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一、单项填空(共 35 小题:每小题 1 分.满分 35 分) writer, died in Xi'an, which was A. a; the A. what B.a; a B. which 2. As far as I'm concerned,

most distinguished Chinese

1. On the morning of April 29, 2016. Chen Zhongshi, C. the; the C. that D. the; a D. it

great shock to people in the field of Chinese literature. is most important, when it comes to friendship, is honesty.

3. - The bookshelf is in good condition, and he's selling it for just $100. - What a steal! The one we saw last Sunday was twice A. so 4. valuable. A. Whatever, that her winning the prize A. simplifies director. A. as A. bargains B. which B. comments C. when C. champions D. that . D. posters 7. At the January sales, some housewives went from shop to shop to search for real B. However, such C. However, so D. Whatever, such 5. Tu Youyou is the first Chinese scientist to win a Nobel Prize for work carried out within China, and China's progress in science. B. indicates C. multiplies D. forecasts Moses became a successful film B. as C. too expensive. D. very

difficulty we meet with, we must finish it on time, because the opportunity is

6. It was only years later, with years of experience behind him.

8. It's reported that quite a few single young adults are afraid of going home during the Spring Festival, they miss their family a lot. A. so that -It A. could B. in that C. as if D. even if 9. - I have taken someone else's coat by mistake. be Joan's. I heard that she lost her coat just now. B. would C. need D. shall and their

10. The doctor came out and said the operation was well finished. The parents smiled nervousness disappeared. A. in reality A. has A. will add A. I was neither A. sending B. in danger B. have B. have added B. neither was I B. sent C. in turn C. was C. add C.I was either C. being sent D. in relief D. were D. Added D. either was I 11. The wounded in the fight rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. some new pieces to your wardrobe.

12. Summer is approaching, so it's time you

13. After marriage. she wasn't satisfied with being a housewife at home. and 14. A bus accident last Tuesday led to 12 students in the school 15. - How do you like the film Zootopia? 第 1 页(共 11 页) to hospital for treatment. D. to send


!I couldn't help laughing when I saw it. A. Sounds great B. What fun C. Not at all D. Don't mention it

16. The picture in which the UK’s Prince George met US President Obama in his sleeping clothes left a deep _____ on the readers. A. interest A. may B. glory B. need C. impression C. must D. presentation D. should 17. People’s way of reading _______ change, but the enjoyment from reading never changes. 18. ----Have you heard that they quarreled again in the office yesterday? ---Yes. It is hard to ______ the problems that have long existed between them. A. represent A. if B. replace B. until C reduce C. since 10th D. remove D. when to August 20th? D. am watching 19. You will never know how strong you really are ______ being strong become the only choice for you. 20. ---Will you join us in the summer camp from August A. will be watching 21. ---What would you like to eat? ---_____________------whatever suits you. A. Something university. A. in memory of B. in favor of C. in honor of D. in support of 23. The program _____ to raise funds for farmers in the west of China proves to be an effective approach ____ the problem of poverty. A. meant; to solving B. meaning; to solve C. being meant; to solving D. meant; to solve 24. The news came as a shock to many people _____ Mei Baojiu the son of Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang, passed away aged 82. A. when B. that C. whether D. how 25. ---Has it been decided where to build the bridge? ---Not yet the government is researching the possible plans that have been ______. A. put aside Shanghai. A. of which A. routine 28. ----What is the news about? ----It says that a prisoner ______ and the police _____ for him ever since. A. escaped, have searched C. escaped, have been searching B. has escaped, are searching D. has escaped, have searched 第 2 页(共 11 页) B. across whose B. regular C. across which C. practical D. of whose D. frequent 27. Passengers should to through ____checks before boarding the plane to ensure safety. B. put out C. put down D. put forward 26. A Disney-themed airplane, ______body huge Mickey Mouse figures were painted, appeared in B. Anything C. Nothing D. Everything 22. His colleagues and former students published his essays ________his thirty years’ service with the B. will watch

