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Adj& Adv Unit 1
Exercise 1: Multiple Choice
1 Physics is _____ to the science which was called natural philosophy in history. A. alike B. equivalent C. likely D. uniform 2 The football game comes to you _____ from New York. A. lively B. alive C. live D. living 3 We are all impressed by his _____ solution to the problem. A. imaginary B. imaginable C. imagining D. imaginative 4 My secretary is perfectly _____, but she does not have much initiative. A. able B. competent C. capable D. skilled 5 I was _____ to see how skillfully the old craftsman worked. A. satisfied B. absorbed C. discontented D. fascinated 6 Weeks later the young man had still not found a job and he began to feel somewhat______. A. disgraced B. displeased C. despaired D. disengaged 7 Everyone can see that Mary is a (n) _________ secretary. A. effective B. sufficient C. respective D. efficient 8 Writing is a slow process, requiring _________ thought, time, and effort. A. enormous B. considerable C. significant D. numerous 9 He made such a _____________ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new buildings after him. A. genuine B. minimum C. modest D. generous 10 Free medical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as ________ sicknesses. A. normal B. average C. regular D. ordinary 11 I don’t think they will be ________ to arrive in time. There is a heavy traffic. A. surely B. likely C. possibly D. certainly 12 It’s quite ____ that until now we didn’t receive her reply. A. odds B. queers C. peculiar D. odd 13 It was ______ of you not to play the piano while your mother had a bad headache. A. considerate B. considering C. considerable D. considered 14 The sound we heard was very _______ and hard to recognize, as if it were very far away. A. invisible B. faint C. perfect D. instant 15 I was held up by the traffic and _______ I was late. A. constantly B. continuously C. consistently D. consequently 16 It’s ______ of you to get rid of the bad friends. A. sensible B. sensitive C. sense D. sensed 17 To drive a car safely it is ______ to have a good brake. A. additional B. enough C. ideal D. essential 18 He is one of those who regard the Japanese Invasion of Asian countries as the most ______ page in the history of their country. A. ashamed B. shame C. shameful D. shameless 19 Inside is ______ Chinaware (瓷器制品). Please handle with care. A. delicious B. democratic C. demonstrate D. delicate

20 In general, the _______ amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one- fifth of the total for living expenses. A acceptable B advisable C available D applicable 21 It is one of the best equipped and most _________ schools in the country. A. prestigious B. permanent C. constant D. innocent 22 Some smoking and alcoholic drinks are a(n)_________taste and are not in born. A. acquired B. accumulated C. humiliating D. sobering 23 It may seem _________ to lay such stress on being conventional in the use of English when we may well feel that the big prizes go to people who are original and unconventional in their English. A. competitive B. paradoxical C. controversial D. contentious 24 Ice erosion has played less part than has water erosion in changing the contours of the earth’s surface because the activity of ice erosion, both temporally and spatially, has been more __________. A. noticeable B. devastating C. restricted D. permanent 25 Attendance at his lectures has fallen off __________ and only one few old ladies presented themselves at his today’s lecture. A. considerately B. considerably C. slightly D. slim 26 The banks are lending money at a __________rate of interest. A. competent B. competitive C. harsh D. sharp 27 He was taken on for a three-month trial period before being accepted as a __________ member of staff. A. contemporary B. temporary C. permanent D. constant 28 Zhang Xiong, an associate professor at East China University of Science and Technology, said young couples “imprudently reached the divorce decision”, a __________ factor to the year-on-year divorce rate increase. A. contributing B. distributing C. attributing D. constituting 29 All this imposes a __________ pressure and strain of work, but in spite of this some students still find time for great activity in student affairs. A. instant B. constant C. consistent D. persistent 30 The human vocal apparatus is equipped to produce only a certain number of sounds. A comparison of any two languages will reveal sounds that are __________. A. similar B. difficult C. different D. harsh 31 The distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was __________ planned, many days, or even weeks ago. The next day after Pearl Harbor attack, American president Roosevelt declared the war against Japan. A. delicately B. deliberately C. accidentally D. incidentally 32 Instead of having formal dinners followed by prolonged speeches, why do we not reverse the order of events? Then the speaker would not want to talk __________. A. formally B. loudly C. indefinitely D. pompously 33 Black people from Africa were transported, irrespective of age and sex and in condition of __________ horror and brutality, to America. A. appalling B. appealing C. thrilling D. applying 34 Your wish to establish long-term __________ relations coincides with ours. A. corporate B. collocate C. cooperative D. correlate 35 Without international cooperation, developing countries cannot prosper, nor will __________ development be possible. A. maintainable B. retainable C. sustainable D. detainable 36 Apparently, other winos, who are notorious thieves among one another, had __________him of all his clothes except his windbreaker, which they had tried to pull off him, but only managed to rip the sleeves off, and left him there passed out on the bench, but in a gentlemanly posture. A. naked B. striped C. stripped D. taken off

