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2015高考英语大二轮总复习 第3部分 完形填空 专题3 完形填空解题四防范——解密说明文、议论文

Cloze 1



时间:16 分钟

Most people give little thought to the pens they write with,especially since the printers in modern homes and offices mean that very __1__ things are

handwritten.All too often,people buy a pen based only on __2__,and wonder why they are not satisfied __3__ they begin to use it.However, buying a pen that you'll enjoy is not __4__ if you keep the following in mind. First of all,a pen should fit comfortably in your hand and be __5__ to use.The thickness of the pen is the most important characteristic(特征) __6__ comfort.Having a small hand and thick fingers,you may be comfortable with a thin pen.If you have a __7__ hand and thicker fingers,you may __8__ a fatter

pen.The length of a pen can __9__ influence comfort.A pen that is too __10__ can easily feel topheavy and unstable. Then, the writing point of the pen should __11__ the ink to flow evenly(均 will make it

匀地 ) while the pen remains in touch with the paper.__12__

possible for you to create a __13__ line of writing.The point should also be sensitive enough to __14__ ink from running when the pen is lifted.A point that does not block the __15__ may leave drops of ink, __16__ and put it down again. __17__,the pen should make a thick,dark line.Fineline pens may __18__ bad handwriting, but fine, delicate lines do not command __19__ next to printed text, as, __20__, a signature on a printed letter.A broader line, on the other hand, gives an impression of confidence and authority(权威).

you pick the pen up



们使用起来感到舒服,笔尖的好坏对我们书写的影响以及线条的粗细和深浅 所产生的影响。 1.A.many C.pleasant 解析 B.few D.important

由前句中的 especially since the printers in modern homes and offices 可

知打印机在家庭和办公室已经普及,所以可知很少的东西需要书写,故选 B。 答案 B B.reason D.advantages

2.A.looks C.value 解析 答案 3.A.once C.because 解析 答案

人们买钢笔时经常仅仅根据外表。looks 外表,外貌。 A B.if D.though

不知道为什么一使用就感觉不满意。once 连词,“一旦”。 A B.practical D.difficult

4.A.convenient C.strange 解析


词 however 可知此处使用 difficult 符合句意。 答案 D B.easy D.safe

5.A.heavy C.hard 解析

拿在手中比较舒服的钢笔使用起来也比较容易。 由 fit comfortably 可知

此处指钢笔好用。 答案 B B.finding D.seeking

6.A.taking C.determining 解析


determining 起决定作用的,决定性的。


C B.weaker D.larger

7.A.stronger C.smaller 解析

如果你有一张大手并且手指较粗的话, 你可能更喜欢一支较粗的钢笔。

由上句的 Having a small hand and thick fingers 可知此处应该用和 small 相反的 形容词。故选 D。 答案 D B.recommend D.demand

8.A.prefer C.prepare 解析 答案

由前后句意可知此处应该用 prefer(更喜欢)。 A B.also D.still

9.A.hardly C.never 解析


笔舒服感的另一方面,故用 also。 答案 B B.light D.soft

10.A.thick C.long 解析


调太长的钢笔的弊端。 答案 C B.allow D.press

11.A.change C.reduce 解析 某事。 答案 B

笔尖应该能够使墨水均匀地流出。allow sb/ sth to do sth 准许某人/物做

12.A.They C.This 解析 答案

B.One D.Some

这将使你的书写很流畅。this 代词,指代上句内容。 C

13.A.thin C.black 解析

B.rough D.smooth


可能。smooth 流畅的、光滑的。 答案 D B.free D.remove

14.A.prevent C.protect 解析


prevent...from...阻止??做??。 答案 A B.sight D.stream

15.A.way C.flow 解析


写出来的就会是一滴滴的墨水,block 阻塞,堵塞。此题易误选 A,block the way 堵塞道路,不符合句意要求。 答案 16.A.so C.and 解析 答案 as 当??的时候。 B B.Generally D.Finally C B.as D.yet

17.A.Meanwhile C.Afterwards 解析

由第二段句首的 First of all 和第三段句首的 Then 以及最后一段的内容

可知此处应该用 finally,表示此段介绍了钢笔的最后一个特点。 答案 D B.differ from D.compensate for

18.A.show up C.break down 解析

优美线条的钢笔可以弥补蹩脚的书写。compensate for 补偿,赔偿。

又如:Her intelligence more than compensates for her lack of experience.她的智 慧大大弥补了她经验的不足。


