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Unit 11 Lesson 4

1.The president expressed his pleasure to visit this city through his ________ (发言人). 答案 spokesman

2.He has never shown much ________ (关心) for his wife's needs. 答案 consideration

3 . He climbed the hill with a heavy ________ ( 负荷 ) on his shoulders. 答案 load

4.I was shown to the dorm where I would sleep with five other ________ (天真无邪的) girls. 答案 innocent

5.John was presented with his award for his ________ (勇敢) of saving the little boy. 答案 bravery

6.You'd better go ________ (游览) around the city after the meeting. 答案 sightseeing

7.The first ________ (幕) was almost over when they got to the theater. 答案 scene

8. That child is always running over the floor with ________ (沾满 泥的) feet. 答案 muddy

9.John lives in a different school ________ (区) from mine.



10.From what he says I ________ (作出结论) that he has not much interest in it. 答案 conclude

Ⅱ.单句语法填空(不多于 3 个单词) 1.As far as I can see, the weather is not ________ (like) to clear up for a few days. 答案与解析 做??”。 2.The transportation company loaded the truck ________ all of our household effects because we are moving to the countryside. 答案与解析 with 句意:因为我们要搬到乡下去,运输公司用 likely sb./sth. be likely to do sth.“某人/某物可能

卡车装载了我们的全部家当。load ... with ...“用??装载??”。 3.________(conclude), I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed staying in your beautiful country. 答案与解析 To conclude/In conclusion to conclude 相当于 in

conclusion 意为“结束;终了”。 4.According ________ our records, the book you have borrowed should now be returned. 答案与解析 to according to“根据;依据”。句意:根据记录

显示,你借的那本书到现在应该归还了。 5.You can go out, ________ (long) you promise to be back before 11 o'clock. 答案 as/so long as

6. Now that she is out of job, Lucy ________ (consider) going back to school, but she hasn't decided yet.


has been considering/is considering


已失业,她在考虑回到学校,但她还没决定下来。要表达此意可以用 现在进行时或现在完成进行时。 7.I hear quite ________ few boys in your school like playing football in their spare time, though others prefer basketball. 答案与解析 a quite a few+n.“许多”,为固定搭配。

8.In ________ way, it's quite a good idea, but the high cost makes it impossible. 答案与解析 in one way。 9.The man was put into prison, but he insisted that he was innocent ________ the murder. 答案与解析 白的/无辜的”。 10 . Amounts of furniture ________ (be) carried to the of sb. be innocent of 为固定搭配, 意为“某人是清 a/one in a way 意为“从某种程度上说”,相当于

supermarket from the factory every day. 答案 are

Ⅲ.阅读理解 A Attractions in Wisconsin Wisconsin Historical Museum 30 N. Carroll Street on Madison's Capital Square Discover Wisconsin's history and culture on four floors of exhibits. Open for public program. Admission is free. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m.~4:00 p.m.. (608) 2646555 www.wisconsinhistory.org/museum

Swiss historical village 612 Seventh Ave., New Glarus The Swiss Historical Village offers a delightful look at pioneer life in America's heartland. 14 buildings in the village give a full picture of everyday life in the nineteenthcentury Midwest. Tue.~Fri., May 1st~October 31st, 10:00 a.m.~4:00 p.m.. Admission is $20. (608) 5272317 www.swisshistoricalvillage.com_ Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café 6858 Paoli Rd., Paoli, WI One of the largest collections of fine arts and crafts in Wisconsin. Over 5,000 square feet. of exhibition space in a historic creamery. While visiting enjoy a wonderfully prepared lunch at our café overlooking the Sugar River. Just minutes from Madison! Gallery open Tue. ~Sun., 10:00 a.m.~5:00 p.m.. Caféopen Wed. ~Sat., 11:00 a.m.~3:00 p.m.. Sun. brunch with wine, 10:00~3:00 p.m.. (608) 8456600 www.artisangal.com_ Christopher Columbus Museum 239 Whitney St., Columbus Worldclass exhibit2,000 quality souvenirs ( 纪念品 ) marking Chicago's 1893 World Columbian Exhibition. Tour buses are always welcome. Open daily, 8 : 15 a . m. ~ 4 : 00 p . m.. www.columbusantiquemall.com 1.Which of the following is on Capital Square? (920) 6231992

A. Wisconsin Historical Museum. B. Swiss Historical Village. C. Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café . D. Christopher Columbus Museum. 答案与解析 A 在介绍的这四个地方中找到 Capital Square 即

