处 in 表示在一种范围中,故用介词 in。 4.reasonable 此处系表结构,故用形容词形式。 5.were 根据题意可知此处是一般过去时态,故用 be 的一般过去式 were。 6.What 分析句子结构可知本句为主语从句,此处 what 用作连接代词,它本身在从句中充 当宾语。 7.and 由句式结构可知,the right amount 和 kind of atmosphere 为并列关系。 8.This 此处 this 代替前面的句子。 9.will develop 考查情态动词,根据句意可知当行星与太阳距离适当时,生命就会产生,故 用 will“将要”合适。 10.weaker 因为句中有 than,可以知道应填比较级,故用 weaker。


选词填空 (一)
interpret the feelings of other people 揣测他人的感受 facial expressions and tone of voice 面部表情及话语 the art of being tactful 变机智的艺术 pay particular attention to the way a candidate for a job walks into the room 尤其注重求职者走进房间的方式 present the right kind of appearance 呈现正确的面部表情 relate to the candidate’s character traits and psychological stability 涉及候选人的性格特性以及心理素质 provide confidential medical information 提供私密的医疗信息 主题概括:理解他人的感受并不容易 A.unconsciously B.reliable C.expressions F.candidate G.psychological H.rely D.after all I.lies E.unwilling J.responsible

Interpreting the feelings of other people is not always easy. We 1 as much on what they seem to be telling us as on the actual words they say. Facial expressions and tone of voice are obvious ways showing our reaction to something, and it may well be that we 2 express what we are trying to hide. The art of being tactful(机智的) 3 in picking up these signals, realizing what the other people is trying to say, and acting so that they are not embarrassed in any way. For example, we may understand that they are in fact 4 to answer our questions, and so we stop pressing them. Body movements in general way also indicate feelings, and interviewers pay particular attention to the way a 5 for a job walks into the room and sits down. However, it is not difficult to present the right kind of appearance, while what employers want to know relates to the candidate’s character traits(特性) and 6 stability. This raises the awkward question of whether job candidates should be asked to complete psychological tests, and the further problem of whether such tests actually produce 7 results. For many people, being asked to take part in such a test would be an intrusion(闯入) into their private lives, 8 , an employer would hardly ask a candidate to run a hundred meters, or expect his or her family doctor to provide confidential(私密的) medical information. Quite apart from this problem, can such tests predict whether a person is likely to be a 9 employee or a valued colleague? 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 解析:1.H 根据句子结构可知,此处需填入动词。锁定 H 项和 I 项。又根据句意可知,此 处表示“依赖他们看似相对我们说的” ,所以选 H 项。 2.A 根据句子结构及上下文可知, 此处应填入副词,用以修饰动词 express,unconsciously,所以选 A 项。 3.I 根据句子结构 可知,此处需填入一个动词与介词 in 构成一个词组,lies 符合句意,表示“机智的艺术在于 学会这些信号” , 故答案选 I 项。 4.E 根据句子结构可知此处需填入一个动词, 切需用 ing

形式,故选 E 项。 5.F 根据句子结构和句意可知,此处填入名词,表示“求职者走进房 间的方式” 。所以选 F 项。 6.G 根据上文可知,此处须填入的是与 character traits 相并列 的,故选 G 项,表示“心理稳定性” 。 7.B 根据句子结构及上下文可知可知,次数须填 入一个形容词,reliable 符合要求,表示“产生可靠的结果” 。故答案选 B 项。 8.D 根据句 子结构可知此处表示让步,故选 D 项。 9.J 此空位于冠词与名词之间,故可考虑使用形 容词,responsible 符合要求,在此表示“一个负责的雇员或有价值的高校毕业生” 。

a leading researcher into old age 一个做老龄研究的代表 the dream of living forever 永生的梦想 turn into a curse rather than a blessing 变成一个祸根而不是一个祝福 拓展:turn down the blankets and climb into bed 掀开毯子爬上床去 turn professional 转为职业人员 be turned back at the border 在边境被挡了回来 turn on the outcome of the current peace talk 取决于当前的和谈结果 maximum life expectation is 115 最大的生命期限是 115 extend the average lifespan of everyone 延伸人类的平均寿命 take up sensible patterns of diet 采用合理的饮食方式 拓展:take him back to his life childhood 回想起孩提时代 be taken in by his charm 被他那迷人的风度所蒙蔽 take on a more serious tone 语气变得严肃起来 A.reward F.average B.evidence G.therapy C.currently H.physically D.affect I.sensible E.benefit J.lengthen