D B.support D.admission

19.A.attention C.respect 解析


command attention 博得 ( 引起 ) 注意。又如: The headlines commanded her attention.那些标题引起了她的注意。 答案 A B.for example D.on purpose

20.A.at most C.in brief 解析

例如,印刷信件上的签名。for example 例如。at most 最多;in brief

简言之;on purpose 故意。 答案 B

【长难句解读】 原文 All too often,people buy a pen based only on looks,and wonder why

they are not satisfied once they begin to use it. 译文 太经常地,人们买钢笔时仅仅看它的外表,却不知道为什么一使用就

感觉不满意。 分析 and 连接两个并列谓语 buy 和 wonder,why they are not satisfied once

they begin to use it 是 wonder 的宾语从句, 其中的 once they begin to use it 是条 件状语从句。based on 以??为基础,是过去分词短语作 a pen 的后臵定语。 Cloze 2



时间:15 分钟

There are times when people are so tired that they fall asleep almost anywhere.We can see there is a lot of sleeping on the bus or train on the __1__ home from work in the evenings.A man will be __2__ the newspaper,and seconds later it __3__ as if he is trying to __4__ it.Or he will fall asleep on the shoulder of the stranger __5__ next to him.__6__ place where unplanned short sleep __7__ is in the lecture hall where a student will start snoring(打鼾) so __8__ that the professor has to ask another student to __9__

the sleeper

awake.A more embarrassing(尴尬) situation occurs when a student starts falling into sleep and the __10__ of the head pushes the arm off the __11__,and the movement carries the __12__ of the body along.The student wakes up on the floor with no __13__ and go __16__ of getting there.The worst time to fall asleep is when the road.If the drivers are __17__ , they are not seriously __14__.Police reports are full of __15__ that occur when people fall into sleep

hurt.One woman's car,__18__,went into the river.She woke up in four feet of __19__ and thought it was raining.When people are really __20__,nothing will stop them from falling asleep—no matter where they are. 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇说明文。文章借助几种常见的睡觉场合,如公交

车上、 报告厅里, 甚至驾驶室里, 说明了人过度疲劳时, 到处都是睡觉的“温 床”,瞌睡无处不在。 1.A.way C.path 解析 B.track D.road

on the way home from work 指下班回家的路上。属于固定搭配。B:轨

迹;C:小路;D:道路,均不符合题意。 答案 A B.folding D.reading

2.A.buying C.delivering 解析

由生活常识可知,人们往往会在公交车上看报纸。看报纸应用 read the

newspaper。A:买;B:折叠;C:投递,接生,均与文章主题毫无关系。因 此排除 A、B 和 C 三个选项。 答案 3.A.acts C.appears 解析 D B.shows D.sounds

从后面的内容 he is trying to eat it 可以分析,这个看报纸的人好像要

“吃”报纸。“似乎、好像”应该用 it appears as if...A:行动;B:展示,表 明;D:听起来,均与后文中“吃”无关。 答案 4.A.open C B.eat