---I’d like to, but I’m afraid I _____ the Olympics in Rio then. C. am to watch

29. ----What do you think of the cycling club? ---Well, it offers us chances to meet different people and explore different places, _______. A. otherwise humans. A. what; that B. how; that C. what; what D. that; that 31. The Chinese government has urged the Japanese government _____ a right attitude towards history, saying that it is time that they _____something beneficial to both sides. A. takes; do A. sports can; they can C. sports can; can they B. take ; did C. took; should do B. can sports; can they D. can sport; they can D. take; do 32. Not only ____ help build up your bodies, but also ____ strengthen your team spirit. B. thus C. instead D. anyway 30. Contrary to ____many people might assume, evidence has been found ______ sharks seldom attack

33. We were all inspired when the teacher mentioned some examples ______ some great people experienced hard ties and succeeded at last. A. that A. are; to be held B. which B. are; to hold C. when C. is; to be held D. where D. is; to hold 34. Either you or one of your students _____to attend the meeting which is _____ tomorrow. 35. ------The sweater I received is not same as is shown online. -----______? But I promise you we’ll check it right away. A. Who says B. What for C. How come D. Why worry 二、完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) In recent years, our backyard often rushes into my memory. When we were young, mom often mentioned that our backyard looked 36 . One winter after the first big snowfall. my siblings(兄弟姐妹) and I 37 look not so empty. From that time on, our snowman Making a snowman takes patience. We usually the fresh snow. Like us. Finally, a 41 would he announced and the largest snowball would be used as our base. After My brother Evan and I 43 it on the base--it would be the perfect body. this original competition stage, we would build the snowman all through 42 would take the second largest snowball and newly packed snow. The 44 40 38 a snowman in our backyard. which made it was started.

39 by packing a snowball, and then rolled it in

a balloon. the snowball magically grew larger. My siblings and I would

race to see who could make the largest snowball, although a snowball fight usually broke out among

My brother Stephen would pack snow between the spaces, and my sister would cement( 粘结) the would be repeated when we used another snowball for the head. 46 50 we it. 47 Next, our sled(雪橇)was 48 .and then, we This was the snowman tradition throughout my 45 . One winter, however. we were too old; it was too much work and lost its didn't go out into the snow at all. We were 49 . and more importantly. growing apart. I

So last year, I started the tradition again. I wandered out into the snow alone, and built a snowman. After finishing it, I took a step back and 51 admired my handiwork. My snowman was not perfect, 第 3 页(共 11 页)


I was proud of it. My siblings and I are similar in age, and we used to develop 53 bonds(联系) with each other. 55 54 who I am. However, as we grow older, something

I love them and the snowman tradition

seemed to have changed. I've expressed my concerns to my siblings about the growing between us, and I will try to bring us back together. 36. A. dirty 37. A. discovered 38. A. experience 39. A. practiced 40. A. blowing up 41. A. winner 42. A. wisdom 43. A. paint 44. A. performance 45. A. childhood 46. A. quarreled 47. A. appeal 48. A. decorated 49. A. moving on 50. A. refused 51. A. extremely 52. A. and 53. A. close 54. A. imagines 55. A. argument B. dark B. invited B. tradition B. started B. bringing up B. captain B. courage B. protect B. experiment B. journey B. stopped B. value B. deserted B. showing off B. noticed B. gladly B. so B. common B. determines B. requirement A C. large C. caught C. course C. competed C. giving up C. chairman C. duty C. balance C. process C. holiday C. returned C. patience C. designed C. growing up C.liked C. skillfully C. for C. free C. reflects C. difficulty D. small D. built D. discussion D. Improved D. picking up D. hero D. teamwork D. permit D. research D. Career D. forgot D. evidence D. purchased D. coming back D. hated D. officially D. but D. uneasy D. guesses D. Distance