37 The most __________study I ever made of tourists was at Torcello, where it is impossible to avoid them. A. intensive B. tense C. intense D. attentive 38 In the Charter of the United Nations, the peoples express their determination to save ___________ generations from the scourge of war which has brought untold sorrow to mankind. A. successor B. succeeding C. successive D. consequential 39 Visitors were asked to write their names in the ____ space at the top of the page A. empty B. hollow C. blank D. vacant 40 The fact that something is cheap doesn’t _____ mean it is of low quality A. necessarily B. especially C. essentially D. practically 41 The new secretary has written a remarkably ____ report only in a few pages but with all the details. A. concise B. clear C. precise D. elaborate 42 I’m _____ of his purpose in saying those words, but I don’t want to argue with him. A. careless B. conscious C. content D. confident 43 Angela told me a while ago that she couldn’t wear her ________ sweatshirt because it doesn’t go with anything else she has. A. green comfortable dark B. dark green comfortable C. comfortable dark green D. dark comfortable green 44 When I saw her, she was reading __________. A. an exciting, old, detective story B. an old, exciting, detective story C. an exciting, detective, old story D. a detective, old, exciting story 45 The company’s employment policy makes it clear that men and women have ______ opportunity. A. equivalent B. identical C. balanced D. equal 46 He is so ______ to believe everything he hears. A. innocent B. confident C. arrogant D. warm-hearted 47 The man worked ______ to the waist in the sun. A. bare B. empty C. blank D. vacant 48 One of the responsibilities of the Coast Guard is to make sure that all ships _______follow traffic rules in busy harbors. A. cautiously B. dutifully C. faithfully D. skillfully 49 The manager gave a very ______ explanation of his plans for the development of the newly-built company. A. contemporary B. comprehensive C. extensive D. complex 50 The years from now through 2010 are ______ for the realization of the long term plan. A. crude B. critic C. crucial D. current 51 If you go to the park every day in the morning, you will ______find him doing physical exercise there. A. ordinarily B. invariably C. logically D. persistently 52 John doesn’t believe in ______medicine, he has some remedies of his own. A. standard B. regular C. routine D. conventional 53 Your story about the frog turning into a prince is ______nonsense. A. sheer B. shear C. shield D. sheet 54 In order to make things convenient for the people, the department is planning to set up some ______shops in the residential area. A. flowing B. drifting C. mobile D. unstable 55 Some educators try to put students of similar abilities into the same class because they believe this kind of ______grouping is advisable. A. homogenous B. instantaneous C. spontaneous D. anonymous

Exercise 2: Filling each blank with the proper form of the words given in the

1 In the past two years, Myra has come to see her mother only ______ (occasion). 2 The old lady looked at her daughter with ______ (evidence) pride. 3 Freezing is at present one of (widely used) ______methods of preserving meant and vegetables. 4 Women are often said to be more _______ (emotion) than men. 5 In the end he _______ (reluctance) agreed to go with us. 6 In 1972, Japan and China signed a________ (history) peace and friendship treaty. The soldier was ________ (dead) wounded in the battle. 7 It is highly ________ (imagine) of the novelist to have written such an imaginary novel. 8 Electricity energy is more ________ (economy) after 9 pm at night. 9 He was ________ (ignore) of the speed limit and was fined $100. 10 He received a________ (consider) sum of money from his uncle who died in a car accident. 11 She was a learned professor and was ready to help others. Thus everyone was ________ (respect) to her. 12 ________ (electricity) powered cars will find its wide application in the future. 13 He thought he would be alone all the day, but on the afternoon he had a/an _____ (expect) visitor. 14 He did the work in a more _______(efficiency) way and saved a lot of time. 15 That night many residents watched the bright _____(identify) flying object in the sky with great interest. 16 It’s very_______( thought) and very kind of you to offer me a job in your company. 17 The more you read the poem, the more _________(mean) you will find it be. 18 Stephen Hawking is a great physicist. His research in the field of ______ (theory) physics has greatly enhance our understanding of the universe. 19 At the press conference, the film star was very afraid of being asked ______(embarrass) things. 20 The person most responsible for the _______ (emotion) impact of the disaster is the one known at first simply as “the man in the water”.