C.find 解析



像是要吃报纸的样子。 A、 C 和 D 三个选项都显示不出文章的主题——“睡”。 答案 B B.waiting D.sitting

5.A.lying C.talking 解析

上文中的信息 on the bus or train 说明:因过度劳累有可能会靠在坐在

旁边的陌生人的肩膀上睡着。 答案 6.A.Next C.Another 解析 D B.Every D.One


的另一场合,那就是报告厅。 答案 C B.ends up D.returns

7.A.goes on C.lasts 解析

go on 进行;end up 结束;last 持续;return 返回,归还。这里指睡觉

这一动作在进行。 答案 A B.happily D.carelessly

8.A.bravely C.loudly 解析


地, 愉快地;D.粗心地。打鼾声音大应用 loudly。 答案 C B.shake D.watch

9.A.leave C.keep 解析 答案

shake sb awake 摇醒某人。 B B.shape D.strength

10.A.size C.weight


根据 pushes the arm off 可推测,这里是说学生睡着时由于头的重量压

在胳膊上,致使胳膊离开桌面。因此 C 项符合题意。 答案 C B.desk D.book

11.A.cushion C.shoulder 解析 答案

根据一般常识判断,同学们一般趴在桌面上睡觉,故选 B。 B B.position D.side

12.A.action C.rest 解析

关键信息 and the movement 表明这一举动也带动了身体的其他部位一

起倒下了。rest 表“其他,剩余部分”。A:动作,作用;B:位臵,姿态; D:旁边,侧面,均不符合题意。 答案 C B.reason D.purpose

13.A.memory C.question 解析


己怎么在地板上。with memory of 记得。B:理由;C:问题;D:目的,都 不符合题意。 答案 A B.working D.driving

14.A.thinking C.walking 解析

由下文信息 If the drivers are...可推测,此处强调最糟的就是开车打盹。

D 是最佳选项。 答案 D B.events D.accidents

15.A.changes C.ideas 解析

从该句分析,这里是警察统计的发生的交通事故。 (交通等重大)事故

应用 accident。 答案 16.A.up D B.off

C.along 解析 答案


go off the road 偏离道路。 B B.awake D.strong

17.A.lucky C.calm 解析 答案

如果司机幸运的话,就不会伤得很重。 A B.at first D.for example

18.A.in time C.as usual 解析 答案 此处作者在举例子。 D

19.A.dust C.grass 解析

B.water D.bush

由下文的信息 and thought it was raining 可以猜测,那位女司机醒来之

后发现自己在四英尺深的水里,还以为是天在下雨呢。 答案 B B.drunk D.lazy

20.A.tired C.lonely 解析 答案

文章首尾呼应,表明:当人真的累了时,无论身在何处,都能睡着。 A Cloze 3



时间:15 分钟

You may be surprised to see “making sure children never suffer” as a mistake.The following __1__ may help you understand how rescuing children from all suffering __2__ weakness. from its the butterfly.So he peeled( 剥开 ) the to watch the A little boy felt sorry for a butterfly struggling to __3__ chrysalis( 蛹 ) . He decided to __4__

chrysalis open for the butterfly.The little boy was so __5__

butterfly spread its wings and fly off into the sky.Then he was horrified __6__

he watched the butterfly fall to the ground and die because it did not have the muscle __7__ to keep flying.In fact,the butterfly's struggle to __8__ the

chrysalis helps the butterfly become stronger. Like the little boy,__9__ too often want to protect their children from struggle in the __10__ of love.They don't realize that their children need to struggle,to experience __11__,to deal with disappointment,and to solve their own problems.Only in this way can children __12__ their emotional strength, become __13__ and develop the skills necessary for the even bigger struggles they will meet throughout their lives.Children experiencing sufferings can __14__ the ups and downs of life. However , it isn't helpful either in this case when parents __15__ lectures( 训斥 ) , blame and shame to what the child is experiencing.Mothers __16__ to say,“Stop crying and acting like a spoiled boy.You can't always get what you want.” These __17__ words should be avoided. Instead, parents can offer loving support.You can say, “Don't lose __18__.Be brave! You will succeed if you try again.” Then comes the tough part—no __19__ and no lectures.Simply allow him to discover that he can get over his disappointment and __20__ what he can do to get what he wants in the future. 【语篇导读】 本文为议论文。作者认为父母在培养孩子的过程中要让孩子

吃点苦头。孩子在经受磨难,经历痛苦之后才能成熟,才能变得坚强,今后 才会成为栋梁之材。 1.A.story C.saying 解析 答案 B.proverb D.experiment

由下文可知作者讲了一个故事来阐述这个道理,故选 A 项。 A。 B.burns D.experiences

2.A.damages C.creates 解析 C 项。 答案 3.A.hear C



C.date 解析 答案 4.A.kill C.help 解析 答案


emerge from 意为“从??中出现,露出”,符合语境。 D B.feed D.rescue

由下文小男孩剥开了蛹可知,他决定帮助这个蝴蝶。 C B.moved D.depressed

5.A.excited C.puzzled 解析 答案 6.A.as C.before 解析 答案

当这个小男孩看到蝴蝶展开翅膀,飞向天空时他感到非常兴奋。 A B.since D.until

as 引导一个时间状语从句,意为“当??时”。 A B.energy D.force

7.A.power C.strength 解析 答案

strength 指“力气,力量”,强调体力,符合语境。 C B.do away with D.break away from

8.A.come up with C.get along with 解析

break away from 意为“逃脱,挣脱”,符合语境。事实上,蝴蝶挣扎

着破茧而出会使其更强壮。come up with“提出,想出”;do away with“废 除”;get along with“进展,与??相处”。 答案 D B.parents D.friends