三、阅读理解(共 10 小题:每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) For as long as humans have existed, there has been a need to keep in touch, to send information between people in different places. Before writing was invented, spoken messages were carried from one person to another and it was not easy to send longer messages. Writing changed the situation, but it was still difficult to make sue that your message got to the right place. The Romans created an organized system of mail delivery(投递), called Cursus Publicus. This was used by the Emperor and officials to send information throughout the Empire(帝国} Staging posts and a relay system with horses and carriages meant that messages could move quickly, by using many riders instead of one. However, the Romans were not (as many people think) the first to realize this. In 2000 BC the Egyptians used a similar system to keep people informed about the laws in the country. The Chinese and Persian empires also used systems of horses and riders more than 500 yeah before the Romans. After the Roman postal service disappeared, other systems were created in Europe, but never 第 4 页(共 11 页)

again as large as the Roman's. Rulers of countries or regions and even churches created their own official mail network. It was also very important to business between countries that good communication existed. International traders set up many unofficial postal links. There was one such link between Venice and Constantinople in the 14th century. Until the mid-1600s in Europe, only official messages could be carried by the state networks; everyone else had to we less secure, unofficial networks. However. as more roads were built. unofficial networks became safer, more reliable and very profitable. Realizing they could make money, governments in most countries took control of their own public postal system, making the unofficial networks illegal. A number of countries claim to have invented the idea of stamps-placing a piece of paper on the letter showing that the postage had been paid for. But the first widely-available stamp was the Penny Black, introduced in Britain by a man called Rowland Hill in 1840. It was a black stamp with a white picture of the Queen's head on it. Hill changed the idea of payment from distance to weight. The year before its introduction, about 75 million letters had been posted in Britain, yet only 10 years later over 340 million letters were sent using stamp. It was a very important invention and completely changed the postal system. To buy a first-edition of this stamp today can cost over ?1000. Until the 1870s it was still very expensive to send mail to other countries. The Universal Postal Union was created in 1874 to make sure that "all people in the world have affordable and reliable access to postal services". It cannot tell countries how much to charge. but it helps countries work together and set reasonable international mail prices. With the creation of airmail, it's now cheap and quick to send letters to most parts of the world. Unfortunately, the growth of new technology (the Internet, emails, fax machines) means that traditional postal services are becoming less popular. Many people now call traditional post "snail mail". because it does not have the speed of an email or a text message. Remember. though it has been here for over 2000 years, and is still a way of delivering a personal message. 56. Sending longer messages became easier because of A. the invention of paper C. the invention of language A. was the largest mail network in Europe B. was the first mail network in human history C. provided postal service for everyone in Rome D. was 500 year earlier than the similar system in Egypt 58. The postal link between Venice and Constantinople was built to A. help official management C. compete against official licks A. the stamp was very expensive B. promote international trade D. improve cultural exchanges . B. most people in Europe had no idea of stamps . 57. According to the passage. Cursus Publicus . B. the invention of writing D. the need of communicating .