Exercise 3: Complete the following sentences by putting the translations of the words in the brackets in their proper forms.
1 After a series of physical examinations, he was told that he had caught AIDS—Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is i______ (不可治愈的) and infectious. 2 He was badly injured and was left u_________(失去知觉的) in the car accident. 3. According to the public opinion polls, most Americans are not o_____(乐观的) about the future of the US economy. 4 The film is a c______(商业的) success. However, it is not as excellent as it was expected in terms of art. 5 We are more likely to be exposed to the great d______(民主的) intellect in our college life than ever before. 6 I’m a______(有空的) next week if you want to meet then. 7 Local government should be s______(关心的) to people’s needs, especially the poor. 8 Not that we didn’t have our troubles. Maheegun was the most m______(调皮的) wolf cub ever. 9 It is not f______ (可行的) for every household to have a car. 10 This offense has a m______(最大的) penalty of 2 years’ imprisonment. 11 “Yes, different,” he snapped, angry with her for resorting to this trick of repeating his words so that they sounded h______ (虚 伪的) 12 Skutnik added that “somebody had to go in the water”, delivering every hero’s line that is no less a______ (值得钦佩的) for being repeated.

13 Light is absolutely e______(必须的) for the healthy development of plants. 14 Spring is coming and let us go to the nature and smell the f________(芳香的, 香气扑鼻的) flowers. 15 C_____(永不停止的,不停的) dripping makes a hole 16 There are still many children in r______(遥远的) western area of China whose parents can’t afford to send them to school. 17 I have to work for 10 hours a day. After I got home from work every night, I felt extremely e_____(筋疲力尽的). 18 I am deeply c_______(深信不移的) that we can learn English well as long as we spend enough time on it and find a proper way to study it. 19 McDonald’s is losing market share in the States because it is very difficult to stay c________(有竞争力的)when there are so many fast food chains in the States. 20 Throughout s_______ (系统的) research, scientists have invented many drugs that are said to help us live longer. 21 Some plants are very s______(敏感的) to light; they prefer the shade. 22 A budget of five dollars a day is totally i______(不足的,不够的) for a trip round Europe.

Exercise 4: Error-Correction
1 She was having more fun than she had never had in her life. A B C D 2 In shortly, my education protected me against surprise. A B C D 3 A great many teachers firmly believe that English is one of the poorest-taught subjects in high schools at present. A B C D 4 Man has used metals for centuries in gradual increasing quantities, but it was not until the Industrial Revolution that they came A B C D to be employed in real vast quantities. D 5 On the whole, ambitious students are much likely to succeed in their students than those with little ambition. A B C D 6 I must confess that her knowledge of English literature is more superior to mine. A B C D 7 Philosophy teaches them to feel certain about the things that seem to them self-evidently. A B C D 8 Farther information will be issued by the weather bureau as the situation develops. A B C D 9 He was dismissed by his boss not because he was inexperienced but because he was not enough careful. A B C D 10 The husband tried to be more considerable of his family, his wife and his children than ever before. A B C D

Unit 2
Exercise 1: Multiple Choice
1 There are ______ solutions to the population problem throughout the world. A. reverse B. diverse C. contrary D. divide