9.A.teachers C.relatives 解析 答案

根据后面的“protect their children from struggle”可知,答案为 B 项。 B B.charge


C.name 解析


像这个小男孩一样,父母们以爱的名义想保护孩子免受奋斗之痛。 in

the name of 意为“以??的名义”,符合语境。 答案 C B.scholarships D.hardships

11.A.friendships C.relationships 解析 答案

孩子需要吃点苦头(才能成长)。故选 hardships,意为“艰难,困苦”。 D B.require D.achieve 只有这样孩子们才能增强(strengthen)他们的情感力量。 A B.strongwilled D.coldblooded

12.A.strengthen C.get 解析 答案

13.A.warmhearted C.absentminded 解析

strongwilled 意为 “ 意志坚强的 ”,切合语境。 warmhearted“ 热心

的”;absentminded“心不在焉的”;coldblooded“冷血无情的”。 答案 B B.predict D.avoid

14.A.expect C.survive 解析

经历苦难的孩子可以经受住人生的沉浮。 survive 意为“生存, 存活”,

符合语境。 答案 15.A.add C.devote 解析 C B.adapt D.contribute

然而,在这种情况下,训斥、责骂甚至羞辱孩子毫无益处。 add...to...

意为“把??加到??上面”,符合语境。 答案 A B.happen D.seem

16.A.pretend C.tend 解析


你不可能总能得到你想要的。”tend 意为“往往会,经常会”符合语境。 答案 C B.inspiring D.touching

17.A.discouraging C.interesting 解析

从前一句可知这些话都是一些使人泄气的话语, 应当避免。 故选 A 项。

discouraging“令人泄气的”。 答案 A B.face D.weight

18.A.heart C.sight 解析 答案

lose heart 意为“灰心丧气”,符合语境。 A B.smoking D.rescuing

19.A.parking C.drinking 解析


于苦难之中。故选 D 项。 答案 D B.carry out D.drop out

20.A.figure out C.rule out 解析


要的东西。 figure out 意为“弄清楚, 搞明白”, 符合语境。 carry out “执行”; rule out“排除??的可能性”;drop out“退学,退出”。 答案 A Cloze 4



时间:16 分钟

It's good to make mistakes,and here is why. First of all,making __1__ is a clear sign that you are trying new things.It's always __2__ to try new things because when you are trying new things you are growing.If you never try anything new, how can you __3__? The simple answer


is “You __4__.”

Look around you.__5__

very few exceptions , either

everything you see in your physical world or every single detail of every single thing is the __6__ of someone trying something new. Another good thing about mistakes is __7__ : When you are making mistakes, you are __8__.Consider this: Edison failed more than 1,000 times before he __9__ the light bulb.When asked how it felt to fail that many times,he said that he hadn't failed more than 1,000 times, __10__ had learned more than 1,000 things that didn't work. __11__,when you make a mistake you are much closer to __12__.Why? Because when all is said and done,you will have tried some number of things before you succeed.Every time you make a mistake you __13__ one of those things and are one step closer. But this doesn't mean that you should __14__ without considering the consequences of a mistake.__15__,when you try something new you have to be willing to set some reasonable limits __16__ in the event that it doesn't work out the way you want it to,you will be in a position to try again. We all have limited __17__ in the form of time and money so don't spend them all on one __18__ to a problem.Realize that it probably won't be perfect the first time and __19__ these resources properly so you can learn,make corrections,try it again and make significant advances in your business and your career. There is an old saying that __20__,“If you're not making mistakes,you're not trying hard enough.” So go forth and make mistakes.And learn.And grow. 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇议论文。作者在首句已阐明了论点——犯错误是

一件好事。接下来从几个方面给出原因,然后提出了关于犯错误需要注意的 几个问题。不管是在学习中还是在未来的生活中,我们都会犯错误,这篇文 章告诉我们:对于错误要有正确的态度。 1.A.confidence C.ignorance 解析 B.expectation D.mistakes