找到了答案。可知是第一个广告 Wisconsin Historical Museum,选择 A 项。 2.Where can you go for a visit on Monday? A. Wisconsin Historical Museum. B. Swiss Historical Village. C. Artisan Gallery & Creamery café . D. Christopher Columbus Museum. 答案与解析 D 只查找这四个地方开放的时间, 找到周一开放的

就是了。Christopher Columbus Museum 里面的 Open daily 8:15 a.m.~4:00 p.m..可知是每天开放当然包括星期一了,选择 D 项。 3.Where can visitors have lunch? A. At Wisconsin Historical Museum. B. At Swiss Historical Village. C. At Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café . D. At Christopher Columbus Museum. 答案与解析 C 查找有 lunch 单词的, 然后印证是提供午饭就好

了。在第三个广告中的“While visiting enjoy a wonderfully prepared lunch at our café overlooking the Sugar River. Just minutes from Madison! ”可知 Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café .提供午餐, 选择 C 项。 4.We learn from the text that ________. A. Swiss Historical Village is open for half a year

B. Christopher Columbus Museum overlooks a river C. tickets are needed for Wisconsin Historical Museum D. Artisan Gallery & Creamery Caféare open daily for 4 hours 答案与解析 A 从第二个广告的“Tue~Fri, May 1st~October

31st, 10: 00 a. m.~4: 00 p. m. Admission is $20.”可知 Swiss Historical Village 开放半年,选择 A 项。 B

The boy holds up a picture of an ice hotel in Sweden. “It's my favourite picture from this month's Washington Post,” he says. “I would like to live in an ice hotel if I didn't live in California.” This boy is one of 14. 5 million high school students in the US, who use newspapers in the classroom. The educational partnership between the newspaper industry and schools is called NIE, Newspapers in Education. Every day, schools are provided with newspapers and teachers receive class exercises and lesson plans developed by educators. Students can follow stories on sports, crime or polities over several weeks. Teachers can also direct them to stories on a certain topic, such as environmental protection. Newspapers create an exciting learning environment in which students are encouraged to enlarge their knowledge, improve their language skills and develop a daily reading habit. But above all, reading newspapers is fun.

Several newspapers in the US already have a kids edition. One of the best known is The Kids Post run by The Washington Post. NIE is becoming popular in China. English Coaching Paper is an English newspaper for students. More than 800,000 high schools use the newspaper in their classrooms. Teachers can also download teaching plans to go with the newspaper from the English Coaching Paper website: www. ecp. com. cn. 5. From the passage, we can know that the boy comes from ________. A. Sweden C. Canada 答案与解析 B. America D. China B 从第一段最后一句话得知答案为 B 项。

6.Students read newspapers to ________. A. bother themselves C. create stories 答案与解析 B B. have fun D. improve teaching 从 文 章 第 五 段 最 后 一 句 话 “But above all,

reading newspapers is fun.”得知选 B 项。 7.From the passage, we can infer that ________. A. students are not encouraged to protect the environment B. students cannot improve their ability, skills and habits C. reading papers helps students develop funny stories D. using newspapers helps both students and teachers 答案与解析 D 文章主要介绍了报纸进入了课堂, 开阔了学生的

视野, 拓展了学生的知识面, 提高了能力, 并使学生养成了阅读习惯, 教师也可以根据报纸内容下载教学计划,故选 D 项。 8.The best title of the passage is ________.

A. Newspapers in the Classroom B. Reading in the Classroom C. NIE is Pop in China D. A Kids Edition 答案与解析 Ⅳ.语法填空 Bob: Hi, Linda. What are you doing? Linda: Hi Bob. I __1__ (prepare) for the test tomorrow. Bob: But __2__ are you here in the garden? Linda: Well, the library is full and the classroom is too __3__ (noise). Are you ready for the test? Bob: I am afraid not. I feel very nervous. We don't have much time __4__ (leave). Linda: We can prepare together. Maybe that can help. Bob: Good idea! How many units will be included? Linda: Three. They are Unit 4, Unit 5 and Unit 6. Bob: Really? I __5__ (think) Unit 6 would not be covered. Linda: It will. Now let's ask each __6__ questions. You go first. Bob: All right. Name three __7__ (Europe) countries. Linda: Easy. France, Germany and Italy. I can even say more. Bob: It seems you are well prepared. Now it's your turn __8__(ask) questions. Linda: OK. What are the seven __9__ of the world? Bob: Asia, Europe, Africa, and ... Er, I really can't remember __10__ all. Linda: Don't worry. You still have time. 答案 1.am preparing 2.why 3.noisy 4.left 6.other 7.European 8.to ask A 文章第二段可告诉我们答案,故选 A 项。

5 . thought/had thought



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