2 In recent years, ______ music is becoming more and more popular with people. A. electricity B. electronic C. electric D. electrical 3 In the long run, it is ______ to buy good quality goods, even though they cost more. A. economy B. economic C. economical D. economics 4 Texas, the second largest state of America, is ______ in natural resources. A. wealthy B. abundant C. scattered D. deposited 5 They claim that ______ 1,000 factories closed down during the economic crisis. A. sufficiently B. considerably C. approximately D. properly 6 The results were ______ in comparison with the effort required to achieve them. A. insignificant B. minor C. tiny D. indispensable 7 The man to whom we handed the forms pointed out that they had not been ______ filled in. A. consequently B. regularly C. comprehensively D. properly 8 None of the servants were ______ when Mr. Smith wanted to send a message. A. available B. approachable C. attainable D. applicable 9 The children listened ______ to the words of their grandfather. A. respectably B. respectfully C. respectively D. respect 10 Circus tigers, although they have been tamed, can ______ attack their trainer. A. unexpectedly B. reluctantly C. deliberately D. subsequently 11 Our military response to the ______ act was limited but sufficient to show our determination. A. thoughtless B. bold C. stiff D. aggressive 12 Mr. Smith, who lost a leg in a car accident, has now been fitted with an ______ limb. A. artificial B. unnatural C. false D. unreal 13 Jones and Edwards are ______, the producer and director of the film. A. responsible B. respectively C. respectfully D. respectably 14 Unfortunately, even computers cannot completely ______ human error. A. destroy B. eliminate C. omit D. reject 15 Frankfurt, Germany, is in one of the most ______ populated regions of Western Europe. A. densely B. enormously C. vastly D. largely 16 His failure in the examination is ______ to the plan of going abroad for further study. A. fatal B. definite C. fruitful D. delicate 17 We welcome rain, but a(n) ______ large amount of rainfall will cause floods. A. extensively B. specially C. extremely D. constantly 18 I am afraid that you have to alter your ______ views in light of the tragic news that has just arrived. A. indifferent B. distressing C. optimistic D. pessimistic 19 The actual cost of printing the book was much higher than his ______ estimate. A. essential B. potential C. substantial D. initial 20 There are ______ ways to spend one’s spare time. A. numerous B. modest C. violent D. occasional 21 The industrial community should be close enough to the crowded centers but distant enough to reduce ______ hazards. A. positive B. potential C. substantial D. feasible 22 It is well-known that knowledge is the ______ condition for expansion of mild. A. incompatible B. incredible C. indefinite D. indispensable 23 When giving evidence in a law court, people are expected to tell the ______ truth. A. maximum B. perfect C. absolute D. positive

24 ______ care in hospital is given to the seriously ill. A. Intensive B. Intense C. Extensive D. Expansive 25 Her ______ record was quite ordinary but her employment record was very impressive. A. learning B. academic C. scientific D. private 26 A (n) ______ increase in the ability of the students to express themselves was evident. A. indefinite B. contrary C. creative D. definite 27 Everyone should learn from his ______ conduct. A. honorable B. glorious C. helpful D. fortunate 28 The events described in the news are ______. A. imaginable B. imaginary C. imagination D. imaginative 29 Computer science is an ______ subject for law students. A. optional B. optical C. original D. operational 30 After their misfortunes the family slowly became ______ again. A. convenient B. complicated C. prosperous D. remarkable 31 These countries are ______ welfare states, where taxes are high and many social services free. A. tropical B. typical C. obvious D. transparent 32 I have a special sketch by Cousins, undoubtedly ______. A. natural B. realistic C. generous D. genuine 33 You cannot learn anything with a ______ attitude. A. negative B. declining C. doubtful D. reluctant 34 Men are left ______ when machines break down. A. dull B. idle C. awful D. sleeping 35 I don’t know anything about any of the books, so my choice was quite ______. A. on purpose B. deliberately C. arbitrary D. purposefully 36 Because of fog, we can only see the ______ outlines of these buildings. A. clear B. vague C. black D. faint 37 My studies were devoted almost entirely to ______ literature. A. current B. present C. nowadays D. contemporary 38 The ______ waiter spilt the soup on my best dress. A. clumsy B. careful C. crude D. rough 39 Mr. Smith refused his ______ to his daughter travelling abroad. A. admission B. receipt C. consent D. recognition 40 We are ashamed of Bill’s ______ language at the dance hall. A. gross B. greedy C. slippery D. tough 41The team will have to do well to win a medal at the Olympic Games, where they will face ______ competition from several countries. A. stiff B. severe C. strong D. crude 42 A family has a ______ affection when each person likes the others and is liked by them. A. rational B. mutual C. bilateral D. actual 43 ______ tables suggest that the populations of this country will be doubled in ten years’ time. A. Data B. Statistics C. Statistical D. Graph 44 If only man had been a bit less ______, more bird and animal species might have avoided extinction. A. average B. greedy C. explosive D. hostile 45 Building the Golden Gate Bridge was a ______ undertaking; it cost a lot of money and manpower.

A. magnificent B. tremendous C. marvelous D. exceptional 46 Physics is a rather ______ subject involving the study of matter and motion, and not everyone can understand it easily. A. thoughtful B. realistic C. complex D. typical 47 The father was ______ to give his son the key to his car for fear that he would damage the car. A. opposed B. objected C. reluctant D. willing 48 The manager gave one of the sales girls an accusing look for her ______ attitude toward customers. A. friendly B. hostile C. neutral D. active 49 He offered the ______ plans of giving a dance or going to the opera. A. other B. alternative C. another D. optional 50 He was tired of his wife’s ______ complaints. A. consistent B. constant C. temporary D. content