行文逻辑题。 根据首句中的“mistakes”以及整篇文章也是在介绍如何对

待 mistakes 可知,此处应用 mistakes。confidence“自信”,expectation“希 望”,ignorance“无知”。 答案 2.A.rare C.good 解析 D B.urgent D.risky


你在成长。rare“稀罕的”,urgent“紧迫的”,risky“有危险的”,均不符 合语境。 答案 C B.change D.challenge

3.A.improve C.live 解析

行文逻辑题。此处应与前一句中的 growing 在意义上保持一致。此处

意为“如果你从来不尝试新事物,如何能提高呢?” 答案 A B.can't D.won't

4.A.shouldn't C.needn't 解析


表示否定,由上文中的 can 可知,此处要用 can't。 答案 5.A.With C.Without 解析 答案 B B.Of D.For

词汇运用题。With very few exceptions 表示“几乎没有什么例外”。 A B.result D.influence

6.A.cause C.effect 解析


情中的每一个细节都是尝试新事物的结果。cause“起因”,result“结果”, effect“效应”,influence“影响”。 答案 7.A.that B B.such

C.this 解析 答案


词汇运用题。引出将要说的话用 this。that 用来指上文所述情况。 C B.instructing D.learning

8.A.advancing C.upsetting 解析


正在学习。advance“进步”,instruct“教授”,upset“使烦恼”,learn“学 习”。 答案 D B.designed D.introduced

9.A.produced C.perfected 解析


善,使完备”,introduce“介绍”。此处是拿爱迪生作为例子,他在使电灯 泡完善之前失败过 1 000 多次。 答案 C B.or rather D.would rather

10.A.but rather C.rather than 解析

惯用搭配题。not...but rather...意为“不是??而是??”。此处表示

“他不是失败了 1 000 多次,而是学习了 1 000 多种不起作用的东西。”or rather“更准确地说”,rather than“而不是”,would rather“宁愿”。 答案 A B.However D.Meanwhile

11.A.Therefore C.Finally 解析


用 Finally。 答案 C B.conclusion D.success

12.A.failure C.destination 解析


“succeeded” 可 知 , 此 处 要 用 它 的 名 词 形 式 success 。 failure“ 失 败 ” ,

conclusion“结论”,destination“目的地”,success“成功”。 答案 D B.get rid of D.get away with

13.A.get away from C.get out of 解析


此处表示你出现一个错误,就等于除去了一个妨碍成功的因素,这样就使你 离成功又近了一步。 get away from“摆脱”, get rid of“除去”, get out of“摆 脱”,get away with “偷携??潜逃”。 答案 B B.go on D.go about

14.A.go ahead C.go off 解析


这并不意味着你可以不考虑错误带来的后果而一味前进 ” 。 go ahead 表示 “前进”。go on“持续”。 go off“爆炸,变质”,go about“忙于”。 答案 A B.On the contrary D.That's to say

15.A.In other words C.On the other hand 解析

行 文 逻 辑 题 。 下 文 阐 述 了 与 前 一 句 的 内 容 相 反 的 情 况 。 on the

contrary“恰恰相反”,符合题意。in other words“换句话说”,on the other hand“另一方面”,that's to say“也就是说”。 答案 B B.even if D.as long as

16.A.in case C.so that 解析


从句的连接词, 故用 so that。 in case“以防”, even if“即使”, as long as“只 要”。 答案 C B.intelligence D.resources

17.A.energy C.patience 解析

行文逻辑题。与下文中的 “these resources” 保持一致,此处也要用

resources 表示 “ 资源 ” 。 energy“ 精力,能源 ” , intelligence“ 智力 ” , patience“耐心”。 答案 D B.approach D.direction

18.A.access C.entrance 解析


钱和精力都用在一种解决问题的方法上。根据后面的介词 to 可知此处要用 approach 表示“途径,方法”。access“入径,通道”,entrance“入口”, direction“方向”。 答案 B B.concentrate D.donate

19.A.separate C.allocate 解析


separate“分离”, concentrate“集中”, allocate“分配??(给)”, donate“捐 赠”。 答案 C B.writes D.goes

20.A.says C.tells 解析

惯用搭配题。saying 意为“谚语,格言”,常与 goes 连用,表示“常

言道”。 答案 D


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