59. It can be learned from Paragraph 5 that before 1840 C. Britain had the best postal system in the world 第 5 页(共 11 页)

D. the postage on a letter was decided by how far it traveled 60. What can be Inferred from the last paragraph? A. The airmail system grows rapidly. B. The postal system will become more popular. C. The speed of traditional post will be improved D. The traditional postal services remain important in mail delivery. B A team of researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that too many kids are eating too much pizza and too many calories are doing harm to children's health. "There are a lot of takeaways from the study. But the biggest thing is that parents are serving their kids too much pizza," said Dr.William Dietz, one of the study's authors and the director of the Sumner M.Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness at the Milken Institute of Public Health at the George Washington University. The researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. which tracked the diets of more than 11.000 children and teenagers. Researchers figured how many children eat pizza in the United States, how often they eat it, and how much they eat when they do. Pizza, pretty alarmingly, is the second leading source of calories in the diets of America's children, next only to grain desserts, such as cookies and other sweets. On any given day, roughly 20 percent of all children aged 2 to 11 and adolescents aged 12 to 19 eat pizza. And when they do, they eat a lot of it. When children eat pizza, they eat roughly 400 calories, according to the study. For teenagers, it's upwards of 600 calories. All that is pretty problematic, according to Dietz largely because kids don't tend to balance the pizza slices with salads, vegetables and other more nutritional(有营养的) foodstuffs. Days on which children and teenagers eat pizza are not only associated with considerably higher intakes of fat, but also, quite simply. with more food: on average, children consume 84 extra calories on the days they eat pizza, while adolescents consume an extra 230 calories. "When you eat extra calories and don't compensate(抵偿) for them at another point of the day or week it can lead to weight gain and even obesity." Dietz said. There is a Silver lining. Pizza consumption is still too high by nutrition standards, but it's lower than it used to be. Consumption(消费) fell by roughly 25 percent between 2007 and 2016, according to the study. Much of that has come at dinner where it's fallen by 40 percent for children and about 33 percent for teenagers. It's unclear whether the decline has been in connection with a growing concern over obesity, especially among the country's youth. But the drop in pizza consumption, while significant hasn't been big enough "It's a positive trend," Dietz said. "But we're not quite them yet." It's easy to see the appeal of pizza. It's cheap. Parents can buy a lot of pizza for not a lot of money. Besides, they can buy pizza from a chain shop, a mom-and-pop store or a grocery freezer. And It's universally loved. The estimated 3 billion pizza eaten each year in the United States is a proof of the food's unmatched popularity. Given how much the country loves pizza, what's to be done? Dietz 第 6 页(共 11 页)

suggests pizza with smaller serving sizes and healthier toppings(配料). "We're not suggesting that kids avoid pizza altogether." said Dietz "But when parents serve it. it's important that they understand it's extremely caloric. They should serve smaller pizza, or at least smaller slices." 61. According to the study. the problem with kids is that A. they are overweight C. they are fed too much pica A. Through interviewing. C. By tracking kids' diets. A. they usually don't eat other food C. they are not likely to balance their diet A. Something hopeful C. Something miserable. . B. they have too many takeaways D. they have very bad health B. By analyzing data D. Through experimenting. . B. they eat less of other food D. they usually eat with vegetables

62. How did the researchers get the result?

63. We know from the passage that when kids eat pizza,

64. What does the underlined part a silver lining in Paragraph 7 probably mean? B. Something valuable. D. Something successful.

65. What's the key message of the last paragraph? A. Pizza consumption fell significantly in America. B. Pizza has many advantages over other food. C. Eating too much pizza can lead to failing health and obesity. D. The pizza problem may be improved through its size and topping. 四、单词填空(共 10 个小题:每小题 1 分。满分 10 分) 根据所给汉语或背字母写出空缺处单词的适当形式.使句子完整,语法正确,每空一词。 66. It's c to pay by credit card, so you needn't take much cash. me and I felt a bit upset. so I can thank 67. I said hello to him, but he just i him p 69. Jack badly i 71. Do this in the accident, finally learnt to live with his disability. . (常规). (逐渐的) until you achieve your goal. (香烟)you are slowly killing yourself. (飘移) in the sky. (咨询) several experienced experts. 70. It's bad manner to speak ill of others during their a

68. If anyone knows this kind man, please contact me through the newspaper

72. One frequent problem is that most people there dare not challenge the 73. When you smoke 74. He lay on the grass, staring up at the clouds 75. Before I completed this analysis. I had

五、任务型阅读(共 10 小题:每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请认真阅读下面短文。并根据所读内容在文章后表格的空格里填入最恰当的单词· 注意:每个空格填 1 个单词。 A best friend is someone you can trust with your deepest secrets, depend on in case of emergency and celebrate meaningful life events with. But developing the skills in being your own best friend means you can depend on your own judgment and be your own source of comfort when you 第 7 页(共 11 页)