Exercise 2: Filling each blank with the proper form of the words given in the brackets.
1 A few months earlier he’d overheard a friend of his wife’s congratulate her on having such a _______ (consider) husband. 2 I have been an adult, so I don’t want to be _______ (depend) on my parents. 3 Some people are always complaining because roses have thorns; I am ______ (thank) that thorns have roses. 4 He told me that it was not his fault, and he was not ______(response) for the accident 5 Sue’s argument at the meeting is found_______ (convince). 6 The grammatical mistakes in this article are quite _____ (notice). 7 There is no _____ (rely) information about the child who was found missing almost a month ago. 8 In my opinion, he’s by far the most_____ (imagine) of all the contemporary poets. 9 No one knows where he came from. There is something _____ (mystery) about his family background. 10 His failure to answer the question made the police _____ (suspect). 11 People who have never gone to school are usually _____ (literate). 12 He was still wondering what had promoted her to buy such an_____ (practice) birthday present. 13 There is no _____ (rely) information about the child who was found missing almost a month ago. 14 The grammatical mistakes in this article are quite _____ (notice). 15 The teacher ’s voice was gentle but _____ (authority). 16 She is young and _____ (experience), but she is good at learning. 17 A thief stole some _____ (value) paintings from the museum. 18 He lives in _____ (urban) area instead of urban area. 19 I was dismayed at the thought of teaching algebra and geometry-two subjects at which I had been completely _____ (compete) at school. 20 To redesign the whole project would be _____ (practice). We do not have time to do that.

Exercise 3: Complete the following sentences by putting the translations of the words in the brackets in their proper forms.

1 John doesn’t believe in the c_____ (传统的) Chinese herbal medicine; he thinks western medicine is more reliable. 2 Purchasing the new production line will be a p_____ (有利可图的,盈利的) deal for the company. 3 Amy Johnson was a very a_____(雄心勃勃的,有抱负的) and energetic person. 4 You should try to restrain your ambition and be more r_____ (现实的,实际的). 5 Stephen Hawking is a great physicist. His research in the field of t______ (理论上的) physics has greatly enhance (提升) our understanding of the universe. 6 He was badly injured and was left u_________(失去知觉的 adj.) in the car accident. 7 She r______(勉强地,不情愿地 adv) agreed to give me a chance to be interviewed because was a fresh graduate and had no work experience at all. 8 It is e______(必不可少的,最重要的 adj.) that a good relationship should be established between teachers and students in education. 9 As long as human beings remain curious, there seems no doubt that d______ (侦探的) stories will continue to be attractive. 10 The r______ (革命的) fighter would rather die with his head high than live with his knees bent. 11 He is one of the most i______ (有影响的,有势力的) figures in the government. 12 Young people seemed less i ______ (倾向于) to save money than their parents. 13 There are complaints that the advertisement was o______ (冒犯的,无礼的) to women. 14 Doctors are p______ (悲观的,不抱希望的) about his chances of making a full recovery. 15 We had to reject your plan because it is i______ (不现实的,不切实际的). 16 Your handwriting is i______ (模糊的,难以辨认的). i can hardly make it out. 17 All the criminals should be considered i______ (无罪的) before the verdict is given. 18 It is ______ i(不负责的) of you not to send your father to the hospital for immediate medical treatment. 19 She was so a______(专心致志的) in her job that she didn’t hear anybody knocking at the door. 20 While some office jobs would seem t______(枯燥的,乏味的) to many people, there are quite a few jobs that are stimulating, exciting and satisfying.

Exercise 4: Error-Correction
1 No metal is so more commonly used in our daily life as steel. A B C D 2 If only man had been a bit less greedier, more bird and animal species might have avoided extinction. A B C D 3 Alan, returning home very lately from his club, found an angry wife waiting for him. A B C D 4 The harder you work, the likely you are to qualify as a doctor by the time you are thirty. A B C D 5 The scientists, concerned about the potential hazards, wanted the latest research finding made publicly. A B C D 6 The Department of Fine Arts and Architecture has been criticized for not having much required courses scheduled for this A B C D semester. 7 The results of the test proved to Fred and me that we needed to study harder and watch less movies on television if we wanted to A B C D receive scholarship. 8 Since it was so difficult for American Indians to negotiate a peace treaty or declare was in their native language, they used a

A B C universal understood form of sign language. D 9 Though the people in the world are all opposed to war, they can by no means avoid it. This is indeed a regrettable thing. A B C D 10 It has been snowing so heavily that several cases of electric falses have been reported to electricity supply administration. A B C D


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