A leading researcher into old age has warned that the dream of living forever,or at least much longer than at present,could turn into a curse(祸根) rather than a blessing.It may become possible to lengthen the 1 human life by controlling genes—but what we gain may not be worth the price we would have to pay. Professor John Grimley Evans believes that 2 , maximum life expectation is 115, but that with gene 3 it might be possible to extend this. The professor says,however,that a 4 lifestyle can extend the average lifespan (寿命) of everyone at the moment. “We know a lot already about how people’s lifestyles 5 their lifespan.There is increasing 6 to suggest that sensible lifestyles are effective in later life as well as in early and middle life.” “It is never too late to gain some 7 from giving up smoking,from drinking less alcohol, from taking up sensible patterns of diet and exercise and from controlling body weight.We already know how to 8 human life.” The professor believes that the process of lengthening life by means of gene therapy might bring dangers with it. If gene therapy affected only one part of the human body but not all of it, people might be 9 capable of living longer,but would start to be worse mentally at a much earlier age. 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________


解析: 1.F 根据句子结构可知,此处需填入形容词。锁定 F 项和 I 项。又根据句意可知,此处表 示“人类的平均寿命” ,所以选 F 项。 2.C 根据上下文可知,此处表示“目前” ,currently 符合句意,故答案选 C 项。 3.G 根据句子结构及上下文可知,此处需要一个名词,therapy“治疗”符合句意,意为“通 过基因治疗变得可能” ,所以选 C 项。 4.I 根据句子结构可知此处需填入一个形容词,只有 sensible“合乎情理的”符合要求, 故选 I 项。 5.D 根据句子结构和句意可知,此处填入一个动词,此处是说“人们的生活方式影响他们 的寿命” 。所以选 D 项。 6.B 根据后文可知,这里是指“有证据表明,合乎情理的生活方式对后期的生活有积极的 影响,对早期和中期也是一样” ,故选 B 项 evidence“证据” 。 7.E 根据句子结构可知,此处需要填入一个名词,benefit 符合要求,在此表示“戒烟获得 的好处” 。故答案选 E 项。 8.J 根据句子结构及上下文可知此处表示“延长人类的寿命” ,故选 J 项 lengthen“延长; 伸长” 。 9.H 根据句子结构可知,此处须填入副词,physically“身体上地”符合要求,在此表示“人 们在身体上有能力获得更长” 。故答案选 H 项。

the difference between the language he uses and the language those around him use 他所使用的语言与周围人所使用语言的不同 bit by bit 一点儿一点儿地;逐渐地 be pointed out to him 向他指出 a matter of right answer 一个正确问题的答案 waste time on such routine work 把时间浪费在这样的日常工作上 find the way to get the right answer 找到正确答案的方法 measure their own understanding 估量他们的理解力

A.slowly F.performances

B.thousand G.routine

C.measure H.waste

D.correct I.necessary

E.chance J.effect

Let children learn to judge their own work. A child learning to talk does not learn by being corrected all the time:if corrected too much,he will stop talking.He notices a ____1____ times a day the difference between the language he uses and the language those around him use. Bit by bit,he makes the ____2____ changes to make his language like other people’s.In the same way, children learning to do all the other things:they learn to do without being taught to walk,run, climb,whistle,ride a bicycle,compare their own ____3____ with those of more skilled people, and ____4____ make the needed changes.But in school we never give a child a ____5____ to find out his mistakes and correct them for himself.We do it all for him. We act as if we thought that he would never notice a mistake unless it was pointed out to him,or ____6____ it unless he was

made to. Let him work out,with the help of other children if he wants it,what this word says, what the answer is to that problem,whether this is a good way of saying or doing this or not. If it is a matter of right answer,as it may be in mathematics or science,give him the answer book.Let him correct his own papers. Why should we teachers ____7____ time on such ____8____ work? Our job should be to help the child when he tells us that he can’t find the way to get the right answer. Let the children learn what all educated persons must some day learn,how to ____9____ their own understanding,and how to know what they do not know. 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 解析:1.B 根据句子前后可知,此处需填入数次。故只有 thousand 符合要求。所以答案选 B 项。 2.I 根据上下文可知,此处需填入一个形容词,锁定 D 项与 I 项,又根据句意可知 I 项 necessary 符合句意,故答案选 I 项。 3.F 根据句子结构及上下文可知,此处需要一个名词,performances“表现”符合 句意,意为“把他们的表现同更熟练的人相比较” ,所以选 F 项。 4.A 根据句子结构可知此处需填入一个形容词,只有 sensible“合乎情理的”符合 要求,故选 I 项。 5.E 根据句子结构可知,此处填入一个副词,用来修饰动词,故 A 项 slowly“缓慢 的”符合要求,所以选 E 项。 6.D 根据前后文可知,这里是指“除非他被强迫去改正” ,故选 D 项 correct“改正; 纠正”符合句意。 7.H 根据上下文可知,此处表示“把时间浪费在日常工作上” ,故答案选 H 项。 8.G 根据句子结构及上下文可知此处表示“把时间浪费在日常工作上” ,故选 G 项 routine“日常的” 。 9.C 根据句子结构可知,此处须填入动词,measure“估量”符合要求,在此表示 “估量他们的理解” 。故答案选 C 项。


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