need advice or support. Being your own best friend can also be a great way to work through feelings of loneliness and insecurity in your life. By cultivating(培养) a productive and positive self, you can learn to trust yourself on a continuous basis. There are two effective ways that can help you be your own best friend, one of which is to create a healthy relationship with yourself. For this, you need to spend time getting to know yourself. Think about what drives and motivates you, what you like and dislike, and what you are good at or need to improve. The more you understand yourself on an honest and real level, the easier it'll be to like and respect yourself for who you are. In addition, thinking about your relationships with other people in your life can also help you create a healthy relationship with yourself because good relationships in your life can serve as models for how to be your own best friend. You can write down the names of the people you consider important in your life, and why they are important to you. Think about questions like, "why am 1 grateful to have these persons in my life?" The other effective way is enjoying your own company. To achieve this, you can take a trip to a foreign country or place alone. This trip is a great way to develop strong independence and self-reliance as well as openness to different attitudes and customs of others. Cultivating a hobby you an enjoy alone or taking up an activity that involves just you are also good ways to get used to your own company and like it. With the upset of someone else sitting across from you, you may find you pay less attention to the movie or the band, or that you are less aware of your own opinions on the environment around you. More importantly. when you do something you're proud of, praise yourself for it. By admitting your self-worth and cultivating inner value, you're taking control of what makes you feel good. However, rather than try to make your choices and decisions into what someone else defines(界定)as successful or powerful. turn inward(向内心或灵魂) and admit that you have value ad meaning in the world. Don't wait for someone else to recognize your self-worth. Being Your own best friend · Being your own best friend makes you rely on your own judgment and feel (76) (77) about your own advice or support. · Being your own best friend helps prevent you feeling (78) and insecure in life. Greeting healthy Tips relationship with yourself a · Get to know yourself by (79) and weaknesses. · Get to know yourself honestly and really, and you're more likely to like and respect yourself. what drives and motivates you, your likes and dislikes. and your strengths

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· Think about your relationships with others in your life. · Make a(n)(80) of the people who really matter to you in life and write down what you think of them. · Travel be(81) alone abroad so that you can learn to

,self-reliant and keep an open mind on others' you can enjoy alone. someone else around

attitudes and customs. · Take up a(n) (82) Enjoying your own company upsetting you. · Realize your own value by praising yourself for doing something you take (84) in. · Admit your self-worth and develop inner value to increase your ability to control your feelings. · Make your choices and decisions without being(85) by others. 六、书面表达(满分 25 分) 随着现代科技的发展,微课程已成为重要的学习资源之一。你对你班学生就微课程进入课堂的 利与弊进行了调查,结果如下: 调查结果 80%的同学赞成 原因 1.时间、地点灵活,方式便捷; 2.资源丰富,满足不同需要; 3.有助于培养自学能力。 1.缺乏自控力的学生效果差; 20%的同学反对 你的观点 注意:1.对所有要点逐一陈述,适当发挥。 2.词数 120 左右。开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 3.作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 With the development of science and technology, micro learning has become one of the important learning resources for us. A survey has been made in our class on the advantages and disadvantages of micro learning, and the results are as follows. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2.资源良莠不齐,影响学习; 3.长期使用电脑,影响视力和健康。 ……(至少两点) · Do some activities (83)

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四、66______________ 67__________________ 68___________________ 69___________________ 70____________________ 71______________ 72__________________ 73___________________ 74___________________ 75____________________ 五、86___________ 87____________ 88_____________ 89_______________ 90______________ 91___________ 92____________ 93______________94_______________ 95_____________ 六、 With the development of science and technology, micro learning has become one of the important learning resources for us. A survey has been made in our class on the advantages and disadvantages of micro learning, and the results are as follows. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

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单项选择 BABAB DADAD DDBCB 阅读理解 BABDD CBCAD 单 词 convenient floating ignored





完型填空 CDBBA ADCCA BABCD BAACD personally injured absence gradually routine cigarettes

任型 Benefits comfortable lonely considering list independent hobby without pride affected/influenced/impacted

However, the other 20% argue that it doesn’t work on those lacking self-control and some materials are not so good, which may have bad effects on their studies. Meanwhile, if students spend too much time on computers, it will affect their eyesight and health. As for me, not only can micro learning help students do better in their studies, but also broaden their horizons. Students should form a good habit and make the best of this learning resource.(129 words)

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